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Petition to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, John Bailey

Remove Harvey Weinstein From The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

"Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator who has used his clout, his power, and his wealth to abuse women for decades." - National Organisation For Women It has been widely reported over the last week that film producer Harvey Weinstein has allegedly been using his power and wealth to prey on and abuse women for decades. As someone in the film industry, I’m a filmmaker and have lectured in Film and Media studies, I know that Weinstein’s reputation was notorious. But nobody spoke up - because everyone was too afraid. The industry has a lot of questions to ask itself - and to take responsibility for a culture of sexual abuse that has become accepted as the norm. That’s why I’m campaigning to demand that Harvey Weinstein be removed and banished from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for life. This will take away Weinstein's ability to vote for Oscar nominees and to attend the annual Oscars ceremony and take away some of the power he has built up to make himself so invincible. It's time for organisations like The Academy to take a stand against Weinstein's behaviour and set an example for others to follow. UPDATE: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have officially voted to expel Harvey Weinstein from their membership. This is after a meeting was held earlier today at The Academy headquarters to decide on Weinstein's fate. The Academy had this to say in a statement released after the decision was made : "We do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of his colleagues but also to send a message that the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over." A digital copy of the petition had been delivered to The Academy before the meeting, with their CEO Dawn Hudson officially confirming it had been received during a short phone call. The Academy had perviously called Weinstein's behaviour "repugnant" and setup an emergency meeting for Saturday 14th October 2017 to discuss the situation. This came after BAFTA (the "British Oscars") had expelled Weinstein from the their membership and condemned his behaviour. Thank you all for supporting this petition, it's truly appreciated! NOTE TO MEDIA: If you would like to contact me, please e-mail:

Kellen Phillips
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Petition to Independent Police Complaints Commission, Police and Crime Commissioner West Mercia and Gloucestershire Police

Making Police Accountable for failing victims of sexual crime.

Below is an account of my journey for justice. I have encountered some appalling treatment and institutional failings which have at times seemed unbearable.  I want to instigate real learning and change and at the heart of achieving that I must make people accountable. Not just individuals officers but also the management above.  There has been a tide of change in victims finding their voice and feeling able to come forward. What meets them on the other side needs to reflect this change and their needs. Help me speak up and start a conversation which leads to people listening, learning and changing. I am a victim of a sexual crime and in an attempt to gain some justice and closure I reported it to my local police. What then ensued has been a almost three year journey I had not anticipated.  West Mercia Police took my initial statement but early on I identified a officer from Gloucestershire Police who I had asked for help and did nothing. So suddenly it became a conduct matter and my initial complaint became sidelined. The Chief Inspector who was at the time head of their Professional Standards Department within Gloucestershire Police was tasked with my case dismissive and unhelpful in his approach. A defining moment came when he made this comment...... He was trying to illustrate the levels of sanctions he could use. At the top failure to do your job in a public office. At the bottom a management meeting which effectively is a slap on the wrist and words of advice. He went on to give this example : It's a bit like police officers visiting prostitutes, we don't encourage it but they are entitled to a private life so we would just offer words of advice. I was devastated, this was from the person who had read my statement which contained horrific details, which now he was comparing to prostitutes. All my faith and trust in that moment was gone. I withdrew my complaint that day, writing to Suzette Davenport Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Police to make her aware of my reasons. The investigation continued and in the course of interview the officer who had protected the perpetrator lied. He acknowledge I had told him but lied about what happened next. It became clear he was protected. I was sure I could provide evidence to support he had lied so did just that. 2 other officers from the same force were prepared to give evidence in my favour but they refused to interview them. Still they dismissed my complaint protected him. Eventually they found in his favour. But things just didn't add up and I referred the matter to the IPCC initially it was upheld and an investigation ensued. When they contacted Gloucestershire PSD department initially the Chief Inspector was on leave and the investigation could not be found. His colleagues had no knowledge of it's existence. When he returned he filed paperwork retrospectively. Eventually the IPCC did not upheld the complaint. I was then told by them if he has lied and you can prove it get your own evidence, interview people yourself and comeback with everything. At this point I met a Chief Inspector from West Mercia Police who offered to help. He looked at all that had happened and challenged the other force. I asked for help from my local MP and she added to the growing concern. As it now appeared there was a conflict of interest it was passed to another force, Wiltshire Police. Within that investigation it was decided that what was needed was an Independent Inquiry headed by the IPCC. Also to go back and look at the initial complaint which had never been investigated and was overshadowed by the issues within Gloucestershire Police. So the two began.  Within the course of West Mercia's investigation other victims were identified and there was a reluctance to interview them for fear of re traumatising them. After discussion between myself and the Chief Inspector leading the team and I illustrated the benefits I saw it was agreed this would be done in sensitive, gentle manner using trained professionals in this field to ensure the safety and well being of the other victims. Sadly this did not happen. Someone from their team deemed it appropriate to phone as they lived a distance away and discuss their experiences over the phone. As the conversation went on they also identified me. Appalling for both them and me. Anonymity for life should protect victims of sexual offences. This officer said nothing, didn't report it either to their team or the team who had been tasked with my protection. I found out after they looked for me on Facebook and their family member made contact. I was devastated not only had I been identified but that was also being shared. No-one has been made accountable. I have been through their complaints procedure and West Mercia maintain it is okay to identify myself as victim, they just can't publish it. They did however upheld they should have told their protection team. I find this confusing, if you did nothing wrong why tell them?  The lead Chief Inspector had no knowledge until I contacted him and then took days to investigate. Then a reply yes that had happened but the excuse was his officer had felt backed into a corner on the telephone so identified me. The fallout was immense and both myself and family were put in danger whilst under their protection. Not surprisingly both victims did not want to give further evidence. Their initial statements were to be used. The IPCC investigation is ongoing it has lead to a ACC on misconduct charges ( allowed to retire in process ) Chief Inspector on Gross Misconduct charges ( suspended the allowed to retire ) and Chief Inspector on Gross misconduct still in post and promoted to Superintendent in process. Because of the nature of the initial complaint their identity and the existence of the investigation have been hid throughout. West Mercia were given this investigation by the IPCC in an attempt to restore my faith in the police and ensure the initial complaint was investigated. After my being identified the case was promptly closed. West Mercia you failed me. You failed to protect me at a time when you were on notice for all the failings within Gloucestershire. You failed the other victims too. It was highly inappropriate to contact them in that way. You should have done that face to face using your specifically trained officers to gain their trust and offer support. The Sexual Abuse Inquiry is looking at how organisations have failed victims. In the media it is being portrayed as problems in the deep recesses of our nations past. As a victim who has been going through this process in the last almost three years I can tell you they still exist. One of the officers at the very heart of Gloucestershire Police failings was a head Mason, did this effect the handling? Only time will tell when the IPCC reach their conclusion. Change will only come with people speaking up. Making people accountable. Challenging their actions. So please help me start.....      

Heidi Clutterbuck
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Petition to Adam Tickell, Claire Mackie

Remove Sussex University student from Do Not House list (Mental Health discrimination)

Friday 21st July 2017. This petition is for the University of Sussex to stop discriminating against me because of the mental health issues I have had as a result of being a victim of serious crime which was NOT my fault.  Sussex must remove me from the "Do Not House" list and offer accommodation for my final year. This petition is also to seek support and justice for the discrimination of myself and other students with mental health issues and who have been victims of serious crime. It is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of mental health. I have fully justified and shown the University clear evidence of the fact that  My issues earlier this year, including multiple suicide attempts, were as a result of my mental health. This was triggered by being a victim of a serious crime. The University cannot undermine this evidence in any way and have no reason not to accept it as it is from credible third parties such as the police and medical experts. Sussex University are showing no compassion and displaying a completely unsympathetic and unreasonable approach where as at this point in time they should be supporting me. Sussex University are doing totally the opposite which is undermining my studies, affecting my health and will prevent me from progressing The biggest contradiction in all of this is the fact that the Head of Residential Services agreed for me to stay in University Managed Accommodation over the Summer from June until September. However, apparently I am too much of a "risk" to be able to stay for my final year! This of course, makes absolutely no sense. If I was such "risk to the community" they would NOT have allowed me to stay on campus with other students over the Summer. This is COMPLETE discrimination on the basis of mental health which is absolutely disgusting. Even after providing the University with evidence from a number of professionals including my mental health worker, doctor and student advocate who have all provided reassurance to the Univeristy and  all stated the reasons why I need to be in University Managed Accommodation, the University still decided to ignore: The fact that my health has improved drastically over the last 3 months The fact that I have been living in University Accommodation since April with no issues The fact that I am currently doing a University Internship and doing really well. The fact that I provided supporting evidence from various medical professionals I have gone through 2 complaints procedures already for 2 months which have made no difference. I fought so hard to get through my 2nd Year and somehow managed to achieve a 2:1 even after everything. My dreams of finishing University and getting a degree, however, are just that.. dreams. Because I am facing the serious prospect of being a homeless student. I don't want to have to leave University, I want to get my degree. But right now it's important that I am in a safe and comfortable place, like where I am currently, University Managed Accommodation.  Mental Health impacts many and is a serious issue that appears the University of Sussex do not seem to understand. Instead, I am being made to feel like I am some monster and placed on this "Do Not House" list. But let us not forget.. they are fine with me living in University Accommodation over the Summer. But NOT for my final year. Please help!! Sign, share and spread the word. Thank you! Yasmin xx  

Yasmin A
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Petition to Hon Christopher Finlayson

Justice has not been served! A Child sex offender has gotten away lightly !

"A Christchurch man has avoided jail time, for a range of offences involving child sex abuse images. Truck driver Vincenzo Tyrone Wiremu, 24, pleaded guilty to 41 charges of making, distributing and possessing objectionable images, videos and texts depicting the sexual exploitation and abuse of children as young as toddlers. The Rolleston man has been sentenced to two years intensive supervision and has been ordered to attend the STOP programme for sexual offenders. Wiremu was first investigated by the Department of Internal Affairs after he uploaded the 20 videos to a storage website in 2015. It was then discovered he was distributing pictures of the children online, encouraging traders to gain access to his password-protected albums. Judge Jane Farish said two of the girls had their pictures traded in a way that ruined their lives, with ongoing attempts by sex offenders to locate and contact them. A 5 ½ year imprisonment was recommended by Internal Affairs prosecutor, Marty Robinson. However Judge Farish instead opted for a supervision order on recommendation from a psychologist."  NewsHub We ask for an appeal of this case and a sensible sentencing. Judge Farish has not handed out Justice on behalf of the children and toddlers... this is a disgusting and light end result. Sentencing Act 2002, s 7... The aims of sentencing include: * holding the offender accountable for harm done to the victim and the community* providing reparation for harm done* deterring the offender or others from committing the same or a similar offence* protecting the community from the offender* assisting in the offender’s rehabilitation and reintegration into the community. Sign the petition to see this offender get what he really deserves.

Nicolas Hudson
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