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Tell the Boy Scouts to End Discrimination Against Young Women

I cannot change my gender to fit the Boy Scouts’ standards, but the Boy Scouts can change their standards to include me. I am determined to be an Eagle Scout. It isn’t just a hobby, it’s access to some of the best leadership training there is. According to the BSA, over half of all astronauts were involved in Scouting and 16.3% of West Point cadets are Eagle Scouts. Of the current Congress, 191 members were involved in Scouting, 18 current U.S. governors participated in Scouting, and many of them are Eagle Scouts. The facts say it all -- high-level Scouting creates opportunity, and with opportunity comes a chance at success in the global community. Unfortunately for me and half the country’s population, we are excluded from most of these amazing opportunities for no reason other than that we are female. That’s why I’m calling on the BSA to end the discriminatory ban against young women and girls, and allow all children to participate in the Boy Scouts and earn the Eagle Rank. In most countries, Scouting is co-ed. International Scouting appreciates that separating children by gender is an artifact from a bygone era. The BSA has opened a few programs to girls and young women, but the Scouts exclude us from joining Scout Troops, and we are not eligible to earn the rank of Eagle Scout -- the most advanced, and most challenging leadership program they have. Boy Scouting teaches young people to be strong leaders. I, and many young women like me, want this chance at the best leadership training for our youth. Women can now hold all combat roles, and have already earned Bronze and Silver Stars, and Purple Hearts in war. Women have leadership roles in government, business, academia and entertainment. Imagine what else would be possible for women with Eagle Scout training.... Under the leadership of former Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates, the Boy Scouts recently ended anti-gay policies, allowing all boys and LGBT adults full membership in Scouting.  The Boy Scouts should now end discriminatory policies based on gender, welcoming all children to participate in Scouting, including young women and girls.   I know I could rise through the ranks and become an Eagle Scout alongside the best of the boys -- all I need is the opportunity. Please join us in calling on the Boy Scouts to allow all children to participate in Scouting and earn the Eagle Rank. Please sign our petition and encourage your friends on social media to get involved. We can be reached at  Thank you for your support. Photo credit: Yasmeen Khan at WNYC. 

Sydney and Bryan Ireland
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Petition to Minnesota Governor, Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota State Senate, Mark Dayton, Tina Smith Minnesota Assistant Governor, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum

Protect Baby Shoshana

I am a mother of two, a registered public health nurse and a survivor of domestic violence. I am now battling my abuser in family court against biased officials who have ignored and dismissed police reports, my sworn statements, the sworn statements of witnesses, evidence that this man has abused me both during my pregnancy with our daughter and prior to that including threatening texts, emails, and eyewitness statements.  I have a restraining order against the father of my child, which I was forced to obtain during my pregnancy due to the father's stalking, harassment, threats, and verbal, emotional and physical abuse. The abuser has traumatized me, traumatized my son by abusing me in front of him, has chemical dependeny issues, has an extensive collection of assault weapons and has abused other children in his care. He has also abused previous partners. He is a proud descendent of a grand imperial wizard of the Georgia KKK hate group. My family is Jewish. During my relationship with him, I was forbidden to practice my religion or even discuss it. During my pregnancy, he attempted to rape me, attempted to convince me to abort the baby and when that failed, attempted to drug me to induce miscarriage.  After leaving the relationship, the abuser threatened to have me involuntarily taken to HCMC psychiatry based on false pretenses and actually filed a false police report in which I had to defend myself against false allegations of "mental instability" in front of my autistic son, in the middle of the night. The abuser has continued to lie, embellish, and create fictitious stories slandering me as a parent, even though I have raised a 9 year old son with autism who is thriving in the care of myself and his biological father, with whom I have a cooperative relationship with.  The father of my daughter sued me for joint custody within weeks of her premature birth. My concerns, the abuse that I suffered, his felony criminal records, his lack of parenting experience, his kidnapping threats have all been discounted by Hennepin County Family Court. He has made many false statements to the court that have been ignored.  Although he has no evidence, he has made many outrageous and unsupported claims about me in order to discredit my testimony. However, he is an accomplished and well practiced and charming liar. Based on his unsupported allegations alone, he has secured unsupervised visitation with this baby.  Like many abusers, this one is continuing his harassment and abuse of the victims through family court. And even though he has clearly demonstrated that he is dangerous, the judge has sided with him. Also common with abusers, is the accusation of "mental instability". I do have mild anxiety and insomnia, but the abuser has exaggerated those mild conditions in order to create a believable backstory of my "mental illness" and to discredit the safety concerns regarding his anger, abuse, and lack of empathy for others.  Shoshana, my daughter, is currently being forced to participate in completely unsupervised parenting time three times a week, with two of those court ordered times requiring her to forgo sleep in order to accommodate the father's visitation. This visitation was ordered based on false allegations that I disputed with lengthy evidence to the judge. However, the judge now appears to be biased against me. My daughter is physically exhausted. She cannot yet speak for herself. Her behavior is becoming erratic and aggressive following visitation. She comes home ravenously hungry and thirsty. But she can't tell me anything about what happened because she's only 13 months old.  I am asking for an investigation into this case by investigators that are familiar with domestic violence.  Thank you. 

Kristina Scott
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Petition to YouTube, Spotify , iTunes , Undercover Prodigy, Amazon Music

Protest Hopsin's "Happy Endings" Single & Music Video

October 31, 2017 RE: Regarding the Problem with Hopsin’s single “Happy Ending” Dear Hopsin, Undercover Prodigy, and All Music Streaming Companies, It was extremely shocking and disappointing to see Hopsin, who is supposedly known for his progressive critiques on society, release a single that is so ill-informed, generalizing, and humiliating.  The video and lyrics to “Happy Ending” are blatantly racist and sexist, oppressing the community of Asian American women. The inaccurate representations of Asian women is abundant in American media, especially in hip hop culture.  We are often portrayed as a sexual fantasy, and (for some reason) almost always linked with Asian food.  For example, The Weeknd’s lyric off his new track “Reminder” states: “Got a sweet Asian chick, she go lo mein”.  Another example, in “Over My Dead Body”, Drake raps “Shout out to my Asian girls, let the lights dim sum.” These artists perpetuate the damaging stereotype that Asian women can only be represented through exotification and sexualization. These Asian women are depicted as speaking with heavy Asian accents, demeaning those who struggle with English because it is not their first language.  Why is someone learning English considered a laughable matter? Out of all the various lifestyles that Asian American women are leading today, Hopsin chose to highlight sex work. In the video, Asian models are explicitly depicted as a commodity that can be bought and sold. To add insult to injury, there are graphic scenes in which they are having sex with Hopsin. How is the demeaning, fetishized images of Asian woman in mass media considered acceptable? While some would think that this behaviour is entertaining, we want to make it clear that it is outright racist and sexist. Asian women do not exist to please anyone. We face a globalized crisis where women all over the world are exploited in the sex industry, many of the victims are but children.  The messages from this video condones this exploitation and participates in the furthering of the crisis by normalizing the sex industry as glamorous, rather than harmful and dangerous. There has been tremendous damage done to the Asian community due to the release of “Happy Ending”. We strongly urge you to cut ties with Hopsin’s single “Happy Ending.”  We ask that you be socially responsible and pull this song and anything related to it off ALL streaming sites immediately. Financial profit from offensive material like this does not belong in today’s age of progression and fight against bigotry. Even after a month of this single’s release, major media outlets have yet to address its problematic rhetoric. The pain and anger invoked by these forms of racism, similar to blackface and cultural appropriation of other races, are felt deeply by the Asian American community.  Hopsin’s “Happy Ending” does not belong in mainstream media in 2017. It does not belong anywhere. Period. As consumers, we refuse to be complicit in the harmful perpetuation of demeaning, racist misconceptions of our community. We ask our allies to be vigilant in shutting down this kind of behavior and would greatly appreciate your cooperation in moving forward.    Sincerely,

Chelsea Ho
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