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Petition to Jim Turley, Ellie Morrison, Michael Surbaugh, The Boy Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts: Stop Discriminating Against Young Women

I have been an unofficial member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for 13 years but as a girl, I am not eligible for official membership or recognition by the organization. In response, I helped to launch a movement of young women campaigning to be allowed into the organization and the Boy Scouts finally announced that they would begin to accept girls – 478 days after the announcement. February 2019 is too late for those of us who fought so long for this. Sign my petition to demand that girls like me be allowed in the Boy Scouts now. The final award earned by Boy Scouts is called the Eagle Scout, an internationally-recognized award which gives scouts access to many opportunities, including scholarships, and a much higher chance of being accepted to top tier colleges. If we allow the Boy Scouts to continue discriminating against girls – one of the few countries left in the organization which does – for this arbitrary and unnecessary period, I and too many other young women will miss our chance to earn Eagle rank in time for these benefits. We fought to make the Boy Scouts more inclusive, and now they are punishing us for it. Young women demonstrated enormous leadership in pushing the BSA to do the right thing and accept girls into the program. Because of this, I’m more than confident that once accepted, girls will rise through the ranks and become Eagle Scouts alongside the best of the boys. All we need is the opportunity. Tell BSA that accepting girls by 2019 is not enough – we deserve to be part of the Boy Scouts NOW, before it’s too late. #ScoutHerIn #LetSydneyInNOW #CatalystInc

Sydney Ireland
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Petition to Pam Bondi, Claire Metz

Stop Matt Suttons flagrant harassment of women

Matt Sutton is a well known Facebook User, primarily in the state of Florida, though he has been known to harass women all over the country. The first time Matt messaged me was back in April of this year, he started off by hitting on me but it quickly turned ugly once I told him I was not interested. He started saying terrible, misogynistic things to me, even though I was nothing but pleasant to him and have even tried to help him to realize that his actions are unacceptable on many occasions. I quickly found out that this was not a one time thing for him. Since my first interaction with him, he has not only contacted me two separate other times to harass me, but he has harassed hundreds and hundreds of other girls.  I believe that Matt Sutton should not be allowed to access as he uses it solely as a tool to harass (both sexually and non sexually) women he does not know. He spends his life threatening and badmouthing women. He curses at them, belittles them, taunts them, make threats, and even calls them repeatedly using the feature that Facebook provides. I also believe he should receive legal repercussions from his actions. He also is a known stalker and a racist. His account has been deleted several times (whether by himself or Facebook I am not sure) but he always shows back up. At first I found it humorous, but I have grown tired of his presence on the site, especially since a video went viral of him talking about engaging in sexual acts with underage children. I am surprised there were no consequences for him when that video surfaced, as it has over 132,000 views. In my opinion, Facebook is no place for a person like Matt Sutton, whether he is joking around or not. Please sign this petition to show your support so no other girls have to deal with his harassment. Please show the Volusia County Sherriffs Office that Matt Sutton is worth investigating. He has an arrest record so his contact information should be easily accessible to them. His Facebook: Video of him talking about molesting children: My Facebook post about the petition which has dozens of screenshots in the comments: Tumblr posts regarding Matt Sutton: Also, the comments section on here has DOZENS of testimonies from women all over the country who have been a victim of his incessant harassment both online and off.   MOST RECENT UPDATE: I am well aware of Matt Sutton being in jail during the entirety of this petition, no need for any more messages about it though I do thank you all for bringing it to my attention. I learned about it earlier today. I got caught up with things because it's finals week for me, but here's a link for those who havent seen it. He was arrested for false imprisonment. I don't know further details but I can only imagine what went on. I do know he's since been released apparently because a friend had him harassing her a couple of hours ago. My next steps since the police have been largely unhelpful is to contact the FBI. Since matt has made death threats and discussed child molestation, I am going to be calling them to see if they can offer us any options. I will keep you posted. Until then I encourage ALL of you to spam the Volusia County, Ormond City Beach, and Daytona Beach PD as well as the South Daytona Beach FB page (oddly enough the same one where that woman was put on blast for duct taping her dogs mouth shut) The only way we are going to get the police to care is if we make it so public they can't ignore it. So comment the petition on their page and ask what THEY are doing about it, not what I'm doing about it. I'm doing everything in my power to get this dude off the streets, but I'm only one woman. We need more man power and for the people saying more needs to be done than the petition, here's your chance.    His mugshot:   Update: I was alerted to Matt making new threats to a woman and her friends on instagram using his account @majigirepanda he was commenting telling her what a useless whore she was and threatening to shoot her and her friends.

Jenny Esposito
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Petition to Margaret Huang

End or reform Amnesty International's sexist "Troll Patrol" program.

Amnesty International USA has launched a new campaign called Troll Patrol, which is described as a crowd-sourced program for tracking online abuse of women. This is evidently their top campaign now since it's the first thing you see when you go to their Web site. Yet nowhere do they explain why they think only women deserve protection from online abuse. Nor do they even claim that women experience more such abuse than men, either in the email announcing the campaign or in the page to which it links. (In fact, the Pew Research Center has found that just the opposite is true: I wrote the organization asking for an explanation. Their response addressed neither of the above concerns, as you can read here: Amnesty's program perpetuates the traditionalist framing of women as emotionally fragile, even while claiming to be particularly concerned with protecting human rights advocates in dangerous places, who almost by definition have be people with exceptional resiliency. At the same time, it perpetuates the framing of men as not having any vulnerability. It thereby actually deters women from entering public space, especially online, while deterring men from talking about their victimization by implying that it doesn't happen or doesn't matter. Such messages are helpful for no one at all. For these reasons I am calling on Amnesty to either rescind this program, or open it to address online abuse of people regardless of gender, while also opening the process to supporters so that there's transparency and clarity about how genuine abuse, such as credible threats of violence, is differentiated from hurt feelings.

Eric Hamell
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