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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop School Shootings

We need to stop school shootings. We can achieve this by having more regulations on gun use, gun sales, and ammunition sales. Reading about school shootings (For Example, makes me sad. People simply talk about it on social media, but how does talk help? We need to take action. By signing this petition, you are joining a movement to stop school shootings, making our schools safer. Remember, these students are our future. We need to protect them. Sign this petition today! I have decided to start this petition after I read multiple articles about previous school shootings. I searched and found that no other petitions have been started about this general issue. There are many specific petitions, but those are targeted towards a certain region only and not toward all schools of the nation. School shootings are a serious threat to schools, and they need to be stopped. The US government needs to start making changes today! Support this cause. Doing so will benefit you, no matter what your identity is. Be it a parent, teacher, or student, stopping school shootings will help you in the long run. Parents can stop fretting about their child's safety. Teachers need not worry about their students. Students no longer need to skip school to stay safe. Overall, stopping school shootings will benefit all.

Mason Kuan
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Petition to Ted Cruz, Keith Bell, Texas State House, Texas State Senate, Greg Abbott, Lance Gooden, Van Taylor, Bob Hall, John Cornyn


  To all representatives, senators, and elected officials of local and state levels; we the people demand the Texas government implement a law or mandate to include state funding to effectively adhere to the following: 1. A state requirement for every school within every school district of the State of Texas to have and maintain a minimum of two (2) licensed and sworn peace officers assigned at every school building and campus of every public school district to include a minimum of one (1) supervisor level licensed and sworn peace officer for each school district. Both officers will be on duty and on campus at the same time while class is in session with only allotting mandated times for lunch breaks. Days off will be the same as the students and staff of the school district with a seasonal reassignment during designated school vacation times (i.e. summer vacation). This can be accomplished by an independent school district police department, separate from the local law enforcement agencies (i.e. city police department and/or sheriff's department) or within the established local law enforcement agencies (i.e. city police departments and/or sheriff's departments). 2. State grant and/or funding will be designated for the staffing of the minimum required number of licensed and sworn peace officers and to assign at each school campus/building and supervisor for each district including the cost of supplying full equipment and gear for each position. The funding will be distributed based on the school districts' choice of their own independent police department or the use of the nearest most logical law enforcement agency. If the choice is made to use the nearest local and logical agency rather than their own independent police department, funding will be granted to that local agency to fulfill the required positions. Funding WILL NOT be based on a set number of officers, but that to which would fulfill the required number per campus/building and supervisor per district to eliminate any lesser or more focus on rural versus urban metropolitan districts. Every district will be required the funding to allow the minimum staffing level as stated in Section 1 no matter the size of the district. School districts that choose the local law enforcement agency over an independent district police department will receive funding based on the payscale of that law enforcement agency. School districts that choose their own independent district police department may set the payscale but must be competitive to the payscale of surrounding agencies. 3. Each school within the district will designate a workspace or office for the assigned licensed and sworn peace officers whether by an already established room or office or by temporary building, room, or office until a permanent location can be established. State funding will include the cost of establishing such permanent designated workspace. The designated workspace for the licensed and sworn peace officer for each school campus/building will have limited access to include law enforcement only or no one beneath the position of vice principal or position equivalent to vice principal. Within the designated workspace for licensed and sworn peace officers there will be a secured locker or storage for one (1) tactical vest for each officer, one (1) tactical shotgun, and one (1) tactical rifle for use only during an active shooter incident. Access to this equipment locker or storage will be restricted to law enforcement only in the best suitable way as deemed by both the law enforcement agency and school administrators.  4. School districts who allow the concealed carry of firearms by teachers will mandate those teachers to attend training presented by their law enforcement agency and may designate the officers assigned to that campus/building to conduct such training that is deemed required by the attending law enforcement agency for that district to include annual firearms qualifications and routine active shooter training with assigned officers of that campus/building of no less than twice per calendar year. Type of training will be determined by the designated law enforcement agency and funding for training will be provided by the school district with state grants being an option of funding. School districts will not increase district taxes on taxpayers to cover cost of training expenses, but may implement fundraisers to raise money for such expenses. Fundraisers will not be promoted by or involve the use of students.  These are minimal requirements of such a state mandate or law. Additional requirements or policy may be implemented by the state or local government and law enforcement agency designated. Staffing may exceed the minimum required within the mandate, but additional staffing will be funded by the school district or in cooperation with the designated law enforcement agency. This solution may not stop these tragic incidents entirely, but will be a step in the right direction and will reduce the number of incidents and when these tragedies do occur there should be a drastic decline of casualties.    Signed, We The People of Texas  

Mike Taylor
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, chuck schumer, Steny H. Hoyer, Jim Clyburn, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Michael Pence, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsome, Scott Wilk

The people of Santa Clarita urge Congress to do something about mass shootings.

Today is a terrible day for the community of Santa Clarita, California. At least five lives hang in the balance, and at least six families have been irreversibly changed. This is so much more than politics- so much more than right or left, red or blue, black or white. The people of Santa Clarita have always been diverse. We have different ideologies, religious beliefs, heritages, and lifestyles. However, we have always been a city united, and a welcome place for everyone. We must band together now more than ever in the face of this senseless tragedy which took place this morning at Saugus High School. Enough is enough. The citizens of Santa Clarita demand that Congress comes together, like the people of Santa Clarita always will, to pass bipartisan gun control legislation that respects our Second Amendment rights, but makes it much, much harder for tragedies like this to occur on a regular basis. We also urge Congress to address this problem at the source, by making mental healthcare more accessible for all Americans. The people of Santa Clarita will not allow Saugus High to become just another school shooting! Congress, it's time to stop sitting on your hands, acting like nothing can be done about this. It's time to see beyond party politics and stop talking about unrealistic solutions like taking away all guns, or arming teachers. Congress, it is time for you to face this complex issue and find a real solution, no matter how long it takes! Work together to protect the American people! Stop allowing mass shootings to become our new normal!

Taylor Doucette
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Petition to Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, California State University, California State University Los Angeles, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala D. Harris, Gavin Newsom, Eric Garcetti

Demand CSULA to Provide Active Shooting Protocols and Updated Safety Measures

We are writing to you as a representation of the student and employee body at California State University, Los Angeles. We are demanding our local representatives, Cal State LA Administration, the Cal State LA Public Safety Advisory, and specifically the Department of Public Safety to provide direct, proper, and timely information, updates, procedures, and training in regards to any potential danger at Cal State LA that is a threat to the lives of its students, staff, and faculty.  In the past eight days, Cal State LA has received three threats to the campus, two of which were identified as shooting threats, and one undisclosed graffiti threat. The first threat on October 29th was only made known to the student body approximately two hours after the initial threat was called in, with many students reporting they did not receive any texts alerts, emails, or information regarding the incident whatsoever. When the second threat took place on November 4th, students that were lucky were notified that there was an active threat to the library, but that the source was “unknown” and to “be alert”; somehow, the unknown threat was significant enough to caution students to be alert, but not to evacuate the library or even notify everyone of potential danger. A few hours later, Cal State LA sent out an email with information regarding the threat, but it was reported that many students did not receive this email as well. A briefing of the most recent threat on November 6th was sent out to students from approximately 7-8pm, describing a “future threat” found written in a campus bathroom. With no further details provided, we were assured that there was “no immediate threat” and that campus is “safe.” How the seriousness of a threat and subsequent “safety” of campus is determined is not information that is provided or accessible to students, staff, or faculty. The vague, untimely, and lack of alerts sent by the school have caused anxiety, mass hysteria, and rumors to circulate across campus. We all have questions and genuine concerns for our safety that are not being addressed.  Amidst all of the confusion and uncertainty, one thing is clear: there has been a large display of carelessness on the part of Cal State LA and the Department of Public Safety that has directly put individuals’ lives as risk. We deserve to know when and what to do if there is a direct threat to our lives, in a climate where gun violence and mass shootings in schools are such common occurrences. At Cal State LA, we are calling for: Active shooter training for all University employees Active shooter procedures for all students and employees taught and posted visibly in every room Locks on all classroom and office doors in every building Doors that swing inside only One ‘active shooter drill’ every semester Updates to the text alert system that ensures every student and employee receives a notification at the exact time of administrative knowledge of a threat Live tweeting from a University twitter account (or through the GET app) during any potential/real threat providing all known information, and addressing rumors  Transparency from administration in informing students and employees of the procedures for determining the viability of a threat Time is of the essence and these minimal requests are extremely reasonable and valid, especially at a time when gun violence and mass shootings are so prevalent in America. Many students do not feel safe and are extremely dissatisfied with the way this situation has been handled. Safety should be a top priority of the University and we deserve transparency and respect when our lives may be in danger. We demand our requests be addressed, implemented, and our voices heard as we are speaking in the best interest of all students, faculty, and staff at Cal State LA.

Alexis Adams
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