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Petition to We need a viral group of 20 million registered voters.

Together Let's Change American Presidential History in 10 Days!

This may be the most important document you ever read in your lifetime. By signing it you may be able to change and avert a political catastrophe. Right now we are being manipulated and intimidated into voting for either of two candidates that over 60% of the country does not want. Removing all partisan analysis, most American voters are honest and caring people who want America to come together and follow an agenda that reflects commonality of purpose, that allows the center of America to prosper. The choices we have been given reflect a representation of moneyed, undemocratic power elites for whom protecting foreign and domestic power, revenue flow and keeping taxes and regulations low at the cost of public safety are the dominant motivators. They are shameless in presenting these views. Primarily most Americans want a President with a moral compass to lead our great nation. A person who children can look up to and believe in. Without sinking to the level of current campaigning lets just say the two lead candidates do not reflect the minimum standards that most American children would want in a sports team captain. Let's leave it at that. We all know why we dislike both of these candidates, the question is what can we do about it? The system, on the surface fair, most feel has incorrectly pushed two candidates forward that the majority of American voters would not want in the office- the process seems inexorable, but its not. The Republican Convention is a done deal. The Democratic Convention appears to be a freight train out of control. Here is the ONE crack these political ward bosses have left. Ostensibly Bernie Sanders has endorsed Clinton so he and his delegates will be "allowed" to attend the Convention. There, the same super delegates who were picked from the beginning, will nominate Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders beats Trump in most local and national polls. If he was elected he would get little or nothing done as both Branches of Congress would be gridlocked and forced to coalesce to get even the most simple things done. If you sign this petition you are sending a message to the Democratic Super Delegates that this is not only your wish, BUT YOU WANT CONTROL OF YOUR POLITICAL SYSTEM BACK AND YOU EXPECT MORAL LEADERSHIP SELECTIONS IN THE FUTURE. If a hundred thousand people sign this it will have no effect. If 14 million people sign this it only means that the Bernicrats thought it was a good thing. If 20 million people sign this and they sign it before the super delegates vote in Philadelphia it means that AMERICA IS MAD AND IF THEIR WILL IS IGNORED THERE WILL BE DIRE CONSEQUENCES. So if you are a queasy Democrat or a Republican of good faith, real moral standing and believe in the common welfare and thoughtful political leadership of a President who should have high moral character- SIGN THIS PETITION. Then contact the super delegates and your own political representatives and tell them to put pressure on the super delegates to nominate Bernie Sanders. We have a choice- allow the race to continue unchanged and shame us, or take this moment in history and make it one we will all be proud of sharing,  I know Sanders is not the majority's first choice, but as a messenger of the voice of the American people he is a demonstrated point. There WILL not be a second chance to stop this- if either side gets their leader you won't believe the disaster that ensues, and you know it! Sign it now and circulate it to your friends. The time for individual courage is fast upon us and if you reflect too long- that reflection may turn to a larger legacy of regret. We have only one chance remaining to reclaim America's moral direction- let's not waste it.

Marty Milner
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Petition to Ohio State House, John Kasich

Decriminalize the open carry of tennis balls in Ohio

The Cleveland ban on tennis balls surrounding the GOP convention is an affront to millions of law abiding players around the country. At first it didn't make sense. Guns are allowed in the event area, but not tennis balls? How come some enthusiasts can share their sport with the public and we can't? But soon Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson's office cleared things up. "Bottom line, we're going to follow the law. It's state law. There's no state law on tennis balls." You see, Ohio law protects the open-carry of firearms. So gunmen are protected, but tennis players are not. Come on, this is 2016. The State of Ohio should immediately take up and pass legislation to restore to Ohioans their right to open carry tennis balls in public, for the following reasons: First, cheaters don't follow the rules anyway. They just find another way around. All this rule does is strip the right of by-the-book athletes to play with their tennis balls in public. And a tennis ball isn't doing much good if it has to stay locked away at home. Denying this right is a slippery slope that leaves us all wondering where it might end. The next thing you know, Governor Kasich is sending jack-booted government thugs to our homes to take all the balls away. Inconceivable. Second, ball-free zones are welcome mats that scream to international tennis stars, 'go away!' Think about all the cities that haven't hosted a major tennis championship. Wichita. Cumberland. Boise. Cleveland. Guess what? Ball-free zones. All of them. Probably. Study after study after study shows us that Williams sisters and men with the last name Federer simply prefer to play tennis in open carry tennis ball zones. And finally, no tennis player in this great country should have to face a pick-up match empty handed. Because if you're challenged on the court, the only thing that stops a bad trash-talker with a Wilson is a good player with a Penn. We won't stop until justice is served and every Ohioan is #freeballin'.

Free Ballin'
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Petition to Quicken Loans Arena, National Rifle Association, Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich

Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July.

RECOGNIZE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO OPEN CARRY FIREARMS AT THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION AT THE QUICKEN LOANS ARENA IN JULY 2016 SUMMARY: In July of 2016, the GOP will host its convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Though Ohio is an open carry state, which allows for the open carry of guns, the hosting venue—the Quicken Loans Arena—strictly forbids the carry of firearms on their premises. According to the policy on their website, "firearms and other weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden on the premises of Quicken Loans Arena." This is a direct affront to the Second Amendment and puts all attendees at risk. As the National Rifle Association has made clear, "gun-free zones" such as the Quicken Loans Arena are "the worst and most dangerous of all lies." The NRA, our leading defender of gun rights, has also correctly pointed out that "gun free zones... tell every insane killer in America... (the) safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk." (March 4, 2016 and Dec. 21, 2012) Cleveland, Ohio is consistently ranked as one of the top ten most dangerous cities in America. By forcing attendees to leave their firearms at home, the RNC and Quicken Loans Arena are putting tens of thousands of people at risk both inside and outside of the convention site. This doesn't even begin to factor in the possibility of an ISIS terrorist attack on the arena during the convention. Without the right to protect themselves, those at the Quicken Loans Arena will be sitting ducks, utterly helpless against evil-doers, criminals or others who wish to threaten the American way of life. All three remaining Republican candidates have spoken out on the issue and are unified in their opposition to Barack HUSSEIN Obama's "gun-free zones." Donald Trump said "I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools—you have—and on military bases on my first day. It gets signed my first know what a gun-free zone is to a sicko? That's bait." (Jan. 8. 2016) Ted Cruz has accurately pointed out "shooting after shooting after shooting happens in so called gun-free zones." He continued, "look, if you're a lunatic ain't nothing better then having a bunch of targets you know that are going to be unarmed." (Dec. 4, 2015) And Ohio Governor John Kasich has been a leader in this movement to eliminate deadly "gun-free zones" starting with his brave decision to fight the Democrats and end "gun-free zones" at National Guard facilities in Ohio. (Dec. 18, 2015) We are all too familiar with the mass carnage that can occur when citizens are denied their basic God-given rights to carry handguns or assault weapons in public. EVERY AMERICAN HAS THE RIGHT TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THEIR FAMILY. With this irresponsible and hypocritical act of selecting a "gun-free zone" for the convention, the RNC has placed its members, delegates, candidates and all US citizens in grave danger. We must take a stand. We cannot allow the national nominating convention of the party of Lincoln and Reagan to be hijacked by weakness and political correctness. The policies of the Quicken Loans Arena do not supersede the rights given to us by our Creator in the U.S. Constitution. THEREFORE, WE ARE CALLING TODAY FOR THE FOLLOWING FIVE POINTS OF ACTION: 1. From the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland: A suspension of their policy preventing the open carry of firearms on the premises of the arena from July 18-21, 2016 to coincide with the Republican National Convention. 2. From the National Rifle Association: An immediate condemnation of the egregious affront to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution constituted by the "gun-free zone" loophole to the state law. 3. From Ohio Governor John Kasich: A concerted effort to use his executive authority to override the "gun-free zone" loophole being exploited by the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. 4. From Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee: An explanation of how a venue so unfriendly to Second Amendment rights was chosen for the Republican Convention. Further, we demand a contingency plan to relocate the convention to another location should the Quicken Loans Arena refuse to honor the constitutional rights of the RNC guests to open carry firearms during the convention. 5. From all Republican candidates for President: You have been brave in raising awareness about the immense dangers posed by "gun-free zones." In order to ensure the safety of your supporters, delegates and all attendees at the convention in July, you must call upon the RNC to rectify this affront to our Second Amendment freedoms and insist upon a suspension of the Quicken Loans Arena's unconstitutional "gun-free zone" loophole. Every American is endowed with a God-given Constitutional right to carry a gun wherever and whenever they please. 

The Hyperationalist
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Petition to Republican National Committee

Tell the RNC - Enough is Enough

Yesterday, July 12th, the Republican Party released its Platform for the 2016 Election cycle, one that can be easily summarized as not representing the majority of the Republican Party. Now it should be known outright that the only thing left to do for this Platform to become the official position of the Republican Party is it must be approved by a simple majority vote at next weeks National Convention. We MUST act to prevent this platform from passing, for the following reasons: The draft includes language that continues to alienate voters regarding Republicans same-sex marriage position. Instead of simply not mentioning something supported by a majority of Americans, the draft continues to berate the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v Hodges which for all legal purposes ended the debate on same-sex marriage. Furthermore, this position continues to alienate any chance of the party growing as it alienates the 71% of those born after 1981 who support same-sex marriage or the concept that government does not have the right to interfere on this issue. The draft includes language that approves of building a wall across the entire Mexican Border, ignoring the fact that such a wall would cost between 15-25 billion dollars and would do absolutely nothing considering Mexican Immigration to the United States has turned Net Negative (more people are leaving than are arriving).  The draft includes language that continues the position that Climate Change is not human caused, even though a majority of Americans AND Republicans think otherwise (70% and 56% respectively). Furthermore it adopts the ludicrous notion that Coal powered electricity is somehow “Clean Energy”. These are just a number of the amendments passed by Subcommittees Monday and Tuesday that just add to the evidence that the Republican Party has been hijacked and put on a self-harming path forward. The draft in addition to the stated above included language that would practically allow for parental abuse of their children, conversion therapy (panned almost universally), the abolition of food aid for the poor (and not fraud), and complete denial that ISIS is targeting the LGBT community (as was the case in Orlando). Regardless of our parties split views on Donald Trump, we must fight to take back our party. One that was built on the ideas of small government and constitutionality, not interfering in peoples lives at every turn like Big Government likes to do or denying our constitutional mechanisms like the Supreme Court. One that stands against monies influence on politics, not being bought into the idea that coal is “Clean” or that keeping FBI terrorist suspects from buying guns is somehow a crazy idea. Our party MUST adopt a platform that instead of going further right, goes further center. If we fail to do so, we risk alienating the younger generations who will be horrified by this long list of mistakes. Furthermore, if we as a party fail to actually represent the majority of the American people (as none of these stances hold a majority in polls) then our party will literally die out as the population ages and lose complete control of this countries direction. You don't have to go far to see it, people are officially jumping ship from the Republican Party in record numbers. Tell the RNC - Enough is Enough. We want a moderate, future looking party. Not one that embraces idiotic concepts that will lose elections and Americans support in general.

Jesse Maloney
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