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Petition to Brad Schimel, Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, Bill Schuette, Bruce Beemer

Stop the Recount

Hillary Clinton stated that not accepting the result of an election is "horrifying" and a "threat to our democracy." Now both Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are involved in a crazy frenzy to get recounts in key states that Trump won, such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania - the exact states that would need to be flipped in order for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Jill Stein states that she is doing this for the "integrity" of the voting system and doing this for the citizens of the United States. Yet, there are major discrepancies and questions as to her motives. She has raised over 7 million dollars that she claims is all from individual donors. She also claims that any money left over after being used for the recount will NOT be refunded, but that she will keep it. She claims that the money is being kept in a separate bank account that can only be used for the recount effort. HOWEVER, she has provided no proof of this. She has several times raised the goal for donations, claiming that the recounts are more expensive than she originally planned. However, when Pennsylvania requested a $1 million bond for a lawsuit in which she initiated, she withdraw, refusing to pay for it with the very money she got that was supposed to be used for just that! Enough is Enough! Jill Stein herself admits there is NO evidence to support her claims of hacking and also states that she doesn't believe the recount will change anything. Many people don't believe her motives and don't want this recount. Yet, she persists. What is she trying to prove and how much money does she have to take from Hillary supporters in order to prove it?

Maggie Mulroy
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Petition to Ken Detzner; cc: FBI Director Comey

Recount Florida 2016 beginning in Lee county and audit all mail in votes cast.

In Lee county Florida it has been shown that there was an 80% increase in vote totals compared to 2012. This percentage coincides with an exact increase of 80% in mail in votes. In Florida alone 160,000 undervotes for president was cast. We want to examine these ballots by hand. In the past two years Kevin Bannon of runbeck elections vendor for Florida printed ballots that left out one candidate. Coupled with these known facts and the fact that voter registrations including signatures were hacked and scanned from these vendors accounts that are in possession of the voter registration and signatures of voters. We strongly feel that there is plenty of suspicious smoke to call for a close look at mail in ballots which is the most vulnerable source to be subject to election fraud. In Lee county, Miami dade, Brower, Palm beach and Orange there are a total of 191,000 suspicious mail in ballots. A simple computer program could have been developed from these hacks to have signatures printed on ballots in a massive fraud operation which we strongly feel took place in the 2016 elections. We are asking for an audit of the absentee ballots to take place and the receipt from the post office of actual numbers of ballots sent out in the mail to be audited and checked to make sure it coincides with Ballots that these vendors printed. We strongly feel that the hacking of this system could be used to print ballots. A hacked system can send a command to print and send absentee ballots.The hacked information can be then used to fill in ballots. Ballots could be put in the paper tray of any copier for signatures to be printed on ballots. We are asking for the inactive voter list from 2008 and 2012 to be compared to the 154,000 absentee ballots cast in Lee county in 2016. Then to have these matches to be physically examined for authenticity. We strongly feel that this INACTIVE voter lists were used to hide from detection. The increases in mail in ballots in Florida are seen to have suspicion surrounding them especially at 80%. A recount, audit and examination of ballots in Lee county will be a defining testament to insure integrity of our voter systems and/or will expose areas where we could make changes to in order to protect our elections validity. This is our Democracy at stake. If not looked at now I fear that the suspicions could cripple our democracy. The Vendors that were hacked, prints out absentee ballots, stores signatures for verification, stores voter ID numbers and all needed voter registration information. Using the "inactive voter" list coupled with this hacked information election fraud is very probable.

kevin Lynch
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