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Petition to Zeta Psi at UVa

The Iraqi community of Charlottesville and UVa demands a formal public apology from Zeta Psi Fraternity for organizing the offensive party titled "Bombs Over Baghdad."

As you know, the political situation in Iraq has been especially tumultuous recently. People have lost family, friends, and loved ones, and are still suffering through war. Zeta Psi fraternity held a party called "Bombs over Baghdad." Many in the Arab community see this as an insult to the memory of those families who were affected by recent wars in Iraq. As part of the UVA community, we expect support and empathy during this tough and unfortunate, ongoing situation. WUVA held an interview with an Iraqi student regarding this topic. The article asked Zeta Psi to apologize, but no official apology has been made. Also, the University of Texas's Zeta Psi fraternity held a "Bombs Over Baghdad" party just recently. Flyers for the party distributed on campus showed photographs of a crying child spattered in blood, a man clutching a child's lifeless body and a mutilated dead man. The caption read, "Come party, and celebrate what we stand for."   The UVA community must reject this unsavory and insensitive behavior if it purports to stand for justice and humanity. This conduct dehumanizes the victims in Iraq by trivializing their deaths. Fight for Your Right To

Hanan Hameed
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Petition to University of Pittsburgh Residence Life

Remove and replace "Diversity" campaign

We are demanding the University of Pittsburgh office of Residence Life remove the "Diversity" campaign from Tower B and replace it with a more diverse group of students. In light of recent tragedies in Ferguson and New York, as well as with Pitt's own problems with segregation, we believe this to be the perfect time to encourage acceptance. However, the current diversity campaign has a troubling lack of diversity. Among the wall, only four of the fourty-eight students are people of color, and the one black woman is placed at the bottom of the wall. The current campaign does not even reflect Pitt's demographics. To call this a message of diversity and then display a montage of white students dispelling stereotypes such as "drinking pumpkin spice lattes" or "being a frat douche bag" undermines the heavy weight of stereotypes that students of color bear everyday here at Pitt. With black men being killed by police daily because of racial stereotypes, this project could have been an opportunity to truly comabt these oppresive and systemic stereotypes, but instead, this project trivialized racial oppression and blatantly excluded students of color from the conversation.  After emailing the Resident Director for Tower B several times over the past week, and not receiving one response, we have decided to create this petition in order to remove the diversity campaign and replace it with a campaign more true to its title.

The Movement @Pitt
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