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Petition to Carl E. Heastie

Support Reintroduced Bill Number A2350/S2997 now known as "Lorraine's Law"

The petition supports the Bill being reintroduced for the 3rd year - Bill Number A2350/S2997 now known as "Lorraine's Law", named after Lorraine Miranda who was brutally killed by her fiancee. This petition is to support all the families that have been impacted by murder and have or will be facing Parole hearings. We will continue to keep support this Bill and keep this petition open for hopes that this year the Bill will be passed. Dori and I, along with our local Assemblyman Phil Palmesano are still working towards the passing of this proposed Bill. We still feel this is a Bill that needs to become law. We hope that all the support this petition has received so far and will continue to receive will help with Lorraine and Derrick's cause and all those that share our situation. The new proposed Bill will narrow terminology about what is a violent offense.  The following information is still relevant to the Bill. The Bill has been amended. Currently, parole hearings can be scheduled every twenty-four months. In many cases, especially those involving heinous acts of violence, parole will be denied numerous times. Each time an inmate is considered for parole, the victim's family is required to testify before the Parole Board, pleading for parole denial and reliving the horror. The Legislators feel strongly that in instances where the Parole Board is confident that parole will not be granted for a period of five years, that they should have the discretion to set parole hearings for any date within those five years. In Lorraine Miranda and Derrick Robie's memory, and all the families that deal with Parole, we are in support of this Bill and it needs to be passed. Please consider signing and sharing with as many as possible in New York State.

Dale Robie
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Petition to Richard Scott, Brad King, Peter Magrino

Justice for Katherine Bryan Hoover and Baby Rehlin

My Story: On July 26, 2014, my 25-year-old daughter Katherine Bryan Hoover and her husband went to visit her husband's friend, 35-year-old William DeHayes, at his home in Brooksville, Florida. During their visit, DeHayes decided to show off his gun collection. His subsequent recklessly negligent actions would prove fatal to my daughter, as well as to her unborn son, Rehlin. My devastated family and I are seeking justice on their behalf. Here's what happened that horrible day. When DeHayes began showing off his gun collection, he checked the first several guns to ensure they weren't loaded. But when he pulled out his .22 caliber revolver, he neither checked to see if the safety was on, nor if it was loaded--an act of complete and utter negligence. While showing off this unchecked .22 caliber revolver to his visitors, DeHayes began twirling the revolver in his hand like a gunslinger, in an incredibly cavalier manner ("kinda like a cowboy would," he later told police). He was pointing the revolver in Katherine's direction. The gun was cocked and loaded. As DeHayes twirled it on his finger, it discharged, shooting Katherine in the head. Katherine was rushed to the hospital, where she died a few hours later. Doctors delivered her unborn son, Rehlin, via emergency C-section, but as he was only at 5 months' gestation, he lived a mere 30 minutes before dying, as well. My family and I are bereft at these senseless, tragic, and completely preventable losses. I rushed to the hospital to be at Katherine's side, and I cannot tell you how traumatic the entire experience was. I've never seen so much blood before in my life as I did that night. Watching my baby girl leave this world and remembering the joy of when she came into this world, I thought I was going to die right there beside her. I begged and pleaded with the doctors to save her, even though I knew in my head that they couldn't do anything for her. My heart just couldn't accept it. Katherine also left behind a beautiful little boy, Nicholas, who is 6. He will have to endure a lifetime without his loving, devoted mother--all because of DeHayes' negligence. Making matters worse, because investigators say that Katherine's death was due to an "accidental shooting," they have declined to charge DeHayes, despite the fact that drug paraphernalia (specifically, a bong) was at the crime scene--and despite the fact that DeHayes essentially admitted in his interview with the Hernando County sheriff to a pattern of negligence. According to a recording of his interview obtained by the Daily Beast, he told the sheriff: "I haven’t slept in three days trying to figure out how the hell [the gun] went off. I don’t know. I mean them damn guns. The shotgun goes off when it wants to. I almost blew my damn head off twice." Excuse me, but shotguns don't go off when they "want" to. Shotguns go off when their owners are negligent. Full stop. Despite this damning evidence of repeated negligence, and despite the fact that there are children in DeHayes' home who might be at risk, officials not only refused to arrest or charge him: they also gave him his guns back, without so much as a slap on the wrist. I am shocked, appalled, and devastated at how the judicial system has failed us. In fact, I feel like I am going crazy. How is it that DeHayes' right to own and play recklessly with his guns trumps my daughter's right to life? If a person drowns a dog, charges are filed. Is not my daughter's life, and that of her baby, worth more than that of a dog? How can this be? Please, help us secure justice for Katherine and Rehlin. Please prosecute DeHayes for involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, and/or other appropriate charges, and give him a trial before a jury of his peers. As his pattern of recklessness demonstrates, he is a menace to society. He deserves to be prosecuted for his unconscionable actions that proved fatal to Katherine and Rehlin. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Donna Bryan bereaved mother of Katherine Bryan Hoover

Donna Bryan
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Petition to Jeff Sess, John McCain, Doug Ducey, Donald Trump, David Schweikert, Thomas McCauley

Marijuana Laws and corruption Denied a Man the Right to a Fair and Public Trial

     In 1991 I was approached by a guy looking for my cousin. He told me this attractive girl wanted some weed. I asked him if she was single and he said yes. I hustled up and found a joint worth of weed I paid $5 for. She showed up and I gave it to her. She said, " Didn't Mat tell you we needed 100 lbs." to which I informed her I had no idea where to get that and didn't even smoke it.       She suggested I speak with my cousin which I did. My cousin told a couple of guys who then stole $200 from them. They turned out to be cops and all they had was a joint. So they turned this into a full blown trial with one joint and a pack of lies.       They tried me for an offer to sell over eight pounds of marijuana. The officer said I offered to sell one hundred pounds which was a lie. They also tried me for conspiracy. The jury acquitted me of the conspiracy but because the prosecution had committed fraud on court and deceive my jury they found me guilty of the offer to sell over eight pounds. See they took a dangerous drug statute and made it say marijuana. Marijuana Laws require the amount being offered for sale to be seized. As there was never an offer made and only a joint seized that was given, instructing the Jury to marijuana Laws would have made a trial pointless. So they chose to deceive the court and the Jury. So twice they denied me a right to a trial.       At sentencing I showed the judge the law which required 8 pounds  of marijuana. He determined I was not guilty of the crime. That was it, I was found not guilty of everything.       They schedule another hearing which I wasn't present for. Here they chose to without a charge, trial and in violation of double jeopardy judge me guilty of an offer to sell under a pound. A crime that never happened and no one said it did. They put me on probation which I violated for drinking. I was then sent to prison. Because there was never a verdict given to the jury as there was never a crime, there's no conviction pursuant to ARS Rule 23.3 which requires forms of verdicts.       In 1994 I was sent to prison without a trial, due process and in violation of ARS Rule 18.1 and ARS Rule 23.3. Because I never committed the crime they sent me to prison for they can't justify sending me to prison for 10 years over a joint they refuse to correct the error. They won't even acknowledge the issue.       There is no conviction in my record but there is a felony on my record. I want that felony removed. I also want people to know that our system is not flawless and our Constitution is far from protected by Judges. The last thing they want is you to know they abducted a U.S. Citizen and threw him in prison. A man with no priors and didn't even smoke weed. This was over one joint and after a trial I won based on a fact of Law. They broke the Law, ignored the Constitution and threw me into prison.       After I was originally charged in 1991 I found a woman who gave me a son. She had two beautiful babies I loved as my own but that happiness was short lived. They took my freedom, my children, the mother of my children and all that I loved. The issue is so serious no lawyer will take the case so for 20 years I have fought and stood alone. I ask for the help of my peers to stand with me. The same peers who were never allowed to determine my innocence in a court of Law like our Constitution demands.       Stand with me and the thousands of men and women who died defending a Constitution they tore to shreds. Demand Arizona acknowledge the Constitution.  

Daniel Butierez
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