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Petition to Clear Creek Highschool, Greg Smith

Petition for Clear Creek HS to erect a Vegeta statue in honor of Christopher Sabat.

As some of you may be aware of, The voice actor, Christopher Sabat, graduated from Clear Creek High school in 1992. Christopher Sabat went on to voice act many different characters in multiple tv series, and video games. He has also been a voice director in various projects, and he even started his own audio production company OkraTron 5000.   He is most well known for his work in Dragon Ball Z. He provides the voice work for such notable characters as Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Zarbon, Recoome, Jeice, Burter, Salza, as well as many others. Christopher Sabat is an incredibly talented gentleman and he deserves more recognition for it. That is where this petition comes into play. Clear Creek Highschool should Erect a life size Vegeta statue above a plaque that reads, "I wasn’t sure how long I could sustain the effort without breaking in two. It was as though the only thing holding my body together was myone burning desire to be better then Kakarott. Sometimes I thought I was losing my mind. Why wasn’t I able to obtain what Kakarott had obtained?! It didn’t make any sense. It was infuriating… and it was my fury that kept me alive. - In Honor Of Christopher Sabat the original Prince of Saiyans." I believe 100% that making this apperant to current and future students will help motivate and drive them to reach their goals. 

Eric Pauly
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Started 11 months ago

Petition to Warner Brothers

DC/ Warner Brothers Stop Killing Comic Book Movie Genre With Bad Comic Book Flicks

I am starting this petition to save the comic book movie genre from the corporate shills of Warner Brothers who in true EA style thought of a cynical  quick cash grab by whoring out their most  iconic characters like two dollar whores in an attempt to make  mighty Marvel money by making sub par comic book movies. Instead of careful planning and world building they cynically assumed the fans will come simply because they have the "iconic" characters the world wants to see. So lets protect these impressionable fans who  get angry and scream about  conspiracy theories to destroy the DCEU when innocent sites like rotten tomatoes give an aggregate score.Let's protect these fanboys from themselves  and avoid  fits of dumb rage in which  they form fanboy mobs and attempt to shut sites like rotten tomato down because they said something they didn't like.   I am writing this petition in an attempt to quell  the fighting and division by calling for a ban on DC/ Warner brothers  to stop making terrible to mediocre comic book movies.Thanks to murder man verses emo boy under performing Ticket sales for Captain America Civil War lagged. So lets protect Marvel Studios from DC/ Warner Brothers ineptitude.  So far DC/ Warner Brothers has been like a bad lover who promises to do better. They promise with sweet words and flashy trailers how the next time, the next film will be better and yet every time we're left disappointed. We want no more promises. Lets stop DC/Warner brothers madness before their sub par superhero movies kill the genre entirely. Sigh this petition to get them to stop until they are willing to put out quality Comic book films. Friends don't let friends drive drunk and neither should we let friends make bad decisions that could haunt them. So lets protect  our fanboy friends  from blindly giving DC/ Warner Brothers their money for another bad film and an empty promise.  SAY NO MORE TO BAD FILMS LIKE SUICIDE SQUAD AND BvS! SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY!  LET'S SHOW THESE DC/ WARNER BROTHERS EXECS THAT WE WILL NO LONGER BE SUCKERS FOR PAIN!

Merrick Mc Cleud
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