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Petition to Palm Springs Unified School District Board of Education

Call for Police Free Schools in PSUSD

In light of recent social unrest regarding high instances of police violence in black communities, we formally request the PSUSD Superintendent and Board of Education members to follow in the footsteps of Minneapolis and Portland Public Schools to immediately terminate their contract with Law Enforcement School Resource Officers within our schools.  In reference to accountability measures set forth in the PSUSD Local Control Accountability Plan that specifically states: “Palm Springs Unified School District will provide students with a clean, healthy, physically and emotionally safe learning environment,” we ask that you consider the impact that police presence has on the safety and emotional well-being of students of color, especially our black youth. Dr. Lyon recently shared a statement expressing solidarity with our youth to “eliminate any barriers that could prevent our students from succeeding and reaching their full potential.” Our communities hold our local districts accountable to ensure we achieve this goal of eliminating those barriers. It is for these reasons we urge board members and Superintendent Dr. Lyon, to take direct action in protecting and uplifting our students of color by eliminating law enforcement involvement. According to the Annual Update report for LCAP year 2019-20, PSUSD allocated a combined $1.7 million to Campus Safety and Security and School Resource Officers in its review of the 2018-19 budget. PSUSD should set the example for other school districts to re-allocate resources to expand holistic learning environments. PSUSD should commit to dismantling the punitive infrastructure of our current school system by shifting their approach to behavioral challenges in schools. PSUSD should invest in transformative justice measures that increase counseling and mental health services to students and families and require training for teachers to apply restorative justice strategies in their classrooms. PSUSD should begin the process towards applying those sustainable student support models rather than criminalizing undesirable behavior. We must look to the future of police free public schools if we are truly committed to providing equitable opportunities for student achievement. Fund the health and development of our students, not the police.

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Petition to Superintendent Greg Baker

Remove police presence from Bellingham Public Schools

We are demanding that the superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools prioritize student well being and remove police presence from our schools. This petition is organized by a group of Bellingham school district educators, support staff, and community members.  We are in the midst of widespread upheaval over the systemic violence of policing. Evidence shows that police presence results in learning disparities for Black, Brown, and Indigenous students. The police system also has a well-documented history connected to the school-to-prison pipeline, in which Students of Color are punished harshly for behaviors that are considered age-appropriate for white children. Instead, we should be investing in trained and trusted community and staff members to de-escalate and respond to student needs. We join the calls of those across Bellingham, the state, and the country to remove police presence from our schools. For our district specifically, this includes the removal of the district resource officer, the first responder lunch program, and police participation in school/community events. We demand that we do better for our students. We will no longer accept empty gestures, suggestions of “reform,” and allusions to how the Bellingham Promise has already done this work. There has been a lack of transparency from the district around the cost, purpose, and outcome of the program. We are demanding that our voices be heard now, and that real change be made to the way this district allocates its resources and prioritizes the well being of students.  The superintendent has stated that “We commit to asking the hard questions of how we hold ourselves and our community accountable for enacting justice and dismantling the systems that enable racism, bigotry and hate.” In signing this petition, it is our intention to hold the school district accountable to align their actions with their words. For more information on how and why police presence in schools is harmful to students you can see a presentation given by staff here: y en español:   To sign up for our email list to be involved in future actions, visit the  

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