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Petition to Superintendent Greg Baker

Remove police presence from Bellingham Public Schools

We are demanding that the superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools prioritize student well being and remove police presence from our schools. This petition is organized by a group of Bellingham school district educators, support staff, and community members.  We are in the midst of widespread upheaval over the systemic violence of policing. Evidence shows that police presence results in learning disparities for Black, Brown, and Indigenous students. The police system also has a well-documented history connected to the school-to-prison pipeline, in which Students of Color are punished harshly for behaviors that are considered age-appropriate for white children. Instead, we should be investing in trained and trusted community and staff members to de-escalate and respond to student needs. We join the calls of those across Bellingham, the state, and the country to remove police presence from our schools. For our district specifically, this includes the removal of the district resource officer, the first responder lunch program, and police participation in school/community events. We demand that we do better for our students. We will no longer accept empty gestures, suggestions of “reform,” and allusions to how the Bellingham Promise has already done this work. There has been a lack of transparency from the district around the cost, purpose, and outcome of the program. We are demanding that our voices be heard now, and that real change be made to the way this district allocates its resources and prioritizes the well being of students.  The superintendent has stated that “We commit to asking the hard questions of how we hold ourselves and our community accountable for enacting justice and dismantling the systems that enable racism, bigotry and hate.” In signing this petition, it is our intention to hold the school district accountable to align their actions with their words. For more information on how and why police presence in schools is harmful to students you can see a presentation given by staff here: y en español:   To sign up for our email list to be involved in future actions, visit the  

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Petition to William Hite, Joyce Wilkerson, Leticia Egea-Hinton, Ameen Akbar, Julia Danzy, Mallory Fix Lopez, Lee Huang, Maria McColgan, Angela McIver

Tell the School District of Philadelphia: We Want #PoliceFreeSchools!

The anger and frustration in the streets of Philadelphia and across the country are not just because of what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery. People are angry because, for years upon years, black people were being murdered by police. They are frustrated because, for years upon years, calls for justice were ignored. People are tired of being ignored. They are tired of being terrorized in their communities. And the energy we are feeling now can not end here. We have gone through too much for this issue to go back into the closet. Therefore, the Philadelphia Student Union calls on Superintendent William Hite and the School District of Philadelphia's Board of Education to commit to police free schools. We are calling on the District to: Remove all police and school resource officers from schools. Have the Office of School Safety replace school police with community members trained in de-escalation, restorative justice, and other skills that support healthy schools and communities.  End its memorandum of understanding with the Philadelphia Police Department. Disciplinary and other school infractions should be dealt with by administration and staff, not the police. We believe that black lives matter. We believe it's time this country addressed the role of police in maintaining white supremacy and control in communities. We believe that young people have to be their own leaders. They have been let down by too many elected officials, including the President. It is up to every young person to contribute their voice, energy, and talents to solving society's worst problems.  We believe that young people should not be discouraged - this is not the end of the world but the start of a new one.

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Petition to Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart

We Demand Police-Free Schools in Suffolk County, NY #PoliceFreeSchools

Tell Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart we don’t want police in our schools! Here in Suffolk County, our students have long been harmed by the presence of school resource officers and police in our public schools.  School disciplinary processes and policies have treated Black, Latinx, and other marginalized students more severely than white students. Police presence in our schools has caused violence fear, trauma, stigma, wrongful incarceration, family separation, and the deportation of our community’s children.  Police/ School resource officer presence in our schools magnifies and reflects the racial disparities that divide our communities and further increases the mistrust between communities of color and law enforcement. Police free schools is a common-sense measure that recognizes the need for an inclusive, trauma-informed and restorative school climate and essential social -emotional supports required to keep schools safe.  The resources used to provide police in schools must be redirected to culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health, guidance, social work and other supportive services in schools.  School safety depends primarily on creating inclusive, supportive, and positive school climates where students feel they are part of a caring community that fosters a positive well-being. There is no valid rationale for the irreparable harm done to our most at-risk students with the endured use of exclusionary disciplinary measures and the unjustified presence of police/school resource officers in our schools.  If we are going to take urgent and immediate action to eliminate inequities in policing, we must start by getting police out of our schools.  Commissioner Hart needs to hear from you right now!

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Petition to Superintendent (Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed) and the Hopkins School Board.

Police Out Of Hopkins Public Schools!

In response to the killing of George Floyd, Minneapolis Public Schools voted unanimously on June 2nd to terminate its contract with the Minneapolis Police Department. St. Paul Public Schools also voted on June 23rd to terminate their contract with Saint Paul Police Department. Similar actions are being pursued by school districts in New York, Illinois, Oregon, North Carolina, and more. Now it’s our turn. We demand Hopkins Public Schools to follow suit and immediately terminate its contract with the Minnetonka Police Department and other similar police presences from your schools. Due to ongoing police violence nationwide, it has become clear that the presence of police in our students’ learning environment is inherently unsafe. Hopkins Schools is a diverse district located in Minnesota. 45% of the student body is non-white and 21% of students are black. Police and Student Resource Officers contribute to creating a criminalizing, unsafe, and unwelcoming school environment. Statements of diversity, inclusion, and a safe and supportive learning environment mean absolutely nothing if they are not backed up by action. Hopkins Schools needs to invest in our students and make a commitment that’s more just than words and end this partnership. When police walk the halls of schools, black children are disproportionately arrested, often for low-level offenses, contributing to a vicious cycle called the School-To-Prison Pipeline. In order to eliminate the School to Prison Pipeline, Hopkins Schools needs to terminate School Resource Officers (SROs) and end all agreements with Minnetonka Police. Ending the contract with Minnetonka police isn't the only thing we are pushing for. We are demanding Hopkins Schools to create a safe and equitable education for our students. One SRO in our district is funded 113,000 dollars. The police placed in our schools only brings traumatic experiences to students. Instead of funding School Resource Officers in our schools, the funds appropriated towards them should be used to invest in classrooms, mental health services, and improving counseling services all of which support and uplift your students. Our community looks forward to the Hopkins Public School District's response, anticipating the District's agreement with the community on terminating their contract with Minnetonka police and the need to protect and support our children. htps://    

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