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Petition to Subway, Suzanne Greco, Trevor Haynes, Cindy Eadie, Millie Shinn

Subway: Help End Plastic Pollution, Adopt a "Straw Upon Request" Policy

When I first saw the viral video of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril and throat, I was speechless. I had known that plastic waste was a problem, but never so deeply understood the harm it causes to those around us. Inspired, I started a petition with my school's environmental club asking my state to adopt a “straw upon request” policy. But soon I realized that wasn’t enough: we need the restaurant industry to do its part in controlling the plastic waste that plagues our oceans. Marine experts say that if we don't curb plastic waste, the majority of which is made up up single-use straws, by 2050 there might be more plastic in our oceans than fish. That’s unacceptable. Restaurant's like Ted's Montana Grill and Bon Appetit have ended their use of plastic straws, and just this month shareholders at McDonald's considered a ban on plastic straws in their restaurants. It’s time that Subway Restaurants, one of the largest fast-food chains in the U.S. and an environmental leader in the fast-food industry, follow suit. With nearly 45,000 locations in the U.S. alone, their ability to make a dent in curbing plastic waste is tremendous. Subway has already taken steps to reduce their waste: their napkins are made with 100% recycled fiber, their salad bowls were redesigned to remove 2.62 million pounds of plastic from their waste stream, and they have changed the design of their cup carriers to save thousands of trees per year. It's clear the restaurant chain wants to be known for its environmental sustainability ― but their use of plastic straws is still an issue. As one of the most influential restaurant chains in America, the number of plastic straws they use ― and the number that end up in our oceans, swallowed by sea turtles ― is concerning. Why not take a bold step and implement a "straw upon request" policy in their stores? With this policy, the use of straws are still available to those who require it to drink, such as children or those with physical disabilities. This subtle change would not greatly reduce the unnecessary use of straws, but also bring attention to the urgency of the battle against plastic pollution. Please urge Subway to help end plastic straw waste by implementing a plastic "straw upon request" policy.

Chelsea Chan
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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Mayor Bill de Blasio

Ban plastic bags and straws in NYC!

Dear Citizen, Recently, a young pilot whale washed up in Thailand, vomited seven plastic bags and died. During his autopsy, 17 pounds of plastic were found inside him, including 80 more plastic bags. This horror story is unfolding around the world. In April, a young Sperm whale - the world’s largest whale with sonar that would bust your eardrums! - washed up in Spain, this one carrying 64 pounds of plastic lodged in his stomach. The belly of the whale is the belly of humanity. Microplastics, found in products like cleansers and toothpastes, are prevalent in mussels and other filter feeders, in our sushi, our sea salt and in our drinking water. In fact, the World Health Organization launched a global review of our drinking water last month after microplastics were found to be twice as high in popular bottled water brands as in regular tap water - which in the US, includes 94.4% of our drinking water. The state of plastics in our water is not OK for me. Is it OK for U? OKFORU is a project that invites you to fear nothing but complacency.  Together, I hope you will join me in calling on Mayor De Blasio to ban single use plastic bags, straws, and styrofoam in New York and to lead on this issue. If you would like to get more involved, here are some activities I could use help with at an upcoming art and live event series coinciding in NYC with this petition: Where: Chinatown Soup (16B Orchard St, New York, NY) When: Aug 16 - Aug 30 th Writing postcards. Galvanizing other people to write postcards. Collecting signatures for petition. All ideas are appreciated at Your fellow citizen, Julia

Julia Morrison
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Petition to Lynsi Snyder

Tell In-N-Out Burger to Stop Using Plastic Straws

My name is Annelie Miller, and I am 17 years-old. Since 5th grade I have been trying to promote awareness about the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans through school art projects, fundraisers and working with my city council to try and eliminate plastic straws in our town. Now I think it’s time to aim bigger. I’m asking In-N-Out Burger, one of California’s most beloved fast-food chains, to stop using plastic straws. My friends and I have enjoyed eating at In-N-Out for years and are frequent customers who would love to see the restaurant become environmentally conscious. In-N-Out has has developed a reputation as a company which cares about its workers and puts special emphasis on the freshness and quality of their food. It seems fitting therefore that they would want to be on the forefront of this movement to reduce plastic waste. As I am sure you are quite aware, the problem of plastic pollution is ever increasing. Over 500 million straws are used and discarded every single day, most of which end up in the stomachs of sea creatures. Plastic straws do not biodegrade. They just break down into tiny micro plastics which never disappear. Raise your voice for the environment today by  asking In-N-Out Burger to eliminate plastic straws from their stores. By encouraging this unique chain to go plastic free, hopefully others will follow on this quest to eliminate single use plastic once and for all. Thank you!

Annelie Miller
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