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Petition to John Kasich, The City of Akron

Support for a "Straws Upon Request" policy in Akron Restaurants

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. While we can't solve all the world's problems by simply curbing our plastic use, we can make a significant impact as a city by creating a culture in our full-service restaurants where we get "Straws Upon Request."  What is the problem with straws? Roughly 500 million disposable straws are used by Americans daily (some argue this is actually a LOW estimate!). Straws were ranked the seventh most common piece of trash collected in 2017 on global beaches by volunteer cleanup crews associated with the Ocean Conservancy, a marine environmental advocacy group.  Disposable straws are usually made from plastic and plastic never breaks down. As time goes by plastic will separate into smaller and smaller pieces, but never completely biodegrades (this makes its way into the bodies of our marine life and then into our food system as microplastics). This point is hugely impactful as we're a Great Lake state.  This is an easy change to make that has the potential for a much larger impact.  Click here for further reading on the problem with plastic straws.  Please sign this petition if you are an Akronite who: Doesn't want a straw automatically plopped in your drink when you're out dining at our wonderful Akron eateries. Wants the option to bring their own reusable straw or drink straight from the glass (gasp!). Would like to see our city come together to curb plastic usage in restaurants by implementing a "Straws Upon Request" policy (possibly offering a paper or reusable straw alternative).  *Note: This is not a request for an outright plastic straw ban in Akron. We understand that Akronites with disabilities often need a straw (and it seems that, right now, plastic straws are often the best and safest option) - this is why we believe restaurants should adopt a "Straws Upon Request" policy and still have straws available for those who need them. 

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Petition to Starbucks

Have Starbucks Ban Plastic Straws!

Our names are Amanda and Sophia. One day in science class, we came upon an article on plastic straws. The article stated that Americans use more than 500 million straws a day- and throw them away. That is equivalent to 125 school buses filled with plastic straws. We also learned that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Those numbers concern us. So when we joined the Earth Club at our school, the leader suggested using, which is how we came upon this website. All 500 million of these plastic straws end up in landfill or worse, the ocean. When plastic straws get into the ocean, the fish mistake it for food, eat it, and get sick or die. In fact, science shows that when you eat fish, you might as well be eating plastic! We both think that Starbucks is a very tasty and an influential company. By choosing this business, we hope to make them take this issue very seriously. These coffee shops are all around the world, and they have a lot of people coming in every day, almost all of them getting cold beverages containing plastic straws. However, those straws add up to landfill and get into the ocean. Starbucks is a very successful company, so if they start banning straws, won’t others follow their lead? So please sign this petition to help the environment, and the world we all live in. Remember, #NoMorePlasticStraws! Thank you!  

Sophia and Amanda
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