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Petition to President Barron, Penn State

Incorporate Sexual Assault Resources University-Wide @ PSU

THE BACKGROUND: Penn State Main has both a Women’s Center and a Title IX office The Women’s Center is a safe space where victims can talk about their sexual assault and are offered ways to cope through licensed trauma counselors  The Title IX office is meant for reporting the rapist through the school, so the victim can stay protected as their case unfolds  THE PROBLEM: Penn State has twenty-four campuses statewide, yet the Main Campus (University Park) is the only one that provides these privileges to students WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM? Total student population at PSU MAIN: around 46,000 Total student population across campuses: 99,133 Only a few Title IX officers are in charge of all these students!! Furthermore, victims from branch campuses have to write a letter or email detailing their assault as opposed to being able to walk in like us students at Main; this is extremely impersonal and inconvenient for the victim who is already enduring so much IN THE GRAND SCHEME: Most universities (including PSU) are being investigated for how they handle rape  Title IX at most schools is known for being inefficient already despite having good intentions That inefficiency is usually due to the lack of employees, making the process of reporting and the overall case time last months longer than it is supposed to  This is a bigger problem at PSU due to the lack of resources for all the other twenty-three campuses. We clearly go to a very large school! NOTE: Students can choose to go to their local police, but Title IX reports rape as SEX DISCRIMINATION as opposed to just a crime. So, unlike police, Title IX has the ability to suspend the rapist, make dorm changes, etc. THE NEED FOR CHANGE: So, in the name of equality for all, PSU should include its Women’s Center and its Title IX offices in every one of its branch campuses to ensure that all students feel safe and comfortable when facing sexual assault.  I graciously ask our fellow Penn State students, faculty, or anyone else who cares about this GLOBAL issue to sign this petition in hopes that it will spark President Barron's attention. Every student here deserves the best coping resources, so it should be the norm for PSU to incorporate Title IX resources in each of its 23 other branch campuses. This way, the process would be much more streamlined at University Park as well, considering that in the long run, every campus needs better resources so the investigations don't last longer than they need to ANYWHERE.  BONUS: If we all forward this petition to Barron and his team (, then we could potentially flourish their emails with this petition Let’s work for a better tomorrow; at this point, it’s truly on us. Thank you, Minaya Ismayilova (Senior at Penn State Main)    

Minaya Ismayilova
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Petition to The Associated Press, , Mark Scolforo, Charles Thompson, Jeremy Roebuck, Lori Falce

Penn State Travesty and a New Trial for Jerry Sandusky

New Trial for Jerry Sandusky Attention: Lori Falce, Centre Daily Times; Mark Scolforo, Associated Press; Charles Thompson,; Jeremy Roebuck, Philadelphia Inquirer And all other media reporters who write about the Jerry Sandusky case.  We, the undersigned, petition for a new trial for Jerry Sandusky.  We are addressing this petition to those in the media who have covered the Sandusky case, in hopes that you will be willing to look at additional facts that contradict the standard Sandusky narrative, and that you will write about our petition effort and its growing number of supporters. Regardless of whether we think Jerry Sandusky is innocent or not, it is clear that he received a rushed trial in an atmosphere of intense media frenzy in which many of the potential jurors admitted, during the jury selection, that if they found Sandusky “not guilty,” they would have faced a great deal of criticism and pressure at home and at work.  Many also made it clear that they had already judged him guilty in their minds. Sandusky’s main lawyer, Joe Amendola, was not only ineffective but often acted as if he were working for the prosecution. He and his co-counsel Karl Rominger unsuccessfully petitioned Judge John Cleland for continuances because they were overwhelmed with 12,000 pages of discovery material, in addition to being unprepared in almost every other way.  In his opening statement, Amendola unforgivably told the jurors that the prosecution had “overwhelming evidence” against Sandusky. In fact, the only evidence against Sandusky for the first three years of the case were the allegations of Aaron Fisher, “Victim 1,” who at first said only that Sandusky had hugged him to crack his back, with both of them fully clothed.  It took frequent therapy sessions to get him to say, eventually, that there had been oral sex.   Similarly, the additional seven young men who testified at the trial all changed their stories repeatedly.  Almost all initially denied any abuse.  Repressed memory therapy, a discredited pseudoscience, was involved in unearthing new abuse memories, as well as leading police interviews. Money was also a possible motive for these young men, all of whom had been in the Second Mile program because of their troubled, often impoverished backgrounds. There are many other issues that demand a new trial, beyond the glaring ineffectiveness of Sandusky’s trial counsel.  There was arguable prosecutorial misconduct, especially when prosecutor Joe McGettigan claimed that Victim 2 was “known to God but not to us,” even though he knew that Allan Myers was that young man. In addition, there were at least two grand jury leaks.  Evidence was allowed at trial derived from double-hearsay in the case of a janitor named Jim Calhoun, who had actually denied in a taped interview with the police that he saw Sandusky abusing anyone, though Amendola failed to introduce that evidence.  Judge John Foradora will rule on whether Jerry Sandusky gets a new trial, on the basis of ineffective counsel, new post-trial evidence, or constitutional violations.  All three of these apply to this case.  Sandusky’s current lawyers, Al Lindsay and Andrew Salemme, covered most of these issues in their 254-page Second Amended Post-Conviction Relief Application . For all of these reasons, we believe that Jerry Sandusky deserves a new trial.

Justice ForPennState
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Petition to The Moore Family, State College Borough Planning and Zoning

Stop the demolition of our historic homes (706 North Allen)!

The Moore family is proposing to demolish an historic contributing property to the National Registry of Historic Places, College Heights Historic District. Our neighborhood, steps away from Penn State is a critical piece of State College and the University's history. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE DISTRICT The contributing home was built (~1925) and lived in for nearly 50 years by Fred and Mary Garner (nee Krumrine) and their children. Mary was the daughter of the Krumrine family whose historic farm home (built in 1852) is just steps away. The Krumrine farm was converted into College Heights, a neighborhood that is intimately coupled to Penn State's history.  The home is sound and could be renovated, but the plans submitted to State College's Design Review Board are to demolish the building and replace with a one story modular home. Information provided to the historic review board can be found here: Demolition is planned for May 10th or soon thereafter unless we can convince the Moore family to reconsider. The historic homes are a critical element of the important social history and visual narrative of our community. Our homes and families are contributing to new stories and new memories. We Are...Community members that urge the Moores to reconsider!  We Are...Concerned citizens that appreciate historic properties and shared community heritage! We Are...Neighbors that wish to influence positive change in our community!

Tim Murtha
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