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Petition to Maryland State House, Maryland State Senate, Larry Hogan, Maryland Governor, Thomas Miller, Angela Angel, Alonzo Washington, Katherine Klausmeier, Bobby Zirkin, Pam Queen, Craig Zucker, Jamie Raskin, Mary Washington, Michael Busch, Jay Jacobs, Michael Jackson, C. Anthony Muse, Nathaniel McFadden, Maggie McIntosh

Grant emergency vehicle status to blood, organ and tissue transport vehicles in Maryland

Currently there is no provision within Maryland Law to allow organ, blood and tissue transport vehicles to be recognized as emergency vehicles. Most states already have provisions for blood, tissue and organ transport vehicles to operate as emergency vehicles, IL, PA, WI, NJ, AZ, FL, MI among others. In 2016 MD HB662 was introduced to allow for these vehicles to be recognized but was introduced too late in the session and ultimately died in committee. No bill was introduced in 2017 however several members of the House and Senate have pledged their support for this measure when it is reintroduced. Blood, tissue and organ transport is currently handled in Maryland by EMS agencies and commercial ambulance services, just one organ recovery call can tie up an ambulance crew for 8-10 hours preventing them from being able to fulfill their primary mission of transporting the sick and injured. There are two major transplant centers in the State of Maryland, University of Maryland Medical Center and John’s Hopkins both of which require transport services on almost a daily basis. There is support of both hospitals transplant divisions as well as that of The Living Legacy Foundation and The Washington Regional Transplant Community which are the organ procurement organizations that services most of Maryland to begin this service as soon as possible. By allowing these vehicles to begin service within the State of Maryland not only will more ambulances be available for those who require them, it will allow both transplant teams and organ procurement organizations to fulfill their missions in a timelier fashion by giving them a dedicated means of emergency transportation. There are agencies prepared to begin service within Maryland immediately and have all the necessary logistics in place, currently they are asking for your assistance in gaining authorization to begin service in MD with vehicles from their current fleets. We are asking for assistance with legislative support to reintroduce the bill in the 2018 legislative session. Your help would be greatly appreciated and success in this endeavor will benefit everyone in the Maryland in the transplant community.

Pat Nadeau
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Petition to Dr. Karen Murphy, Ann Chronister, Kate Harper

Fine Healthcare Facilities for Noncompliance of Organ/Tissue Donation.

Stephanie Hasyn was a patient at the Albert Einstein Medical Center/Moss Rehab when she choked to death on her feeding tube fluid on the third shift of a holiday weekend, just four days prior to her scheduled discharge from the facility. Subsequently, the healthcare facility personnel failed to take responsibility and did not notify the Gift of Life until several days after Stephanie’s death.  By that time, it was too late to harvest Stephanie’s tissue/organs for donation. To prevent this from occurring again, the medical center initiated a self-imposed re-training.  However, the medical center never provided a reason to the Hasyn family as to why Stephanie’s organs/tissues were not harvested for donation. It was not until 6 months after Stephanie’s death that the Hasyn family was notified by the Gift of Life that her organs/tissues were not harvested because Albert Einstein Medical Center/ Moss Rehab had failed to notify the Gift of Life in a timely manner of Stephanie’s death.   According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “each day an average of 79 people receive organ transplants, however, an average of 21 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of a shortage of donated organs.”  With such a shortage of donated organs, errors in the notification/harvesting of available organs/tissues are unacceptable and show not only a negligence in a healthcare facility’s accountability, but also a negligence in the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s to fulfill their responsibilities of upholding Pennsylvania law in this particular instance.  Because of this error, not only were the wishes of Stephanie Hasyn not fulfilled to pay it forward, individuals in need missed the opportunity to receive her organs/tissue.    Please support the Hasyn family’s request for the Pennsylvania Department of Health to fine the Albert Einstein Medical Center/ Moss Rehab in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania for their violation of Pennsylvania law, Chapter 86: Anatomical Gifts §8617, with the failure to harvest Stephanie Hasyn’s organs/tissues for donation. Furthermore, support the fining of any healthcare facility that fails to honor the request of a patient to have their organs/tissues harvested for donation to someone in need.   Chapter 86:  

Paul Hasyn
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