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Bailey Zappe Should Remain the Starting QB for the NE Patriots

  Home to the 6 X Super Bowl Champions, the NE Patriots are used to Greatness! It was April 16, 2000, when the NE Patriots drafted an unknown QB in the sixth round. He went on to be one of the greatest QB of all time. Fast Forward. The NE Patriot fans are accustomed to Do Your Job, In Bill We Trust, and other mantras. It has been a few years since the fans were excited about the Patriot organization since the GOAT walked out. Enter Zappe Fever!  Some say Zappe Fever is just a phase. A group of Patriot Diehards that have followed the team before the Belichick era says otherwise. We know those drafted in the later rounds often impact most significantly. That is hungrier for Success. It's the Story of the Unsung Small Town Hero.  In Cleveland, Bailey Zappe turned in the best game by a New England quarterback this season, completing 24-of-34 passes for 309 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions in a 38-15 Patriots victory. Mac Jones appears to be getting closer and closer to a return from a Week 3 ankle injury. Still, one can only wonder now why Bailey isn't the starter.  According to 98.5, Felger and Mazz, Mazz states, "Both Jones and Zappe have played almost three full games this year. While Jones has thrown 97 passes to just 70 for Zappe, the latter has a higher completion percentage (72.9 to 66.0), more touchdown passes (4 to 2), fewer interceptions (1 to 5), and a far superior quarterback rating (111.4 to 76.2). Zappe has averaged 8.5 yards per attempt, Jones 8.1."  We, the Diehard Fans of the New England Patriots, see greatness when it comes to Zappe, and it would be remiss of the Patriot organization to go back to its' mediocre ways and not give this young man a chance that has started building chemistry with the team.  As Patriots Fans Say - Do Your Job, Patriots! We want Bailey Zappe as our starting Quarterback!      

Ana Tackett
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