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Petition to Department of Justice, President of the United States, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NJ Attorney General, NEW JERSEY ATTORNEY GENERAL, New Jersey Attorney Ethics Commission

Start Some Sort Of Investigating/ Removal of Carolyn Chang Esq. Burlington County NJ.

What I want solved is, stop allowing people such as her Ms. Carolyn Chang to violate people Constitutional Rights In The Family Courts Burlington County. She will distort the truth even when there is supporting documentation. She has changed court dates serveral times on people without their knowledge. I have left court personally and received a court date and time,only to arrive and find out that the court date or sometimes even both has been changed and no one even the Burlington Family Court would notify me about the change. And in several cases I have sat all day just so I wouldn't miss my hearing. She has even did this when I had an attorney. My attorney got one date and time in from court, we get there and it's changed by Ms. Chang and who ever else she got doing her dirty work, but on this particular day that my case date was changed after we have showed up, Burlington Courts and Carolyn Chang was contacted by my attorney that he would be out of town let's say on the 16th and my hearing was scheduled on the 15th, we showed up only to find out my hearing had been rescheduled but without notifying either or us. What she was trying to do was set me up for anything to happen with out the present of legal representation. When you say something that is the truth substantiated by facts and in black and white she will grand stand loud talk you in hopes that she is intimidating you, she has threatened me I reported to the judge immediately inside nothing happened, she will say anything to demean you as a person and if I say something like my kids have to be in school at 8:30am, she will grand stand loud talk and say no Judge I have kids, her kids don't have to be the school at 8:30am she can drop them off at 10am instead, this lady will do and has done anything to discredit me all in the satisfaction of winning her case. Point taken please watch the video. the lady who is talking is the same person that will talk to you like you ain't nothing while violating your Constitutional Rights @ the same time and Burlington County NJ let her get away with it. It goes further the reason behind it.. not only is she a family law attorney, but she was the Mayor of West Hampton NJ as of Dec 2016. And for the same thing Iam saying look how she openly disrespect this tax payer of the township she was to represent (loud talking) and no one says anything. So if she does that their can you imagine what she does in Family Court.

Tracey Ann
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Petition to Everyone that used social media's and dating sites and dating apps, Facebook

Facebook messenger and Facebook and other social media's and dating sites and dating apps

I am doing this petition because Facebook messenger and Facebook   And Other social media's  needs  to be fixed and updated asap before someone gets hurts and dies so badly someone needs to fixed those problems and troubles and issues and difficulties  with those social media's asap and I want the world �� To be in peace with each other and get   Along With each other and I want everyone to be a peace  activist  like john Lennon and  Bob Marley  And everyone in the world like them Hi my name is Russell sean Berkowitz nice too meet you and I have a problems and troubles and difficulties and issues with the pages features on Facebook and Facebook messenger it is saying that pages you requested was not found please take care of those issues and problems and troubles difficulties on Facebook And Facebook messenger and please take this in action and right now and asap and right away and please let me know as soon as possible and asap right away and right now and thank really very so much Russell Sean Berkowitz  and Hi my name is Russell Sean Berkowitz that my notifications are coming up when they are no notifications coming up when I click on this symbol �� On top bar line and please take this in SERIOUSLY ACTION ASAP RIGHT AWAY and please let me know ASAP RIGHT AWAY thank you very really so much Russell Sean Berkowitz and P.S. Below is a screenshots of the broken features please fixs this troubles and problems that you have with Facebook and social media and There is no sound and in the video was frozen and getting stuck on Facebook messager and Facebook and The reason why is because Facebook and Facebook messager needs to be fixes and updates and changes seriously all of it because I'm reporting problems A lot of times and you guys and girls are not doing anything so please takes this Seriously actions asap right away Hi nice to meet you my name is Russell Berkowitz and I have a suggestion for Facebook and Facebook messenger that you should have a background checks and verify the person in the picture and and verify the person before the use Facebook and Facebook messenger and backgrounds checks for people that use Facebook messenger and Facebook and that you should have a verify pictures and verify and the people that use Facebook messenger and Facebook and people that sign up Facebook messenger and Facebook and please take this in seriously action right away and please let me know as soon as possible and please let me asap right away thank you so much Russell Berkowitz Hi my name is Russell Berkowitz that the people are not online when they are online someone told me Russell Berkowtz and my brother Brian Berkowitz that the people are not really online and they are offline and eveytime that the people do not answer me Russell Berkowitz and my brother Brian Berkowitz everytime that we try to talk to people they do not answer Everytime we are on Facebook messenger and on facebook they should a busy thing when they are not busy and when they are ready to talk everybody so please this in Seriously action and please let me know asap and please let me know as soon as possible and right away please p.s because me Russell Berkowitz and my brother Brian Berkowitz are losing our friends on Facebook and Facebook messenger and blocked everytime on Facebook messenger and Facebook so you are going to lose customers because of your problems and troubles and on Facebook messenger and on Facebook thank you so much Russell Berkowitz and DO NOT ACCEPT A FRIEND REQUEST FROM A CHRISOPHER DAVIES AND JESSICA DAVIES THEY ARE HACKERS. TELL EVERY 1 ON YOUR LIST BECAUSE IF SOMEBODY ON YOUR LIST ADDS HIM, HE'LL BE ON YOUR LIST TOO. HE'LL FIGURE OUT UR COMPUTER'S ID AND ADDRESS , SO COPY & PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE EVEN IF U DON'T CARE. Please alsoTell all contacts from your list not to accept a video called the "Dance of the Pope". It is a virus that formats your mobile. Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on the radio. Fwd this msg to as many as you can! And this is no photo yet I have to think about one for this Patricia and P.s. And dating apps and dating sites 

Russell Berkowitz
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Petition to Jeff Mason, White House Correspondents Association, Julia Whiston, White House Correspondents' Association 600 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 800 Washington, DC

White House Correspondents' Assn.: NO TRUMP at Dinner! "Roast In Absentia" FIGHT BACK!

WHCA: DON'T PROVIDE A PLATFORM FOR TRUMP'S REIGN OF ERROR! Donald Trump has waged an assault on the Free Press. Engaging in disinformation, obfuscation, personal attacks on News Organizations and individual reporters, Trump has done more to undermine a free and independent press as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment Bill of Rights. A free press is essential to our Democratic form of government. NO PRESIDENT IN HISTORY has done more to discredit, malign, obfuscate and undermine the press than Donald Trump. We the undersigned petition the WHCA to NOT INVITE DONALD TRUMP TO THE WHCA DINNER! Instead a "Roast In Absentia" by 'America's Finest Political Satire Minds'; Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Wanda Sykes, Jeaneane Garofalo, Lewis Black, Steven Colbert. The WHCA can make a dramatic statement of rebuke to the man who has ejected reporters, endangered the lives and personal safety of reporters, undermined the free press, waged a relentless and brazen campaign of outright lies and disinformation. Trump's move to sidestep the press via Twitter coupled with his Press Secretary's lock-step endorsement and furtherance of blatant lies and conspiracy theories MUST BE STOPPED! Let's show the talented young Journalists that receive WHCA Scholarships that the protection of the Free Press is at the heart of the WHCA Agenda! If not US who? If not NOW, WHEN?!

Chris Fuentes
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