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Petition to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (United Nations), UNSG Antonio Guterres and Deputy Amina Mohammed (New UN team as of Jan 1, 2017)

We demand the UN restore Inner City Press' access to the UN as a Resident Correspondent

Matthew Russell Lee and the Inner City Press that he founded were accredited to cover the United Nations in 2005-6. (The NYT headline said, First Blogger.) Since then Inner City Press broken stories ranging from peacekeeper rapes in Africa, through UN cholera in Haiti, war crimes in Sri Lanka, Burundi, the Sudans, SEMG and Yemen (leaked letter here), to corruption in UN Headquarters, including for example cocaine shipments through its mail room and the current bribery scandals surrounding John Ashe, Ng Lap Seng and Frank Lorenzo. On February 19, 2016, Matthew was given only two hours notice to leave the UN, closing down his shared office space and lugging eight years of investigative files with him. He asked for time, went to cover a UN Security Council meeting on Syria - and was pushed out of the building with his UN Resident Correspondents pass torn off, without even his coat or passport, by eight UN Security guards. Audio here. On February 22 when another UN correspondent tried to sign Matthew in as a guest, to cover that day's UN Security Council meeting, UN Security announced Matthew was banned throughout all UN premises and to get out of even the UN pass office. Matthew took to covering the UN and Security Council from the Isaiah plowshares park in front of the UN on 43rd Street. The letter which demanded Matthew leave on two hours notice was signed by UN Under Secretary General Cristina Gallach, based on an incident three weeks before on January 29. In that time, Gallach not once spoke to or tried to get Matthew's side of the story. There was no due process, no credible investigation. On January 29, Matthew went to cover an event in the UN Press Briefing Room for Inner City Press. The group the UN Press Briefing Room was apparently "lent" to asked him to leave, and Matthew said he would if UN Security confirmed that it was a closed meeting. The group, left unnamed in this petition, has acknowledged funding from Ng Lap Seng's and Frank Lorenzo's South South News. UNlike UN official Gallach's February 19 letter, if only for BuzzFeed the group has spelled out its version, using "blogger" as a bad word and for example mistaking Periscope live-streaming with "video on a blog" while its members turned over their video to the UN authorities: who are they working for?   This is who today's UN of Ban Ki-moon, Herve Ladsous (who refuses Press questions about rapes, linking them to "R&R"), Cristina Gallach and others wants to work with: no more hard questions, a symbiosis of "news." So when even Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jose Ramos-Horta wrote to Gallach in Inner City Press' favor, she dodged. Now, this petition. Matthew did in fact leave when a UN Security officer told him that UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric was ordering it. (There was no "Closed Meeting" sign on the door, and no Closed Meeting listed in the UN Journal.) Three weeks later, Gallach by a letter had Matthew expelled, his Resident Correspondents pass deactivated then torn off. This petition demands in light of the above that Matthew Russell Lee and Inner City Press be restored to the shared UN office and Resident Correspondent accreditation they have had for eight years prior to this pretextual incident. It also requests, as does the Free UN Coalition for Access that Matthew co-founded, that an investigation be launched into how all of this occurred. Please sign, for aggressive investigative journalism at the UN and to tell the leaders of the UN that the UN, too, must live up to the principles of due process and freedom of the press.

UNfree Press
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Petition to ACLU Virginia, NAACP Washington DC, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe, Virginia State Senate, Virginia State House, A. Donald McEachin, Scott Taylor, Cory Booker, MSNBC, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Help Protect My Children From Bias Guardian Ad Litem That Disregarded Protective Order

Domestic Violence can happen to men too and it's often disregarded however it was not by a District Court Judge. I'm 48 years old I became disabled in June 2009 from surgery to remove a cancer tumor from my kidney. I am the father of 4 beautiful daughters. The Bias of the Guardian Ad Litem and her actions could cause me to loose my home in foreclosure and put my children with their violent mother that could hurt them or worse. Please help me protect my children from bias Guardian Ad Litem that disregarded a district court judge protective order against my violent mentally ill ex-wife. On October 14, 2016 a Spotsylvania County District Court Judge, heard evidence that included my testimony of abuse and violence, an audio recording of my wife throwing things at me, threatening to throw hot water on me, threatening to shoot me, and threatening to kill me in front of our children. The Judge also saw video of my wife physically attacking me, threatening to kill herself and me and pictures of her destroying our house. My wife was also taken to a mental hospital by the Spotsylvania Sheriff Deputy, she was found to be a threat to herself and others and admitted due to her mental illness. The Judge also terminated my wife's false claim of abuse by me for a protective order and granted me a 2 year protective order,  I was awarded full custody of our children, I was awarded sole possession of our marital home (my wife had already planned to move out but when she hired her attorney he coached her to file a false claim of abuse to put me out the house) and I was awarded reimbursement of legal fees in the amount of $1,732.00.  However, in a mandatory settlement meeting the guardian ad litem felt the protective order was no longer needed because the violence occurred over six months ago. The guardian ad litem imposed her will against me because I am a man taking care of my 4 daughters. The guardian ad litem disregarded additional evidence by the children counselor of reported abuse, as well as her clients (the children) that advised her that they were scared to live with their mother because of her abuse, violence and mental illness toward them and me.  There was also evidence of at least 7 years history of mental illness and the severity of my wife's mental condition. There was also evidence of the Sheriff being called by me of over 7 times in 2016 for assistance due to my wife's mental condition violence. However, the guardian ad litem still insisted a protective order was not needed and required a new protective order that reduced the protective order term from 2 years to 3 months supervised visitation and a review at the end, my protection order was reduced from 2 years to the end of December 2017 as peaceful contact. I was not allowed reimbursement of my legal fees awarded, my wife was not required to sign the mortgage documents that would prevent our mortgage from going into foreclosure due to the lender offering a mortgage assistance program because of the financial hardship caused by the divorce. The guardian ad litem made sure there was no benefits to me within the new protective order. Also in the settlement meeting I was led to believe that the Circuit Court Judge did not take domestic violence as serious as the District Court Judge and if I went forward with the appeal it was guaranteed my children and I would lose complete protection from my mentally ill wife. To see the summary of my documentary go to I have filed State and Federal complaints against the guardian ad litem because I strongly believe if things were reverse I would have been in jail, and If I had threaten to throw hot water on my wife, threaten to shoot her, threaten to kill her, and physically attacked my wife that she would not be advocating for the protective order to be removed against me as a man. I also believe the guardian ad litem would not advocate for me to have 3 months supervised visitation and grant me full access to my children. I need your help to protect mychildren and request a full investigation by State and Federal officials. I believe this is being done because my life and my children lives does not matter as African Americans by the guardian ad litem. My case so far is about having good Judges that are making the correct decision but the children's attorney that is suppose to look out for my children best interest is not representing their best interest.  

Delon Turner
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