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Petition to Capitol Christian Music Group

Release a DeGarmo & Key discography box set

I am the creator of the "Official DeGarmo and Key Homepage" ( as well as the "Official DeGarmo and Key YouTube Channel" ( I am also a member and regular contributor to the "Official DeGarmo and Key Fan Page" on Facebook alongside fellow fans. I am writing to you on behalf of DeGarmo and Key fans worldwide to express interest in getting a box set of DeGarmo and Key's entire discography released. Please allow me to explain. As you may be aware, many of DeGarmo and Key's albums are available for digital streaming and download, but there are 4 albums still unavailable: Go to the Top, Heat It Up, To Extremes, and Part of the Mystery. The prices of many early DeGarmo and Key albums on a tangible format have commanded/demanded a high price. The asking prices for early DeGarmo and Key albums on CD are as high as $100 on marketplaces such as EBay and Amazon. The going price for these albums typically peak at around $35-40. In addition, as you may or may not be aware, many DeGarmo and Key CD's suffer from what's known as "disc rot." If you don't know, disc rot is the literal breakdown of the reflective layer due to oxygen infiltration as a result of poor manufacturing. Often times the high price albums are the ones that suffer the most from disc rot. Once a CD has disc rot it renders the disc unusable. It should also be pointed out that many people, especially of older generations, still prefer to have a hard copy of their music. Many folks still use CD’s in their car, at home, and at work. Some folks just appreciate and enjoy having artwork, inserts, lyrics, and liner notes. Beside all of this digital file formats such as MP3 are lossy and lose some of the original quality that comes from a factory made CD. Many folks including myself would rather own an authentic CD and rip our own digital files as necessary in the format of our choice. Most people can better justify spending the equivalent money on a tangible copy rather than files. I believe it’s safe to say that the fact of the matter is there are more people who transfer their records and tapes to CD than those who buy digital files. It’s understood that re-releasing each album individually would only have a niche market and would likely not generate the revenue needed to justify Capitol investing in such a task, however, the DeGarmo and Key community is in agreement that a box set would be both logical and a big hit. It’s nearing 40yrs since the release of DeGarmo and Key’s first album and a box set would be just the thing to commemorate their lasting legacy and ministry. It’s my understanding that Mr. Eddie DeGarmo is working on a book likely about himself and the band. A box set of the entire DeGarmo and Key discography would be well received along with the release of his book and would mutually help each other to sell more. I’ve personally not spoken to any fan of the band who has said they would not purchase a box set. With the rising prices of their CD’s and the risk of disc rot a box set would be well received. At the least what fans would like to see in a box set is simply books or a booklet containing each album cover, lyrics, and liner notes. What would make it even more special would be to have each remaining member of the band as well as past members to write a note or perhaps even commentaries on albums and songs they were a part of. A tribute to Dana Key surely should be included as well. Even better would be to see each DeGarmo and Key home video professionally transferred to DVD and included in the box set. As you can see the hits from my YouTube channel as well as other videos of DeGarmo and Key on YouTube, not to mention the buzz on Facebook, the market and interest is there. We would love to see something like this happen even if it was a limited quantity production. We have personally asked Mr. Eddie DeGarmo if he thinks something like this could ever happen and he told us he doubts it ever will. With all due respect I would love to prove him wrong! His music and message has touched the hearts, lives, and souls of countless people worldwide, reaching them for Christ, and it would be great to see his ministry efforts commemorated with another release such as this.If you would pledge to buy this box set if were ever released, please sign this petition!

Elisha Belcher
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Petition to Peter Seibert, Dr. Mitchell Reiss, Ted Maris-Wolf

Save The Balladeers: Keep the Professional Musicians at Colonial Williamsburg's Taverns

Colonial Williamsburg has decided to end their popular balladeer program, which has for nearly half a century provided much-loved musical entertainment at the taverns, using 18th century instruments and song. These 21 professionals will be replaced by 6 actors, who may or may not be able to play an instrument, because CW has hired consultants to “re-imagine” the tavern experience.  But these consultants do not understand that the Colonial Williamsburg taverns are not just about food, but more importantly, the magical experience of stepping back in time to the days of our country's birth, which they are seriously diminishing even as they continue to raise prices. Guest comments on sites such as Trip Advisor and Open Table state that the balladeers are what make the high prices at the taverns worth paying. The current balladeers aren't the average musicians you hear playing at bars and weddings. They are respected figures in early and traditional music and are highly educated, knowledgeable and talented people, with an amazing variety of accomplishments. There are many advanced degrees and honors held by them, including 5 doctorates, an Emmy award, a National Endowment Fellow, two national Scottish Fiddling Champions, a Fulbright Scholar, and a Metropolitan Opera Competition winner.   (And a Tony award by an earlier balladeer). They have given concerts to such places as the Kennedy Center, The White House, The National Press Club, Wolf Trap, The National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian, Grand Ol’ Opry, Plymouth Plantation,The Bethlehem Music Festival, The Chautauqua Institute, Vienna Staatsoper, the Teatro Gran Liceo in Barcelona, and festivals too numerous to mention. They have performed for kings and queens, presidents, and other dignitaries, as well as for ABC, NBC, CBS, SPAN, and PBS.  And they don't play ordinary instruments.  They have purchased their own authentic instruments (some 18th century originals), often for thousands of dollars out of their own pockets, and mastered them, including the fiddle, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, pochette, recorder, flute, 18th century guitar, lute, serpent, harpsichord, whistle, English Guitar, various bagpipes, glass harmonica, bones, Irish harp, pardessus, viola da gamba, and bodhran.  They maintain these expensive instruments at their own cost. The balladeers’ performances are historically correct for a tavern setting – they are not scripted, theme park skits. The musicians are highly educational, able to answer questions off the cuff and explain the events that led to a particular song being written.  They make us understand and FEEL how the folks of the colonial era were just like we are today.  But besides being educational, they are also very entertaining to all ages – their music is exceptional and their energy and friendliness are contagious.   While they have the ability to be the center of attention and draw a crowd, they can also fade into the background and provide pleasant background music for any function.  They can alter their performance to fit the audience, whether it be religious groups, children, historians, teachers, musicians, etc.  They can do this because they are very educated and experienced and have memorized a plethora of musical pieces and songs. They are also familiar with each other’s repertoires and can perform interchangeable ensembles to meet the needs of an occasion or the request of a client. If you enjoy the music, education, and fun that these professionals bring to Colonial Williamsburg, please join this petition.  Please also write to Dr. Mitchell Reiss, President and CEO of Colonial Williamsburg (, Ted Maris-Wolf, Vice President of Education, Research, and Historical Interpretation, (, and Peter Seibert, Executive Director Historic Area (  Letters can be mailed  to: PO Box 1776, Williamsburg, VA 23187.  If you are a donor, be sure to note that, especially if your donations will stop once the balladeers are disbanded.  Call the donor societies directly at (757) 565-8610 or email . A short URL to this petition is: (case sensitive) "Like" the Facebook page for updates and video clips of the balladeers doing their magic. #SaveTheBalladeers  

brenda delaney
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Petition to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Stevie Nicks for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Stevie Nicks is an incredible artist. She has been inducted as a part of Fleetwood Mac, but not as a solo artist. I believe she deserves this, not only because of her incredible musical talent and numerous solo albums, but because of who she is in the music world. She isn't just a singer. She is a mentor, as well as an inspiration, to many modern day artists.  She's also very much a philanthropist, having started the organization The Soldiers' Angel Foundation. This wonderful organization gives iPods to wounded soldiers, loaded with music that Stevie has picked out herself. She sits for hours in hospitals like Walter Reed and Bethesda, visiting with injured soldiers and their families. She was fairly recently honored by the USO for this work. She is also an incredible songwriter. She was nominated for Songwriter's Hall of Fame (along with Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie), and she was named one of Paste's 100 Best Living Songwriters. Before the Lindsey/Stevie lineup of Fleetwood Mac even existed, she was opening for big names like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, when she was just out of high school. She is still going strong. She released an album, titled In Your Dreams, in 2011, and another one, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault, in 2014, which consisted of some amazing songs that sat neglected for years, among hundreds, until she finally pulled them out and recorded them. Bottom line is this:  While Stevie is probably best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac, there is a whole arsenal of things she has done on her own that are just as impressive and worth recognizing as her work with Fleetwood Mac.  We, her sisters of the moon, chiffonheads, ladies from the mountain......implore you to consider inducting Stevie as a solo artist. It is past overdue.

Amanda Parks
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