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Petition to Songwriters Hall of Fame, Linda Moran

Induct ex-Byrds member Gene Clark into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Gene Clark (born Harold Eugene Clark, Tipton, MO, November 17, 1944) first attained stardom as a founding member of Los Angeles folk-rock/country-rock/psychedelic pioneers, the Byrds.  During his tenure as the band’s principal songwriter, Clark appeared on their biggest hits (“Mr. Tambourine Man,” “Turn! Turn! Turn!”), penned many of their most beloved, influential works (including “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better,” “Set You Free This Time,” “Here Without You,” “She Don’t Care About Time”) and was the main composer of “Eight Miles High,” considered by many to be among the greatest singles of the 1960s. After leaving the Byrds at the height of their fame in early 1966, Clark embarked upon a fearless solo career that embraced everything from chamber pop (Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers, 1967) and progressive bluegrass (The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark, 1968) to acoustic ballads (White Light, 1971) and sweeping cosmic prog (No Other, 1974). His final album, 1987’s So Rebellious a Lover, recorded with ex-Textones leader Carla Olson, has been hailed as an influential progenitor of the Alt-country movement. What set Clark apart from most pop/rock writers of his generation was a truly exceptional ability to infuse notoriously puerile subject matter (like romantic loss) with a disarming combination of narrative vulnerability and keening existential angst.  Unusual chord changes typically accompanied Clark’s stirring, vibrato-laden tenor, while richly worded, uncommonly poetic lyrics earned him the moniker “Hillbilly Shakespeare.” With a back catalogue as rich and eclectic as Clark’s, it is not surprising that his works have been interpreted by a vast array of artists – from virtually every genre of music. Clark’s work has been covered by, among others, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, Tom Petty, Linda Ronstadt, Richard Thompson, Death in Vegas (with Paul Weller), Hüsker Dü, Iain Matthews, Yo La Tengo, This Mortal Coil, and Soulsavers (with Mark Lanegan).  Additionally, two separate tribute albums have been released, The World Turns All Around Him and Full Circle; and Scottish rock band Teenage Fanclub penned a moving elegy to Clark on their 1993 album, Thirteen. Gene Clark passed away on May 24, 1991, at his home in Sherman Oaks, California at the age of 46. While he was never to regain the same level of superstardom he saw as a member of the Byrds, his work continues to inspire and excite new generations of fans. In 2014, a veritable who’s-who of indie musicians (including members of Beach House, the Walkmen, Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear) banded together for the unprecedented purpose of touring Clark’s 1974 magnum opus, No Other (regularly featured in top-album lists).  It was an extraordinarily selfless gesture that conferred upon Clark the widespread, well-deserved acclaim and respect that eluded him in life. – Tom Sandford is a Toronto-based writer/editor. Since 2008 he has maintained a blog called The Clarkophile, an appreciation of Gene Clark's songwriting.

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Petition to Mark Manning

Keep Mr. Rutan at Morristown High School

An update from Mr. Manning and Mr. Rutan themselves. - The district is abolishing a music teaching position at the high school.- This is because the number of students requesting music electives outside of band, choir and orchestra has dropped off dramatically.- Due to this drop off in requests 4 music teachers at the high school can no longer be justified as three teachers will be able to handle the course load.- The high school needs a band director, an orchestra director and a choir director. As there are two band directors and only one of the others it was obvious that a band director position would be abolished .- As I have had 18 years of Middle School experience I was the natural choice. And will be transferred to Frelinghuysen.- The only area that can not be handled will be the lunch time lessons.- Mr. Manning and the school district anticipated this problem and will hire an adjunct teacher who will come in and teach Symphonic Band lessons during lunch woodwinds vs brass whichever way Mr. Russo and that teacher decide will work best. // As some of you may know, it was made public information on Monday night at the Board of Education meeting that Mr. Rutan will be transferred to Frelinghuysen Middle School next year. He has been teaching in this district for about 35 years and spent the past 16 years at Morristown High School. Although he originally started working in this district at Frelinghuysen, since the time that he has been at MHS, he has been an integral part of our music department. He has made huge contributions to our whole music department in many different ways, some being marching band director, pit orchestra director, and of course, symphonic band director. With this change, the high school music department will only have three teachers (one vocal, one band, one orchestra). This will stretch the teachers way too thinly, as they will have to cover more classes than they have time for. Also, there will be nobody here to teach lunchtime lessons to Symphonic Band students, as Mr. Russo already has his hands full with teaching lunchtime lessons to Wind Ensemble students. Symphonic Band students will no longer have the same learning opportunities as Wind Ensemble students. Even if someone is hired to teach lessons, they will not have the same vested interest in the music department. There are more negative results that will come from transferring Mr. Rutan to FMS, especially that there will not be any teacher left at the high school to deal with marching band affairs during the daytime. With Mr. Gallagher teaching band at the middle school, Mr. Rutan has acted as the liaison to the members of the marching band The goal of this petition is to keep Mr. Rutan at Morristown High School, and it will be sent to Mr. Manning, Mr. Pendergrast, and the Board of Education.

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