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Petition to Peter Seibert, Dr. Mitchell Reiss, Ted Maris-Wolf

Save The Balladeers: Keep the Professional Musicians at Colonial Williamsburg's Taverns

Colonial Williamsburg has decided to end their popular balladeer program, which has for nearly half a century provided much-loved musical entertainment at the taverns, using 18th century instruments and song. These 21 professionals will be replaced by 6 actors, who may or may not be able to play an instrument, because CW has hired consultants to “re-imagine” the tavern experience.  But these consultants do not understand that the Colonial Williamsburg taverns are not just about food, but more importantly, the magical experience of stepping back in time to the days of our country's birth, which they are seriously diminishing even as they continue to raise prices. Guest comments on sites such as Trip Advisor and Open Table state that the balladeers are what make the high prices at the taverns worth paying. The current balladeers aren't the average musicians you hear playing at bars and weddings. They are respected figures in early and traditional music and are highly educated, knowledgeable and talented people, with an amazing variety of accomplishments. There are many advanced degrees and honors held by them, including 5 doctorates, an Emmy award, a National Endowment Fellow, two national Scottish Fiddling Champions, a Fulbright Scholar, and a Metropolitan Opera Competition winner.   (And a Tony award by an earlier balladeer). They have given concerts to such places as the Kennedy Center, The White House, The National Press Club, Wolf Trap, The National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian, Grand Ol’ Opry, Plymouth Plantation,The Bethlehem Music Festival, The Chautauqua Institute, Vienna Staatsoper, the Teatro Gran Liceo in Barcelona, and festivals too numerous to mention. They have performed for kings and queens, presidents, and other dignitaries, as well as for ABC, NBC, CBS, SPAN, and PBS.  And they don't play ordinary instruments.  They have purchased their own authentic instruments (some 18th century originals), often for thousands of dollars out of their own pockets, and mastered them, including the fiddle, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, pochette, recorder, flute, 18th century guitar, lute, serpent, harpsichord, whistle, English Guitar, various bagpipes, glass harmonica, bones, Irish harp, pardessus, viola da gamba, and bodhran.  They maintain these expensive instruments at their own cost. The balladeers’ performances are historically correct for a tavern setting – they are not scripted, theme park skits. The musicians are highly educational, able to answer questions off the cuff and explain the events that led to a particular song being written.  They make us understand and FEEL how the folks of the colonial era were just like we are today.  But besides being educational, they are also very entertaining to all ages – their music is exceptional and their energy and friendliness are contagious.   While they have the ability to be the center of attention and draw a crowd, they can also fade into the background and provide pleasant background music for any function.  They can alter their performance to fit the audience, whether it be religious groups, children, historians, teachers, musicians, etc.  They can do this because they are very educated and experienced and have memorized a plethora of musical pieces and songs. They are also familiar with each other’s repertoires and can perform interchangeable ensembles to meet the needs of an occasion or the request of a client. If you enjoy the music, education, and fun that these professionals bring to Colonial Williamsburg, please join this petition.  Please also write to Dr. Mitchell Reiss, President and CEO of Colonial Williamsburg (, Ted Maris-Wolf, Vice President of Education, Research, and Historical Interpretation, (, and Peter Seibert, Executive Director Historic Area (  Letters can be mailed  to: PO Box 1776, Williamsburg, VA 23187.  If you are a donor, be sure to note that, especially if your donations will stop once the balladeers are disbanded.  Call the donor societies directly at (757) 565-8610 or email . A short URL to this petition is: (case sensitive) "Like" the Facebook page for updates and video clips of the balladeers doing their magic. #SaveTheBalladeers  

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Petition to Tunespeak, Sony Music Spain

It says "Win for being a fan", it doesn't say "Win for being a U.S. fan"!

International artists from all over the world are holding concerts in the U.S.A. Tunespeak is an American "musician-to-fan loyalty platform" which lets fans being rewarded with prizes from their favorites artists.  I'm a huge fan of Enrique Iglesias, and I want so much to see him during one of his shows from Enrique&Pitbull tour, which is taking place this year in some cities in the U.S. and Canada. I'm not a U.S. citizen, I live in Europe. Enrique launched a contest campaign for his fans to win 2 VIP packages for each of his shows in September-October, via Tunespeak. I was really happy when I found out about these contests. They are the only way I could obtain some good seats at any of his shows, since I can't access American sites such as Ticketmaster or StubHub to directly buy the tickets.  However, I was shocked to find out that all contests are only for U.S. rezidents (Tunespeak asks for social number and ID card copy, so they can check if you truly are a U.S. resident, or not).  I think this is really unfair, especially when their motto seems to be "Win for being a fan", and not "Win for being an American fan". Enrique is an international artist and he has fans all over the world who would die to see him during one of his performances. Each artists has a fandom that should never be divided because of certain aspects, like their nationalities. Everyone should have a chance to win those tickets, not only the U.S. fans!  Moreover, Tunespeak rule doesn't make any sense. As long as I can provide them with a valid passport number, and eventually with my U.S. visa details (so they can be sure that I can make it to the concert on a U.S. territory), I don't see why they should be worried.  Not least, I think European ticketing sites, such as Eventim or Viagogo are always open to the U.S. fans. From what I know, European contests are allowing everyone to join. Since U.S. residents can simply use any of European sites for enrolling in a contest, purchasing tickets etc., but European citizens can't even open some U.S. ticketing sites, the reciprocity principle is obviously not respected. I'm sure that my case is not the only one. This is really unfair, and I know that things like these can make you feel really bad: when someone stops you from trying to see someone you appreciate really much, someone you actually love. But we can change this! Sign this petition to stop things like this to happen. It doesn't matter who is your favorite artist, it doesn't matter where you're from, it doesn't matter where you live, because  all of us have their idols, and no one would like to go through a situation like this one, no one would like to have minus one chance to have their dreams transformed into reality. As Enrique says: "Music is just something everyone can relate to. No matter what culture they live in, or what language you speak, music is something that brings us all together." The world of music is a world without barriers! No one should be allowed to destroy this!  #oneloveonelove

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Petition to Songwriters Hall of Fame, Linda Moran

Induct ex-Byrds member Gene Clark into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Gene Clark (born Harold Eugene Clark, Tipton, MO, November 17, 1944) first attained stardom as a founding member of Los Angeles folk-rock/country-rock/psychedelic pioneers, the Byrds.  During his tenure as the band’s principal songwriter, Clark appeared on their biggest hits (“Mr. Tambourine Man,” “Turn! Turn! Turn!”), penned many of their most beloved, influential works (including “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better,” “Set You Free This Time,” “Here Without You,” “She Don’t Care About Time”) and was the main composer of “Eight Miles High,” considered by many to be among the greatest singles of the 1960s. After leaving the Byrds at the height of their fame in early 1966, Clark embarked upon a fearless solo career that embraced everything from chamber pop (Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers, 1967) and progressive bluegrass (The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark, 1968) to acoustic ballads (White Light, 1971) and sweeping cosmic prog (No Other, 1974). His final album, 1987’s So Rebellious a Lover, recorded with ex-Textones leader Carla Olson, has been hailed as an influential progenitor of the Alt-country movement. What set Clark apart from most pop/rock writers of his generation was a truly exceptional ability to infuse notoriously puerile subject matter (like romantic loss) with a disarming combination of narrative vulnerability and keening existential angst.  Unusual chord changes typically accompanied Clark’s stirring, vibrato-laden tenor, while richly worded, uncommonly poetic lyrics earned him the moniker “Hillbilly Shakespeare.” With a back catalogue as rich and eclectic as Clark’s, it is not surprising that his works have been interpreted by a vast array of artists – from virtually every genre of music. Clark’s work has been covered by, among others, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, Tom Petty, Linda Ronstadt, Richard Thompson, Death in Vegas (with Paul Weller), Hüsker Dü, Iain Matthews, Yo La Tengo, This Mortal Coil, and Soulsavers (with Mark Lanegan).  Additionally, two separate tribute albums have been released, The World Turns All Around Him and Full Circle; and Scottish rock band Teenage Fanclub penned a moving elegy to Clark on their 1993 album, Thirteen. Gene Clark passed away on May 24, 1991, at his home in Sherman Oaks, California at the age of 46. While he was never to regain the same level of superstardom he saw as a member of the Byrds, his work continues to inspire and excite new generations of fans. In 2014, a veritable who’s-who of indie musicians (including members of Beach House, the Walkmen, Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear) banded together for the unprecedented purpose of touring Clark’s 1974 magnum opus, No Other (regularly featured in top-album lists).  It was an extraordinarily selfless gesture that conferred upon Clark the widespread, well-deserved acclaim and respect that eluded him in life. – Tom Sandford is a Toronto-based writer/editor. Since 2008 he has maintained a blog called The Clarkophile, an appreciation of Gene Clark's songwriting.

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Petition to Nickelodeon

Big Time Rush: I want you back Big Time.

I am having an existential crisis where I relived my moments of a 10 year old girl who loved a group of four boys. One Direction was not enough for me. There was no show, no plot line, no hockey players that became singers. Not enough. And there were too many people.  My goal in life is to one day see Big Time Rush again, just once, for a reunion song. Big Time Dreams did not end right. The dance party will never fully close my heart for Big Time Rush. I know they all are doing bigger and, in some people's minds, better things; however, I feel like we deserve this as fans. I want one final episode that shows where they are now, finally coming back to follow-up their top song "Halfway There". This song title should be "Finally There" and the episode special should be called "Big Time Comeback" (looking for better titles). I would love to see them in their original form as the young boy band they once were who have stayed stronger than ever as a team. I'm not sure if they're still in contact but a final song is all I could ever want. I do not know if anyone would direct it and write a script, but I would. If no one will, I will rise to this challenge. Anything to see Big Time Rush in their original state. This is the Big Time Rush I will always know, love, and want back. Let's make this happen. "So we take what comes, And we keep on goingLeaning on each other's shouldersThen we turn aroundAnd see we've come so far somehow."

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