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Petition to Kutztown Zoning Hearing Board

Keep Young Ones at 26 South Whiteoak St.

Young Ones, a fantastic record store in Kutztown, PA, is in danger of being bought out by a pizza shop. If a new zoning variance is approved, this move may exacerbate an already congested parking situation behind the Kutztown Tavern, in the municipal lot, and along the street itself. This in turn may prove repellant to patrons unable to walk to the area, eliminating potential business. In short, the variance is simply too risky for the community at large. For nearly 30 years, Young Ones has been a cherished part of the Kutztown community, bringing the gift of music to university students and community members alike while supporting local artists spanning countless genres and experience levels. The shop regularly draws patrons from all across the state and beyond. I personally bought some of my favorite CDs and vinyls from this store during college, and I make a point to visit every time I return to town; in fact, it is a major drawing point for my friends and I to come back and support Kutztown's small business community. If bought out, the shop will likely be forced out of town in pursuit of a new location.  The Kutztown Zoning Hearing Board will hear the matter on Wednesday, October 17th at 7 P.M. This petition will be sent directly to the borough prior to the meeting, so let's get as many signatures as possible to show them how much Young Ones is valued! Make your voice heard!

Jake Austin
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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, SONY, The Michael Jackson Estate, Walt Disney, PepsiCo, Motown , Sony/ATV , Gary Marsh

Disney Channel Michael Jackson Tribute

In June 25, 2009, the world lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Michael Joseph Jackson. Years later, there had been tributes to him in concerts, charities and everywhere. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a tribute album made for us to listen. So, I've figured that the best way to honor a legend is to highlight and recreate their work; The music of the King of Pop should definitely be performed by the most talented young stars of today and the powerful and positive messages in his music should exist forever! Today, the brightest young entertainers are on current Disney Channel shows and movies (Andi Mack, Descendants, Raven's Home, Stuck in the Middle, etc.). The talent and popularity of these young stars will enhance Michael's legacy and reinforce his positive messages for the youth of today. Performances by these young stars would be Bad and live Off the Wall! The youth today would feel even more Invincible when hearing this recreated work because they're Dangerous showing their extraordinary musical talents. It would be a Thriller just hearing them sing in honor of Michael and dedicate this album to his fans and his children [Paris, Prince, & Blanket] making HIStory throughout the world. I already know who Michael Jackson was since then and he did inspire everyone to make the world a better place and do the right thing in life for both kids & adults on this Earth. Every time I think about him listening to his music, I start wondering what he'd do if all of these events (police brutality, wars, terrorism, cancer, etc.) keep happening in the world. I intend to help stop this and we all must come together. This is a vision any moonwalker would like to see in future outcomes, and I'm gonna help make it come true. Michael is gone, but his spirit lives and so does his music to be listened and recreated again by the stars of Disney Channel shows. It will be an unstoppable one to listen for fans like me and yourselves.Your signatures on this petition will ensure that the great music of the King of Pop will last forever. Please join me in support and sign this petition to convince Disney & The MJ Estate to help pay tribute to our musical hero with its stars singing his hits one by one in an album. Let's start making a change together and moonwalk our way to #DisneyStarsSingsMJ

Alex Dillard
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Petition to European Broadcasting Union, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation

Palestine to join the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel - Peace Through Music!

The main goal of this petition is to make a step forward towards peace, through music, art and culture, between the nations of Israel and Palestine, as the politicians from both sides constantly fail to reach any solution. Right after Israel have won Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song "Toy" by Netta, hence, won the right to host Eurovision in 2019, Israeli officials has declared Jerusalem as the host city for Eurovision 2019, ruling out any other city in the country. As it is known that Jerusalem has high importance for both sides, then why not making Jerusalem a city of peace instead of making the event more and more political? It is logical to believe that Palestine should not be offended if their send their representative to appear on a stage in Jerusalem, just as it is logical to believe that Israel should not be offended if they host a delegation from Palestine, just like all the other delegations. What Eurovision is all about, is to unite between all the participating nations, especially through the music, so, there is definitely no place for any kind of hatred or boycotts to be connected with it. Furthermore, Israeli website Mynet Jerusalem (in Hebrew) have claimed that as Jerusalem has only 9,000 hotel rooms, it was purposed that the nearby Palestinian city of Bethlehem will host the Eurovision tourists as well, a purpose which was welcomed by some sources in Bethlehem, according to the website. Therefore, if Palestine can host the Eurovision tourists, then why not participate in Eurovision? Although the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation is not a member of the EBU, nor an associate member, Palestine lies within the borders of the European Broadcasting Area. So, for the sake of peaceful meaning and as mentioned before, through music, art and culture, an agreement can be reached, in order to invite Palestine as a special guest for Eurovision 2019. Based on the precedent of  Australia's first participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, Palestine will get a free ticket to the Eurovision final (just like Australia in 2015), alongside Eurovision 2018 winners, Israel. Let The Music Win!

Dan Or
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