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Petition to Pope Francis

Justice for Catholic high school teacher fired because he supported same-sex marriages

The Case of Mike Moroski    Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati dismissed Mike Moroski, the assistant principal of Purcell Marian High School (Dayton, OH) after he refused to remove a private blog expressing support for same-sex marriages.  Here are the words of Mike Moroski describing the situation that was imposed upon him: On Monday, February 4th [2014] I was given an ultimatum by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Namely, to take down my post on this site entitled, “Choose Your Battles,” sign a number of documents assuring my silence and keep my job – or, resign. After much deliberation with my wife, family, trusted clergy, professionals from all walks of life and my own meditative silence, I decided not to take the post down, nor to recant my position that “I unabashedly believe gay people SHOULD be allowed to marry. . . .” If I take that post down I would not be able to look at the thousands of former students and families with whom I have worked for twelve years in the eye. . . .   What would I say to all of them if I were to go against my OWN conscience so that I could keep my job . . . ? If any of you Cavaliers [students at Purcell-Marian High School] are reading this, please know that I love you and I am in your corner.  I hope that someday you may come to understand why I am not in my office to share a laugh, a cry or a story. . . .   As I always tried to teach you – NEVER compromise who you are for someone else – and NEVER let anyone make you someone THEY want you to be.  Be strong and take care of one another [. . .] Archbishop Schnurr delivered his ultimatum because he saw himself as responsible for insuring the parents who sent their sons and daughters to Purcell Marian High School that they would encounter teachers entirely supportive of the official Vatican norms that oppose granting civil "marriages" to same-sex couples. Mike Moroski refused to capitulate because, according to his informed conscience, civil same-sex marriages would provide gays and lesbians with a measure of dignity and the protection of their civil rights as “married partners.” According to Archbishop Schnurr, it would appear that free and open discussion of the merits and liabilities of granting civil marriages cannot take place within Catholic schools.  The case here does not imply that Mike Moroski ever promoted any such discussions of this issue among his students. Rather the issue turns entirely on the unwillingness of Mike Moroski to accept the "gag order" mandated by the Archbishop.     The “gag order” of Archbishop Schnurr denies the free speech rights of Mike Moroski both as a citizen and as a Catholic.  More importantly, the Archbishop leaves the impression that Catholic schools do not build character based on informed consent.  Rather, the Archbishop implies that thought-control and conformity to pre-existing decisions substitutes for the free and open exploration of contemporary issues.  As such, Catholic education falls victim to becoming a coercive indoctrination in the service of a false piety. By signing this petition, you are calling upon Pope Francis to intervene in this case (a) by exonerating Mike Moroski of all charges against him, (b) by praising him for his exemplary fortitude in resisting unjust oppression, and (c) by reinstating him with a ten-year teaching contract [should he be willing to accept this]. Furthermore, at a time when free and open discussion is the necessary landscape whereby Catholics everywhere might hope to arrive at an informed understanding of the issues surrounding same-sex marriages, signing this petition urges Pope Francis to challenge Archbishop Schnurr to mend his ways and to reverse the damage he has done by publicly acknowledging to Mike Moroski and the students of Purcell Marian High School that he failed as a Christian and as an Archbishop when he imposed a "gag order" on Mike Moroski.  As a long-time teacher in Catholic schools, I have felt the silent terror of working in an authoritarian environment.  Not a week passes when I don’t hear of another dismissal of the kind reported above.  A single intervention on the part of Pope Francis would give hope to tens of thousands of teachers who face dismissal should they support same-sex marriages.  Pope Francis' intervention would send a clear signal: “Indoctrination is not the heart and soul of Catholic education.”  This intervention would alert administrators everywhere that “mindless conformity” is the toxic authoritarian substitute for the hard work of developing skills for sensitive listening and compassionate acceptance that is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Need further details and analysis, click here.

Dr. Aaron Milavec
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Petition to Supreme Court of the Philippines

Support Marriage Equality in the Philippines

The family is the basic unit of society. To deny one to be part of it, is to deny them their place in society. We stand firm in our belief that a family, in a modern democratic society, is rooted on love, equality, and respect for all. No group should be deprived of the ability to found and be part of a family. In our quest to be part of the Filipino culture of family, one battle is being fought to pursue our right to belong as equal members of society. On June 19, the Supreme Court will hold its first oral arguments on Marriage Equality, three years after the Petition for Certiorari was filed to challenge the discrimination under the law. This historic moment will be the catalyst for change of the lives of thousands of Filipino couples with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE) and will allow them to be able to marry and found a family of their own. Marriage is a partnership of equals. It is the union of two people who love each other and wish to commit to each other, for better or for worse. Once allowed, marriage equality will in no way prevent traditional families from continuing to exist, but rather legally recognize the other non-traditional but legitimate kinds of families that already exist. Hate and prejudice has prevented us from recognizing that LGBTQ+ people deserve the same rights and respect every human being deserves. It’s time to change that. It’s time for love and equality to trump hate and prejudice, in order for every individual and every family to be truly accepted, not merely tolerated, in society. We, straight allies and members of the LGBTQ+ Community, all over the country, are taking our stand in fighting for a future where no one is excluded from founding a family, the basic unit of society. We urge the Supreme Court to decide in favor of family, equality, and human dignity. We’ll make our voices heard. Support MARRIAGE EQUALITY on June 19!

Marriage Equality PH
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Petition to Netflix

Make Kissing Olivia Winchester a movie!!!

There has been an uprise in the acceptance of LGBTQ+ community. However an uprise in appectance and celebratation does not equate to an uprise in representation. There are more LGBTQ+ in the media today but there is a lack of true characters that encapsulate what real LGBTQ+ people are about. A film about these type of characters don't need to be full of drama or secret relationships because we need to hide. What we need it is a true Rom Com to show that we have normal relationships too. Representation of female/female relationships (as well as many others) is so vital for our society to see. This story doesn't just show the normality of female/female relationships but also friendship, overcoming the fear of just being yourself, and a sisterly bond. This story makes people feel happy and it's something people love reading. Imagine being able to see it as a full length movie? A dream come true. As the author of Kissing Olivia Winchester, a Wattpad story that has changed my life and so many others. I am not just speaking for myself but also the people who have loved my story over the years and to this day. I have received countless messages from people all over the world telling me that my story has helped them be who they are, whoever that may be. The people who have support me so much throughout my journey have ask me to make this petition. This is a petition to make Kissing Olivia Winchester, by myself Athena Simone, into a movie (Netflix or otherwise). We deserve light fluffy movies too. If Fifty Shades of Grey and the new Kissing Booth film, can be accepted and made into a movie then so can this. 

Athena Simone
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