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Petition to Comcast, NBC, JJ Abrahams, Robert Zemeckis, Dove Cameron, Alan Silvestri, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Steven Spielberg, GoFundMe, UNICEF, Kickstarter, Support Admin, MTV, HBO, Twitter, Inc, Greg Abbott, Dove Cameron (actress), Dove Cameron Agency NY, Facebook, AMC Entertainment, Human Rights Campaign, Eric Garcetti, Sky Team, BBC, CBS,, JPMorgan Chase, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Bring back "BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE RIDE" in UniversalParks & BTTF 4 film w/ Dove Cameron

The Story about Back to the Future part 4 is last saga to complete is between sequel 4th with prequel story before Back To the Future the ride 1991 short film begins as story while in 1905 Doc Emmett Brown is working on building his own Future Technology Institute and looking for to hiring his a lot of his workers and securities and every employee and helping to create his new invention of 8 Passengers of Delearan Time vehicle before it happens 1955 Biff Tannen trespasses the time in 1991, so where the final chapter where Marlene McFly (Dove Cameron) become a new lead hero to finish for her father’s journey and save Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from evil Buford Mad Dog Tannen who escaped from prison in order to stop him one more time and rescue each other together Marlene and Doc Brown to save the day and take her home back in 2015.   Back to the Future 4 Cast:   also return the soundtrack with 2 songs Back in Time and The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson for BTTF 4 and new song and music video for BTTF 4 songs credit and music videos and soundtrack include: Dynamite by BTS and  “Back to the Future” by new recording performer lyrics should be sing by: LOGIC (ft. Dove Cameron) BACK TO THE FUTURE IV cast:____________ 1. DOVE CAMERON as Marlene McFly _________ 2. CHRISTOPHER LLOYD as Doc Emmett Brown ____________ 3. THOMAS F. WILSON as Biff Tannen/Buford Mad Dog Tannen ____________ 4. LEA THOMPSON as Lorraine McFly/Maggie McFly _________ 5. TOM HOLLAND as Marty McFly Jr. __________ 6. MICHAEL J. FOX as Marty McFly/Seamus McFly _________ 7. ELISABETH SHUE as Jennifer McFly https//   _________ 8. VICTORIA MOROLES as Marlene’s best schoolfriend, Tiff (The Biff Tanner’s daughter) (A new character the Biff adopted his child in hospital without marriage for this BTTF 4 in untold story for this surprise)  ___________ 9. CRISPIN GLOVER as George McFly ________ 10. MARY STEENBURGEN as Clara Brown ___________ 11. JAMES TOLKAN as Mr. Strickland ________12. THOMAS CAMERON BROWN as Jules Brown ______________13. DANNEL EVANS as Verne Brown _______ 14. PETER GILROY as Griff Tannen _______________________ 15. KATHRYN NEWTON as Spike ____________________ Crew include list:   Director: JJ Abrams Robert Zemeckis executive director Bob Gale as executive director Neil Canton as executive director Steven Spielberg as executive director Frank Marshall as executive director Kathleen Kennedy as executive director Composer: Alan Silvestri Screenplay/Writer/Producers: Rian Johnson   JJ Abrams   Derek Connelly   Colin Trevorrow   Chris Terrio and Neil Canton Based on writers: Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis   Casting directors: Nina Gold Chapman   Valorie Massalas and Judy Taylor Distribution: Universal Pictures etc... BTTF IV story summary idea: For this also new final sequel chapter 4 newest Universal's Back to the Future 4 story/plot should be like: "As longest years Back to the Future trilogy hasn't been shown for many years and now for new BTTF and Universal should hire DOVE CAMERON to be play new main role as Marlene Mcfly the daughter of Marty and Jennifer to be working with legendary Christopher Lloyd as Doc Emmett Brown and Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tennen, Michael J. Fox as Marty and restof old all original cast as Dove Cameron was amazing talent main role like Disney Liv n Maddie and Descendants for begin new Universalintroduction and start with "Steven Spielberg presents" and JJ Abrahams director of new Star Wars 7 and 9 to be new director that would finish the story for Robert Zemeckis trilogy to open intro to show footage part from Back to the Future part 3 from 1990 film where in 1985 where Marty and Jennifer comes to railroad tracks and discovered wrecked mess delearean scene and surprise new invented time machine as a train where Doc Brown introduced his wife Clara and his 2 sons Jules and Vernes and gives gift souvenir to Marty and the rest scene til Doc Brown and his family departed from 1985 to fly off zap in into towards screen where movie black out and then opening credit title rebegin as   Back To The Future Part IV where Alan Silvestri recompose the original main theme Back To The Future main theme scoring and credit starring begins with main start with “Dove Cameron”, “Christopher Lloyd”, “Lea Thompson”, “Thomas F. Wilson”, “Mary Steenberg”, “Elisabeth Shue”, “Crispin Glover”, with “Victoria Moroles” and “Michael J. Fox” and rest of opening intro credit done and then credit shows   ”30 years later” which now can begin with new star Dove Cameron as Marlene McFly rides a skateboard who came late for Hill Valley High School just like his father Marty and his grandfather George did who was a slackers in the past time years ago along with her best school friend, Tiff (Victoria Moroles) the daughter of Biff Tannen and ended up caught by Mr. Strickland (James Tolkan) and rest of story goes on more things going on in later. As Alan Silvestri to recompose this new 4th and final cinema world theatrical movie release one more time to celebrate new BTTF 4. As the story Marlene Mcfly (Dove Cameron)who has grown up as the daughter of Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox) has told story from Marty's past journey that hard-work mission to become herobut as now Marlene in 2015 year (Dove Cameron) would finish for her father's (Marty Mcfly) (Michael J. Fox) journey to complete the refinal mission   is used all destroyed wreked pieces of smashed Deleroian that Marlene (Dove Cameron) would become a new assistant scientist inventor to be takes timethat to rebuild the delerian time machine and would reboot and operate to go back in time travel back in 1955 and Marlene Mcfly (Dove Cameron) that shewould discovered about what happened George Mcfly (1985 BTTF footage film) (Crispin Glover) defeated Biff Tennen (Thomas F. Wilson) to show recap to save andrescue Lorraine (Lea Thompson) as Marlene (Dove Cameron) as their grandparents for the future, and takes Delerian to time travel that accidentally   went back in time Ice Age avalanche and then volcano and hungry Tyrannsaurus Rex dinosaur in prehistoric time and Marlene refixed Delerianto go back in 1895 where Bufard Mad Dog Tennen (Thomas F. Wilson) escaped from prison to take revenge blacksmith Doc Emmett Brownand only to save Doc Brown as new hero Marlene would have to face her fear and be bold to fight Mad Dog Tennen to defeat him to winjust like her father did and Mad Dog Tennen get arrested again and this time Mad Dog Tennen will never get out of prison and it will be locked and restraint forever,   and finally meet DOC Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Doc Brown would use that rebuilt Marlene invented Delerian to take her home back in 2015 in Hilldaleand Doc Brown finally meet Marlene's parents once more to reunite and Marty embraced Doc Brown to say goodbye and so does Marlene (Dove Cameron) hugs Doc Brown(Christopher Lloyd) and both sad and cry that they will miss Doc Brown for his departure and Delerian car will never be destroyed and now return this belongs to Doc Brownto take Delearian and sent back to Future Technology Institute back in 1991 and then that is final ending scene for this movie."________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Attraction:As fan-favorite classic guests even newcomers would be excited for this classic attraction if this returns to Universal Studios Hollywood and Floridathe most amazing iconic sci-fi adventure ride experience once overturn this current Racist The Simpsons Ride away for good. __________________________________________________________________________________________Since we all heard what happened to George Floyd tragic deathwho was murdered and was racist that discrimited by Minnesota Police Officers, so for example as Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida _________________________________________________________________________________________________ as issue story that NOT everyone watches or likes The Simpsons tv show or movie that well, because story of The Simpsons is extremely inapporpriate and alot of crude, racist, discriminationand insult for more like Adult Mature version and very problemetic Simpsons ride system. that something is very offensive and so _______________________________________________________________________________________________ THE SIMPSONS RIDE is a worse attraction and dizzy and story that is insulting, crime sceneand bad infleunce and discrimination story and bad for kids. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ As 2007 when The Simpsons Ride has rethemed old classic BACK TO THE FUTURE THE RIDEwas truly big mistaken at first place because The Simpsons was never owned by Universal because it is actually owned by 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox has now owned by Disney.___________________________________________________________________________________________________ As most of guests don't really feel comfortable for THE SIMPSONS RIDEboth at Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida as ride system is problemetic such as ______________________________________________________________________________________________________water effects wet, and rip off parody like Pirates of the Caribbean and SeaWorld Shamu in the mixwhich was really insult scene and scene MAGGIE the baby that spits audience on the ride smell and wet by real BABY-POWDER is extremely gross for most people and it is unhealthy ride _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ and even the ride end of the scene where after Krusty the clown takes picture and that is wherefeeling buzzing vibrating seats that feels electric buzzing people's butt that is uncomfortable forguests, and so it is reason why Universal Creative and NBC Universal and Comcast _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ needs to permanetly close down THE SIMPSONS RIDE forever both Universal Studios Hollywoodand Florida to bring back classic set and original classic attraction as exactly since May 2, 1991.__________________________________________________________________________________________________So, BACK TO THE FUTURE THE RIDEas original set for preshow and vehichle ride that would transform all Krusty Clown's coasterinto Doc Emmett Brown's invention Time Machine as original classic recognizablecar as DE-LOREAN and this classic iconic ride as cool sci-fi attraction like a STAR TOURS at Disneyparks for good example. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ and "PERMANENTLY REMOVE all The Simpsons Ride special effects" to remove: -Baby Powder effect -Vibrating buzzing seats -Ride Photos -Meet and Greet Characters -Water Effects to bring back to use ____________________________________________________________________________________________________the original old classic BACK TO THE FUTURE original classic special effectsas exactly where smoke cloud cold effects as they used back in May 1991 and must redesign the rest of inside and outside replica props that is related toBack to the Future set during queue, preshow and the ride and more detail design and added also back Delorean carstand in front of both Exterior entry near both reopen Back to the Future the ride both Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ to turn Future Technology Institute and later Simpsons Springfield expansion like foods, merchandise turns into Back to the Future relatedto more look like futuristic like Hill Valley Expansion to redo later after ride reopen Back To The Futurefor most classic legendary iconic of Universal Studios biggest movie set ______________________________________________________________________________________________________to both Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida as well, and then "MAYBE later also to return in Japan is set to build new destination is set toclosing ATTACK OF THE TITANS 3D attraction/expansion OR Backdraft to bring back to use new area for Back to the Future The Ride returns in Japan _______________________________________________________________________________________________and then laterFIRST time building at Universal Studios Singapore later after all,___________________________________________________________________________________________________ as because BACK TO THE FUTURE THE RIDE classic ride as more fun and more exciting ride and morecomfortable guests to board the 8 passengers of the Space time continium DeLorean car and more actual Universal related as well. with all restore digital preshow queue and ride.

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Petition to United States Supreme Court


The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has reignited calls for national reforms to policing, including ending qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine in United States federal law that shields government officials from being sued for discretionary actions performed within their official capacity, unless their actions violated "clearly established" federal law or constitutional right (there has to be a law already in place not allowing the police to commit a specific crime, which don’t exist, making suing them impossible). The Officers’ Bill of Rights is intended to protect American law enforcement personnel from investigation and prosecution arising from conduct during official performance of their duties, and provides them with privileges based on due process additional to those normally provided to other citizens. Both of these keep police lawfully protected from being sued, investigated and charged as well as allow “justified” murder, police brutality, and systemic racism to continue.  Qualified immunity permits law enforcement and other government officials to violate people’s constitutional rights with virtual impunity. Today, we hear about police shooting after police shooting where officers are rarely, if ever, held accountable by the criminal legal system, either because prosecutors decline to charge, because grand juries decline to indict, or because juries decline to convict. Officers’ Bill of Rights gives cops privileges that regular humans in society do not. Unlike a member of the public, the officer gets a "cooling off" period before they have to respond to any questions. They quite literally get at least 24 hours to “get their story straight”. Unlike a member of the public, the officer under investigation is privy to the names of their complainants and their testimony against the cop before they are ever interrogated. Unlike a member of the public, the officer under investigation is to be interrogated "at a reasonable hour," with a union member present. Unlike a member of the public, the officer can only be questioned by one person during their interrogation. Unlike a member of the public, the officer can be interrogated only "for reasonable periods," which "shall be timed to allow for such personal necessities and rest periods as are reasonably necessary." Unlike a member of the public, the officer under investigation cannot be "threatened with disciplinary action" at any point during his interrogation. If he is threatened with punishment, whatever he says following the threat cannot be used against him. Humans of society experiencing this inequality, especially black communities and all other people of color, deserve justice! The families affected deserve to know that the cop who wrongfully arrested or murdered their family members is charged, behind bars and off the streets, unable to murder or brutalize another member of the public. Just because they are cops, does not mean they should be immune to the law, especially murder. Police can reform their training tactics all they want but as long as Qualified Immunity and Officers’ Bill of Rights exist, police will continue to get away with brutality and murder. Let’s get the Supreme Court to APPEAL these both and hold police accountable for their actions!

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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. Department of Justice

TELL OUR SENATORS TO PASS HR1280 [HR7120] "The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act"

READ // SIGN //  & SPREAD THE WORD! THIS PETITION : This is the ONLY equality-before-policing bill sitting with Senate.   THOUGH INSPIRED BY GEORGE FLOYD -- THIS IS A **NON-RACIAL** set of regulations to close loopholes and make sure our police force nationwide abides by The United States of America standards of humanity. ORIGINATED BY KAREN BASS to end Racial Abuse THE JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT  ADDS CLAUSES TO THE USA POLICE FORCE SO ALL POLICE MEMBERS NATIONWIDE ABIDE BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA's STANDARDS OF HUMANITY.   SCROLL FOR DETAILS. It has survived another term - and needs the Senate to clear so we can vote on. (It passed the House!!) SIGN TO PUSH SENATE FORWARD.   THIS JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT REQUIRES : make * RACIAL PROFILING * ILLEGAL, CAMERAS ON ALL NATIONAL COPS, make CHOKEHOLDS ILLEGAL IN ALL STATES HOLD COPS *LEGALLY* RESPONSIBLE NATIONWIDE (closes state loopholes), ... AND MORE - all outlined in the law link itself (*4)   BUT - The  UNITED STATES  SENATE  IS **SITTING** ON IT .. UNTIL IT DISAPPEARS. The arguing & party disagreements in the SENATE are being used to make this act go nowhere.   STRIKES * without * creating laws lead to = nothing. SIGN // SHARE THIS PETITION REQUESTING THE UNITED STATES SENATE TO CLEAR THIS BILL -- THEN THE AMERICAN PUBLIC CAN VOTE ON IT.   ----->  EXTRA SUPPORT :  YOU CAN ALSO WRITE YOUR SENATORS DIRECTLY.  SEE *1 AT BOTTOM OF PAGE. " Black Americans account for less than 13% of the U.S population but are killed by police at more than DOUBLE the rate of white Americans. "  (reference *2 at bottom of page)   WHAT THIS BILL DOES : "To hold law enforcement accountable for misconduct in court, improve transparency through data collection, and reform police training and policies."  (reference *3 at bottom of page)   ----->  H.R.1280 (previously known as the HR7120) JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT IS CURRENTLY GIVEN A NO-CHANCE OF PASSING . .  BECAUSE OF THE SENATE * ARGUING * AND * SITTING * ON ALL PREVIOUS SUGGESTIONS FOR EQUALITY AMONG POLICING until they expire. (*3 at bottom of page).   DON'T LET THESE DEATHS JUST BE A MERRY-GO-ROUND OF ETERNAL INJUSTICE ... MAKE POLICING COMPLETELY REACH U.S.A.'S STANDARDS OF HUMANITY. NOT ONE PROPOSITION on NOV 2020's BALLOTWAS FOREQUALITY BEFORE POLICE..  after all those strikes and deaths.  BUT --  THE  H.R.7120, now "HR1280" JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT DOES STILL  EXIST.  Strikes without laws = nothing.  Let's make this a law.     REFERENCES: *1 - TO ALSO WRITE YOUR SENATORS DIRECTLY: *2 - BLACKS ARE KILLED AT DOUBLE THE RATE THAN WHITES BY POLICE - BUT THEY MAKE UP 13% OF THE US POPULATION: *3 - "H.R.7120" OUTLINED -- THIS BILL HAS ONLY A 39% CHANCE OF PASSING **W/O** PEOPLE ADVOCATING : *4 - H.R.7120 BILL (previously) - ........ IS NOW KNOWN AS THE "H.R.1280" BILL FOR THE NEW TERM -  

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Petition to Duval County School District, Ashley Smith Juarez, Cheryl Grymes, Elizabeth Andersen, Warren Jones, Darryl Willie, Charlotte Joyce, Lori Hershey, Dr. Diana L. Greene

Change the Name of Robert E Lee High School in Jacksonville, FL

America's foundation has been shaken in 2020. Two horrific acts have been taken on innocent African American men: Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. There has been plenty of awareness on the subject of racism; however, it's time to do something.  Robert E. Lee High School is named after a famous Confederate General. Just 50 years ago, until 1970, African Americans weren't even allowed to attend Robert E. Lee. Integrating the school was a step forward in 1970. Yet, the recent murders of innocent civilians has set America back 50 years. Robert E. Lee's name is a social stigma that haunts Jacksonville as it is a constant reminder of the racism and hate that exists today. 70% of the students that attend Robert E. Lee are African American. Many of whom don't have the choice to go to another school since Lee is their neighboring school. Take action and participate in one small win for America by helping petition and fund changing the name of Robert E. Lee High School. The students of Jacksonville deserve to go to a school they're proud of going to- named after a man whose legacy positively impacts people of color. Not a monster who didn't even want to see them as free men and women. America needs to see positive viral news for the first time in 2020. America needs to see this High School be renamed after a historical African American man.   

Todd Stevens
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