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Petition to Mike DeWine, U.S. Governors, Police Union Leaders

Dishonorable Discharge for Police

Although our nation has been more cognizant of social injustices recently, it is important that we ensure that this leads to real change in our communities. For this reason, I would like to call for a dishonorable discharge clause to be added to police guidelines in both our government and police unions, in order to avoid these scenes from repeating themselves. It has become more apparent that it is extremely difficult to hold police accountable. As we have seen, it took a global movement to charge the murderers of George Floyd, a case which was well documented and clear cut. But we should not all have to come together across the world to demand justice one case at a time. Instead, we need to ensure that police departments, and police unions do not protect the "bad cops". I propose a dishonorable discharge clause be added, following the format of the military, such that any cop that is fired cannot be rehired either in the same department or in any other police department. Having police officers fired is very difficult, and even when they are fired, officers are often rehired thanks in large part to police unions which protect them from facing actual consequences. There have even recently been explicit offers to rehire fired police officers in Florida. And although this proposal is far from eliminating all "bad policing", but it is a reasonable first step. We cannot continue to allow this behavior to go on without any consequences. Please, help us bring about permanent change and police accountability to our communities, and share this message as many times as you can. Because this matters. We should not be afraid to stand for something; rather, we should be afraid to stand for nothing at all.

Vanessa Ordonez
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