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Petition to Charlie Baker, Maura Healey

31 BULLETS #Justice for Juston Root: NEED AN Independent Investigation #PoliceBrutality

Our son and brother, Juston Root was killed by 6 officers who shot 31 bullets as he lay on the ground, in a semi-comatose condition with nothing in his hands!  He posed no threat to those around him. No one has been held accountable for his death. Please help us by signing this petition.  We stand in #solidarity with all impacted families of #policebrutality  #NoJusticeNoPeace Our family is still grieving, but that won’t stop us from fighting for justice for Juston – and to make sure no other family has to face this kind of tragedy.  Will you help us? Add your name to tell lawmakers that there must be an independent investigation into his killing. On Feb. 7th, 2020, Juston was in a mental health crisis, on his way to his counselor at Mass Mental Health Center in Boston.  Juston had an oversized clear plastic paintball gun in his waist.  The Boston Police were called with a report of a person with a gun.  When officers arrived, one of them used deadly force immediately, injuring Juston.  Juston limped to his car, one of his legs was bleeding badly, he got in his car and drove away slowly. The Boston Police ensued a car chase, and minutes later Juston's car crashed, he staggered out, and dropped to the ground, covered in blood. A former EMT passerby ran to him to give him aid, because he was on the ground in a semi-conscious condition. Moments later, the Police arrived, yelling at the former EMT to get away from Juston. One officer kicked Juston, and then all six officers shot 31 bullets from close range, killing Juston instantly.  He posed no conceivable threat to the officers or the public and had no weapon in his hands.  The Norfolk DA exonerated these officers after just one month. Critical evidence and important witness statements were left out of the final report, including the former EMT who was there shortly before Juston was killed. The police have not released any footage of the actual shooting. The report says only one officer had a body camera on and filming, but their arm obstructed the lens when officers fired. The report is wholly inadequate and far from transparent. We, the Root family and the public, demand a timely, thorough, transparent independent investigation into Juston's killing by an impartial investigator with no ties to the police!  We call upon Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey to appoint an independent investigator immediately. Click to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for occasional updates DIRECT from us Thank you for your support! Twitter:  @JustonRoot 

The Root Family
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Petition to Human Rights Campaign, Ed Gonzalez, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, Texas Governor, Texas

Changes in Harris County Law Enforcement In honor of George Floyd.

The incident involving George Floyd has sparked anger, distrust, sadness, feelings of being treated improper because of race. More law enforcement officials are continuing to stereotype, harass, target and use excessive force against blacks/minorities. What about incidences not caught on video?  March 1, 2020 Unnamed man in Cloverleaf killed by law enforcement April 21 2020 Nicolas Chavez killed by law enforcement. May 8 2020 Adrian Medearis traffic violation killed by law enforcement. May 14, 2020 unnamed 30yo black man “believed to have a gun” killed law enforcement.  Just a mere example, not considering the various amounts of law enforcement brutality, high rate of black/minority. We are calling for change right at home in Harris County where we witness racial disparities. There have been too many deaths involving law enforcement. It’s time to have strict measures in place to hold law enforcement accountable, and to protect blacks/minorities.  We want proper training of law enforcement, with emphasis on culture awareness and knowing the communities and people they serve. We want stricter measures in place regarding law enforcement misconduct of excessive use of force, or any gun related death involving unarmed citizens. Review of brutality or unarmed death by an unbiased entity. Also tracking of these incidences to establish if it’s a pattern, certain communities, or law enforcement entities.  Immediate prosecution consequences for law enforcement excessive use of force and death in any unarmed citizens. Once a suspect is cuffed, hands body off, we want more use of non lethal force. The brutality isn’t just in the communities either, it’s the jail and prison and court system all of these entities must change. End Neighborhood watches, citizens arrest, etc. More officer involvement in communities on initiatives that build relations with the people. I’m a Texas RN, never written a petition before. I just want to start somewhere in trying to make this a place where our black sons, husbands, uncles, brothers, nephews, friends feel safe with those who are assigned to protect and serve.  

Trish Matthews
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