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Petition to Sean Gallagher, John Kelly

Save Mother of 3 from Deportation

Minerva is a devoted, loving mother who has lived in North Carolina for the past 17 years. She first came to the United States seeking safety and special education for her oldest son who is blind as a result of complications from cancer. Minerva is the head of household for her 3 and 6 year old sons who are American citizens and her 21 year old son who has DACA. Since 2013, ICE has granted a routine stay of removal each year for Minerva and has given her permission to live in the United States. Minerva had her deportation suspended when she was granted prosecutorial discretion by the government several years ago, along with thousands of other people who were not a priority for deportation. Minerva has no criminal record, and everything has remained the same in her case, with no changes. However, when Minerva met with ICE in Charlotte on May 25th, they ordered her to leave the country by June 30. Minerva is exploring legal options at this point but is running out of time. Minerva needs you to sign the petition to stop her deportation and keep her and her children together and safe in North Carolina. Minerva tells her story in her own words: "My name is Minerva Garcia. I am the mother of four children, and I would do anything for them. I have lived in the United States for 17 years, and I have worked and paid taxes here. I own a home in Winston-Salem, NC. My oldest son is a Dreamer, and my youngest two boys are American citizens. I have been ordered to leave the country at the end of June. Where I grew up, Guerrero, is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico. My oldest son is Eduardo. When he was 3 months old, he had cancer and was made blind. Guerrero was not safe, and there were no schools for him, so we came to the United States. My second son was Diego. Diego came with us to the United States, but when he was 9 years old he was diagnosed with leukemia. We had to fight cancer for a year and a half, and he died in 2007. My third son Antonio. He is here with me, and so is my baby, Mateo. They are three and six years old. They were born in the United States and are American citizens. I am a mother, and I have tried my whole adult life to be strong for my sons. I want them to grow up strong, kind, loyal, educated, and free. I know their best chance to be all of those things is to grow up here in North Carolina where they have always lived. If I am deported, Eduardo loses his mother's support and assistance, and I do not know what will happen to my sons. I fear they will not be safe. I fear they will not be free." Please help now by signing the petition to urge ICE to allow Minerva Cisneros Garcia to stay in the United States with her children.

Kim Porter
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Petition to Governor of Virginia, Virginia Governor

Clemency for Travis E. Williams. A miscarriage of justice and unfair sentencing. Re: Travis E. Williams v. Commonwealth of Virginia. Circuit Court No. CR04-558 through CR04-563. The facts of this case are simple. A crime was committed, some property was damaged, some money was taken, no one was hurt, there were trial errors that deprived Williams of a fair trial, the person who committed the crime was found guilty and punished for his actions. The questions here are: (1) Is a 38 year prison sentence to harsh?, and (2) do the trial errors and the circumstances of the case warrant clemency? On January 20, 2004 Travis Eugene Williams was arrested for the robbery of a Hardee's in Petersburg, Virginia. He was later coerced to confess to the robbery and then charged with multiple felonies. The detective presiding over the interrogation of Williams recorded over the footage confirming the alleged coercion and Williams was scheduled for trial on September 13, 2004. Prior to Williams' trial he was offered a plea agreement that was originally for 15 years but was changed to 12 years, yet Williams declined the plea agreement. On September 13, 2004 Williams' trial ended in mistrial and a new trial was set for November 16, 2004. On November 16, 2004 Williams and his court appointed defense attorney raised the defense of coercion and requested that the video tape confession be kept out of the trial proceedings unless it could be shown with the footage confirming the alleged coercion. The court ruled to leave the video tape confession out of the trial proceedings due to its missing parts. Later during Williams' trial the Commonwealth's attorney still played the video tape confession for the jury with no objections from the judge nor Williams' court appointed attorney. Prior to the introduction of the jury instructions, the defense attorney motioned to strike the Commonwealth's case and the court overruled. During the preparation of the jury instructions the Commonwealth's attorney was allowed to include a list of what was supposed to be a true list of Williams' prior convictions to show proof of moral turpitude effecting Williams' credibility as a witness. The jury instructions along with the list of prior convictions was given to the jury for deliberation and the jury returned with a verdict of guilty on all charges. Williams was later sentenced to 38 years in the Virginia penitentiary. Williams was denied relief in the appeal courts and exhausted his pursuit of relief with the courts in this case. Williams later discovered that the list of prior convictions that the Commonwealth's attorney introduced as evidence with the jury instructions at Williams' trial included several fraudulent felony and misdemeanor convictions. The fact that the jury was allowed to use the weight of the false convictions included in the Commonwealth's list of prior convictions to reach their verdict of guilty on all charges deprived Williams of a fair trial because one of the false convictions included in the list of convictions was robbery and this alone had the potential to negatively influence the jury to believe that Williams was a career criminal. Travis Eugene Williams was only 19 years old at the time of the robbery. Considering the fact that he grew up in an economically challenged household as an undereducated and emotionally disturbed child in an environment that was tainted with poverty and crime, how could you not expect him to make a few bad decisions in efforts to survive? Think of the many mistakes and bad decisions you and countless others have made at that age. Travis Williams is now in his early 30's and has been incarcerated over 13 years. During his incarceration he has matured and greatly bettered himself. He is predominantly self-educated with an unwavering passion for business/entrepreneurship and helping others. He has written and self-published several books that are currently available on Amazon. On March 18th, 2015 Williams founded the "Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress" movement and later released the self-titled Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress book. Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress (IEP) is a developing movement of incarcerated individuals within the United States who are proactively taking their rehabilitation and entrepreneurial aspirations into their own hands in pursuit positive change and progress while incarcerated. IEP's mission is to show and maintain positive change through productive incarceration by means of self-rehabilitation, pursuing higher education, legally executing entrepreneurial/business plans via agents/fiduciaries on the outside, working to build and or become a part of supportive networks in efforts to continue in personal as well as financial growth, and working hard to be able to provide for their families despite being incarcerated. The Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress book series stands as the fundamental learning tool for IEP-minded individuals incarcerated in the United States. IEP further seeks to contribute to our nation's economic growth, development, and stability by connecting with IEP-friendly companies, independent contractors, and other, to introduce new ideas for solutions, services, and products in efforts to create and otherwise take advantage of promising and or beneficial business opportunities, make tax contributions on all taxable income, and to promote and otherwise grow in national anti-recidivism and prison reform. IEP, as a whole, intends to progressively create job and freelance opportunities for not only United States citizens, but for individuals abroad. Williams admits that he has made bad decisions and gotten into trouble since he's been incarcerated. However, please understand that a few bad decisions and getting into trouble from time to time is expected when you are forced to live in a concentrated and enclosed environment with some of the most violent and of criminally inclined individuals in the state of Virginia. Williams quotes:"I accept full responsibility for the crime I committed and I am fighting for a chance to right my wrongs by first seeking forgiveness, and seeking early release so that I can work to repair the damage that I caused in my community. My plans are to (1) secure employment while simultaneously functioning as a small business owner/entrepreneur, (2) pay off all my court fines and restitution fees, (3) give back to my community via participation in community service...among other things, and (4) continue living my life as a productive citizen and positive role model in my community and abroad while trying to start and raise a healthy family. Being in prison has provided me with the time and experience that I needed to mature, grow, and turn my life around. I want to be free, with my family and loved ones, functioning as a productive citizen, and letting my light shine for all to see that I truly deserved a second chance. God knows I am ready for a second chance, but I still have leftover time to serve. At this point, keeping me in prison is overkill. The harsh realities of my confinement are eating away at my soul and I'm suffering beyond what my words can express." Williams further admits that at the time of this robbery he had absolutely no intentions to hurt anyone (and no one was hurt). He only intended to take some money to help his family. The charges that Williams was convicted of are deemed as violent crimes with mandatory sentencing. This resulted in Williams' 38 year prison sentence. Given the circumstances, 38 years in prison is outright unfair, especially when there are people throughout Virginia getting sentenced to 15 years or less in prison for murder and other server crimes. In this case the punishment does not fit the crime. The only available remedy for relief at this point is clemency by the Governor of Virginia. Through clemency Travis Williams can receive a sentence commute that can relieve him of the remainder of his prison sentence. Williams has served over 13 years incarcerated. Isn't that punishment enough? At this point, to allow Williams to stay in prison is, as Williams called it, overkill. WHEREFORE, in consideration of the facts and circumstances of this case, I respectfully request that the Governor of Virginia be merciful and grant Travis Eugene Williams clemency in the form of a sentence commute to relieve him of the remainder of his prison sentence.

Travis Williams
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Petition to Angela Alsobrooks, Brian E. Frosh, Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr.

Free Keith Washington

GRANT KEITH WASHINGTON A NEW TRIAL – or HIS FREEDOM My husband, Keith Washington, is serving a 45 year sentence for protecting himself and his family.  Keith was convicted in 2008 of involuntary manslaughter and assault when he defended himself against an attack by two men in our home during a furniture delivery.  He was sentenced to 45 years in prison, a sentence that’s unheard of for a first offender with no previous record, particularly considering the fact that he is actually innocent.  Keith was convicted based on the false and perjured testimony of the State’s only fact witness, Robert White.  Robert White is a registered sex offender and a career criminal who was on cocaine at the time of the incident.  He was not a delivery man and in fact was picked up that morning on the side of the road by the delivery driver.  Absolutely NONE of the physical, forensic, or scientific evidence gathered in the case supported the story told by Robert White, and fact ALL of the physical, scientific, and forensic evidence collected during the extensive investigation of the case -- including DNA evidence, fiber transfer, gunshot residue, and the location of spent shell casings, telephone records, 911 call, and evidence photo of the unopened box of bedrails, and much more,  definitively proved that Keith acted in self-defense.  White has even admitted under oath in the 2010 civil trial that testimony he gave in the criminal trial was not truthful.  At the time of the incident in January 2007, Keith was a police officer of over seventeen years and as Lt Col in the U. S. Army Reserves.  He was at home with me and our six year old daughter when two men, Brandon Clark and Robert White delivered bedrails to our home that were to go in the master bedroom.  When Keith discovered Robert White coming out of our six year old daughter’s room instead of being in the master bedroom with Clark, Keith told them to just leave.  Instead of leaving they jumped Keith.  At 6’7” 330 pounds (White) and 6’2” 280 pounds (Clark), both men towered over Keith at 5’9” 155 pounds.  In the upstairs hallway of our home and unable to retreat, and with his wife and daughter downstairs, Keith had no choice but to use his service revolver to protect himself and his family.  Mr. Clark was killed, Mr. White survived.  Every piece of evidence collected from the very beginning of the investigation clearly showed that Keith acted in self defense.  And although the prosecutors had that evidence, they allowed Robert White to lie about it during his grand jury and criminal trial testimony.  Numerous pieces of evidence and expert analysis supporting self defense was collected, but much of that was hidden from the jury and misrepresented by the prosecutors.  The fact is, Keith should never have been indicted in the first place.  ALL of the evidence clearly showed it was a case of self defense and that the only fact witness, Robert White, was never credible.  But because this was a high profile case with a great deal of media attention, they wanted a conviction and stopped at nothing to get it.  All of the scientific evidence says that Keith is not guilty.  All of the physical evidence says that Keith is not guilty.  All of the forensic evidence says that Keith is not guilty.  The results of an extensive police investigation say that Keith is not guilty.  Yet, Keith is serving a 45 year sentence.    These are just some of the facts: -          Robert White is a career criminal with over thirty arrests and at least twelve convictions.  He has been arrested for criminal assault at least three times since Keith’s trial.  -          Robert White is a registered sex offender who served a ten year sentence for the sexual assault of a woman (a stranger) after breaking into her home. -          Robert White never worked for the furniture company and in fact was picked up on the side of the road the morning of the incident -          The customer immediately prior to our delivery gave a written statement to the State’s Attorneys office stating: “One of the men appeared high or intoxicated.” And, “I’m glad my wife wasn’t home alone while they were here.” -          Several witnesses who were first responders on the scene gave written statements and/or testified that they observed injuries to Keith consistent with a physical altercation -          Robert White tested positive for cocaine in a toxicology test administered by the hospital the night of the incident.  White testified in that he had never used cocaine.  He has since been arrested (in 2013) for possession of a crack pipe. -          Robert White’s DNA was found on Keith’s service revolver, an indication that he attempted to grab the gun during the altercation -          Expert testimony that White’s version of the incident was impossible given the laws of physics and gravity -          The location of the spent shell casings proved that the shooting could not have occurred as White testified -          I (Stacey Washington) witnessed firsthand the two men attacking Keith in the upstairs hallway and testified and gave written statements to that fact Numerous legal professionals and public officials have reviewed this case and have all come to the same unanimous conclusion – that Keith Washington acted in self defense, protecting himself and his family from two attackers. An innocent man was wrongly indicted, falsely convicted and is now sentenced to 45 years in prison due to the perjured and false testimony of the State’s sole fact witness, even though prosecutors had the evidence that showed his testimony was false.  Go to to read the details about this case -- review the testimony and the many documents and court exhibits for yourself. I ask that you please sign this petition so that Keith Washington can get his life back and return to raising his daughter and being the responsible husband and father he was before this incident so unjustly robbed him and his family.  

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