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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf, Patrick McDonnell

Don't Dump NE PA's future: Deny Keystone Sanitary Landfill's proposed 44 year expansion!

Northeastern Pennsylvania is filled with hard working, salt of the earth people. We help each other. We support each other. We are a proud collective that stick together through good times and bad. We've been this way for generations. It's in our blood. Unfortunately, for generations, we've also been taken advantage of and have become the dumping ground for the Northeast. And now, it's time to change.  The Keystone Sanitary Landfill (KSL) is located in Northeastern PA and it has already been accepting garbage for over 30 years. So far, it has already buried over 30 million tons (60 Billion pounds!) of garbage in Northeastern PA. So what's happened as this toxic mountain has exploded in size over the past three decades? Well, lots. This landfill has been contaminating groundwater for over 14 years. It has been cited multiple times for leachate spills. It has already had multiple underground fires. It continually impacts the community with odors, decreased air quality, increased unsafe truck traffic, decreased property values, and more. It accepts up to 7,250 tons per day of municipal waste and fracking drill cuttings. Over 2/3 of the incoming waste is from surrounding states. And to top it all off, this landfill is sited in an Environmental Justice Community. So now what does KSL want? Permission to accept garbage for over 40 more years! Finally, enough is enough. Please join this petition to tell both the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Governor Tom Wolf that you support our mission to stop this toxic growth and to deny this Landfill's egregious attempt to expand for another 40 years and accept another 100 million tons of garbage! We deserve an opportunity for a healthier, safer, and progressive future and it starts with stopping this expansion.

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Petition to Department of Justice, Mayor Bill Falkner, Prosecutor Dwight Scroggins

Department of Justice Investigation into St Joseph Missouri Police Department..

Calvin Robinson Jr. Calvin Passed away in the early hours of Christmas morning 2015. All his belongings were missing. Additionally his debit card was used for a month following his death. After asking for an investigation into this matter, the family was told the a dead person could not be a victim and they were not going to investigate any further. Still waiting on a response from the Mayor of St Joseph Missouri. Spoke with the Prosecutor and was told that nobody investigates the police. Spoke with the investigator and was told that the family would have to spend some money to find out what happened. The family was not notified by the police of the death of their loved one. Instead a "friend" of the victim notified the family. The same friend who was later determined to have called the police and tell them that the victim had stolen her car. To make matters worse the officer who reconstructed the scene made the following video, seeming to taunt the family. Zachary Craft This officer was eventually fired after the department faced criticism for having him on duty.   Jason Fanning Jason was murdered by a St Joseph Missouri Police officer 2/20/17. A officer approached Jason without any lights or sirens and shot him to death in a vehicle parked in a driveway. The following comment was taken from a article: "Questioned about Bever’s failure to turn on his emergency lights, which would have activated the dash camera, Capt. Jeff Wilson, a spokesman for the St. Joseph Police Department, said this issue was an internal matter for the department and he had no comment on current police policy." I have also included a link for the petition requesting this officer be arrested for murder.  From detective to felon: The Scott Coates Saga "Mr. Coates said the polygraph examination ended with the FBI polygraphist telling him he was lying and beginning interrogation. The interrogation was the first time he was directly asked about the case, he said." Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a former longtime detective with the St. Joseph, Missouri Police Department pleaded guilty in federal court today to withholding information about a prohibited person who illegally possessed a firearm used in a gang-related shooting. Angela Horn “It’s a joke,” Horn said. “That’s why it’s called the criminal justice system, because that’s who it serves. Their salary comes out of my pocket. I just think that it should be for people that need protection—and not for people that are out to frickin’ take everything you have.”

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Petition to President Donald Trump

Help our Dad end his Hunger Strike before Christmas

President Trump- My name is Serah Culler, and my family needs your help. My father, Anthony Culler, is in the middle of a 50 Day Hunger Strike. He is currently on Day 31 (December 12, 2017). He began the strike on Sunday, November 12, 2017. He has committed to go for the rest of 2017 with only water to sustain him, but you can change that.The purpose of his strike is to get an investigation started into crimes that were committed against my family.My family was destroyed by corruption in Nacogdoches, a small town in East Texas, in 2009/2010. In January 2010, after over a year of public protests and multiple legal battles, we lost our home when corrupt individuals broke the law. The Nacogdoches Sheriffs’ Department illegally invaded our home and stole everything- toys, furniture, family heirlooms, even our pets. They loaded it all into trailers and put it into storage buildings under deputies’ names. They later sold our belongings illegally at a sheriffs' auction , fraudulently claiming it as “abandoned property”. Property is not abandoned if you are forced to leave it and it is then stolen. This would have been a terrible situation for anyone to go through, but it was especially devastating for a young, homeschool family with four daughters ages 5 to 13.We have tried everything we could think of to resolve this. We’ve gone to lawyers. We’ve gone to law enforcement. We’ve gone to public officials. Both my father and mother have even run for office themselves- Dad was the Republican nominee for US Congress in the 6th District of South Carolina in 2014. He is currently running for Congress in the Republican primary in the 1st District of Texas against a corrupt Congressman, Louie Gohmert. My father began this hunger strike with the intention of going until the end of the year or until an investigation is started. But I believe there is another option. If you could give me your word that you would just call the DOJ, the FBI, or the office of the Attorney General about sending someone to look into our claims, I could bring my father to end his strike.My father's life is in danger. He has gone over 4 weeks without eating- people die at this stage in hunger strikes. You can end this- you can save my father's life.I’m not asking for you to give us the outcome we want, or to start the investigation yourself. All I want is an assurance from you that you will just call someone who can help.Please Mr. President. Watching my Dad go day after day without eating, watching him continue to suffer after already losing so much, is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. He is literally wasting away in front of my eyes. Please help us. You can end this.Please keep us in your prayers. May God Bless you and your family.In hope, Serah Culler Please check out our Facebook page for LIVE videos and website.

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