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Petition to Senator Charles E. Grassley


It has been over 8 years now since 17 year old Brittanee Marie Drexel disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since. 6 years later the F.B.I came forward with the shocking and heartbreaking announcement that she had been held against her will, raped repeatedly, then killed. People all over the U.S. and the world have sought, and continue to seek justice for Brittanee and her poor family, but through the complicated U.S. legal system, this has yet to happen. The F.B.I , the Myrtle Beach Police, and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has very aggressively done everything in its power to solve this case and get the suspects prosecuted, but due to the fact that her body has not been found, and the silence of those involved even their hands seem to be tied, and justice is nowhere in sight. This petition is my effort to help get justice for Brittanee and her family and the U.S Justice Department completely taking over the investigation seems to stand a very good chance of making this possible. Brittanee's murder does constitute a violation of federal law pursuant to 18 U.S Code Section 1111. It is my hope that the committee conducts a hearing, and considering the possible testimony of the law enforcement officials who are continuing to handle this case, votes to assign complete control of the investigation of Brittanee's murder to the U.S Justice Department. At this time the FBI is only the assisting agency to the Myrtle Beach Police Department. If the FBI takes over the case completely, then I strongly believe it will help bring long awaited justice for Brittanee and her family much faster.

Joel Monts de Oca
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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, , Department of Justice, Bill Haslam, Lamar Alexander, Tennessee State Senate, Marsha Blackburn, Verizon

Dcs and Proper Abuse Case Management

Update: background on my history. I feel it's very important to share. Here's why I'm so concerned about my son. I was brutally choked, beaten, stalked, and multiple breaking of property for 8 years, keys taken away so I couldn't leave, phones broke so I couldn't call for help. Dragged by hair and arms, my clothes thrown out on the yard, locks changed car taken and left homeless when I did leave. He had a gps on my car. Took pictures of my mail after splitting up. He actually kidnapped my son for a week due there not being a custody agreement in place when I left. Threatened to be killed for years if I left and took our son. I have never been in trouble with the law or on drugs. My ex has been arrested for stalking me and domestic assault, does so drugs, and has 7 felonies for violent crimes. Yet, somehow DCS doesn't think there's an issue or the judge. That's my story and I'm not going to hide it. PTSD you betcha.Yesterday I was told by one of your employees that I had I had no rights as the noncustodial parent to be involved in child abuse cases involving him and his father or to even speak to someone about his wellness. I wasn't asking for custodial information or due to custody related issues. However, when there have been 4 cases involving my son and his dad. I by law am to contacted. Period. Especially when I was on the other end of the domestic violence for many years. She told me because it wasn't documented I couldn't say anything. Having employees of this nature is due cause for you all not only receiving grievances and complaints, but if there has been a violation of proper protocol in cases and or not investigating. There's cause for a lawsuit. Check for Mary who answers the phones at the Nashville location. She hesitated to even provide her last name. I know my rights and I'm to be notified. Something went terribly wrong with your system and I will take this to highest level that I can. Neglect and failure to even open a case is unacceptable. You all have a public service job and commitment to these children and family. Somewhere along the lines that has been forgotten. I recommend you look into cases with internal affairs. Including my son's.

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