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Petition to japanese government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Let international students get their visas to Japan

We request the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Japan to lift the ban on issuing new student visas to those in posession of a valid student Certificate of Eligibility and to allow the wayfare of all international students if they test negative for COVID-19 and if they follow the sanitary requirements imposed by the Japanese government. As part of the COVID-19 border enforcement measures, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan currently denies entry of foreign nationals from 159 countries and doesn't allow new students holding the original copies of their Cerificate of Eligibility to get their visas. The current policies in place bar new international students from starting their studies in Japan this September and negatively impact their education. Foreign residents (including returning international students), however, are excempt to these restrictions. The recent policy, allowing residents to leave and re-enter the country, sheds light on the inconsistency of the regulations: with the necessary precautions taken, the hazard of possible mass infections caused by students is not greater than that of the citizens of Japan.  Studying abroad requires a long-term stay in the country, boosts the economy and promotes intercultural understanding. It is something that can only be experienced in real life. This petition aims to raise international awareness on the treatment of these students and to lobby for the change of policies to allow these individuals to have their life-changing opportunity.

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Petition to Mary Papazian

Protect SJSU's International Students. Stop ICE Student Ban.

We urge SJSU to specifically provide international students the chance to participate in a hybrid learning model, in order to avoid being detained by ICE. Please protect our students. Currently, SJSU is projected to be 100% online, which unfortunately will mean that all international students studying at SJSU will have to leave the country, which is not safe or economically feasible for all. Provide our international students with the support that they need during this time. As long as ICE maintains their Student Ban, international students will need to be enrolled in at least one in person course. The recent announcement by ICE regarding international student status in the US is a dangerous, xenophobic action. It will cause major health risks, especially during the COVID pandemic. SJSU has a responsibility to protect all of their students, and preserve their right to the just, and full educational experience that they are paying for.     **Please do not donate! The money goes directly to; please save your funds for donations that are more needed elsewhere**   Below is some background information on the ICE Student Ban Statement:  Who is affected?  Students with F-1 and M-1 nonimmigrant visas. Higher Education in the US is comprised of over 1 million international students. The SJSU community proudly serves over 4,000 international students. International students have contributed approximately $41 billion to the US economy yearly.  What does it mean?  If your school is 100% online, you may not stay in the US. If your school is operating normally, you may not take more than 1 online class.  If your school is a hybrid model, you can take more than 1 online class provided that you have form I-20 filled out. Students who do not comply will face “immigration consequences including, but not limited to, the initiation of removal proceedings.” What else can you do?  Use this toolkit to educate yourself on how to prepare for ICE raids:  Use this booklet to read up on your rights against ICE: Call your federal representatives in Congress to denounce ICE's policy! It will take only 10 minutes, and can cause the most impact!!!! You can find your House Representative by entering your zip code here:…/find-your-representative You can find your Senate representative in the link here:    

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Petition to Boston College Administration

Lower Boston College total cost of attendance for the 2020-2021 school year

The students of Boston College are suffering the consequences of COVID-19. As it stands (July 6th), students are currently mandated to be back on campus (except international students and those w/ health conditions). Boston College is not allowing students the option to take all classes remotely. The students who are being mandated to be back on campus in Chestnut Hill may however be forced to take some of their classes remotely. The decision to mandate students on campus will only ensure greater limitations that will cause a lower standard of living and lower quality of education. The students of Boston College demand all student have an option for remote access and cost of attendance costs for all students Boston College Administration must look at this issue from the perspective of its students and their families. This year has caused difficulties for everyone and some of those difficulties include financial conditions, economic conditions, and health conditions. These difficulties only begin to touch how this academic year both remotely and in-person will be different in many fundamental ways. Large pieces of the student way of life will be uprooted and the question that the administration is continuing to look at is how they can ensure a safe and smooth operation for its students and families and its own staff and faculty.  Students this fall and possibly the spring will not be receiving the same experience as BC students were once offered before the global pandemic. Some of the in-person experiences that will be difficult or impossible to emulate even through a hybrid model include clinical practicums, fine arts studios, labs, research opportunities, and opportunities to meet new people. Students' access to tutoring,  athletic facilities, mental health counseling, advising, social opportunities, and networking will also be restricted.  The total cost of attendance has not been adjusted to reflect these massive deficits rather the total cost of attendance has risen by about 7% equating to about $7,000. The rising of the total cost of attendance should reflect a greater access and support system for the Boston College community, but even at a best-case scenario, the services offered will be significantly limited. Universities such as Williams College in West Massachusetts, however, have lowered their total cost of attendance by 15%. Williams College's administration has realized that while the university may suffer a financial consequence, its students and their families deserve to be supported in these times of unprecedented hardship. The total cost of attendance needs to be adjusted to reflect the limitations. The students of Boston College demand that the administration step in the shoes of the Boston College students and fulfill the mission of men and women for others by first being for their students.

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Petition to Richard W. Davenport, Kent Stanley, Twyla Tinney, Jacy Fry, Diane Hamilton


Due to COVID-19, Minnesota State University, Mankato like many other universities, has switched to a mainly remote system to mitigate the spread of the virus. However, they are failing to recognize that just because we have a "world-class education" does not mean that remote learning is a substitute for in-class learning and other on-campus services. What we pay for as part of our tuition is to be taught by a professor in a class setting where we can actively engage, ask questions, and interact with our peers. How could the current decision made not impact tuition if we cannot utilize resources to the fullest extent? If there are strains on the university’s ability to pay for expenses, why should students have to pay full price?In the breakdown of fees (, there are clearly certain expenses that won’t be applicable for us. For example, campus fees which include recreation services, student events, concerts, etc will not be applicable this upcoming semester. School fees including library maintenance will also not be utilized to the fullest extent. How will 14,000 students including the 1,300 +international students be expected to study in libraries or classrooms if the majority of schooling is already remote? Trying to accommodate by providing students with more online services is not nearly the same as the experience we would have in-person. We are not receiving the same learning experience and having access to all the resources we normally would. Just because we still have access to the same professors and the same material does not mean that the overall experience is equivalent to the price of in-person education. Many students have an extra difficult time learning remotely and do not reap any benefits. So why are we still being asked to pay the same amount as if everything is the same? Our tuition is what funds the school and allows Minnesota State University, Mankato to offer us what they do. However, since those resources are not being used to their fullest advantage and capacity, why is MNSU asking for the full price for services that will not be used in normal or full capacity. Minnesota State University, Mankato must recognize this disparity and understand that remote education does not deem the same tuition costs as in-person education. Minnesota State University, Mankato must rectify this issue by ordering a tuition cut of some sort to make up for the lack of educational engagement and additional resources that would be received if in-person. Please join me in signing this petition and let's work together and get some of our money back.

Students for Affordable Education USA
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