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Cap Insulin Prices in Wisconsin

As a person managing type 1 diabetes myself of over 15+ years, I understand that affordable insulin is truly a life and death matter. Simply put, INSULIN IS NOT OPTIONAL.  That’s why I am seizing the opportunity to support proposed legislation that would cap the amount insulin can cost in Wisconsin. I need your help to make this law a reality.   There is a health care crisis happening around the country. Type 1 diabetes affects approximately 1.25 million Americans. 200,000 of them are youth. Insulin is NOT a cure for type 1 diabetes - it is a necessary treatment that helps people managing type 1 diabetes survive. Insulin should not be so expensive that people have to worry about how they’re going to afford this life-saving medication.  I’m proud that my home state of Wisconsin could become the next state, after Colorado, to put a price cap on insulin. Although $100 per month for insulin remains unaffordable for many, this legislation is an important first step and is very exciting -- particularly because insulin can cost as much as $500 per month. My hope is that Wisconsin can help lead the national conversation around health care reform, but I need your support to make it happen.    Add your signature of care and tell the Wisconsin Legislature to cap the price of insulin in Wisconsin at $100 per 30-day supply. The pharmaceutical companies that control insulin pricing should be ashamed. This law can help put some humanity back into our healthcare system by making insulin more affordable for thousands of people. Help make this legislation a reality.  If Colorado can do it, so can Wisconsin, and so can every state so that no matter where a diabetic lives, they can access life-saving medication without emptying their bank accounts.  Learn more about Type 1 Diabetes at Please add your signature to this document to show your government representatives, Reps. Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg), Jill Billings (D-LaCrosse), Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) and Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), that you support the Wisconsin Insulin Price Cap Bill. This will help Wisconsin families everywhere live easier while managing the auto-immune disease, type 1 diabetes. Help to end disparities in the type 1 diabetes community so all families of different socioeconomic circumstances managing the condition can live easier with it.  The official definition for type 1 diabetes, as told by JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is: "Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s immune system. T1D seems to have a genetic component and can be diagnosed early in life but also in adulthood. Its causes are not fully known, and there is currently no cure. People with T1D are dependent on injected or pumped insulin to survive." Type 1 diabetes effects approximately 1.25 million Americans. Of this number, 200,000 are youth. Insulin is NOT a cure for type 1 diabetes. It is a necessary treatment that helps people managing type 1 diabetes survive. Should this bill go through, people managing type 1 diabetes can be less stressed about the cost and reach better blood-glucose levels to live better with the condition. Learn more about T1D community disparities here: Learn more about the bill here: Watch this petition for updates.

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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services

Liquid Gold: The Quest for Affordable Insulin for ALL

One vial of insulin. Just one vial equals $800. Let me spell that out for you. E-I-G-H-T. H-U-N-D-R-E-D. D-O-L-L-A-R-S. For those without health insurance, this is a sickening, disgusting, unfortunate, and heartbreaking truth. Every few weeks. For me, and so many others, this country has put a price tag on our very lives. ...and it’s $800.   My name is Tim. I’m 34, from a small town in upstate South Carolina, and an insulin-dependent (Type I) diabetic. I was diagnosed at the age of 13, and the sudden and unexpected diagnosis, literally, killed me. I was in an intensive care unit under close watch for 2 weeks, and in the hospital altogether for more than 3. Everything changed. I was thrown into a whirlwind of new diets and new emotions and new habits. After settling in, I joined with the teen board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and began seeing the first pediatric endocrinologist in our area. I was a poster child for pump therapy, shared my testimony at public events and seminars, and visited other children with diabetes to encourage and enlighten them. I’m thankful to be alive. So many have fallen victim to this monster. A cure has always been in our sight. I always tried to stay positive. There’s still breath inside my lungs. I have a loving, supportive family. I was given this disease so that another child, somewhere across the world, who couldn’t afford the medicine can live, uninhibited and full. Unfortunately, a cure has yet to come. Sadly, it’s not affordable for anyone. When I was first diagnosed, I could walk into a pharmacy with the cash in my wallet and buy my “months worth of life.” $200 to $400. 4 to 5. Now, it’s $800. insulin isn’t the only drug. There are many more. Tell me true, Big Pharma — how many billions is enough billions? How many have to ration medication and DIE before you’re satisfied? I’m down to my last reservoir fill, and waiting — praying — that I get a call next week to tell me not to worry. Until I have to worry again, of course. If we are to die, we’ve paid enough for an explanation, at the very least. We won’t stand for this anymore. I won’t stand for this anymore. If I’m to die, you better believe it’ll be for my brothers and my sisters for whom I fight. We’re YOUR brothers. We are YOUR sisters. If you would take the time to sign this petition, it would be SO greatly appreciated. It’s time we change this world. It’s our world. There are many petitions before this. Of this, I’m sure. Let’s make this one the last. Thank you for your time. #affordableinsulinforall

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Make Life Saving Insulin More Affordable

It's time for all Tennesseeans to have affordable insulin! My son, Trevon was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4. We are fortunate enough to have good health insurance to cover the expensive cost of insulin and other diabetic related supplies.  Diabetics that are unable to afford their insulin run the risk of many health problems: Blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, limb loss, depression, and death. Although diabetes has been around for centuries along with insulin, drug manufactures continue to raise the costs for this medicine versus developing a cure. I believe that families shouldn't have to worry about how they will buy life-sustaining medication while giant pharmaceutical companies rake in record-setting profits. This petition is not asking for free insulin. It is asking for fair pricing for medications that are needed to sustain life. Only we, the people of the United States of America can change things. Only we, are able to make our voices heard, raise awareness, and put a cap on what a diabetic has to spend monthly on a medication that they need to live and be a functional member of society.  Canada’s price for insulin is $90, and Colorado recently passed an insulin price cap of $100 per month. It's time for Tennessee to join Colorado in passing a price cap on this life-saving drug. The insulin price cap in Colorado has shown that it’s possible for states to take control of outrageous insulin pricing and as a result, to save lives. It’s time for Tennessee to join them in protecting Tennesseans with diabetes from avoidable health risks. I urge you to look into the legislation that Colorado passed as a potential example for Tennessee to follow.

Richard Garrett
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Petition to Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Dave Ricks, Eli Lilly and Company, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Open Letter to Indiana Chamber: Awarding Eli Lilly CEO Regardless of Unethical Practices

An Open Letter Addressed to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce I am shocked and dismayed that CEO Dave Ricks has received the Ogletree Deakins Business Leader of the Year. By awarding Ricks you have dismissed the unethical actions of Eli Lilly and Company under his leadership. There is currently an insulin price crisis in the United States. One that has existed for years and continues to be exacerbated by insulin manufactures, pharmacy benefit managers, and insurance companies. Eli Lilly and Company is a primary cause of this crisis. During Ricks’ time at Eli Lilly, the price for one vial of Humalog, a popular analog insulin manufactured by Eli Lilly, increased by 1,480% (from $21 in 1999 to $332 in 2019 per vial). Many people living with insulin-dependent diabetes use two to four vials per month. This insulin price-hike is accompanied by no change to the insulin analog formula.  I am a person living with Type 1 Diabetes. This means that my body does not produce insulin and I rely on injected insulin every day. Eli Lilly and Co. is one of three major companies that produce insulin in the U.S. Insulin is as necessary as oxygen. Every human being requires insulin to live, but for those of us with insulin-dependent diabetes, we have to pay exorbitant prices for this vital hormone. Our community has seen tragedy and death because of the high cost of insulin. Some have turned to online black-markets to share insulin. Some have tried Patient Assistance Programs only to be denied, confused, or left helpless. Some have sacrificed their careers, savings, and rent, all to afford insulin. Some have rationed their insulin causing life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis.  On June 27, 2017 the diabetes community lost Alec Smith, a 26 year-old man who was unable to afford his insulin. Out of this tragedy and hearts of advocates came a law in his honor, the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act of Minnesota. Under this Act, Minnesota residents can access a 30-day emergency supply of insulin at the pharmacy for no more than $35. Hours before the legislation took effect on July 1, 2020, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, filed a lawsuit against Minnesota.  Dave Ricks serves on the board and is the chairman-elect of the PhRMA. Both PhRMA and Eli Lilly use lawsuits, patent abuse, and lobbying power to silence the efforts of patient advocates. Under the leadership of Ricks, they take advantage of our vulnerable community simply because they can.  Words from the Diabetes Community The company I work for was ranked #1 Best Place to Work in Indiana for 2020. Despite this I struggle to afford the Eli Lilly insulin that is manufactured in my hometown. Therefore, I am required to obtain Eli Lilly insulin through advocates online willing to supply me. When I cannot find insulin through my online diabetic community, I purchase Eli Lilly insulin from Canada at a fraction of the price. Because of this I do not feel that my life is valued by David Ricks, Eli Lilly or my local community. - Tommy LeStourgeon During my pregnancy I lost my job which resulted in me losing my insurance. Because I was pregnant though I was able to get on State insurance and was taken care of medically. 4 months after My son’s birth my state insurance expired and my husband made too much to get back on state insurance but not enough for us as a family to afford health insurance that covered my diabetic needs. I was desperate. I had insulin but not enough to last more than 6 months. And no way could I afford $1500 a month on inulin. So Was forced to ration. This led to numerous DKA where I almost lost my life as well as Irreversible damage done to my eyes and kidneys. The fact that a drug that I need to be able to survive costs so much that I have to choose between feeding my son, being a present mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend is absolutely disgusting and sad. People are losing their lives over this. Eli Lilly should take this into consideration and lower their prices so this STOPS happening  - Natalie Swanson  I have struggled to survive due to the business practices of Eli Lilly under David Ricks leadership. I have had to buy insulin from Canada for $35 per vial shipped to me from Turkey. The insulin I received was the same Eli Lilly insulin that at my neighborhood pharmacy blocks from my house was almost $300 per vial. I have had to ration my insulin to make it last as long as I could. This leads to not controlling my blood sugar causing further complications that impact my life and finances as well. I ask as someone who lives with the struggle to survive daily due to David Ricks unethical business practices that you give this award to someone who shows Hoosier hospitality in their business practices towards the people not only of Indiana, but the world.  - Craig Miller from Greenwood, IN I am deeply disturbed to see the Indiana Chamber of Commerce celebrate CEO Dave Ricks regardless of his company’s unethical business practices. Furthermore, I expect you to hold the executives accountable for the actions of their companies. As a member of the diabetes community I ask the following of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce: Acknowledge the grievances of the diabetes community. Meet with an independent patient-led advocate coalition to discuss the unethical business practices of Eli Lilly and Company.  Urge Dave Ricks and PhRMA to drop the lawsuit against the state of Minnesota. Urge Dave Ricks and Eli Lilly and Co. to substantially lower the list price of insulin. Revoke this award.  To conclude, I will leave you with the words of Sir Frederick Banting, a true leader who pioneered the extraction of insulin and sold its patent for $1. “Insulin belongs to the world, not to me.” Caylan Fazio Type 1 Diabetic  Columbus, Ohio   Please share this letter and petition with the hashtags #insulin4all and #ProtectAlecsBill. Those living with insulin-dependent diabetes (or caretakers) are welcome to reach out to me via social media to include your story and name in this open letter.

Caylan Fazio
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