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Innocently Jailed

8 years. That’s how long it’s been since a man has not been able to see his loved ones on a daily basis. 8 years of missed birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals; 2,920 days. No one seems to be listening or even care though. MY Grandfather. The man who was so influential in my upbringing; the man who i acquired my love of history from and the love of cooking. The man who was WRONGFULLY convicted because of a biased judge and a prosecutor who is no longer allowed to hold a lawyer license. The man who was WRONGFULLY convicted because investigators didn’t succeed in their duties to find truth. This blog is for him. This blog is being written of hopes to bring light to his situation and justice for him. MY Grandfather.       It was January 31st, 2009. The bustle of the holidays were finally over and everyone was getting back to their busy schedules of school and work. My mother had made a fantastic beef stew; she always made big dinners on Sundays in hopes to bring the family together before another busy week. As we were sitting down to dinner, there was a knock at the door. My grandfather went to the door to answer it, and there were two detectives standing there. They were there to arrest my grandfather. A few things happened in that moment; My grandfather looked at the detectives in astonishment, my father standing there asking questions (there were so many as to be expected), and my mother was trying to calm us children. The only thing the detectives would tell us was that they needed my grandfather to come down to the station and that he would be home soon. We, of course, followed them down to the station so my grandpa would have a ride home. (I was worried about leaving him with no way to get home) I just couldn’t process what was going on. After what felt like years of waiting in the family crisis center, we were told to go home and my father would get a call to pick up my grandfather from the police station. Little did we know, they had already booked and prepared my grandfather for a couple of nights in jail. It wasn’t until later that night (almost one in the morning) that we found what my grandfather was being charged with: my cousin was accusing my grandfather of molesting him. I still can’t believe it as I’m writing this blog. The man who served 20+ years in the military; the man who always made us breakfast on Saturday/Sunday mornings; the man who helped EVERY person who came across his path. (It didn’t matter if it was financially or needing a place to stay. He was always up for the challenge) It just didn’t add up. My youngest brother was the most heart broken I think. He would constantly spend the night in my grandfather’s room because he hated sharing a room with our other brother.      Fast forward through the 60K+ lawyer who was less than helpful, and MANY recants from people who testified AGAINST my grandfather, he was convicted to 57 years in prison. There was no closure for ANY of us. There was no evidence against my grandfather and the case was never reopened even AFTER the situation of the prosecutor bribing judges for convictions was brought to light. He still sits in that cell 77 miles away from his family. I ask that you share this blog in hopes of getting some attention and answer for my family. I ask you share this to bring in hopes to bring peace in a situation that wasn’t handled properly. 

Sarah Brown
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Please help me save my Son

My son Jonathan McQuitty was arrested on August 25th 2014 for possession of child pornography. We explained to his lawyer that he had just bought the computer on line a month prior and that the he had a open WIFI. His lawyer (public defender) showed no interest of helping him and just wanted him to take a plea bargain but my son refused. My son took a polygraph test and passed it with flying colors, he took a forensic psychological sexual test and also passed it with a 100% showing that his mind did not think like a pedophiles mind and his lawyer still refused to show the test results to the prosecutor. We asked to hire a forensic computer specialist to view his computer and to see the dates to when those pictures were installed in to the computer and the lawyer refused to let us hire one, without his approval the prosecutor would not turn over the computer.We even showed him a big mistake on the affidavit for a search warrant that the FBI turned in to the judge to have signed, to which it was dated August 15th 2014 and he stated that on August 28th 2014 he recovered a disk from my son showing that he was in possession of child pornography and we explained how did he have it 2 weeks in advance and the lawyer just said that it was a simple typo. He went through 3 public defenders in less than 2 years, the second one retired after only a month and a half. When he got the new public defender he met with my son once before court then explained to the judge that they were ready for trial. Throughout the course of many many court hearings he had one judge the expressed that the case and the charges didn't seem right, she was supposed to be the judge for his trial and my sons attorney and the prosecutor quickly filed a motion to have her replaced. My son ended up getting 272 years in a maximum prison here in Arizona where he is in solitary confinement, he has never been arrested, gotten in to trouble or even gotten a parking ticket. There are murders and actual child molesters who have molested and raped children who get less time and my son has received a double life sentence for crimes that he didn't commit for pictures that were not even his. We need your help, we have not talked to him or seen him in over 2 months and my son has no business being in prison.

nadine denise
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