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Petition to Clear Channel Communications, New York Times

We need 10,000 signatures to get an innocent man, Manuel Pacheco out of prison.

INNOCENT MAN GETS 9 TO LIFE IN KILLING OF GIRL, 11 Over three decades ago, the body of an 11 year old girl was found molested and drowned, floating face down in a shallow pond near her home in Massapequa. Based largely on the accounts of two former girlfriends, a Los Angeles man stood trial in Mineola for her murder. Manuel Pacheco, 35, who had lived near Angela Marie Wong and was a childhood friend of her brother, was 15 when prosecutors said that he killed her after she resisted a sexual assault. Because of his age then he was tried in Nassau County Court as a juvenile and faced a maximum of 9 years to life in prison if convicted. He has maintained his innocence throughout. We just received DNA evidence that was suppressed during the trial that proves Manuel Pacheco did not kill Angela Wong.  The DNA report also clearly identifies whose DNA was actually found on Angela Wong's body.  There is also evidence showing the coroner on record changed the time of death so as to ensure Manuel Pacheco could be found guilty. Manuel Pacheco has served 17 years for a murder he did not commit and it's time to free this man who is currently being held at Great Meadow State Prison facility.  He also needs letters and cards of support to show the prison he's in that people care, so PLEASE share his address with all your friends and family and send him cards and letters showing him and the prison you care and that he has support.  He's been through a lot of dangerous situations while locked up and letters and cards would show them he has support and people have not forgotten about him.  Thank you. Manuel Pacheco 04A1923 Great Meadow Correctional Facility PO Box 51 Comstock, NY  12821-0051

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Petition to Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, Mark Obenshain, Tony Wilt, B.J. Rosen, Vered Rabia, Marvin Anderson, Dr. Eric Lander, Harold W. Clarke, Saman Aghaebrahim, Clark Mercer, Governor Terry McAuliffe, Kelly Thomasson

Help Bring Dustin Home

Anthony Dustin McMillan has been sitting in prison for the last 16 years with another decade looming over his head. He has a son who was born the same year he was sentenced, and has never gotten to raise him as he so desperately wants. All the other defendants are out of prison right now. In 2000 Dustin took in a friend who was homeless. Unfortunately, his new friend had a drug addiction and as it turned out later, this former friend was convicted of robbery and several incidents of vandalism, for which a detective claimed Dustin was also present. A short time after this person was arrested, the detective arrested Dustin and assumed guilt by association, despite two alibis stating he was home with them. Dustin was convicted of the robbery that took place in Penn Laird, Virginia on the primary evidence that a detective claimed Dustin gave a full confession that Dustin participated in the crimes. However, the detective did not record the alleged confession; he did not have Dustin fill out a Miranda written statement document; nor did he have Dustin sign the detective's own hand written notes that the detective took during the alleged confession. Furthermore, the detective destroyed the hand written notes that had been taken during the alleged confession the day after the notes were written (even though the detective claims he normally saves his notes until after a case is closed). Dustin claimed he asked for a lawyer during initial questioning; the detective said Dustin did not. The eye-witness clerk at the convenience store could not identify Dustin as being there. The finger print evidence came back inconclusive, but only after that part of the trial was over. The pants the prosecution was going to use to tie Dustin to the crime had to be thrown out as evidence because no one was wearing pants like those during the robbery, the eye witness and video footage proved.  Due to judiciary time limits Dustin is virtually barred from relief through court proceedings. In Dustin's case he was forced to prove he did not confess to a crime he did not commit. Is this justice? Recently the Innocence Project had to close a year-long investigation into Dustin's case because there was no newly discovered evidence that could get him back into court. They reached out to the co-defendant who said he would make it up to Dustin and state the truth: that Dustin was not in fact there, but he became unreachable. It was pointed out to Dustin by the Innocence Project Rep that all the errors in his case are in violation of laws and rights, but it was on his lawyer at the beginning of his case in 2001 to cite and properly handle, a lawyer who has had disciplinary review and charged with several drug charges over the years. Dustin was even told that from the prosecution’s point of view a violation of Dustin's rights is "a means to justify the ends". In the time Dustin has spent in prison he has completed his G.E.D., he has completed the Custodial Maintenance and Carpentry vocational trade programs. He has not committed any acts of violence while incarcerated, remaining on good behavior with no ties to gangs.  Dustin has remained employed almost every day since 2004, doing jobs ranging from houseman (equivalent to a janitor), library aide, Rosette Stone aide, Library clerk, and prison newsletter reporter/composer. Dustin has family and friends awaiting his return to the free world, many of whom will ensure an easy and productive transition back into society. He has a knack for creativity, building original design model robots out of cardboard and stuff that many would consider garbage. He has even made board games while incarcerated & has a list of ideas and products he intends to create in an effort to one day build a business that his family and friends can participate in, to build something that future generations of his family can build upon. One of the most important things that Dustin seeks to be involved in is the life of his son. Dustin has stated many times the trouble his heart feels at not having the opportunity to be a proper father.  He hopes to make up for this with his son when he is free. It is with this petition that we hope to find Dustin an early release from prison. He currently has a petition in for clemency to seek a reduction of his sentence to have two years left to serve. Again, it should be noted that the three other individuals involved in the case all received 16 years or less, and one individual had 5 separate cases and at least 6 more charges than Dustin.Those individuals are all free now, yet Dustin received 31 years and has many more to serve. You do not have to sign this petition because you have an opinion on Dustin's guilt or innocence, you can sign simply because you feel Dustin should be released from prison, that he has served enough time and deserves a second chance in free society. Please help bring Dustin home.  Any Questions you'd like to ask him directly: Anthony D. Mcmillan #1042366 LVCC 82-204 1607 Planters Rd. Lawrenceville, VA 23868-3350 Or on, Inmate: Anthony McMillian (they spelled his name wrong- with an 'i'). If using jpay, out of courtesy please consider sending a prepaid stamp back. Also, facebook is not regularly used, but you can see his pictures and drawings:

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Petition to Andrew Cuomo, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Innocence Project

Free Gary The Innocent Thibodeau

We the people of the United States, are asking for you, to Free Gary the Innocent Thibodeau. Gary was incarcerated for the Easter 1994 kidnapping of Heidi Allen. We the citizens not only of Oswego, New York, but across the country have seen this case unfold over the last several years. We feel this is a grave injustice that took place over two decades ago, to our community and to Gary Thibodeau and his family.   FBI Unabomber and Waco Texas profiler, Clint VanZandt. Profiled the kidnapper in the Heidi Allen. Clint believes a man named Michael Bohrer, kidnapped Heidi Allen. Bohrer's name was with held from the ORIGINAL defense and he has a history of violence against women. Including a prior attempted kidnapping, and he is the prime suspect in a beating to a female in Beacon, New York. Bohrer was listed as a person of suspicion in 1995, by FBI, in the Heidi Allen case. 73 pieces of evidence were obtained off from Gary's property in 1994 and tested through FBI labs. Not one item linked Gary to the crime that he was incarcerated for. Not one witness has ever pointed to Gary on the scene. FBI testified in 1995 that there was no link to Gary or the kidnapping of Heidi Allen. The arrest to Gary Thibodeau confused the FBI profiler, Clint VanZandt so much. That he returned home to look through his work on this case, to see if he had missed anything. He still insists there is no link and claims it was Michael Bohrer who fit his profile and whom kidnapped Heidi Allen. New information has been unearthed with overwhelming evidence of Gary's innocence, by Federal Attorney Lisa Peeble. New evidence, new leads, new suspects. Several names of which, were with held from Gary's original defense team in 1995.  The constant stops and starts and interminable delays in the hearing, to where the case is now in 2017 are unacceptable to the public. This petition is to request, with consent of "The People," to release Gary Thibodeau and Exonerate him or to give Gary Thibodeau a new, fair and just trial. Our laws are designed to protect us through all processes of our life. Our laws are designed so that if "ten guilty flee, it is better than for one innocent to suffer."   By signing, you agree, that Gary Thibodeau's rights were violated and are requesting; "WE THE PEOPLE," WANT GARY THIBODEAU TO BE RELEASED FROM PRISON OR  A NEW TRIAL ORDERED IMMEDIATLY. IN HOPES THIS MATTER CAN FINALLY BE SETTLED IN A TRUE MANNER OF JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS DEFINED BY OUR LAWS.  

Gary Thibodeau
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