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Petition to Douglas Southall Freeman High School, Mr. Andrew Mey, Dr. Patrick C. Kinlaw, Lisa A. Marshall

Remove the Rebel as Freeman High School's Mascot

       In light of recent events, I feel now more than ever that a change needs to be made. Freeman was founded in 1954, the year that desegregation of schools began in Virginia. One third of our school's population identifies as a minority. The Rebel no longer represents the school we are, and in many ways never did.         While many Freeman students are used to the mascot and see nothing wrong with it, others see a legacy of hate that does not line up with the diverse and accepting school we are. The mascot was made as a tribute to the Confederacy. When the school was founded, Dixie was the fight song, the mascot was a Confederate soldier called Rebel Man, and the Confederate flag was even flown frequently at games. While most of these racist displays have been removed, the Rebel name is alive and well.         I am a current student in the Leadership Center at Freeman, but I almost went to a different school because of the strong negative associations towards the Rebel name. I am certain that for each of those students like me who discovered how wonderful this school is by giving it a chance, there are those who missed that opportunity because they were repelled by the name. I face a strange dichotomy that I know many students face— I could not have more pride in being a Freeman student, but I feel ashamed every time I tell someone I am a Rebel.         The original Rebel Man logo still appears on some sports gear with the defense that sports gear is funded by boosters, not the school directly. The school admits that Rebel Man is offensive, yet some of our school sports teams proudly wear his image. These teams are drawn to the Rebel Man not with the desire to be racist or offensive, but simply because they so strongly desire a mascot. If the name could be changed from the Rebels then we could finally show our pride for our school without also giving credence to a racist symbol of the past. Imagine being able to cheer as a mascot took the field at games. A mascot that represents the entire student population with no racist imagery attached.        In the past, movements to change the name have been met with resistance, claiming that the Rebels isn't an offensive name. However, I hope that with all that has happened these past weeks in our own state, that we can see which side of history we would like to be on. For all who claim that the name is an honor to state history, I say we should instead focus on making our own history. Please sign this petition to remove the Rebel name from Douglas Southall Freeman High School.

Conor Battle
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Petition to Principal Preisser

Make Lunch Time longer

Liberty High School is a populated high school. There is around 2,000 or more students enrolled in Liberty. Last year we had about an hour for lunch , which was perfect for everyone . Students were able to get food and socialize , especially the fact that there is a lot of students in both A lunch and B lunch and it would be easier to get food and also have time to sit and eat peacefully instead of being rushed . They also took away the right to go off campus and eat lunch , (when that is a district privilege so it shouldn't be taken away) with enough time to eat. We also had the chance during lunch time to be able to make up for anything in classes . In this new year we have a new Principal, Gary Preisser . Personally all my four years of high school I have had different principals . As new administration come they come with new rules as usual. We can adapt to other rules which it would be fine but cutting our lunch time to 35 minutes is not enough for anybody in A lunch and B lunch. I have heard many opinions about this and what I found most commonly one was that the lines are too long and by the time you get to sit and eat it's already time to head to class. So in other words Liberty High school and Gary Preisser should Sit down and come up with at least a better alternative for our students and teachers. Overall I believe this change is affecting students performance, this needs to be properly addressed to our new principal. Sign this petition so we can show the administration and make our voices heard.

Liberty Students
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