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Petition to Ossining UFSD, Ossining High School, Ossining Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools, Ossining High School Principal, Ossining Superintendent of Schools

Prevent Ossining High School From Having Substitutes During Teacher Absences

Please consider signing our petition if you agree with the following: It has come to our attention as the student body of Ossining High School, that as of Monday, February 12th 2018 a new rule will be put in place at our school, which revokes upperclassmen from receiving off periods when their teachers are not present. We as the student body understand the concern that students do not use this additional time wisely, however having substitute teachers instead will not solve this dilemma. Many students, though admittedly not all, use off periods to study, complete work assigned by their absent teacher or get started on the plethora of homework they receive each day. Additionally, students without a lunch period can have the rare chance to eat at a reasonable time during the day. As students we do not see additional off periods as a reward, we do not celebrate that class may be cancelled, we see it as an opportunity to continue to learn, simply just not in a classroom. However, the biggest concern we have is that substitute teacher implementation will take away this chance, and further, the work we do when a substitute is present is sub par and not satisfactory to both ourselves and our teacher. Many of us students take AP, SUNY and other advanced courses that require teaching from only our teachers, teachers that understand how difficult course work is, and how best to help us understand.  Furthermore, if our teachers do leave sub work, we do not have the opportunity to ask questions or get help, as substitute teachers do not necessarily specialize in the field they are subbing for. The material we learn with substitutes are often not well understood and will mitigate the teachers ability to move on is our lessons. It is also vital we acknowledge why substitutes were removed from all upperclassmen classes years ago. In order to better redistribute the money in the High School, substitutes were removed, allowing for other departments and causes to receive much needed and deserved funds. One must question where the money to reinstate substitutes came from. If the funds to do this are from hard working tax paying families, it would be only fair that the families and students of Ossining be involved in this decision. As far as the students of OHS know, we weren't involved and neither were our parents. This leads us to wonder what true motives support this decision, and if there were steps to pass this rule, this mistake would never have occurred. Therefore, it would be much more beneficial for our education if the rules in our school remained the same, that if our teacher is absent, class would be cancelled. This leaves it up to the teacher to assign work, and for the students to do that work to the best of their ability outside of a classroom. Allow us as growing students to study, work and be treated like adults without this new rule. We appreciate your concerns that additional off periods are detrimental to our education, but giving us substitute teachers every time our teachers are absent, is tremendously worse. Thank you for listening, we hope you will consider doing what is best for us students.

Ossining High School Students
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Petition to Secretary of Education

Release the Names of Secondary Schools Under Investigation for Mishandling Cases of Sexual Assault

Last year multiple teenage girls in our hometown of Norman, OK were raped by the same classmate and then bullied out of their school. Their peers blamed and shamed them, and the school administration was ill-equipped to handle these cases. The perpetrator wasn’t arrested until we formed the group Yes All Daughters and staged a protest in response to the school administration's mishandling of these cases. We must hold schools like Norman High accountable for their inaction. Sign our petition to tell the Department of Education it is time they release the names of secondary schools under investigation for the criminal negligence of sexual assault cases. High school girls are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault, yet too many schools nationwide are not being proactive in combating rape and sexual violence among their students. After our protest at Norman High School, Oklahoma passed a law to train teachers and administrators on how to respond to survivors of sexual assault to prevent further re-victimization. This year we helped pass key provisions of the Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015 – a law that requires schools to implement education programs to prevent sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Under Title IX, every student has the right to go to school free from sexual harassment and gender-based violence and discrimination. This includes bullying of sexual assault survivors. In most cases administrators fail to understand their obligation under the law to protect victims. Incompetence in sexual assault cases is far too common. It is the responsibility of administrators to protect our children, and when they fail to do so they must be held accountable. Over the past few years the epidemic of sexual assault at colleges and universities has become national news. The Department of Education released a list of colleges and universities under investigation for Title IX violations in their handling of sexual assault cases -- but this information is not available publicly for middle and high schools. Join us in demanding the Department of Education publish the list of high schools being investigated for violating Title IX. Learn more about Yes All Daughters Learn more about SafeBAE  

Yes All Daughters
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Petition to The Governor of the State of New Jersey, The Senate President / Assembly Speaker of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Office of Legislative Services

Student Samaritan Initiative - Require Teens to Submit Proof of CPR Training to the DMV

Over 350,000 out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur annually, as reported by the American Heart Association. Unfortunately only 8% of these victims survive, with barely a fraction of these who walk out of the hospital. "In cities such as Seattle, Washington, where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is widespread and emergency medical services (EMS) response time to defibrillation is short, the survival rate for witnessed ventricular fibrillation (VF) is about 30%; and WHEREAS, Conversely, in cities such as New York City, where few victims receive bystander CPR and time to EMS response and defibrillation is longer, survival from sudden VF cardiac arrest averages under 2%; and WHEREAS, When combined with a timely response by emergency medical services, CPR can drastically increase a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival; and WHEREAS, Encouraging boards of education to include CPR training as part of the high school curriculum will provide students with crucial life-saving instruction and will drastically increase the safety of the State’s citizens"- Assembly Resolution No. 13; State of New Jersey 214th Legislature But there’s something we can do to change this. According to the American Heart Association and recent scientific research, effective and proper bystander CPR can double, or even triple a victim's chance of survival. With better training comes better survival outcomes. The High School Association of Medical Engineers & Scientists, Inc. (HAMES), a New Jersey based Nonprofit Organization run by high school students, has launched the Student Samaritan Initiative to challenge these statistics.  The Student Samaritan Initiative Project has two incentives: 1). Dispatch our certified Instructors to at least one school in every county in New Jersey, and promote free hands-only CPR & AED training. 2). Petition the State of New Jersey to make an amendment to the Assembly Bill A2027 regarding the enforcement of CPR training in schools. On August 20th, 2014, the State of New Jersey had passed a Moderate Partisan Bill that required high schools to integrate a form of CPR training within the health curriculum (certification not required) prior to a high school student’s graduation. Although the establishment of this Bill is a major step towards improving Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival rates in the community, HAMES feels this act can be further strictly enforced and regulated.  In the name of the Student Samaritan Initiative, HAMES and the people of New Jersey are petitioning the State of New Jersey to make an amendment that requires minors to provide proof of CPR training to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission during the application of a probationary driving permit.  It is our hope that with this enactment, New Jerseyans will be comforted to a high degree with the guaranteed assurance that the entire generation of new drivers have received quality training in the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an AED. By signing this petition, you’ll express your support towards this major impact and the continued mission of turning students into samaritans. To learn more about the cause, visit

High School Association of Medical Engineers & Scientists, Inc. (HAMES)
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