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Unreasonable Living Conditions for UW Haggett Residents

Living in Haggett Hall has made my life a living hell. I have experienced sicknesses that are unusual and unexplainable due to the asbestos and mold all over the dorm. I can visibly see mold on the walls and have even received emails from the housing administration warning me about the mold in the dorm. There is no air conditioning in this dorm which makes it extremely hard to breathe in closed quarters and I am nauseous all the time. Haggett Hall was supposed to be demolished in 2016, but due to the pandemic and the schools sole motive to make money, it was reopened as a solution to the influx of students in 2021. Health is not something you can buy, and time is not something I can buy back. The countless hours that I and others have laid awake unable to sleep in this dorm is not something money can buy. Haggett Hall is going to be taken down as a living option next year, but students should not have ever had to live here this year. It was the only alternative due to the high amount of incoming students that the school could not accommodate. Do not let students health go unnoticed. If you have experienced hardship and unusual health problems due to Haggett Hall this past year, please sign this petition. UW needs to do a better job at caring for their students. I would like to bring this problem to administration; the more signatures the better. Thank you. -Samantha Huang

Samantha Huang
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Petition to The Citizens of Shasta County and California

#STOPTHEMANDATE Help stop the unconstitutional mandate being forced on frontline workers

We are purpose drive healthcare workers, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, county, city, and state workers, community members, and private industry workers dedicated to the betterment of our patients, students, and community. We are here to protect the freedom to choose medical treatments. Politicians and private companies have over step their authority to mandate a vaccination taking the choice away from their citizens and employees. This group of healthcare workers and community members are standing for your right to choose. This is just the beginning of more government policies deciding your healthcare. We must stand against this oppression of the government to protect patients rights, informed consent, and a patients right to decline treatment. If they are not stoped here they will come for more private sector jobs and our children. As healthcare and frontline essential workers we stood between the fear, panic, and misinformation when the Pandemic of Covid came into our community. We treated our patients and community with care and compassion knowing we could get infected and bring COVID back to our families. We did get COVID and did bring it back to our families. We survived, we grew stronger, we went back to work to hold the line again knowing we could be reinfected, and go through the same fear and panic of will this be the time I end up in the hospital. Now many of us have antibodies, we have built resistance to Covid. We have learned to live with the disease. And we are still holding the line protecting our patients and community. Providing care and compassion as our patient and community members continue to have the choice to choose medical treatments. We will be here now and in the future as God has called us to care for the sick and injured and provide safety in our community. We are purpose drive healthcare workers, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, county, city, and state, community members, and private industry workers dedicated to the betterment of our patients, students, and community. The governments mandates along with our employers have come to threaten us, and take the very purpose we have been given. Where will you be when the workers who stood the line are gone, and what is left is a broken government system of healthcare. Stand with us as we fight for your right to choose. We have and will always be here fighting for you. Please stand and unite with us standing for medical freedom. Sign this petition standing for the freedom of choice in your medical treatment. Joining us in future protests, legal action, and strike if the need arises. The question must you ask yourself next is. If you don’t stand up now what choice will be left in the future.

Authur Gorman
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Petition to New York Transco, Town of Dover, Dover Plains, Dutchess County, Con Edison, NATIONAL GRID, Dutchess Land Conservancy, Housatonic Valley Association, The Oblong Land Conservancy, Senator Sue Serino

No More Power Facilities in Dover [Dover Plains/Wingdale]

Did you know there are FOUR NEW POWER FACILITIES being planned in our town at the intersection of Rte. 22 and Cricket Hill Rd in Dover Plains, New York? The primary project is quickly moving through the Town of Dover Planning Board review process, so the time to act is now! We are already overburdened with major utility infrastructure in this town, and similar projects are passing through the Planning Board one after another. These FOUR new projects are in addition to the existing massive fracked gas 1.1gw Cricket Valley Energy plant, the towering 345kv Con Edison high voltage transmission lines, the interstate Iroquois Pipeline, the Iroquois Gas Trasmission Facility, and a 9,300 panel solar facility,. All of this is within a 1/4 mile of schools, farms, homes, businesses, nature preserves and our water sources. When are we supposed to say enough is enough? Next time another facility comes in? It is time we all say, NO MORE! ENOUGH! The first project by New York Transco, a subsidiary of National Grid and Con Edison. At this facility they propose installing (2) giant towers, (9) tall lighting masts and heavy electrical equipment on the southeast corner of Rte. 22 and Cricket Hill Road. They will install high voltage power lines across Cricket Hill Rd., connecting to the Con Edison power lines. The proposed site is a former dump that has never been properly remediated, and the company has not proposed a plan to remediate the site. The site is directly adjacent to the Great Swamp preserve, a National Interior Landmark. The preserve has a fragile ecosystem, rare and endangered species, and we must ensure that it is protected from contamination caused by possible construction of the facility. The second project is a natural gas transmission facility. It is located at 186 Dover Furnace Road, in the same vicinity as the other projects. It calls for the additional installation of one new 12,000 hp natural gas- fired turbine in a new building with associated cooling, filter separators, and other facilities connecting to Iroquois’ existing 24-inch- diameter mainline and expansion of the existing compressor station fence-line within the property boundary. This is in addition to the existing 10,310 hp (7691 kW) gas fired turbine. Iroquois is proposing to more than double the capacity of this site in our small town. The third project is project is on an 18 acre parcel in the same vicinity. It is currently being evaluated to generate hydrogen gas for the Cricket Valley Energy Plant. The facility will draw 500,000 gallons of water per day from our aquifer, our only water source. There are concerns about not only depleting the water source, but contaminating it. The aquifer sits in a valley, which can lead to contamination from nearby polluted wells above the valley (i.e. the contaminated well at Dover High School), and nearby "dirty sites." Protection of the aquifer, our only water source, is an absolute necessity. The fourth project is planned on a 68 acre parcel just northeast of the Transco project off the intersection of Cricket Hill Rd. and Rte. 22. It will be located adjacent to the Con Edison power lines, and less than 500 feet from the Dover High School, and many homes. Few details are known, but the company is currently evaluating the site for a large scale project. They have leased the land with an option to buy, IF they have the support and approval they need. This site is toxic, and an EPA registered Superfund site. We make the following requests/points/demands to the Town of Dover Planning Board regarding the Transco project: To apply/designate this as a SEQRA "Type 1" action, requiring a thorough Environmental Impact/Assessment.  The Transco site is adjacent to a designated CEA (Critical Environmental Area), The Great Swamp. It is a designated National Interior Landmark, and a precious asset to our Town. The proposed site is an un-remediated dump/junk yard, is adjacent to critical wetlands, our water sources, schools, homes, businesses, farms, endangered animals and plant species. Transco has not proposed a proper cleanup of the site, and seem reluctant to do so. The proposed action will involve heavy construction, blasting, digging and disturbance of potentially toxic/contaminated soil which can create runoff into adjacent ditches, streams, wetlands, ponds and adjacent wells. Require independent analysis by engineers, experts, and studies hired by the Town at Transco's expense. A moratorium on any new utility infrastructure projects until the environmental, health and safety affects of the existing facilities are known/studied further (i.e. air, noise and light pollution from Cricket Valley Energy) on the Town and residents. And until the Town of Dover Master/Comprehensive Plan revisions are completed to ensure this project is in line with the plan.  Submission of an accurate and honest Architectural Resources Survey & Effects Report with an expanded Area of Potential Effects (APE), Limits of Disturbance (LOD) to take into consideration the (2) 140-145ft towers, and (9) 90ft lighting masts. This will dominate the landscape for miles. Determine if Transco is in violation of their agreement with the Public Service Commission (PSC). The agreement states that they would build/rebuild within existing right-of-ways (ROW). This project is outside of the ROW, and would be on newly purchased land. Interestingly enough, Dover was not even in their original plan - why? Has Transco evaluated burying the power lines to reduce the visual impact by eliminating the proposed towers? Establish if Transco is by definition a "public utility," and whether they are exempt from zoning regulations. (industrial use, bordering a residential zone). The current zoning would require a special permit by the Planning Board. Push Transco to consider alternate sites since the facility does not power our town. Supposedly they were turned down by other towns, including municipalities in Connecticut. Demand that Transco perform a "Balloon Test" told help residents visualize the proposed towers. Transco has rejected this request by residents and the Planning Board, why? Request re-assesment of the site and a physical inspection by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Transco was issued a "NPR" (No Permit Required) status based on a report in which we discovered many inconsistencies and falsifications.  The proposed plans include filling wetlands that are connected to the Great Swamp, which flow into the Swamp River and Ten Mile River. Evaluation of the current facilities and infrastructure. We are not aware of any part of the state where this amount of infrastructure intersects (major gas pipeline, natural gas transmission facility, critical high voltage lines, major power plant). What if there was an accident, or even an intentional attack? What would happen to us? Can our First Responders handle it? Consider the Environmental Justice impacts. Dover is considered an environmentally and finically disadvantaged town.  Recognize that these utility infrastructure projects have a significant impact on the health and safety of residents, property values, and the direction of future development in the Town.  Evaluate the long-term future of our Town for the next generations. Is this industrial mess something we what to leave for our children, and grandchildren?  What happened to to the "Aquifer Protection/Overlay District"  and "Stream Corridor Overlay District" that were adopted in 1999? This was hard fought and intended to protect this specific area. Can the proposed facility fit on the site with the required minimum setbacks? Transco's website says they ARE developing this site. That is up to us, and our Planning Board, not a big corporation.  A common argument by these companies, and supporters of these types of projects are tax revenue. These companies always get the better deal, all at the expense of residents/taxpayers. Here's an example: "In exchange for a local property tax break of $11.7 million, Cricket Valley Energy made a PILOT payment to the Town of Dover of $109,521; under the same PILOT agreement, Cricket Valley Energy avoided $59 million in school taxes; their PILOT payment to Dover's school district was $552,559. Other taxes given up by the state and county will total about $23 million."  THESE FACILITIES DO NOT PROVIDE POWER TO OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES, OR OFFER A MEANINGFUL NUMBER OF LOCAL PERMANENT JOBS. SO THE QUESTION IS, WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS?! THESE PROJECTS REQUIRE A "HARD LOOK" BY RESIDENTS, EXPERTS, OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND OUR TOWN PLANNING BOARD.  NO MORE POWER FACILITIES IN OUR TOWN! OUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS NOT AN INDUSTRIAL WASTELAND WHERE FOREIGN COMPANIES, AND BIG CORPORATIONS CAN PILE IN AND DESTROY THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF OUR COMMUNITY, AND COMPROMISE OUR HEALTH AND SAFETY. If you support this cause, please sign the petition and make your voices heard. (The organizers of this petition support green energy initiatives, power infrastructure upgrades, and reducing fossil fuels - but we already have our fair share in Dover. It's time to say no more.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please make your voice heard, and voice your opposition to these key contacts: Town of Dover Board: Richard Yeno, Town Supervisor: Ryan Courtien, Planning Board Chairman: Marilyn Van Millon, Secretary: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to volunteer to help this cause, please text (914) 810-9800.  We have yard signs that read "No More Power Facilities in Our Neighborhood" - if you would like one, please text me at (914) 810-9800 with your name and address. * will automatically ask for a donation, this goes to, and not us. You can simply click “skip” when prompted for a donation. We are not asking for donations, all we ask from you is to sign the petition and spread the word to your friends and family.

Concerned Citizens of Dover
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