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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, Billy Long, Roy Blunt, Mike Parson

Medicare: Stop Denying Medically Necessary Treatment.

Medicare currently denies many medically necessary treatments regarding our health. But “Medicare” does not treat us – our doctors do. As many people know our elderly and disabled people are put on Medicare. Our low income families receive Medicaid. We have paid into this program from working, our taxes, and many other forms of payments we have to make to the government. We should demand coverage for medically necessary treatment – deemed medically necessary by our doctors – NOT by Medicare! They will pay thousands of dollars once your health fails but will not cover preventative treatment? We as Americans deserve better than this. We deserve adequate, dignified and compassionate healthcare especially when we pay them. How can they know each individuals needs based on a one-size-fits-all approach? Personally, I have been denied oral nutrition for life sustaining care because I’m not tube fed, YET. Yes, you really have to be on the verge of death. I have been denied IV hydration because it’s not drug-related. I’ve been referred to a palliative care doctor who in his notes states "if these things are not rectified it will lead to my death". This is where everyone can get involved because at some point everyone will experience this government healthcare. I'm advocating for better healthcare coverage for ALL on Medicare and Medicaid. Our lives matter. Demand Medicare and Medicaid cover your medical needs – medically necessary, life sustaining treatments. You deserve it. We deserve it. Demand Medicare pay for medically necessary, life sustaining treatment!

Kristine Bishop
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Petition to Biogen Idec, Michel Vounatsos, Biogen

Without Spinraza, Zahra will die

By signing this petition, you are literally saving Zahra’s life.  Zahra, a 6 years old girl, has been diagnosed with a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy ("SMA"), which is a terminal, degenerative disease, that takes away a child’s ability to walk, stand, sit, eat, breathe, and even swallow.  SMA is the most common genetic cause of infant death. HOWEVER, a new medication, SPINRAZA™ (nusinersen), not only can stop the disease, it will restore the previous degeneration. Unfortunately, Spinraza is VERY expensive, costing $750,000 USD! Without SPINRAZA™ (nusinersen), Zahra will die.  All you have to do in order to help Zahra is to simply sign this petition requesting Biogen, the company which makes SPINRAZA™, to ease Zahra's access to this medication by either reducing the price or any other way possible to save her life. Please follow Zahra on Twitter: #SaveZahra Zahra's family is working hard to save their little one, but without this drug nothing will save Zahra. To learn more about Zahra and her story please click on the link below: Dear Biogen company, please gift Zahra the compassionate use of SPINRAZA™ (nusinersen) or at lower prices before it is too late. Please support Zahra's family so that this little girl can start her treatment as soon as possible. No kid in this world deserves to be left to gradually or eventually die. Please help saving Zahra's life.    

Ali Dehghannezhad
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Petition to Mental Health America, National Institute of Mental Illness, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Human Rights Campaign, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United Healthcare, Health Net, The Department for Health and Social Care

Mental Health Matters

Mental health is a topic many of us choose to simply ignore, until we lose a loved one or we ourselves go through a difficult time. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health but in today's economy it is not an attainable reality for all. The objective of this petition is affordable mental health care for all regardless of social economical status. Here are some statistics coming from the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( •1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness. •One-half of all chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14; three-quarters by the age of 24. •16.3% Hispanic adults live with a mental health condition. •19.3% White adults live with a mental health condition. •18.6% Black adults live with a mental health condition. •13.9% Asian adults live with a mental health condition. •28.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native adults live with a mental health condition. As we can see regardless of our race or where we might live all humans can go through a point of mental illness. Sometimes we ourselves might not need the help that is offered to us but someone we know or love can make great use of amazing resources. 

Jasmin Garcia
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Petition to Tim Scott, James E. Clyburn, Jay (James) Richardson, Judge George McFaddin, 803-436-2373, Senator Tim Scott

Reverse Judge's order robbing Krista, born disabled, of human rights. #HopKristasLaw

Krista URGENTLY needs your support to live. We demand the state of SC open a full investigation of Judge McFaddin and Vinson's order and immediately reverse the order to restore Krista's right to equality and life. With your support we will win federal mandate. With your support we will bring historical change to our justice and/or family court system. No one should have the right to intentionally oppress any human being, by imposing - via court order - poverty on her/him. This is exactly; however, what two SC judges did.    Cerebellar Atrophy is atrophy of the cerebellum portion of her brain, the command center for balance and motor skills. Microcephaly is tiny head and smaller brain. Krista is intellectually disabled, with accompanying diagnoses/disabilities. Near fifty percent (47.6%) of the homeless population are disabled and unable to work. That is 269,991 individuals that CAN NOT work, living without a home. Living on the streets, using shelters WHEN available. (See link below.)     Crisis In Family Courts     NOW Foundation for women (Link below) There is a national crisis for women and their children in the family law courts of this country. Affirmed by experts and leaders in the women’s movement, the existence of this crisis is verified by women in every state who report injustice in their family law cases, especially battered mothers trying to protect their children from abusive fathers who aggressively litigate against them, using family court to stalk, harass, punish, and impoverish their former partners and children.  Krista's father is an oil mogul for Exxon Mobil, yet he was ordered to pay ZERO child support for Krista. K. Richardson vs. J. Richardson State of South Carolina, County of Clarendon, Pg. 17, Line 6-16: Uh, there was, during the case, evidence presented that Krista is not capable of supporting herself. The evidence, uh, was not clear. I can not, at this point, extend child support for this child. (Judge Jerry Vinson, under direction of Chief Administrative Judge George McFaddin.) Federal, dual-state and medical documentation was presented and produced in the courtroom. Judge Vinson acknowledges that Krista can not care for herself and discusses her federal disability status.  The judges; however,  based their ruling on Krista's father simply uttering: "she's not disabled". I have been asked about Social Security. Social Security is money paid in to the S.S. system  from wage earnings. Krista was born disabled - is too young - and can NOT work; therefore can NOT make a claim for S.S. Krista's father (my former husband of 25 years) has assets totaling over 1.5 million. He owns multiple homes (including beach home) AND is president and owner of a very successful oil company (that I helped grow) with multiple locations.  Krista's father abandoned us. I filed for divorce after  learning that her father got caught up in a secret, expensive life, which included spending 1000's a month of our marital money for prostitutes, hotels, online activities, sex site memberships, phone sex, asian massage parlors, strip clubs, novelties, cosmetics, etc., etc. This happened - he admitted in court and evidence supports - for the last five -six years of our married life. However, not this nor  my husband's wealth (ours prior to hearing) mattered.... Myself (Krista's caregiver and teacher) with Bi-Lateral Meniere's and my daughter with multiple disabilities, left the courtroom with no monetary award/compensation, no asset division, no health insurance. This occurred due to Krista's father's financial status and clout in the county we resided. Less than 5% of disabled children live with a single father . Single mothers care for 24.5% of the disabled children. Judges Vinson and McFaddin not only ordered zero child support for Krista they sent me, a home school mother of a disabled child, out the door with no monetary means to care for her. Because Krista needs non-stop supervision and care and due to my deteriorating health, my ability to earn a substantial income is very limited.  Without appropriate support from Krista's father, Krista loses out on medical advancement opportunities/treatments, therapies, enrichment opportunities - to name a few, and if my disease continues to worsen, we do not know what the future holds. Without child support, what happens to Krista? If something happens to me, what happens to Krista? Homeless? Please sign for federal mandate providing all children born with or becoming disabled during childhood appropriate, instant/immediate, permanent child support. Full investigation of the case and reverse and remand  McFaddin's order violating Krista's civil and human rights - her right to live. Help bring change to a faulty - often purchased - judicial and family court system. Help us #HopKristasLaw (Twitter) We are on: #IGiveAHop #HopKristasLaw - Twitter,4078  

Karola Richardson
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