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Petition to U.S. Senate and House of Representatives

Pass the ALS Disability Insurance Access Act

The ALS Disability Insurance Access Act (S.379/H.R.1171) will waive the 5-month waiting period for patients with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) before receiving benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance.  Due to the progressive nature of this disease, waiting five months can be a matter of life and death. Getting social security benefits is the first step towards getting on Medicare which is sometimes the only way ALS patients can afford to live at a nursing home or get the expensive life-support equipment needed for living with ALS.  When we get a significant amount of signatures on this petition, we will write letters to every member of congress who has yet to support this bill. The more people who sign this petition, the more our senators and representatives will listen to us. This petition was started by Scott Gingold, a 38-year old husband and father living with ALS. Scott is an advocate for the ALS Association and the ALS Ride for Life. He is completely paralyzed and on a ventilator for breathing, is fed through a stomach tube, and currently living at a nursing home in Commack, NY. He communicates using a computer that he controls with his eyes, which he uses to write bedtime stories for his daughter. You can help support his wife and 6-year old daughter through GoFundMe:

Scott Gingold
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Petition to Tim Walberg, Ronnie D. Peterson

Investigation into Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility conditions

We respectfully demand a third party non-bias investigation into the healthcare given to inmates placed at Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Located in Ypsilanti Michigan. My mother is a loving mother of 3 daughters and grandmother of 2 beautiful children. She has the worse case of the so called “mystery rash” that covers 90% of her entire body, including the palms of her hands and other very sensitive areas. She, along with others, has had no relief at all for the itch and burn that is associated with the rash. She feels that she is being tortured, literally. There is evidence to suggest that inmates are not given effective treatment and being ignored concerning the recent “mystery rash” outbreak. Prisoners are reporting that creams and ointments given to them do nothing to alleviate the torturous burning, itching and infected rash. This outbreak has been going on for months and human beings are forced to live in suffering resulting in sleep deprivation, constant unbearable itching and potential major health risks. There are also reports that the 3 volunteers placed in the infirmary are not being tested for a potential cause. It's been 2 weeks since the volunteers were placed and absolutely nothing has been done to help them. Even the infections are not being looked at or treated. There is suspicion among inmates and staff as well that toxic mold is the culprit and the belief that air quality tests and inspections have been conducted in a way to hide the existence of toxic mold and the dangerous mycotoxins released into the environment, including the cell units of Gladwin and Filmore. Visible mold growing in areas are painted over prior to inspections to deliberately hide a major cause for concern. People get sick when air vents are vacuumed, disturbing accumulated matter into the air. There is also concern that the general public who frequent the facility may also be negatively affected. These prisoners do have certain rights that are being blatantly ignored or manipulated by the prison. This petition is to cast light into the inhumane conditions at the facility and officials who are trying to cover up the truth. Americans have the right to know and voice their concerns. Humanity does not stop with the incarcerated.

Brooke Taylor
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