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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell

Cut Consumer Health Care Costs

A recent survey from Ipsos on behalf of Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) found that consumers are deeply frustrated with the health care system. A broad, bipartisan majority of voters (77%) believe that policymakers are focusing on the wrong things to improve health care and they want a new approach from politicians to tackle costs and ensure greater clarity in the system. High health care costs are hurting Americans. CQC is working to ensure that patients – and their right to high-quality and affordable health care – remain at the forefront of the health care debate. We need meaningful changes to our health care system that will improve care for consumers throughout the United States. Americans are deeply frustrated with hospital fees and unexpected bills, insurance costs like premiums, copays and deductibles, and escalating out-of-pocket costs and we support: Making health care more accessible, higher quality and less costly; Making health care policies, procedures and processes clearer for patients and their families; and Not increasing out-of-pocket costs. With Americans uncertain at every step of the health care process and unable to predict how much they are going to have to pay, the time is now to make improvements to ensure we are not paying more than we need to be and that the lack of clarity in the system doesn’t stand in the way of our health. We urge policymakers and the health care industry to address policies and practices that put an undue financial burden on American health care consumers.

Consumers for Quality Care
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Petition to Ron DeSantis

Changes for Cooper - Florida legislation is in need of a change.

On June 13, 2017 our lives were changed forever. What we thought was going to be a routine OB appointment suddenly turned into the most horrific experience a parent can ever experience. While at our 40-week checkup we learned that our son, even though he had a strong heartbeat, was not moving and our doctor called 911 to rush my wife to the hospital for an emergency C-section. When my wife arrived at the hospital she was examined by the obstetrician on duty (@ 4:13 PM) and he deferred the ordered STAT C-section and decided it was okay to induce. Once the obstetrician performed the artificial rupture of membranes (AKA, break her water) he discovered blood and meconium in the amniotic sac. It wasn’t until then that he realized he was wrong; it was in fact an emergency (@ 4:45PM, 30 minutes after arriving). Once the C-section was performed they rushed our son to NICU to begin his treatment from the Placental Abruption that caused him to lose over half his blood. After spending 8 days in NICU we learned that because the amount of blood loss our son wouldn’t live. It wasn’t until my wife and I went to therapy that we realized there was something wrong with the way that doctor handled that day. We decided to seek a law firm to help determine if there was malpractice. After looking over our chart we were told that there was definitely documented negligence and we had a case. Although a law suit would not bring our son back it would make those who made a mistake accountable for their actions.  As we were going through the process of filing a law suit we were informed about a program in Florida, Neurological Injury Compensation Association (NICA), that we would have to file a claim through first. NICA is a program created in 1988 as an alternative to medical malpractice claims. What this mean is if the injury meets their list of criteria that they would assume ownership of the claim and we would not have the ability to sue anyone involved in the injury or death of our son. We were hoping that NICA would not take the case so that they would have to be accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, NICA did take the case even though we believe that it should not have qualified as our situation doesn’t meet their criteria.  Although this program does help families that have surviving children it is not a one size fits all plan. If a child survives the family will get financial assistance for things such as Medical expenses, therapy, custodial care, medication, special equipment and other related costs. For those who lose a child all this program does is add more pain to the already unimaginable pain that the parents are already going through. Why should the state of Florida have the right to say my child’s life is only worth $10,000.00? Change #1 No matter the number of NICA claims against a doctor, whether or not the child lived or died, nothing is put on their permanent record. This is wrong, doctors need to be held accountable for their actions and their mistakes. Unless you know where to look you would never know. The only reason we know is we were following our case. As a parent looking for an OB this information should be more readily available.  A doctor should not be this protected. We have rights, our child has rights, we should know every time a doctor makes a mistake. For every NICA claim all parties involved should have a it noted on their permanent record and made publicly available. Change #2 Florida Statute 766.302(2) - NICA cannot define their own criteria. One of the criteria is that the injury must occur during labor. I called NICA and asked if they could define “Labor” and was told they could not because it is by a case by case basis. This is a flawed system, NICA must define their criteria and if the injury falls under that definition then it would be a NICA claim, if it does not fall under that definition then it is not a NICA claim.  Change #3 If there is negligence documented it should not be a NICA claim. If there is documented negligence NICA should not be able to take the claim. NICA should not be allowed to protect the doctors, NICA should protect the families. Change #4  Florida Statute 766.31 1(b)1 and 766.31(2) The dollar amounts set by NICA in 1988 have not been adjusted for inflation. In 1988 the lump sum benefit was set at $100,000.00 and the the death settlement of $10,000.00. Adjust benefit dollar amounts to reflect inflation. Adjusted lump sum benefit $217, 930.86 Adjusted death settlement $21,793.09 Change #5 There is nowhere in the petition for benefits that allow the parent(s) or lawyer to add any information that they deem important.  The parent(s)/lawyer need to have the ability to share pertinent information. When there a decision that affects the rest of your life the parent(s) should be able to be involved. Change #6 If a child dies within three months of the injury they should be excluded NICA coverage. According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), the “average lifetime costs per person were estimated at $921,000 for persons with cerebral palsy, it is not right that if my child dies within days of being born that the state of Florida can put a $10,000 price on his life.  

James Johnson
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Petition to Billings City Council, Mayor Bill Cole, City Attorney Gina Dahl, City Administrator Chris Kukulski

To not pass a city ordinance that can interfere with client health and privacy information

The City of Billings has a proposed ordinace to regulate Massage Therapy to try to alleviate our city from illicit sex parlors. In the process of doing so the ordinance language ties massage and sex together and defames a respected health care profession in our community. Most of all there are some issues that our city cannot fully answer and because they do not have proper procedure and specific guidelines put in place for law abiding Licensed Massage Therapists to follow, there could very well be a breech of HIPAA. Licensed Massage Therapists are held to the same standard as any other health care profession in following standard HIPAA regulations to secure the privacy of our clients. They propose that at any point in time authorities and officials can come into our office and we need to provide them with all records client and financial related without a warrant and based on little to no merits. They have no ideas or indicate to have any ideas to navigate this issue properly. After 3.5 years of working on this ordinance, if they haven't figured out a solution to this, then they are certainly not ready to file this ordinance into affect. They should not be asking a health care profession/provider to potentially violate a federal law. So the question being... Do you support the idea and the practice of your health care provider to give up your personal records and information to authorities based on minimal to no merits as to why they need them and without your knowledge? Please sign this petition if you think this is a government overstep.  Even if you don't live in Billings Montana or get services here this could be a ordinance coming to your city or communtiy soon. Your input counts as well. We need to hold our government officials accountable to making clear guidelines to navigate new laws and to not implement them if they don't.

Tarah Hilbrand
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