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Petition to Jackie Doyle-Price

Police approved CCTV / audio recording to be made a legal requirement for care homes.

CCTV is rightly to be made compulsory in slaughterhouses due to concerns about potential cruelty to animals. Unexplained deaths and injuries sustained in care homes continue to appear in the media and are, for the most part, unexplained. The level of successful police prosecutions are minimal in comparison to the number of investigations carried out. This is largely due to the burden of proof required in such cases to obtain a criminal conviction. This leaves relatives with a sense of mistrust about the care home sector and causes considerable distress to families of injured relatives. CCTV / audio recording in care homes would aid police investigation as well as raising standards seen in the sector generally. Police approved and appropriately controlled and tamper proof camera systems should be introduced as a compulsory feature for all new care home registrations and also for those that deliver poor standards of care. This could be widened to all care homes within 5 years. Relatives should be given the option to have cameras on or off. The money saved in lengthy police / local council investigations would more than pay for installation, as manufacturing costs of this sort of equipment has fallen dramatically in recent years. The usual defence put forward for cameras is protection of privacy, but care homes do not seem to ban staff from taking mobile phones in to work / patients rooms. Those of us lucky to live outside a care home are protected by camera many times a day so it seems inappropriate that the most vulnerable in society are not protected by them.

Martyn Lewis
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Petition to Secretary Of State for Health

Lower the age for bowel cancer screening in England to 50

Exactly a year ago today, my family was dealt an earth shattering blow when my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She was 55 at the time, and we were told soon after, that the cancer was terminal. She started chemotherapy immediately after diagnosis, but it was unfortunately too little, too late, and she passed away in March this year, a week after her 56th birthday. Screening for bowel cancer is available on the NHS, but only from the age of 60. However, in Scotland they start screening from the age of 50. Finding this out was quite a bitter blow. If we lived in Scotland my mum would have already been screened three times before she was finally diagnosed, increasing her chance of being diagnosed earlier and increasing her chance of survival. Screening isn’t foolproof, but Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK and if caught in its earliest stages it’s curable. Cancer research published earlier this year found that if bowel cancer is caught in its earliest stages, there is a 97% chance of surviving 5 years. But if the cancer is caught in its later stages there is a 7% chance of survival. From figures I have found through research, I've estimated that up to 6000 people a year are being diagnosed with bowel cancer in their 50's. Considering they have had no screening available to them at all, I wonder how many of those like my mum are being diagnosed too late. My Mum was the kind of person who would do anything for anyone. She was utterly selfless, loving and wonderful. Unfortunately nothing can change what has happened to my family, and we are having to live with our grief and heartbreak. But if by fighting for this change, even one family are spared this kind of loss then I think it's worth it.

Lauren Backler
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Petition to Minister Eoghan Murphy, Joe MacGrath

Finish Glencree, Newport, Tipperary Residents in Glencree Newport are left angry and frustrated due to unfinished Estate. Glencree housing estate was originally built in 2003 where the majority of properties were sold off-plan. Such plans portrayed an idyllic setting displaying manicured green spaces, driveways, roads and street lighting. Plans to include 18 townhouses and a state of the art crèche at the entrance to the estate have never materialised. For those residents who have purchased homes, their reality is an entirely different picture. A number of residents have young families and said that it is fast becoming a nightmare scenario.  To date there has been no satisfactory action taken by Singland Homes Ltd., to finish the Glencree Estate. Residents are appealing to Eoghan Murphy, T.D. Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government to take action as the appalling, unfinished condition of the housing estate is putting lives at risk and hampering the social development of the local community. One resident described it as an absolute eyesore and is affecting normal daily living for young families. Another described the metal fencing surrounding the housing estate as unsightly and unacceptable. Residents are infuriated by the dilapidated Porto cabins, unused building materials and an out-building which remain inside the fencing. Many expressed concern that the footpath surfaces to the main Newport to Thurles road are unfinished and hazardous, forcing people off the paths onto the main road, particularly during heavy rainfall. Residents explained that traffic coming from the Thurles direction is immediately met with what now looks like a run-down estate and are outraged by the fact that their homes are becoming inequitable and say this is having a serious effect on their lives. Residents have been let-down by local T.D.s and Counsellors and feel strongly that Tipperary County Council and politicians have failed them. Residents are seeking support from local business owners and the local community as the unfinished entrance devalues the locality of Newport and not just the estate of Glencree.   Residents are now appealing to Minister Eoghan Murphy, to take swift action. They are demanding that their quality of life is restored and say that this is not what they bought into and is not what they envisaged for their family lives in Glencree 14 years later.   It has also come to our attention that the developer is planning on building in Limerick in the near future after leaving us in an unfinished estate!!! Please sign and share our petition and help give us a voice.  This petition is run independently of Glencree Residents Association   

Glencree Residents
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