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Dear Citizens, As citizens of this country, I believe that we all agree that health is wealth and the younger generation are the future leaders. But this pathetic image of two female students of a secondary school in Calabar  as posted by a facebook user (Koko Bassey) has warranted this petition as I call on his Excellency the Governor of Cross River State and the Principal of Edgerly Memoral Girls Secondary school to call the Teacher/security officer to order, investigate the incident, educate the whole school school (Staffs and students) on Health and Safety, thereby put a stop to what I observed as inhumane treatment meted on Two Female students who were exposed Health Hazards. The students stood by an overflown wastebins and packed the wastes with their bare hands whilst in their school uniforms under the supervision of an adult. I'm still wondering why this student had to be subjected to this level of Unhygienic Practice whilst an adult (maybe a security officer or teacher) stood by watching this child pick up bacteria with her bare hands. These students have been subjected to Physical and Biological hazards at this point, a pathetic sight to behold. The students could have been pierced by any kind of sharp objects like infected syringes thereby exposing them to viral infections, metals exposing them to Tetanus, bottles exposing them to cuts, etc. What  Health arrangements are made for this students should they fall ill to a deadly disease as a result of this act?  Are the students even aware of the Health effects of that act? What are they taught in school about Health Education? What is the essence of education if Health is abused? Can the Governor call the attention of the School Principal and ensure this incident  be investigated by the Environmental health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria in Calabar, Cross River State? Considering that Cross River State is considered one of the Cleanest state in Nigeria. Was this supposed to be a form of punishment or a normal practice in that school? Put a stop to such practice and ensure the overall health and safety of students is a priority in schools. This is so unsafe, unhealthy and deadly!!! As Nigeria battles with various forms of emerging illness and infections, why subject students who are supposed to be in class studying to such act. Stop Disease spread, promote good health practices and personal Hygiene so we can be hopeful for a healthy society. A healthy society makes a strong nation. No one will be happy to see his/her child being subjected to such treatment, let's put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. I am a voice for Health and Safety, Please join me as we must embrace the culture of Best practices across board. See image by clicking on the link below; I call on all well being Nigerians to support this cause till action is taken.  

Comfort Ekpe
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Petition to Breast Cancer Charities

Remove the Pink Ribbon Blindfold and Ask the Big Question

We at From Pink to Prevention know that evidence links breast cancer to environmental and occupational exposures. If this also concerns you, join us in removing the Pink Ribbon ‘Blindfold’ and asking this BIG QUESTION of the Breast Cancer Charities: WHY do they persist in refusing to acknowledge the role of environmental and occupational toxicants by ignoring decades of evidence up to the present day on the link between our lifelong (womb to grave) exposures to toxics and the escalating incidence of breast cancer? Why do Breast Cancer Charities continue to focus solely on ‘lifestyle’ risk factors such as diet and exercise, while ignoring the potential 60% of breast cancer cases for which they have no explanation. What about the role of chemical, environmental and occupational exposures in this? Better diagnostics and treatment is not mutually exclusive with looking at how our profoundly polluted environment, homes and workplaces impact on our bodies and health, while also taking into consideration the ‘precautionary principle’ – ie better safe than sorry. The World Health Organisation states that prevention (which is not the same as early detection) offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer. So why do we not see this reflected in our cancer plans and strategies? Why is primary prevention (stopping the disease before it starts) not equally addressed along with better treatment and care? Why are those with the power to influence decisions on breast cancer policy not acting on what we already know? Actions: There are various actions you can take throughout the year. 1. Join us in removing the pink ribbon blindfold. Do your own action in a group or individually – take a photo removing the blindfold and share on your Facebook page or via social media Twitter @pink_prevention Instagram – pink_to_prevention Flickr group – From Pink to Prevention 2. Sign our petition at 3. Write to your Breast Cancer Charity to ask them the big question. Please send us a copy of their response. See an example letter on our website. This is suggested text only – please feel free to adapt and personlise 4. Visit our Facebook page for poster to share: 5. World Health Organisation Asturias Declaration: 6. For more information on the evidence linking breast cancer and environmental and occupational risk factors: 7. Pink Ribbon Blindfold picture Copyright to Mark Chilvers, thank you to Unison for the use of the picture. Concept by Helen Lynn.  

From Pink to Prevention
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Petition to Philip Hammond MP, Theresa May MP

Stop taxing periods. Period. #EndTamponTax

The Treasury vowed to axe the outdated and overtly sexist tax on tampons, sanitary pads and mooncups in January 2016. By March we made history when Parliament accepted a tampon-tax-ending amendment proposed by the amazing Paula Sherriff MP. Following Brexit complications, this amendment will be implemented by April 2018 at the very latest. That sucks. But we're on it! We've launched a new project called 'Period Watch' to keep an eye on the Government and SMASH the period taboo in the meantime! David Cameron accepted that removing sanitary tax will be "very difficult to do but I'll have to go away and have a look and come back to you”. Well Mr Cameron, it’s time for a response. We need to know why the Government still taxes sanitary products on luxurious, “non-essential” grounds, but not helicopters, the maintenance of our private jets, or crocodile steaks. Even President Obama has coined the tax 'shocking' and 'unfair'. If you value the functioning of those who menstruate at least as much as you enjoy your flying crocodile Fridays then sign our petition and join our campaign. Help to put an end to the marginalisation of issues traditionally associated with women by demanding a zero tax rate for sanitary products. Periods are no luxury. You can ‘opt-in’ to extravagance. You cannot choose to menstruate. Despite this, a whole heap of disadvantages have been created for those who do. Not using sanitary products can lead to health risks, jeopardise maintaining a normal, professional or personal life, and result in public ridicule. Equally, by using sanitary products, our Government capitalises on misogynist discourse and period shame that has caused us to fear our own menstrual cycles. It’s a double-edged sword that cuts women on both sides. Tax allocations should expose the needs of society as a whole, and the needs of those who menstruate as well as those who don’t. Because we care about these people, this campaign was made in support of tax allocations representing them and reflecting something that is vital. George Osborne, sanitary products should join your list of essential, tax exempt products, which include “helicopters” (and “aircraft repair and maintenance”), “alcoholic jellies” and “exotic meats including crocodile and kangaroo”. While we can live without flying our own private helicopters, we cannot live without the public participation of those who menstruate, which is dependent upon the accessibility of sanitary products. We hope you support and join our campaign! Laura Find us on Facebook or Twitter for more information. We would love to hear form you. #EndTamponTax Stop taxing periods around the world, and join our sister campaigns! Active campaigns:Australia: shelters: http://thehomelessperiod.comItaly: Africa: States of America: World: SUCCESSFUL campaigns:Canada: News Coverage:The BBC: News: Guardian: Independent: Telegraph: and and The NewStatesman: Marie Claire Magazine: May issue 2015 and Magazine: and Confused: Post: The Fabian Society: Daily Mash: and and Mirror: Metro: Female Lead: Politics Home: Housekeeping: Women's Views on News: Women's Voice: projects: Extra information:After the UK joined the Common Market in 1973, a 17.5% sanitary tax was introduced. It was justified when Parliament classified sanitary products as “non-essential, luxury” items. After years of hard work, in 2000 Labour MP Dawn Primarolo (who we are working closely with on this campaign) announced that during the following year sanitary tax would be reduced to 5%. She explained the reduction was “about fairness, and doing what we can to lower the cost of a necessity”. EU law has prevented sanitary products from escaping tax entirely. Following the Union’s decision to standardise tax across the continent, no separate member state can revise VAT allocations without the EU’s permission. For this reason, hopefully with the backing of Westminster, we hope to convince the European Parliament that this is an important issue worth revising, too.

Laura Coryton
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