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Petition to Michel Aoun, Human Rights Campaign, Lebanese parliament

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" Decriminalize Same-Sex Acts in Lebanon

  Help ban article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code, that harshly states, “Any sexual intercourse contrary to the order of nature is punishable by up to one year in prison.” Major human rights are being violated by the presence of this article. It is being used as a weapon. It expands to wider ranges of human rights abuses such as the threat to one's privacy and personal freedoms. LGBTs are subjected to arbitrary anal examinations, harassment, and public humiliation. What they experience in prison is inhumane and barbaric. The consequences of article 534 proceed to other levels violating economic and social rights, affecting marriage and custody of children, loss of employment with no ability to seek redress. These acts have had negative psychological effects causing damage and its social consequences of stigma and marginalization, even in prison, with lifetime effects destroying one’s social and economical life and valuable contribution to society’s development as an accepted tolerated person. This all goes back to the major reasons why this article exists. Laws are not formed to monitor and punish people on their personal lives and what they do with their bodies, whether they did it or have the intentions to do it. The point of having laws is not to have a punishment, yet to have protection. The intervention of the government and police force in a person’s private life and liberties does not put society as a whole, nor individually, on a better level of protection, yet they violate the rights of each person abide by this constitution – even if the matter is not linked to homosexuality. _________ Please sign and share this petition to help us put an end to article 534 that takes away basic human rights! -Share using the hashtag #BanArticle534 #ENOUGHISENOUGH Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @ColorfulLebanon __________________ Reference: Hammoud, J. (n.d). REPORT TO THE UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL FOR THE UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW OF THE REPUBLIC OF LEBANON. Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Retrieved from Video: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH by Colorful Lebanon Video youtube link: ---------------------------------------------------- ساعدونا في إزالة المادة 534 من القانون اللبناني التي تنص بصرامة على أن "كل العلاقات الجنسية المتناقضة مع الطبيعة يعاقب عليها من 3 أشهر إلى سنة واحدة."ويجري انتهاك حقوق الإنسان الرئيسية بوجود هذه المادة. ويجري استخدامه كسلاح. وهو يتسع ليشمل نطاقا أوسع نطاقا من انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان مثل التهديد بالخصوصية والحريات الشخصية. ويتعرض المثليون والمثليون جنسيا ومزدوجو الميل الجنسي ومغايرو الهوية الجنسانية إلى الفحوص الشرجية التعسفية .والتحرش والإذلال العاموتنتقل نتائج المادة 534 إلى مستويات أخرى تنتهك الحقوق الاقتصادية والاجتماعية، وتؤثر على الزواج وحضانة الأطفال، وفقدان فرص العمل دون القدرة على التماس الإنصاف. ولهذه الأفعال آثار نفسية سلبية تسبب أضرارا وعواقبها الاجتماعية للوصم والتهميش، حتى في السجن، وتؤثر آثارها مدى الحياة على الحياة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية والمساهمة القيِّمة في تنمية المجتمع بصفته شخصا مقبولا.هذا كله يعود إلى الأسباب الرئيسية لوجود هذه المادة. ولا تشكل القوانين لمراقبة ومعاقبة الناس على حياتهم الشخصية وما يفعلونه مع أجسادهم، سواء كانوا يفعلون ذلك أو لديهم النية للقيام بذلك. إن وجود قوانين ليس العقاب، بل يجب أن يكون لها حماية. إن تدخل الحكومة وقوات الشرطة في حياة الشخص وحرياته الخاصة لا يضع المجتمع ككل، ولا على مستوى فردي، على مستوى أفضل من الحماية، ولكنه ينتهك حقوق كل شخص يلتزم بهذا الدستور - حتى لو كانت المسألة غير مرتبط بالمثلية الجنسية.يرجى التوقيع على هذا الالتماس ومشاركته لمساعدتنا على وضع حد للمادة 534 التي تستبعد حقوق الإنسان الأساسية!

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Petition to 문재인 , Park Sang-ki

Same-Sex Marriage and equality in South Korea. (성적 소수자)와 주한 외국인의 차별없는 동등한 권리 보장

The Petition will be sent to the President of South Korea and the Minister of Justice. 한국은 한국사회에서 중요하게 다뤄지지 않고 흔히 무시당하는 LGBT 공동체(성적 소수자들)를 보호할 필요가 있다. KOREA is currently facing disturbing treatment of the LGBT Community. Meanwhile, I urge the President and his team to sit down and watch this ( The LGBT community is growing and pay taxes, they should therefore have equal rights. No more should LGBT people in Korea be at a disadvantage to hetronormative couples, as a couple unit. For example: having children, banking, tax benefits, access to personal information (for example if a partner is hospitalized) and so forth.   Korea needs to protect the LGBT community which often is left on the side, ignored and swept under the carpet. No more should leaders within the Government be able to 'witch-hunt' people for being gay. Events in 2017 ( Recent Gay Pride festivals have faced many problems in Korea due to problems with the Police and radical extremists. Interestingly Pride 2017 has the same experience! ( and )  For supporters who want to contact the President directly: The New President can be contacted at: Cheongwadae, Sejong-ro No. 1, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-820, Republic of Korea Send message: , Alternatively: The Minister of Justice can be found Building #1, Government Complex-Gwacheon, 47, Gwanmun-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeongi-do, 13809 Republic of Korea. TEL: +82-2-2110-3000 Key words: LGBT, Same-Sex, Freedom, South Korea, Korea, Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, equality.

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