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Petition to Super Evil Megacorp

Creation of Vainglory Legends “FlashX” Ardan SE Skin

With the departure of Team Solomid (TSM) from the esports Vainglory game, now is the time to honor FlashX (Michael Valore) and his impact to the Vainglory esports scene. We call on Super Evil Megacorp (the creator of Vainglory, the best mobile MOBA) to create and sell a new line of SE skins named Legends, beginning with the Legends “FlashX” Ardan SE skin.  This was FlashX’s favorite hero which he mastered and showed all of us how to maximize his potential.  Our recommendation would be to include FlashX’s signature look of a TSM Jersey with his name on the back, a TSM SnapBack hat worn backwards, and the uncomfortably too short to look at shorts.  FlashX was most notably the captain of the North American Vainglory team TSM.  His leadership and expertise was instrumental in taking the team to Worlds and being a #1 team.  He has always represented TSM and Vainglory in a positive manner.  Some of referred to him as the Michael Jordan of esports.  FlashX has created countless hours of content which has promoted the game and later went on to be one of the best casters for the 2018 Vainglory League (VGL) pre-season.  He also retired to become the team manager of both the TSM Vainglory and Fortnite teams. Please sign this petition to request this special edition skin line for the player that helped propel Vainglory even further as a professional player and spurred excitement in all of us Vainglory players. Learn more about Vainglory here.

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Petition to Bandai Namco Studios, Sora Ltd, Masahiro Sakurai, Tatsumi Kimishima, shigeru miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aime

Help Make These Changes for The Future of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Before it's to Late

While super smash Bros ultimate certainly has the entire roster of smash fighters is no short amazing, I feel it Can be so much more Epic    So here I've gathered some  Ideas that can hopefully appear  for the future of the development as well as DLC.    Modes:  Board the Platforms: each character Could have there own level of course just like targets, and there's a choice of Difficulty perhaps on harder versions of Levels there will be more obstacles and hazards and yeah different platforms like ones that disappear when you step on them and slippery ones. Melee Break the Targets: this was a awesome melee version of iconic target mono game from smash 64 and it would great to see it come back Smash Run: Originally a smash 3ds Mode it would be interesting if this came back with online and local  Muti-player  Brawl Stage Builder: this was really helpful to make your stages with Relative ease however it didn't have many backdrops to choose from. While Smash 4 had more Backdrops it also limited you very much on what you can make. If this came back having the Brawl Stage Maker with more Backdrops would be the perfect balance to the problems   Echo Fighters I feel that the Sub-Catalogue  "Echo Fighters" was made with more than just princess daisy playable in mind so I composited the Highest Wanted Echoes White Mage (Super Mario Version) - Echo of Rosalina Funky Kong - Echo of Donkey King Dixie Kong - Echo of Diddy Kong Waluigi - Echo of Luigi (Please Don't Hate me) Toon Zelda - Echo of Zelda Impa - Echo of Shiek Plusle & Minun - Echo of Pichu Doc Louis - Echo of Little Mac King K. Rool - Echo of Bowser Octolings - Echo of Squidlings  Shadow - echo of Sonic Ken - Echo of Ryu MS. Pac Man - echo of Pac Man Roll - echo of Megaman Captain Rainbow - Echo of Captain Falcon  Slippy - Echo of Falco Peppy - Echo of Fox  Krystal ( assault Outfit) - Echo Of Wolf Medusa - Echo Palutena Crome - Echo of Ike  Sylux - Echo of Samus Aran Ninten - Echo of Ness Isabelle - Echo of Villager                                          

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