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Petition to City Leaders

Save The Ritz - Sign this petition if you want to see The Ritz Theatre restored

We have big plans for The Ritz but we need the community's help. We need to show city leaders that the community wants The Ritz restored. What will happen in The Ritz once it's restored? The Ritz will boost the economy and tourism through the following programming:• Music, Comedy, Film, Festivals and more for our community to enjoy!• Artist Nurturing Program - Subsidizing costs and helping with education and development of professional artists to keep them here, living and thriving in Corpus Christi• Artist Collective - supporting smaller groups like CC Songwriters and Chica's Rock and other grassroots programs developing talent• Broadcast Show - Live weekly show with studio audience to attract visitors and professional artists to Corpus Christi• Educational Programming through internships and school partnerships, helping our youth learn the business that goes in to creating professional artists and a sustainable venue PATCH (the non-profit behind The Ritz Revival) has the professionals lined up to complete the restoration and we are working diligently to secure funding. The problem is belief. Some people don't believe The Ritz will come back to life. We believe it will, and it will be a shining beacon (literally with the marquee) representing hope, life and rebirth of our downtown. Please join us in signing your support indicating your desire for The Ritz to be restored for the good of the community.  

Corpus Christi PATCH, Inc.
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Petition to School of St. Anthony Administration

BT Campaign: Fundraising for the Nation's Hope

Founded in 1987, Bahay Tuluyan (BT), a non-government organization, aims to help out in accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) laid out by the United Nations by targeting one of its core goal, that is, to end poverty.  BT conducts various programs that are aimed to prevent and respond to child abuse in the Philippines. The organization aids these children with emergency and residential shelters in order to fulfill the necessary needs and give them a voice. More than these, BT serves as a training ground for these children to learn life-skills and work independence. The grade 11 HUMSS students of School of Saint Anthony had the privilege to encounter the said organization as part of their educational field trip. However we deemed it necessary to further the support of the Anthonian community in supporting Bahay Tuluyan. As a group, Six Beaux Esprits, our mission is to support the organization through our collected profit from our proposed fundraising event. Our vision is to help BT succeed in its primary goal—end child poverty and abuse, as well as for BT to become more sustainable financially in order to be of help to a larger audience. Particulars: In support of this campaign, Six Beaux Esprits would like to launch a fundraising activity for Bahay Tuluyan. This will be hosted by the Upper School Department, including both Junior and Senior High School students. Students are encouraged to participate by putting up booths for them to sell their selected items such as baked goods, toys, and books that would be sold to the Anthonian community during the school’s fair on October or January. This fundraising project will serve as a student’s project grade for all the subjects during a particular grading period. Each level will be assigned a theme connected to their course lessons to which they will align their booth products. Their grade will solely depend on their ability to return their capital; while their profit, minus the capital expenses will be donated to BT. On the other hand, other goods such as medicines, toiletries and canned goods can also be donated to the organization, through the Six Beaux Esprits. Aside from the local support from the Anthonian community, we look forward to outside support from organizations. Sponsorship letters would be given to private concessionaires, private companies, Parents related to students of SSA and media conglomerate. If there are any concern regarding this event, or any question regarding Bahay Tuluyan, feel free to connect with us on our petition site: our blog site:  

Six Beaux Esprits
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