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Delete Fortnite

1. Fortnite is ruining your life The Fortnite Addiction Is Real Fortnite Addiction Is Real, Health Professionals Warn Fortnite Addiction Sending Kids To Rehab Why Fortnite Is Addicting 'Fortnite' addiction is real, and parents are failing to take responsibility Are your kids hooked on Fortnite? It can become a dangerous addiction How I lost my kid to Fortnite Dr. Phil 2. Fortnite is ruining the Gaming Industry  'Fortnite' is killing the rest of the video game industry Fortnite has ruined Video Gaming for everyone Fortnite is killing everything it touches 3. Fortnite is stealing  Fortnite Stole From Me 'Fresh Prince' actor Alfonso Ribeiro and Instagram's Backpack Kid are the latest artists to sue the creators of ‘Fortnite’ for allegedly copying dance moves to make money 10 Things Fortnite Did To Keep Players from Playing Apex Legends There's many more but let's just start with these  Here's why I hate Fortnite  Fortnite is a free-to-play title. You don’t need money to play it. Guess who doesn’t have money? Children. The playerbase is incredibly young, and with the anonymity granted by voice chat in a video game they can get incredibly cocky and annoying. Thus, the playerbase is mostly composed of 12 year-olds. As an addition to the previous paragraph, Fortnite is very well-optimized and can run on nearly any modern computer, adding to its accessibility to young children. When your greatest demographic is very young players, you tend to try to market more strongly towards them. This generates more money for Epic Games, but it detracts from the gameplay experience for players in their teens and adulthood. The graphics are in a cartoonish style. While there is nothing wrong with this in and of itself, people tend to prefer a more realistic style in modern video games. There is a very distinct lack of a first-person-view mode. This is the only thing that has stopped me from playing the game this whole time: I couldn’t aim in third-person to save my life. #deletefortnite #savethisgeneration

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