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Petition to NIKE, NBA, bleacherreport , okcthunder

Update the OKC Thunder Logo by 2020

Growing up in small-town Oklahoma in the 90s, it was always a drag to have to root for other states' professional sports teams. 2008 was a dream, one that we haven't woken up from since.. The last decade has been filled with cheers, tears, and everything in between, as we have watched our team take shape, achieve success, and then begin the process over again. Today in 2018, we have one of the best rosters in the league, 2 All Stars with huge brands of their own, a world class owner/management group that is willing to take risks, an amazing, game-altering fanbase, who despite being the smallest market in US professional sports, still somehow racks up TOP 10 numbers in merchandise sales. This organization has proved to be special. Now its time to revisit our branding to accurately reflect this team. Led by the most ferocious and fashionable man in pro sports (worldwide), the Thunder are depicted across billboards, apparel, and countless online publications with one of the most uninspiring logos sports has ever seen. We have an awesome opportunity to play up the weather and/or bison motifs that our name references, and with Nike now leading branding efforts, the options for quality designs are limitless!  The NBA has made a name for itself as one of the most progressive leagues in American sports. The NBA is here to stay. Over the next several decades, my children and grandchildren will own OKC Thunder gear, and it will likely include a modified and upgraded central symbol other than bad lettering over a (literal) basketball.. #WHYNOT make this change now, while we have longterm stars in their primes? Let's not wait until 2040, while we are rebuilding around Noah Westbrook!! Please sign this petition to raise awareness of the need to change our PRIMARY LOGO. Thank you, and THUNDER UP!!

Jordan Cervantez
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Petition to U.S. Department Of Commerce

Learn the True Cost of Fashion

While the U.S. is busy tearing apart Urban Outfitter stores every year during Black Friday, no one stops to think about what the true cost is of the cheap clothing we take for granted. The stores with the cheapest clothes usually use the cheapest forms of labor. The cheapest labor usually translates to using some form of forced labor: Either sweatshops or child labor. Although many sweatshops aren't technically forcing people to work for them, they don't give them much choice: They incentivize people with marginally higher pay compared to local labor while offering awful working conditions and long hours. Although the labor is bad, it isn't the worst part. The materials for these clothes have to come from somewhere cheap as well, and in most cases, the farmers of the cotton get ripped off as well. In Bangladesh alone, every hour, 2 cotton farmers commit suicide. They do this because they can no longer afford to buy crops. All their money has been spent on pesticides for those crops. Eventually, the pesticides make them sick, so they need to buy medications. And the problem? All three of these: seeds, pesticides, and medications: They all come from the same company. It's a total monopoly; the prices can be sky-high and the farmers have no other choice. When the farmers inevitably run up a large debt, the company takes control of their land, and, feeling that they have nothing left to live for, the farmer commits suicide. It doesn't have to be like this. It starts with the consumer and their awareness of the problem. As of now, only 1% of clothing worldwide is produced ethically. If we can raise awareness for this cycle, U.S. consumers can be more aware of which brands to avoid, and how to better contribute to a more sustainable future. There are many possible plans of action, but the one that seems the most effective is to convince the Dept. of Commerce to require companies using unethical labor to disclose that they are doing so. This way, it's in the consumer's face. We’re not assigning guilt/blame to anyone in particular, just trying to raise awareness for these tragedies. If you would like to help us out, click "sign this petition" above. Thanks for reading all the way through :)

Maxim Dietz
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