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Petition to Commissioner Joe Carollo, Commissioner Ken Russell, Commissioner Willy Gort, Commissioner Manolo Reyes, Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Mayor Francis Suarez, Emilio T. Gomzalez, Victoria Méndez, Rafael Duharte, Jose Gell, Marlene Avalo, Emilio Callja, Alex Cardenas, Jeanie Hernandez, Marie Louissaint

Save Bayfront Park - Stop Ultra and Rolling Loud!

Bayfront Park is for the enjoyment of residents, not a cash cow for the city! We, the residents of Downtown Miami and its neighboring communities deserve to have daily access to Bayfront Park - our neighborhood park. Instead, since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud.  In recent years, the Bayfront Park Management Trust booked an increasing number of these events in the park. Marked by lengthy set-up and tear-down periods, these events have become larger and much more disruptive to our residential community. In addition to destroying the park's environmental elements, including trees, turf and landscaping, these events regularly force thousands of Downtown residents to flee the area to avoid the unbearable noise, traffic, and alcohol/drug-related violence present at and around these events. Ultra's contract is up for renewal. Rolling Loud's producers announced their intent to return to Bayfront Park next year. Tell the City of Miami, the Bayfront Park Board members and its Chairman, Commissioner Carollo: No More! The park is for the enjoyment of residents, not a cash cow for the city! SAVE BAYFRONT PARK - STOP ULTRA, ROLLING LOUD AND ALL FUTURE MEGA SIZED CONCERTS!

Downtown Miami Residents
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Petition to Tom Torlakson, Dr. Michael Kirst, Vernon Billy, Tom Gentzel, Frank Pugh, Mike Walsh, Bruce Holaday, Eric Heins, Kathleen Minke, John Roach, Brian Leung

Educational Leaders Please Pass Climate Action Resolutions to Protect Students

Our Congress needs help doing the right thing on climate change. Continued Congressional inaction on climate change harms kids and future generations. Educational leaders from across the country can speak with one, non-partisan voice to help break the logjam on commonsense national climate policy in DC. Twenty-six local school boards and one student council in California, Colorado, New York, and Virginia have led the way by passing climate action resolutions. Here are some examples: Sonoma COE, Albany (CA) USD, Harmony USD, San Lorenzo USD, Tamalpais UHSD, Credo HS Student Council, and Fairfax County Public Schools. The educational leaders addressed in this petition represent school districts, school board members, and school personnel in 14,000 school districts across the nation. These educational leaders have been true champions for children and for educational equity for many years. They likely already privately believe that climate change is an unfair burden to pass on to young people and that Congress should find a bipartisan solution to limit the harm. By signing this petition, you can help these educational leaders articulate this private belief publicly---in a climate action resolution. Were any of the 3 organizations (California State Board of Education, the California School Boards Association, and the National School Boards Association) to pass their own climate action resolution, likely hundreds or thousands of local school boards would follow their lead. We have spoken to members of Congress who feel certain this would help move Congress to act on climate. Educators know the climate harm young people will face and now have a tool to help lessen the harm.  The educational sector, more than any other sector, has standing to speak up in a non-partisan way for climate justice. We stand at the interface between the generations. Our mission---to help kids create great future outcomes for themselves---and our institutional integrity is directly threatened by national climate inaction and our silence about it. No educator or educational leader needs to be a silent witness to the generational justice issue created by national climate inaction. By signing this petition, you can help the educational sector speak up for climate justice.  Please leave a comment with notes about your school stakeholder status (parent of school kids, grandparent, teacher, administrator, school board member, student, community member, etc.). Please share widely. Thank you so much for your time.           

Schools for Climate Action
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Petition to Arlington Conservation Commission

Join Us In Protecting Spy Pond

Join Us In Protecting Spy Pond Summary of Petition Update as of Oct 16, 2018:  Please note, if you would like to contribute to legal costs for the current effort, you may do so at Below is the original 2016 text of this petition. A developer plans to purchase a single-family house at 47 Spy Pond Lane and intends to split the lot into two lots and build two large houses. Both houses will extend into the 100’ buffer zone around Spy Pond, a stressed water body. The developer is asking the Arlington Conservation Commission to allow this. If built as proposed, this project will create water management problems in the buffer zone and set a dangerous precedent for future construction on the shores of Spy Pond. The Arlington Conservation Commission is considering this proposal right now. The sale of this property has not yet closed and the developer does not yet own it. Our understanding is that he has a contingency on the purchase and that actually buying the site will depend on if the Conservation Commission approves his proposal. We have a short few weeks to tell the Conservation Commission what we think and ask them to deny this proposal. Now is the time to act.   Full Text of Petition Against Proposal To Build Two Houses Deep in the Buffer Zone Around Spy Pond We ask the Arlington Conservation Commission to fulfill its mandate to protect Spy Pond.  We, a group of Arlington residents, are in favor of thoughtful development and home construction on the lots along the shores of Spy Pond. We seek a balance between fulfilling human needs and acting as stewards of Spy Pond, a natural resource that belongs to all of us and to the wildlife and ecosystem in and around it.  Spy Pond is already stressed. We need to avoid further stress to this natural system in our midst.    THE SITUATION: Seaver Construction proposes splitting one large lot at 47 Spy Pond Lane into two lots. This site is on the shore of Spy Pond. Seaver plans to build two large houses, one on each lot. Both proposed houses would be sited within the 100’ buffer zone around the pond. One of the proposed houses extends to within 50’ of the pond.  Our understanding is that Seaver Construction does not yet own this property. We believe their purchase is contingent on whether their proposal is approved by the Arlington Conservation Commission.  Now is the time for us as a community to act: before Seaver buys this site and has more leeway to move forward as the actual property owner.  The Arlington Conservation Commission is charged with safeguarding the 100’ buffer zone around Spy Pond. The Con Comm ensures that construction within the buffer zone is done in ways that protect the pond.  We the undersigned ask the Conservation Commission to deny this proposal. We ask that the Con Comm require the developer to rework plans such that any new construction be sited so that the back edge of any new houses be in line with the back edge of the existing house on the property and the neighboring houses on Spy Pond Lane.  Just to be clear, this is not about reasonable expansion, renovation, or new construction on the pond. We understand these need to happen and should happen to meet the needs of community members and their families. In this case, a developer wishes to maximize square footage and footprint to increase profit on a waterfront site, all without accountability or consideration of the impact on Spy Pond.  If built as proposed, this project will set a new precedent and compromise the Con Comm’s future ability to steward Spy Pond, a natural resource that cannot be replaced.  How is the developer’s proposal harmful to Spy Pond? Two houses sited that close to the water in the 100’ buffer zone have negative impact on the pond in terms of: a) management of water runoff, b) protection of wildlife habitat, and c) create potential for increased pollution into the pond during the construction process. Buffer zones are critical to maintaining the health of water bodies. They absorb excess water from storms, floods, and other water events. If two large fixed structures are placed inside the 100’ buffer zone around Spy Pond, they will interfere with the buffer zone’s ability to do its job. Water runoff from two buildings on this site, one structure entirely new and both structures far larger than the existing house on the lot, will mean excess flows into Spy Pond. It could also mean potential risk to neighbors’ basements. How is this excess water flow into Spy Pond harmful to the pond’s health? When new structures are built on the pond’s shores, the result is an increase in the amount of impervious area on the site. Impervious areas are surfaces that do not absorb water (e.g., roofs, driveways). An increase in impervious area on a waterfront site means more water from storm runoff or other water events will flow into the water body. As it makes its way into Spy Pond, this excess water will wash along with it fertilizers, phosphorus, and other organic material. This material, especially phosphorus, stays in the pond for a very long time and results in increased growth of algae and other invasive vegetation. Eventually, this vegetation starts to take over the pond (and Arlington has had to do many treatments of Spy Pond for this in the past). This project would increase the amount of impervious area on this site by a large margin because the developer is proposing building two large houses on a site where there is currently only one modest house.  If this developer is allowed to proceed, anyone with a lot on Spy Pond will have a precedent to do similarly intrusive construction deep in the buffer zone around the pond. If everyone with property on Spy Pond gets to do this, it will have negative impact on the health and well being of the pond.  As stewards of this public resource, we ask the Con Comm to protect Spy Pond and deny this proposal.  In signing this petition, you are joining fellow citizens in asking the Con Comm to fulfill its mission to preserve and protect the sensitive 100’ buffer around Spy Pond, to protect the wildlife and ecosystem in the Pond, and protect our neighborhoods from adverse impact and adverse precedent.  Please act now while we have time to influence this project.  Please, also email your concerns to Emily Sullivan, Administrator of the Conservation Commission:   The petition asks that in addition to signing, you include your address. Please do include that so that the Con Comm will know that the signers of the petition are Arlington residents.  

Daniel Klebanov
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Petition to Ambassador Hee-yong Cho (Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Canada), Ambassador Young-Jin Choi 주미 한국대사관 최영진 대사 (Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United States), Minister Byung-Se Yun 외교통상부 윤병세 장관 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Ambassador Suk-Hwan Park 주영국 한국대사관 박석환 대사 (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Kingdom, Minister Jeong-Bok Yoo 행정안전부 유정복 장관 (Ministry of Public Administration and Security), Minister Kwon Jae-Jin 법무부 권재진 장관, Jung-Haeng Kim 2018 평창 동계 오림픽 위원회 김정행 회장, Minister Ha-Nam Phang 고용노동부 방하남 장관, Minister Kihl-Jae Ryoo 통일부 류길재 장관, Minister Kwan-Jin Kim 국방부 김관진 장관, Minister Jin-Ryon Yoo 문화체육관광부 유진룡 장관, Minister Yoon-Sun Cho 여성가족부 조윤선 장관, CEO Kwon Young-Soo 권영수 사장, Chairperson Sam-Yeol Koo 국가브랜드위원회 구삼열 위원장 (Chairperson of Presidential Council on Nation Branding), CEO Chung Joon-Yang 정준양 사장, CEO Choi Gee-Sung 최기성 사장, CEO Kim Seung-Yuon 김승윤 사장, CEO Kim Ssang-Su 김상수 사장, CEO Kim Shin 김신 사장, Chairman Huh Chang-Soo 허창수 사장, CEO Park Yong-Maan 박용만 사장, Minister Sang-Jick Yoon 산업통상자원부 윤상직 장관, Commissioner Seung Chung 식품의약품안전처 정승 처장, Mayor Lee Jae-Myung 경기도 성남시 이재명 시장, Mayor Hur Nam-Sik 경상남도 부산광역시 허남식 시장, Mayor Park Won Soon 서울특별시 박원순 시장, Minister Dong-Phil Lee 농림수산식품부 이동필 장관, President Geun-Hye Park 대한민국 박근혜 대통령, President Young-Ho Oh 대한무역투자진흥공사 오영호 사장, Minister Seong-Kyu Yun 환경부 윤성규 장관, Chairman & CEO Il Sa-Kong 일사공 사장, Governor Kim Kwan Yong 김관용 도지사, Governor Kim Du Kwan 김두관 도지사, Governor Choi Moon-Soon 최문순 도지사, Governor Ahn Hee-Jung 안희정 도지사, Prime Minister Hong-Won Chung 정홍원 국무총리, Deputy Prime Minister Oh-Seok Hyun 현오석 국무총리겸 기획재정부 장관, Minister Young Jin 보건 복지부 진 영 장관, Prosecutor General Han Sang-Dae 검찰총장 한상대, President Young-Soo Kim 2014 인천 아시안 게임 위원회 김영수 회장 (President of 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing

Boycott S. Korea until they stop the torturing and eating companion animals

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Cowardice asks the question: Is it safe? Expediency asks the question: Is it politic? Vanity asks the question: Is it popular? But, conscience asks the question: Is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right." Today, we have decided to listen to our conscience and send this letter of request to the South Korean government to please stop the horrible cruelty and abuse of companion animals - Dog and Cat Consumption. People of the world are learning about the tragic plight of millions of dogs and cats in S. Korea. Every day we are hearing and seeing heartbreaking stories, photos and videos of the companion animals being subjected to most painful and terrible abuses and we become lost of words to express our sadness for these innocent animals. They are raised in tiny feces encrusted steel cages with no protection from the harsh weather, fed rotten food wastes from restaurants that is not suitable for dogs such as spicy fermented cabbage with hot chili peppers. We have also heard that these dogs are not even allowed to drink waters. They never feel the joy of touching the ground or running through grass, never exercise or chew a bone or know freedom. They are deprived of everything that is natural to them all their lives. They live in these appalling conditions totally lack of any compassion from human until they are slaughtered in most inhumane ways. How can a modern society such as S. Korea still commit these unspeakable cruelties to dogs and cats who are known to be the most intelligent, loyal and loving companions to humans? We are learning that this practice of eating dogs and cats are not really Korean "Tradition" nor "Culture". Ms. Cho has explained it very well in her article.  However, even if this was a Korean "Tradition" and "Culture", people should evolve and discontinue what is not acceptable to the human conscience as being right. Human sacrifice used to be a "Tradition" and "Culture" for certain tribes. Does this mean that this is beyond reproach and it should be continued today? Dedicated animal advocates and people within S. Korea who believes that this practice of torturing and eating companion animals is not only distasteful but despicable are campaigning everyday online and on the streets of S. Korea. So please listen to your citizens who cares about not only these animals of S. Korea but the interest of S. Korea in the world. Caring people of the world will not stop speaking out against this betrayal and violence towards these helpless sentient beings who can feel the same things that we feel as human as long as S. Korea continues eating them. We cared about the people of S. Korea enough to send our loved ones to risk their lives to fight for your freedom in the 1950s during the Korean War. Now we care about your dogs and cats who are suffering the most horrific abuse and cruelty in the dog meat industry in your country. We will not buy S. Korean Products. We will not use S. Korean Services. And we will not visit S. Korea until your government takes the steps to ban all dog and cat meat industries and strengthen the animal protection law to not only protect the pets but to provide protection to all dogs and cats regardless of their breeds. Ms. Cho wrote, "In Korea, there is a word, "Me-Pung-Yang-Sok" which means "Beautiful custom and good morals" and refers when one culture deserves respect. I have never heard any Koreans call Dog meat as "Me-Pung-Yang-Sok". Dog meat consumption is NOT a real Korean traditional food but the base of animal cruelty in Korea." Please, we request to you, the leaders of the S. Korean government, to do what your conscience tells you is right. Stop the dog and cat consumption! Sincerely, Caring people of the world Click here for the list of Fortune Global 500 companies in South Korea: Click here for the list companies in South Korea: Click here for the South Korea Tourism Organization: Team
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