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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Go #AllinforClimateAction NOW - #Climate Emergency

Time is running out for our planet. And as the Amazon “the lungs of our planet” burn before our eyes, we must act now to fight climate change or doom this and future generations into an age of extinction.  The next generation may never see the Amazon rainforest, coral reefs, or a polar bear.  But the spectacular biodiversity existing on our planet, our home, is more than just beautiful, it is what keeps us alive. Our destruction of ecological life support systems will literally kill us all. My name is Cynthia Leung and I am a high school student from Brooklyn. I first started getting involved with the movement during the UN's High-Level Political Forum when I learned about the linkages that climate change can have with multiple important topics. Having the Climate Change Summit in the New York UN Headquarters is extremely important for the American climate action movement. In fact, since the summit will be in New York, we need to utilize our voices to make sure our message is heard loud and clear by world leaders in September. Being one of many youth climate activists proves that young people will continue to advocate and protest until we have definite plans for climate change because our futures are at risk.  My generation and millions of young people from all over the world, are skipping school, university or work, taking to the streets and protesting your inaction on climate change. The time to act is now and we have one month to add our voices to call for strong, unified climate action from our government.   Add your voice today if you want to hear our world leaders’ plans to mitigate emissions by 2020, and dramatically reduce emissions to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century! This September, world leaders will unite in NYC for the UN Climate Change Summit. And young climate leaders from around the globe will be there to deliver the world’s biggest call-to-action! We demand that they come up with bold, ambitious, definite and effective climate and environmental action plans. Great-Britain and Ireland have already headed our call and declared a climate emergency. We urgently need more countries to stand up to protect their people, animals, and OUR planet.   Let’s face the truth. Radical transformational change is imperative in safeguarding our future and future generations. IPCC’s 2018 report emphasizes that we need major transformation, especially since we are now off track in limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees celsius. And global political and business leaders hold the key to the transformational change we urgently need. We, the youth of today, are holding them accountable through direct action and we expect the powerful to take responsibility to deliver a sustainable future for all. World leaders should no longer ignore tens of thousands on the streets. In the moments leading up to September and the meeting of the powerful, we’ll mobilize internationally to get world leaders to take climate action! When leaders of the world unite in New York City in September, we will be there and we will deliver, the world’s most signed call-to-action! Until then, we are watching them carefully. We will not go down without a fight. We will keep rising until governments will act. And when September comes, we will be there! This petition is part of an international campaign. You find all petitions here: Please support our campaign and join us!  Sign this, if you are also #AllinforClimateAction! Please follow us on  Facebook: Instagram:

Cynthia Leung
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Petition to Gardner Company, Kem Gardner

Stop the Zion-Kanab Frac Sand Mine

We, the undersigned, ask the Gardner Company to end its support of the proposed frac sand mine near Zion National Park and the tourist town of Kanab, Utah. This destructive and polluting mine does not fit with the image that Kem Gardner and the companies he has founded have promoted to the citizens of Utah.       The Gardner Company is one of Utah’s largest developers with a reputation for integrity and forward thinking. Its website promotes its commitment to community and sustainability. It was started by Kem C. Gardner one of the state’s most prominent citizens who was instrumental in bringing the 2002 Olympics to Utah. For these reasons, we are disappointed to see the Gardner Company is involved with a company (Southern Red Sands) that is planning a frac sand mine located just over ten miles from Zion National Park. It has been a site for hiking, camping, and other recreation since the first Mormon settlers came to the area. Native American peoples lived in the area for hundreds of years before that. The plateau has famous hiking and tourist destinations like Peekaboo Canyon and Diana’s Throne. It also is the location of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the country’s largest animal sanctuary. The 12,000 acres of mining claims goes right up to the boundary of the sanctuary. The mine will also jeopardize the nearby town of Kanab. The mine depends on getting a huge amount of water from Kanab, contracting for an amount that is almost equal to the city’s annual usage. In addition to the risk of depletion, there is also a potential for contamination to Kanab, Best Friends, and local wildlife. The mine will also create large amounts of respirable silica, that could pose health hazards to people near the site, most importantly, the employees of Best Friends. The mine will be operated twenty-four hours a day. In addition to the noise, the light will pollute an area known for its dark skies. There will also be a large number of heavy trucks, possibly as many as one every four minutes, carrying sand through the center of Kanab’s tourist district. This will jeopardize the industry that is the city’s lifeblood.   [Note: Contributions for spreading this petition go to, not Keep Kanub Unspoiled.]

Dean Baker
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