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Petition to Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Protect polar bears. No oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Right now, a company you’ve probably never heard of is lobbying the Department of Interior to speed through environmental impact surveys so they can drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Home to polar bears and caribou, and the Gwich'in Athabascan Native Americans. It’s the last untouched slice of nature in the United States. If there’s an open season on oil and gas in ANWR, it will be yet another instance of public lands being parcelled off by the Trump Administration. Tell the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation to get out of ANWR. In 2017, Arctic Slope spent $590,000 lobbying the federal government to open ANWR up to oil and gas development. Ryan Zinke even appointed one of Arctic Slope’s top executives to a major post at the Department of Interior. Zinke’s office isn’t alone, in 2017 Arctic Slope lobbied the Senate to allow drilling in ANWR’s 1.5 million acre coastal plane. But before oil companies can buy leases, environmental impact surveys have to happen. Under Ryan Zinke, these surveys have been cut to ram the process through as quickly as possible. Lease sales could start as early as 2019! The size of South Carolina, since 1960 ANWR has been protected from oil and gas development. There are no roads and no towns; only the occasional hiker. The Gwich'in Athabascan Native Americans have relied on migrating caribou in ANWR for millennia. There are also 900 threatened polar bears who call ANWR home. Climate change is peeling away ice sheets that restrict their ability to find food. If oil and gas companies start drilling in ANWR, it could be the end of the Gwich’in Native Americans and America’s polar bears. Wildlife and communities shouldn’t be put into harm's way for nominal profits, tell Arctic Slope that ANWR is off limits! Communities across the U.S. are still reeling from decades old oil spills like Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon, if an oil spill happens in the Arctic, it would have devastating consequences. Tell Arctic Slope ANWR isn’t for oil and gas.

Frank Escalona, Michael Cianos and Susan Schmid
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Petition to US Senate

NO Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

There are few places left on earth that haven’t been changed by industry and development, but the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is one of those places. Now, after a decades-long fight, the U.S. Senate has just passed a Taxation Bill that will allow for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be opened for oil and gas drilling. With all that we now know about the effects of drilling on its surrounding ecosystem, allowing drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge signals an absolute surrender of our society to corporate interests. Join us in demanding that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be protected from oil drilling. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge includes eighteen major rivers, hundreds of species of birds, land and marine mammals, and fish. Among the many inhabitants of the refuge are the Gwi'ichin people, who live in the far northern reaches of the state of Alaska, and who for generations, have depended on the animals who live there. All of these creatures and landscapes are under imminent threat with the refuge opened for drilling. What's worse is that pulling more oil out of the ground would mean prolonging an energy system that we KNOW cannot sustain itself and is threatening our future on this planet. The money, time and resources going into drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be put towards other means of securing our future energy needs. Keep the oil in the ground and protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by signing our petition. This is by no means a done deal – there are several steps that must be taken before the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is opened for drilling. It’s up to us to oppose every single effort to do so. Please stay in touch with our updates as they will provide ways in which you can take critical action.

Frank Escalona, Michael Cianos and Susan Schmid
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Petition to Target, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Food Lion Whole Foods Kroger, Giant, Walmart

Petition Against Plastic- Ban the Usage of Plastic Bags in Stores!

     1 trillion plastic bags are used per year, and over 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into our oceans. That’s nearly 2 million every minute. More than 300 million tons are produced. 50% of that is used per person, meaning not for companies or businesses. This plastic stays for more than a few hundred YEARS! Are you hooked in now?       The danger of plastic is often overlooked. It is cheap, and very versatile, (flexible material) making it perfect for companies. But the world-wide use of plastic is becoming the end of our ecosystems and environments today. Half of the plastic used is for a one time use only, AND it gets thrown away, not recycled! Just the other day I saw two plastic bottles in a trash bin outside. And let me just say, if we can't even recycle, we have got ourselves a major problem, and one that must not be overlooked any longer. Right now, we may not see plastic affecting us personally, and that means a lot of people are not motivated to help this problem. But one major group of living creatures are being affected: Marine life. A third of ocean species die, found choked from litter. And more than 90% of every seabird has plastic pieces in their stomachs from our mistakes.       Do these numbers matter to you? Do you care about our planet like the planet constantly cares for you? The average American family uses 1,500 plastic bags every single year, which is a huge deal because plastic bags are made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic that is made from ethylene, which can be produced from renewable sources but is usually produced from natural gas or petroleum. So I’m sure you’re asking why this is so bad. Well, it doesn’t break down. Compostable or biodegradable plastics take 3 to 6 months to fully break down. While this is still a long time, it is better than the 1,000 years that it takes normal polyethylene bags.       When you enter a store the first thing that you see is plastic. Plastic wrap on food, plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic soap bottles, etc. Everywhere you look there is plastic. Kroger, a grocery store chain, estimated that they handed out 6 billion plastic bags a year in the US. This is too much.      When plastic bags are thrown away they either go to landfills where the toxins can creep into the soil water or into the oceans. You may  not understand why this is such a problem but it is estimated that 165 million tons of plastic are floating in our oceans. This number isn’t going to go down if we don’t stop using plastic bags.      This petition is to get stores to use compostable plastic bags, ban them altogether, and increase a fee for using plastic bags. Washington, DC has a 5 cent tax on plastic bags and some people estimate that the number of plastic bags has decreased almost 50%. While this is a great start, it needs to be better. Join us in fighting for the oceans, in fighting for the animals, in fighting for the Earth. Please sign if you agree with this cause and spread the word. We need everyone’s signatures.         

Eve Stein
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Food waste is one of the country’s biggest environmental crisis. Eco India (2020) stated that per day in Manila Philippines , there are over 2,000 tons of food being thrown away even though one out of three Filipinos live below the poverty line. In fact, these food waste ends up nearly a quarter of our water supply in the form of uneaten foods. When food waste ends up in a landfill, it rots and produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas that warms our planet.  Black Soldier Fly farms—by conducting bioconversion through a selected species of fly—proved to be one of the best innovative ways to manage food waste without further harming the environment. Some of the benefits of BSF Farms are the following:  1. Zero waste management The bioconversion of insect-based is a natural breakdown in our ecosystem because of the food waste mirrors. It can cause our industry rearing because of the waste management. The insect based process is by one food to another and that process can input into the bioconversion. Having this kind of management can cut the waste on the environment, black soldier flies can quickly lessen the biodegradable waste.  2. Organic farming Organic Farming which involves the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals in natural ways. This process involves the use of biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility, and ecological balance thereby minimizing pollution and wastage. In other words, with the help of  black soldiers fly larvae (BSFL) is an all natural fertilizer containing a nutrient dense blend of NPK and minerals. That is why it is more convenient for the farmers to use it, and to avoid the usage of synthetic based fertilizers and pesticides.  3. Commercial products such as animal feed It is not only a key solution to our waste problems but also to our farmers on practicing a most sustainable way of farming. The larvae itself is high in protein and can be an excellent source of animal and fish feed. It is also useful when the farmers are lacking food supply for their animals, and besides it is a way of easing their populations through animal feeds. Using BSF as a product for animal feeds will lessen your expenses or budget for the feeds.  4. Job opportunities This petition also aims to provide more job opportunities for unemployed people. We all know that the majority of Filipinos are jobless, most of them did not graduate. Through this, they can be given a stable job, without passing unnecessary papers, also it is not mandatory that they did not graduate. This job allows us to protect Mother Earth without wading knee deep in a river or trekking through a jungle. Most importantly, this is one of the environmental jobs that focuses on the future of our planet.  5. Soil fertilizer The insect frass fertilizer uses chemical and physical properties that are compatible with the other products. In another study, the black soldier flies  frass used to grow the cabbages. The insect frass compost benefits and that is the reduction of pathogenic microbes and pesticides. Using black soldier fly for fertilizer has a higher nitrogen recovery efficiency, also a sustainable alternative to commercial fertilizers, study founds out that using bsf can improve maize fields, compared to commercial fertilizers who require double rates.  The primary resource used in this insect-based bioconversion system are the larvaes of Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens), which is an endemic species of flies in the Philippines. In the process of bioconversion, insects are selectively bred in controlled environments where they consume certain amounts of food waste. This process produces organic materials that can be used for various purposes such as insect biomass, biofuel, and fertilizers. According to the “Backyard Gardener, Black Soldier Flies: Mostly beneficials”, black soldier flies are not a pest or nuisance fly. They have no mouthparts, they do not bite and are not associated with transmitting any disease. Black Soldier Flies could hold the answers to some of the country's biggest environmental concerns. The fly larvae can rapidly consume organic waste and break it down into high-grade organic compost which scientists say it is a perfect replacement for the chemical fertilizers. Scientists also believe that the black soldier fly and its larvae are excellent examples of sustainable bio-conversion as the larvae serve as excellent livestock feed. Black Soldier Fly farming fulfills many roles, not just in food waste management but also in different aspects of our environment, such as producing fertile soil for trees to thrive, and reducing our ecological footprint.  Your support will help us be heard by our national and local government here in the Philippines, so that they can take immediate actions about funding BSF farms. We aim to ease global warming and the crisis of food waste thoroughly, and avoid the negative effects of chemical fertilizers.  Your ONE SIGNATURE can truly help in saving the environment! Give your support by signing this petition and share this to all of your family and friends!   

Arrabella Tamba
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