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Petition to City of Mountain View Council, City of Mountain View Community Service Director, City of Mountain View Planning Director

Prevent the removal of a Grove of Heritage Redwood trees located at 575 Sierra Avenue

A magnificent grove of Heritage Sequoia (Redwood) trees at 575 Sierra Avenue in Mountain View is to be cut down. This lot was purchased by a developer with the purpose of developing it into a single family home. As part of the development plan the developer is asking for a permit to remove every tree from the lot. This is a total of nine (9) trees. Seven (7) of these trees form a grove of 80+ ft tall healthy Heritage Redwoods. These trees are the tallest and most visible in the area and are a true asset to the community and the city.  Their destruction for the sake of a single family home is unacceptable especially when some modifications to the home’s design could save many of these trees Most folks believe that the City’s heritage ordinance would protect against such action. Unfortunately, this is not the case by default. The reason is that development request go through the City’s Planning department and as long as the developer’s plans adhere to the FAR requirements, they get a green light. This is different from when an existing home owner wishes to remove a tree. In this case, the request goes through the City’s Parks and Recreation department who, as many homeowners wishing to remove a heritage tree can attest, strictly apply the heritage tree ordinance.

Ross Dargahi
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Petition to Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Bill Walker

NO Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

There are few places left on earth that haven’t been changed by industry and development, but the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is one of those places. Now, after a decades-long fight, the U.S. Senate has just passed a budget resolution that could allow for the ANWR to be opened for oil and gas drilling. With all that we now know about the effects of drilling on its surrounding ecosystem, to allow drilling in ANWR would signal an absolute surrender of our society to corporate interests. Join me in demanding that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be protected from oil drilling. The ANWR includes eighteen major rivers, hundreds of species of birds, land and marine mammals, and fish. Among the many inhabitants of the refuge are the Gwi'ichin people, who live in the far northern reaches of the state of Alaska, and who for generations, have depended on the animals who live there. All of these creatures and landscapes would be under imminent threat if the refuge were opened for drilling. What's worse is that pulling more oil out of the ground would mean prolonging an energy system that we KNOW cannot sustain itself and is threatening our future on this planet. The money, time and resources going into drilling in ANWR should be put towards other means of securing our future energy needs. Keep the oil in the ground and protect the ANWR by signing my petition. This is by no means a done deal – there are several steps that must be taken before the refuge is opened for drilling. It’s up to us to oppose every single effort to do so, pressuring legislators to do what’s right for our planet. Join us!

Michael Cianos and Frank Escalona
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Petition to US Senate, Rand Paul

Save the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" From Greed

In the early 1970s we had tremendous Republican and Democratic Party environmental leadership that resulted in the most sweeping environmental legislation ever put forth on the face of planet earth. Our then President Richard Nixon, in keeping with the pulse of the nation signed into law landmark legislation that will be his outstanding legacy. WHAT HAPPENED?! If the pace of that legislation, EPA est.1970, Clean Air Act amnd. 1970, Clean Water Act 1972, Marine Mammal Protection Act 1972, Endangered Species Act 1973,  had continued through ensuing administrations until today, we would be living in a world facing a different outcome to the one we face. With accelerating environmental deterioration and an uncertain worldwide climate future; it is time to demand that our Congress and Senate pick up the environmental banner that was dropped after the Watergate Scandal, and once again begin to actively repair the earth we are destroying. Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the already existing environmental legislation from greedy predators is the first step in moving forward to a cleaner more sustainable way of living. Once we protect the environmental legislation we have, we can begin to propose new and more aggressive legislation to advance protection for the future. WE BORROW THE EARTH FROM OUR CHILDREN!! We owe it to them to take action now. REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS FIND YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL ROOTS which were once a bipartisan standard, and make the ongoing protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a bedrock of a new environmental legacy that our children can be proud of.

Frank Escalona
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