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Stop Burning the Rainforest

The rainforest is home to over thousands of animals. It has significantly decreased in size over the past few years for a number of reasons. Whether it’s from burning trees for more space, for slaughter houses for cattle, illegal logging, uncontrolled fires, or other practices, numerous ecosystems are being destroyed. One common reason the rainforest is burned is because they are making room for palm trees for palm oil. This palm oil is used in a multitude of products such as peanut butter or cereal, but it can even be put into our hair products.Why is this a problem?This is a problem because the controlled burns that company’s do to effectively remove unwanted trees and debris are actually destroying these animals homes. In this video, , you can see an orangutans home being taken down by a bulldozer. You can also see the ground badly burned most likely by a controlled fire. These animals are one of the most endangered animals and big name companies are tearing their homes down. The estimate of how many orangutans are left goes between 50,000-65,000. But according to, Orangutan Conservancy, “we do know with certainty that 2,000 to 3,000 orangutans are killed every year.” If we continue these practices then the orangutans will go extinct along with thousands of other animals who have tried to make their homes in the rainforest. They are experiencing the apocalypse and we have to do something to help them. What can I do?1. Sign this petition2. Boycott the distribution and sales of palm oil in hair products 3. Try to cut down on the amount of palm oil in your house weather it’s cereal or peanut butter etc.4. Get more educated on the cause and spread the awareness 5. Partake in a march on this topic 6. EAT LESS MEAT. The reason some of these burnings go on is because they are building cattle slaughter houses. Cutting down on meat cuts down on the burnings.Why is this important and why should I care?This is important because without the rainforest the oxygen cleanliness will decrease infinitely as the rainforest supplies us with most of our oxygen. And without it thousands of endangered animals will go extinct because of us. You should care because the animals behave the same worth as a human would. The animals where here first and we ruined their ecosystems. Sign now to petition against the destruction and burnings of the rainforest.    

Addison Arthur
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