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Petition to Prince William County Planning Commission, Prince William County Board of County Supervisors

Stop a Builder's Proposal to Construct 400 Homes at the PW Pkwy & Liberia Ave

Updated July 3, 2019: A builder wants to purchase ~100 acres of land at Prince William Parkway (PWP) and Liberia Avenue (the Kline Farm). Their plan is to build 310 homes (190 stacked townhouses, 84 townhouses, and 36 single family homes), but that will require significant modification to the land's Prince William County (PWC) zoning, which currently only allows for homes to be built on 10 acre lots. The builder also wants to incorporate retail space to include a CVS and other retailers (TBD). The builder would also leave ~24 acres undeveloped for a future elementary school site to be built by the county. This plan causes numerous concerns: - To those of us who live here, it is irrefutable that the surrounding roads simply cannot handle the additional automobile traffic that these homes will produce (estimate: ~9,400+ additional trips per day). The builder has proposed to widen the PWP, make triple left lanes by the Harris Teeter, and add lights to surrounding roads. However, many of us are concerned about the safety issues this raises for cars and pedestrians. Additionally, it does not address other significantly impacted roads: Other portions of Liberia Ave., Route 28, Wellington Road, Yates Ford Road, and the town of Clifton. - It will significantly change the rural landscape of this section of PWC. In addition to the many homes that would be built on little to no lots, there are already plenty of gas stations, fast food restaurants, and drug stores on Liberia Avenue and Wellington Road, more of the same businesses are not desired. - Nearby residents are concerned about potential impacts on their well water. - Home values: many are concerned that increased housing options in this area will reduce demand and drive home values down. - Schools: are they prepared to handle a large number of additional students (see article below)? - Will local response teams (firefighters, police, ambulances) be prepared to handle the large number of additional residents? - What environmental impacts might a plan of this magnitude impose (not only the construction impacts and well water concerns, but what about our air quality with significantly more vehicle trips per day)? - If the county's Comprehensive Plan would allow for such development (and more), then the plan is not reflective of what the county's residents desire and should be amended rather than relied upon for making this decision. While the builder has tried to offer reassurance on many of the items of concern above, residents remain highly concerned. It seems inevitable that something will eventually be built on this land: We would ask that the zoning either remain the same, or be modified to accommodate 1-5 acre residential lots on the entire 100 acres. If the builder’s plan does not align with your future vision of this section of PWC, please get involved in one or more ways: 1. Sign this petition and email the PWC Planning Commission, the Board of County Supervisors, and the County Planner (email addresses below) with your opinion. Also peruse the updates attached to this petition. 2. Attend the Planning Commission's Public Hearing, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 7:00pm, 1 County Complex Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192 (in the Board Chambers of the James J. McCoart Administration Building) 3. Attend the Board of County Supervisors' Public Hearing, date TBA. Attending these two meetings is the most impactful way our community can stop the over-development of this land. Here is our chance to stop this plan from going forward: many of us will feel regret for not acting if we see bulldozers plowing through that land, watch ~300 homes and hundreds of thousands of square feet of needless retail space being constructed, and endure further congestion on our already overly burdened roads. Thank you in advance for your support. --- For more information: Board of County Supervisors Emails:;;;;;;; PWC Planning Commission Emails:;;;;;;;; County Planner Emails:; Photo Credit: Google 2015

Jen Gettys
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Petition to Charles E. Schumer, New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation, Peter Mercurio, Paul Battaglia, Peter Tarnawskyj, James Bach, Jolene Jeffe, David Dipietro, Patrick Gallivan

Save Knox Farm State Park

The State of New York purchased Knox Farm in 2000. Since that time, it has been a quiet and serene place for humans and wildlife to coexist peacefully. It has been a one of a kind park without playgrounds and pavilions and without traffic roaming through the lanes.  Over the years more people have come to the park to enjoy the peace and quiet, to take a nature walk, bring their dogs to play, to ride their horses or to just sit and take in the beautiful scenery.   Currently, there is a request for proposal for the adaptive reuse of 80 acres of the park. The idea is to use the funds received from an outside bidder, to restore some of the buildings, including the stables that are within these 80 acres.  However, the amount of money that the state would get according to this proposal would not even be enough to restore one building.  Should such a proposal be granted, it could mean permanent vendors or permanent areas for concerts and festivals.  When the Knox family sold the property to the State, this was not the intended purpose.  The 80 acres referred to in this request consists of grasslands, wetlands, ponds and wooded areas.  These areas are home to many deer, foxes, rabbits, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, birds, turtles, water fowl, (and their babies), just to name a few, not to mention all the important vegetation that is vital to the survival of this wildlife.  Any proposal, other than of an equestrian nature will have a negative impact on this wildlife, by destroying the areas mentioned above.  In addition, it will mean more light pollution, more trash left behind, more noise pollution and more automobile traffic in a park that was never intended for such.  It may also mean more traffic in the Village of East Aurora which at this time, is already an issue for many.   While the buildings in this park need some rehabilitation, doing so at the expense of wildlife and its natural habitat is not the way to accomplish that goal.  I would ask that if you love Knox Farm State Park and care about the wildlife that lives there, to please sign and share this petition to let the State know that this is not ok.  Everyday humans encroach on wildlife space a little (or a lot) more.  Let's keep our park safe from this.    

Jennifer Gurbacki
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Petition to Make Utah Ban Single Use Plastic

Ban Single Use Plastic in Utah

The more we pollute this earth, the less we are going to get from its beauty. We should be standing side by side as human beings and helping this earth. With this petition, we will be able to ban single use plastic from Utah, and slowly, this will expand worldwide. Because in the end, the earth has provided for us, and it's the least we can do to help give back. Plastic is useful in our society, and I am not saying to ban it from Utah, only single use plastic, the type you use once and throw out, like straws, containers for fast food or restaurants, sometimes plastic bags, and other types of one use plastic. We will begin in our community and expand to the state of utah. This world cannot sustain itself at the rate of pollution we are going at, so we need to stand together, and not let our planet crumble before our eyes.  In 2016, it was calculated that half of the annual plastic production was meant for single use plastic. Roughly 167,500,000 metric tons of plastic was produced in the year 2016. 4 trillion plastic bags are used a year, and only 1% are recycled. 100 billion of these plastic bags are simply thrown away, not even recycled. 50 billion water bottles are purchased annually by Americans, 91% of these are not properly recycled. We are not purchasing a round a million plastic water bottles a minute globally. Most of which will soon end up in the ocean and in animals' stomachs. Plastic bags and other plastic garbage kill up to 1 million seas creatures annually. By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Do we really want this to happen? To turn our planet into a big ball of plastic? It's one thing to state facts, and it's another to do something about it, and change the facts. While people can say 'recycle' or 'don't use straws', it's easier said than done. We must step up now, we need to clean up our earth, because if we don't, soon we wont have one. We shouldn't have to move to another planet because we have polluted ours to the point that it is uninhabitable. We need to fix our mistakes, and it isn't too late. Signing this petition is a start, but we need to come together as a community and fight for our wildlife and oceans. They cant speak for themselves, but we can listen, and we can take one minute to see that our earth is dying, and that it's now or never. Take a stand! The United States has diminished a multitude of laws to protect the environment, and it is obvious that we cannot let the fate of our planet rest in the hands of politicians. Change must come from the people, and that is what we are trying to do with this petition. The world is suffering immeasurable consequences from our everyday use of plastic. The more we research it, the more we become aware of the damage we can imposed on our world. Our goal: To gain enough signers that awareness will spread. Our plan is simple, we do not say Recycle, we say Reusable! We must ban single use plastic, I ask Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, help us make a difference! Utahns use 940 million plastic bags a year! Most of these bags are only used for twelve minutes before being disposed of, improperly! It does not matter what political party you are a part of, what belief system you choose to believe in, or what country you live in, we are all humans, and it is our duty to protect the earth. We never should have damaged it to the point that this amount of drastic action must be taken, but if we are there then so be it! We will fight until the end for our planet, because in the end, it is our home.    Sign this petition and make a difference!

Rodrigo Fernandez
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Petition to Mayor Jenny Durkan, Seattle City Council, Candidates for Seattle City Coumcil

Save Seattle Parks and Green Spaces!

Sign our petition asking Mayor Jenny Durkan, the Seattle City Council and all candidates for Seattle City Council to affirm their commitment to preserve and protect Seattle parks and green spaces from development We need to protect a hard-won victory for people and parksIn 1996, when a Seattle city park was threatened with development, citizens drafted and collected signatures for the Protect Our Parks Initiative #42. The Protect Our Parks Initiative was affirmed by the Seattle City Council by a 9-0 vote and was signed into law by Mayor Norm Rice. Parks are being threatened with development againThe City of Seattle has recently begun studying options for alternate uses of park and recreation lands that would violate both the spirit and the letter of the landmark 1996 Protect Our Parks initiative. Once again, the people of Seattle need to send a clear message to City Hall that we want to protect our parks from development. Fast Facts: Parks are scarce while buildable land is still abundant Seattle devotes less land to parks (12.5%) than cities such as New York (21.7%), San Francisco (19.6%), Phoenix (15.2%) or even Las Vegas (19.4%) (Seattle Times) Seattle currently has the capacity to build 200,000 additional housing units without sacrificing a single acre of park land. (City of Seattle) As shopping continues to move online, many brick and mortar retail spaces will no longer be needed. We have the opportunity to repurpose and rezone these spaces for housing and save our parks for future generations. A new grassroots citizens organization, SAVE SEATTLE PARKS, is asking Mayor Jenny Durkan, Seattle City Council Members, and all candidates for Seattle’s seven contested council seats to affirm their commitment to protect our parks for future generations by answering this question: Will you pledge to protect Seattle Parks from development and uphold the requirements as stated in Initiative 42? The landmark 1996 Protect Our Parks Initiative and Seattle City Ordinance clearly states: All lands and facilities held now or in the future by The City of Seattle for park and recreation purposes, whether designated as park, park boulevard, or open space, shall be preserved for such use; and no such land or facility shall be sold, transferred, or changed from park use to another usage, unless the City shall first hold a public hearing regarding the necessity of such a transaction and than enact an ordinance finding that the transaction is necessary because there is no reasonable and practical alternative and the City shall at the same time or before receive in exchange land or a facility of equivalent or better size, value, location, and usefulness in the vicinity, serving the same community and the same park purposes.SAVE SEATTLE PARKSFacebook Group: Save Seattle

Save Seattle Parks
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