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Petition to Commissioner Joe Carollo, Commissioner Ken Russell, Commissioner Willy Gort, Commissioner Manolo Reyes, Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Mayor Francis Suarez, Emilio T. Gomzalez, Victoria Méndez, Rafael Duharte, Jose Gell, Marlene Avalo, Emilio Callja, Alex Cardenas, Jeanie Hernandez, Marie Louissaint

Save Bayfront Park - Stop Ultra and Rolling Loud!

Bayfront Park is for the enjoyment of residents, not a cash cow for the city! We, the residents of Downtown Miami and its neighboring communities deserve to have daily access to Bayfront Park - our neighborhood park. Instead, since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud.  In recent years, the Bayfront Park Management Trust booked an increasing number of these events in the park. Marked by lengthy set-up and tear-down periods, these events have become larger and much more disruptive to our residential community. In addition to destroying the park's environmental elements, including trees, turf and landscaping, these events regularly force thousands of Downtown residents to flee the area to avoid the unbearable noise, traffic, and alcohol/drug-related violence present at and around these events. Ultra's contract is up for renewal. Rolling Loud's producers announced their intent to return to Bayfront Park next year. Tell the City of Miami, the Bayfront Park Board members and its Chairman, Commissioner Carollo: No More! The park is for the enjoyment of residents, not a cash cow for the city! SAVE BAYFRONT PARK - STOP ULTRA, ROLLING LOUD AND ALL FUTURE MEGA SIZED CONCERTS!

Downtown Miami Residents
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Petition to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Hilda L. Solis, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Sheila Kuehl, Janice Hahn, Kathryn Barger

Let’s Stop Wasting Stormwater!

Let’s stop wasting water that can be reused. Let’s stop sending pollution to the ocean. Let’s stop harming wildlife with our trash. 80 Billion gallons of rain water are wasted each year in L.A. County. Please urge the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to start treating runoff as a resource—not a nuisance. L.A. County receives over 100 billion gallons of rain water on average each year. Our current stormwater system captures only 20 percent of this water resource. Where does the rest go? This wasted water flows through streets, storm drains and rivers directly into the Pacific Ocean, taking with it oil, trash and plastic pollution, fecal bacteria, and other contaminants. These pollutants pose a serious health and safety risk to anyone who visits the rivers, streams or ocean, and to any animal that lives in these habitats. Securing our water future can’t wait. Today, 85 percent of L.A. County’s water is piped in from locations up to 400 miles away. These critical water lifelines for millions of Angelenos are at risk from drought, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In addition to ongoing efforts to conserve water at home, we must also come together as a community to conserve our rain water. Only 11 percent of L.A. County’s water supply comes from stormwater. We can triple that amount with more local rain water capture and treatment. Innovative nature-based, water quality stormwater management projects, including rain gardens and green alleys are sprouting up in neighborhoods across L.A. County. Treated stormwater can be used in place of drinking water for irrigation, or to replenish our groundwater resources. These projects all function to increase water supply, improve water quality, decrease flooding and provide new green space, particularly in disadvantaged communities. We must invest in nature-based, water quality solutions to decrease our water waste, improve environmental and public health, and create over 7,000 new green jobs in the process. On July 17, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will decide whether to place a public funding measure on the November 2018 ballot that could raise $300 million for nature-based, water quality projects. Make your voice heard during this critical decision-making process.  Sign this petition with Heal the Bay to tell the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to add a Stormwater Funding Measure to the November 2018 ballot.  We are a proud member of OurWaterLA, a diverse coalition of local community leaders and organizations united to create a strong water future for Los Angeles.

Heal the Bay
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Petition to California Governor

Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it's too late

Despite Climate Change having been identified by scientists, leaders, analysts and people from all over the world as “the greatest threat to humanity and life on Earth”, actions taken to address it have been few in number and haphazard in design because Climate Change has not been identified as, and officially declared, a MAJOR DISASTER.  It is very urgent that Governor Jerry Brown, using his legal powers as Governor of California,  issues a CLIMATE CHANGE MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATION and requests Federal funding, in order to unleash all the organizational, structural, scientific and financial State and Federal resources to stop Climate Change and protect Californians’ life and property and our invaluable environment. The incontrovertible evidence is that Climate Change is incrementally increasing the number and magnitude of catastrophic events like exceptional droughts, heat waves, floods, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, sea level rise, coastal cities inundation, ocean acidification, extinction of plant and animal species, epidemics, disruption of food production and other deleterious events that, combined or individually, have disastrous consequences on our economies and our wellbeing and survival. California has its share of Climate-related catastrophic events, both forecast and current, particularly showing in the 500-year drought that, in 2015 alone, caused a near $3 billion loss for California agriculture, left several communities without water, 542,000 acres lay fallow, 6335 wildfires burned 307,598 acres (including much of the town of Middletown) and destroyed thousands of structures. Also, the pumping of very large amounts of groundwater used to compensate for the lack of surface water is causing the separation of the lithosphere from the ground above, which will lead to earthquakes. In February 2017, the confluence of Atmospheric Rivers, fueled by Climate Change and of infrastructure insufficiently built and maintained to withstand the forces of the new Climate created havoc in California, like in the region of the Oroville Dam where the severe damage to its two spillways caused by the racing waters, put 200,000 lives, thousands of structures and thousands of acres at very serious risk. Climate Change is still being discussed as a tremendous potential threat to our children and grandchildren but, the reality is that Climate Change is already here and that it will get worse if we continue dumping more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Indicators of Climate Change are already in the danger zone. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere, which for 1.3 million years had not been higher than 275 ppm (parts per million) until the onset of the Industrial Revolution, are now above 410 ppm. The global average air temperature is since 2015, 1º Celsius higher than in pre-industrial times, a level that climate scientists consider the gateway to the acceleration of the disruptions of the Climate (1.5 º Celsius for the first half of 2016 and 1.2º Celsius for the whole 2016).  It is now confirmed that 2016 was the hottest year on record.  Without a Disaster Declaration, this greatest-of-threats remains undefined and acknowledged, taking away the focus necessary to effectively deal with it. We say that we are “fighting Climate Change” without having ever declared war. The extent and nature of the problem requires immediate, massive action to retrofit our economy to stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and move fast towards a “carbon negative” economy, as well as to make the necessary changes to minimize the damage from Climate Change-related events that are going to unfold from Climate disruptions that have already taken place. To mitigate our Climate Change Disaster, action must be immediate, must be massive and requires a level of mobilization of all our resources similar to what this country experienced during the New Deal and World War II. Individual actions, while useful and necessary, are insufficient. Indirect measures, like taxes on carbon emissions, are beneficial but too slow. Putting off the retrofitting of our economy to address Climate Change is a very dangerous mistake. Factors such as the long residence time of already emitted greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the activation of slow feedbacks (like the melting of the permafrost) will soon make future mitigating actions inconsequential. There is a lot to lose from inaction and a lot to gain from speedy action. Without speedy action, more catastrophes will unfold with a high price in the loss of lives and property and high risks to the economy. With speedy action, life and property will be better protected, California’s economy will experience a boom, California will have access to federal disaster funds that do not require the approval of Congress and California will lead other States and Countries in the highly needed and greatest peaceful cooperation effort ever. Governor Brown, please accept leadership of this massive transformation of California to a CLIMATE CHANGE-READY STATE. This life-affirming effort will give us the greatest chance of thriving through change instead of merely surviving change. We are living in extraordinary times, that require extraordinary actions and your extraordinary leadership.   References: James Hansen, et al. “Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change”: RequiredReduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People,Future Generations and Nature”. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081648. December 3, 2013 Alex Park and Julia Lurie. “California's Drought Could Be the Worst in 500 Years. And why it's too late for the rain.” Mother Jones. February 10, 2014. Richard Howitt, et al. “Economic Analysis of the 2015 Drought For California Agriculture. UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences”. August 17, 2015. “Our Earth in 2050. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels double”. greenphysicist2.blogspot.com Marcin Popkiewicz. “If growth of CO2 concentration causes only logarithmic temperature increase - why worry?. April 15, 2014. Larry Elliot. “Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts”. The Guardian. January 14, 2016. Climate Protection Campaign. “Sonoma County Community Climate Action Plan”. October 2008. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. carbonify.com Emily J. Gertz. “2015 Was the World’s Warmest Year—and 2016 Might Be Even Hotter”. January 20, 2016. takepart.com Fire Statistics. “Incident Information”. CalFire. CA.GOV. January1 - December 31, 2015. Ethan Huff. “How California's extreme drought will lead to a wave of earthquakes”. August 18, 2014. Pau Ratner. 2016 Is Going to Be the Hottest Year Ever (According to NASA, NOAA, & Pretty Much Everyone). Big Think. July 24, 2016.        

Jorge Rebagliati
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Petition to Representantes do governo nacional, regional, e camaras municipais.

O Algarve Diz NAO ao Fracking / Algarve Says NO to Fracking

Caros amigos do Algarve O Algarve é conhecido pela sua grande beleza, beleza esta que está agora em risco de ser destruída. O Algarve é sem duvida uma zona pobre de água, e é uma região ecologicamente sensível que está agora sob ameaça de ser devastada por operações de mineração para extrair gás natural através de uma técnica controversa chamado de fraturamento hidráulico ou "fracking" ou através de outras tecnologias não convencionais. Durante o processo de fracking, milhões de litros de água, areia e diversos produtos químicos - a maioria dos quais são tóxicos, carcinogic bem como teratogénico (que incluem benzeno, tolueno, etilbenzeno, xileno, etileno glicol (anti-congelante), o combustível diesel, naftaleno (bola para a traça) compostos , ácido bórico, arsénico, hidrocarbonetos orgânicos poli nucleares, apenas para citar alguns dos 600 e tantos produtos químicos utilizados) - são bombeados nos furos com água a alta pressão para liberar o gás natural (chamado gás de xisto) preso em camadas de rocha no subsolo. Nos EUA, onde fracking tem sido amplamente utilizado, tem havido centenas de casos documentados deste processo, que resultou em: poluição catastrófica da água potável; poluição do ar; aumento da actividade sísmica, resultando em terremotos; impactos gerais na saúde de seres humanos e animais; e uma grande degradação ambiental. Agora, a Portfuel (que anda aparentemente à procura de parceiros internacionais e locais) está a preparar-se para explorar dezenas de milhares de quilómetros quadrados de terra no Algarve para exploração de gás natural atravez de tecnologias de fracking. Em toda a região do Algarve já temos regularmente uma ameaça de falta de água e não se justifica por em risco as nossas fontes de agua potável devido aos riscos dessa agua ser desperdiçada ou contaminada pelo processo de fracking que, uma vez em plena produção, vai envolver dezenas de milhares de furos, e milhões de litros de água por cada furo. Neste momento há já uma onda crescente de oposição ao uso de fracking no Algarve, liderado por muitas empresas, agricultores, organizações ambientalistas e de direitos humanos, investidores, turistas, estrangeiros residentes e cidadãos comuns. Se está preocupado com os impactos que este género de exploração de gás natural no nosso país vai trazer para a sua região, por favor junte a sua voz a nossa adicionando o seu nome na petição. Texto da petição Nós, os abaixo-assinados: Chamamos ao governo nacional, provincial e municipal para instituir um moratório sobre toda a exploração em terra, e toda a exploração de gás natural em Portugal, especialmente qualquer operação que envolva o processo de fraturamento hidráulico, pelo menos até avaliações abrangentes e independentes terem sido feitas. Avaliacoes que venham a garantir que tais actividades de prospecção e exploração não vai ter efeitos ambientais negativos, ou prejudiciais à saúde. E preciso parar com toda esta actividade até medidas independentes e eficientes estiverem criadas com capacidade de monitor-ar toda a exploração de gás de xisto e exploração em Portugal. Chamamos a Portfuel e a outras empresas internacionais, bem como empresas portugueses para que se abstenham de colocar em risco a integridade ambiental do Algarve e a saúde de todos os seus habitantes que já sabemos que e originada pela prática de exploração de gás de xisto e extracção usando fraturamento hidráulico e outras tecnologias de extracção não-convencionais. Saiba mais sobre o que e o fracking aqui: muitas informações sobre fracking neste link:  apresentações em Power Point aqui neste link que pode consultar: pode ver uma seleção de vídeos de todo o mundo, incluindo Gasland I e II e Unhearthed: pode avaliar se a sua propriade está dentro das áreas de concessão, verificando-o no Mapa interativo do Google que encontra na página inicial do nosso site: ************************************************************************ Dear friends of the Algarve Large parts of Algarve’s beautiful, but water-poor and ecologically sensitive regions are under threat of being devastated by mining operations to extract natural gas using a controversial technique called hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking' or other unconventional technologies. During fracking millions of liters of water, sand and numerous chemicals most of which are toxic, carcinogenic as well as teratogenic (they include benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), diesel fuel, naphthalene (moth ball) compounds, boric acid, arsenic, poly nuclear organic hydrocarbons, only to name a few of 600-odd chemicals used), are pumped into boreholes at high pressure to release natural gas (called shale gas) trapped in layers of underground rock. In the USA, where fracking has been used extensively, there have been hundreds of documented cases of this process resulting in: catastrophic drinking water pollution; air pollution; increased seismic activity resulting in earthquakes; health concerns for humans and animals; and general environmental degradation. Right now, Portfuel (which is apparently looking for international and local partners) is preparing to explore hundreds of square kilometers of land in the Algarve for natural gas exploration by fracking. Most of the area under threat is already extremely water-stressed and cannot afford any water to be either wasted or contaminated by the fracking process which, once in full production, may involve hundreds of boreholes and millions of liters of water per borehole. There is a growing groundswell of opposition to the use of fracking in the Algarve lead by a broad coalition of local businesses, farmers, environmental organizations, tourists, investors, as well as ordinary citizens and expat residents. If you are concerned about the likely environmental and health impacts of natural gas exploitation in our country, please join us in adding your name to the following petition. The Petition Letter We, the undersigned: Call on national, provincial and municipal government to institute a moratorium on all on-shore exploration and exploitation of natural gas in Portugal, especially any operations involving hydraulic fracturing, at least until comprehensive, independent, scientific assessments can guarantee that such exploration and exploitation activities will not lead to detrimental environmental or health effects and until independent and efficient measures are in place to monitor all shale gas exploration and exploitation. Call on Portfuel and other international as well as Portuguese companies to refrain from endangering the environmental integrity of the Algarve and the health of its inhabitants by engaging in shale gas exploration and extraction using hydraulic fracturing and other non-conventional extraction technologies.   Find out more about fracking here: lots of info on this link: see the presentations: see a selection of videos from all over the world including Gasland I and II and Unhearthed: see if you fall within the allocated concession areas by checking the interactive Google Map on our site's home page:  

ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
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