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Petition to FAA and Congress

Ban Nonessential Helicopters Over NYC & Regulate NY/NJ Metropolitan Airspace

I, the undersigned, for the numerous reasons listed below, urge the FAA to ban non-essential helicopters from NYC’s airspace and adjacent waterways and I petition the United States Congress to pass H.R. 1643 - “The Improving Helicopter Safety Act of 2021”, formerly H.R.4880 – “The Improving Helicopter Safety Act of 2019”.  1) Non-essential Helicopters Pose Needless Dangers Over Densely Populated Cities, such as NYC:      Since 1980, there have been at least 30 helicopter crashes in and around NYC, resulting in numerous fatalities and serious injuries, as well as property damage. In 2019, a commuter helicopter crashed into midtown’s Equitable Building resulting in the death of the pilot, a rooftop fire, and a neighborhood evacuation. Also, in 2019, a Blade helicopter crashed into the Hudson River. In 2017, all 5 passengers died when a Liberty Tour sightseeing flight crashed into the East River. Unbelievably, even with such a history of crashes, tourism, photography, commuter and charter helicopters continue to fly dangerously low over our buildings, parks, schools, waterways and roadways seven days a week. Non-essential helicopters should not be flying over densely populated cities, and “The  Improving Helicopter Safety Act of 2019” introduced by NY Congress-members Carolyn Maloney, Jerrold Nadler, and Nydia Velasquez, would prohibit such risky flights. This legislation is long-overdue and must be passed by Congress, as the FAA has negligently allowed helicopter traffic to run amok over NYC, NJ, local waterways, and much of the NY metropolitan area without appropriate restrictive and protective regulations. Non-essential helicopters also pose an unnecessary terrorism risk, as heliport security is generally lax to non-existent; NYC has already been the target of several terrorist attacks, including the 9/11 hijacked airline flights into the World Trade Center. We need to protect our citizens from both accidental helicopter crashes and potential helicopter terrorism. 2) Non-Essential Helicopters Create Needless and Harmful Environmental and Noise Pollution:      Passing this legislation would have a positive impact on literally millions of residents and visitors in the greater NY Metropolitan Area who suffer needlessly from toxic noise and air pollution year after year. The incessant loud noise and rumbling vibrations from helicopter flights over buildings, homes, parks, schools and open spaces create a continuous stressful environment. Numerous studies show the deleterious effect of noise on learning, and excessive helicopter noise can lead to slower brain development in children and eventual brain damage if not curtailed early. Yet, alarmingly, many schools are near the flightpaths of these non-essential helicopters. Additionally, beloved urban parks, such as NYC’s iconic Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governor’s Island, and others are part of the sightseeing plans of tourism and photography helicopters that emanate from New Jersey airports; for example, loud helicopters hover over the reservoir jogging path, Shakespeare in the Park, and the NY Philharmonics Great Lawn concerts in Central Park. Helicopters detract from what should be quiet and peaceful experiences for residents and tourists in our urban nature oases. Similarly, incessant tourist and commuter helicopters buzzing over our surrounding rivers and harbors reduce the ability of residents and visitors alike to enjoy these areas for recreation and sightseeing. After spending over $1 billion on beautiful waterfront parks (in NYC’s five boroughs and along the Hudson River on both the NJ and NY sides), park goers now have to suffer with noisy flights as often as every two minutes. Additionally, these fossil fuel guzzling helicopter flights add at least 6,000 tons of toxic carbon pollution annually, poisoning the air we breathe and contributing to climate change.  3) Conclusion:      For-profit helicopter companies treat our skies and neighborhoods as their private domain with no regard for the millions of people who are negatively affected on a daily basis. Helicopter traffic reduces real estate values, puts people at risk of life and property loss, and negatively impacts outdoor businesses, festivals and public events. These non-essential helicopters are a highly polluting form of transportation and entertainment and they needlessly create stress-inducing noise pollution throughout NY and NJ neighborhoods. Helicopter “joyrides” have dangerously been allowed to proliferate our skies irrespective of the detriment they cause to the many. For all these stated reasons, Congress must ban non-essential helicopter flights over densely populated urban areas, and the FAA must finally agree to properly regulate the overcrowded and unsafe airspace in the greater NY/NJ Metropolitan area. It is time to take back our skies, environment, and peace of mind! Sources:  

Stop the Chop NY/NJ
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Petition to KISHIDA Fumio, TANAKA Akihiko, HAYASHI Yoshimasa


>Sign as an organization  >Bahasa Indonesia >日本語  The Japanese government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) state that they will consider providing JICA’s loan for the construction of the Indramayu coal-fired power plant (1,000 megawatts) in West Java once the Indonesian government makes a request to Japan. This might happen by early 2021 as the Indonesian government plans to complete the construction by 2026. This Japanese “assistance” will destroy the livelihoods of local farmers, such as rice and vegetable fields. The loss of farmland means death for peasants. They are also concerned about health damages due to their experience of air pollution from the existing coal plant in Indramayu. The farmers have fought to protect their environment and society for more than 4 years through peaceful demonstrations and lawsuits, despite threats, harassment and criminalization by Indonesian authorities. This coal power plant will also impose an unreasonable burden of unnecessary infrastructure and stranded assets especially on the future generations amid global climate crisis as well as the oversupply of electricity in Java island. Please sign on the petition to request the Japanese government and JICA not to support the construction of the Indramayu coal-fired power plant in Indonesia! > PDF with full citation ------------------------ Re: Japanese Government Must Not Support the Indramayu Coal-fired Power Plant Expansion Project in West Java, Indonesia We are writing to call on the Japanese government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) not to support the expansion of the Indramayu coal-fired power plant (1,000 MW) (hereinafter, the “Project”) in West Java, Indonesia.[1] The local community[2] as well as the international community[3] have long expressed concern and strong opposition to the Project.[4] There are mainly 6 reasons why this coal power plant must not be constructed as below; (1)  The Project will destroy or adversely affect the livelihoods of thousands of local farmers and fishermen because the power plant will be constructed in the middle of farmland and along the fishing grounds.[5] The tenants and day laborers have been growing their rice, vegetable and fruits all year long for hundreds of years. When the season comes, the small-scale fishermen catch the small shrimp called “rebon” along the coast. Monetary compensation and livelihood restoration programs, such as livestock-raising and skill-training, even if provided, are not sufficient to restore their livelihoods and thus not a true solution[6]; (2)  The Project will expose the local community to a higher risk of health damage.[7] The power plant will not use any of the BAT (best available technology) that are installed in most of the coal-fired power power plants in Japan even though the power plant will emit air pollutants, including SOx, NOx and PM2.5[8]; (3)  The Project has failed to ensure appropriate consultation and sufficient information disclosure with local farmers and fishermen. They will be heavily affected by the Project but were not invited for any consultation to prepare an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report.[9] Likewise, there was no appropriate participation by affected peasants in the planning of the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan (LARAP).[10] These defective processes are clearly illegal under the Indonesian laws[11] [12]; (4)  The Project has caused serious human rights violations and has threatened the freedom of expression at the local level. Several farmers who have voiced opposition to the Project became victims of criminalization, or were accused of false charges and put in jail for 5 to 6 months.[13] According to the Indonesian law, the Indonesian government must protect farmers who try to protect the environment, but it failed to do so[14] [15]; (5)  The Project is not necessary for the Java-Bali electrical grid which has been pointed out to have excessive power supply. The Indonesian government’s plan[16] also indicates that the reserve margin in the grid will be 30 to 45 % till 2028. Given the severe impact of COVID-19 on the economy, growth in electricity demand will also slow down. If the Project is pushed through with JICA’s loan, Indonesian state-owned electricity company Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) or Indonesian government will have to repay this loan for decades for such unnecessary plant. This means an unreasonable burden on the future generations; (6)  The Project entails the risk of becoming a stranded asset[17] because it is necessary even for developing countries to completely stop the operation of coal-fired power plants by 2040 to achieve the Paris Agreement’s long-term goals.[18] It is obvious that the building of this power plant, even with high efficiency or ultra-super critical (USC) technology, is inconsistent with the Paris goals[19] and must not be allowed in order to tackle the climate crisis and make a credible transition toward a decarbonized society. Furthermore, if the Project is pushed through with JICA’s loan, PLN or the Indonesian government will have to pay back for decades for such stranded asset.This means an unreasonable burden on the future generations again. The Project must not be pushed through at the expense of the livelihoods and environment of the local community, or in exchange for future generations’ opportunities and choices, and global climate. In addition, the Project does not align with the policies of the Japanese government and the JICA Guidelines for Environmental and Social Considerations (the Guidelines) as described in the footnotes. We strongly demand that the Japanese government and JICA not finance this coal plant for the Indramayu community and future generations in Indonesia and the world. INITIAL SIGNATORIES:Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI – FoE Indonesia)WALHI West JavaFriends of the Earth JapanJapan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES)Kiko Network, JapanMekong Watch, Japan

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Petition to

No to Warehouse Development in Erial, NJ

I am a life-long Gloucester Township resident. I was brought home to a townhouse in Cherrywood in 1973, then made the move to Wye Oak in 1992 with my parents. At that time this area was all fields and forests. I understand that commercial development along Berlin Cross Keys Rd was imminent to support the blossoming population out here. I believe we're developed out at this point. Now Gloucester Township has approved the building of a 224,000 sq ft warehouse at 1000 Williamstown-Erial Rd. This 16 acre land parcel is directly behind the Target on Berlin Cross Keys Rd. The potential new owner of the property already is boasting a proposed design for this facility which includes wrap around parking and several truck bays.  There are currently new townhouses being built directly next door, there is a pricey single family home development being built across the street from it, and there is the existing Wye Oak neighborhood behind it. Folks in these new developments don't know that they will have a warehouse for a neighbor if this goes through! Wye Oak and potentially Kings Gate owners don't know the amount of light and noise pollution and traffic this could produce. This proposed warehouse will have the potential to lower our property values with lights, noise, and possibly tractor trailers/delivery trucks coming and going all day and night! We are already dealing with growing congested traffic in these residential and school areas. Let's inform the planning board members, the mayor, and council that we don't want this business in our backyards! We don't want the light and noise pollution or the added truck traffic! We don't need Gloucester Township to develop every single piece of what little open land is left!   

Elizabeth Scanzello
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