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Petition to Robert G. Ortt

Solar Energy Isn't So Green

In the wake of solar energy being the hot new money-making trend, what will happen to agriculture? How much of our landscape will now be nothing but solar panels as far as the eye can see?  While at a zoning board meeting we were told that the laws for New York state are simply too new and/or too vague to limit the installation of solar "farms". Further, the same goes for local law. So, instead of making sure laws are set in stone to protect residents and nature, local lawmakers are going ahead and giving a "thumbs up" to solar energy companies and letting them install solar "farms" without even knowing what the consequences or long-term effects may  be. Before we know it, there are going to be solar "farms" everywhere, once the floodgates open!  This needs to be stopped before it gets started! There should be concrete laws and the zoning guidelines should be specific, and further, upheld. These solar "farms" are now asking towns to let them build directly next to residences! It is getting out of hand. These solar "farms" are going to start replacing much of our agriculture. What will happen to food availability and/or prices? We need to think about what we are giving up in the name of saving a bit of money!  I am asking for residents to band together.Why are we allowing these monstrosities to go next to our homes? I feel that our wonderful villages are going to be completely surrounded by these solar "farms" if we don't ask the lawmakers to make better laws regarding this! 

Heidi Marciniak
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Petition to Council Members of the City of Walnut

Help Save Brookside Walnut!

The Old Brookside Equestrian Center is on 800 Meadow Pass Road in Walnut, CA,  Its sprawling beauty of 25.8 acres is at risk of destruction by the new landowners.  The history of this property dates back to the mid-1800s as part of the Rancho La Puente developed for cattle raising and agriculture. Ownership had changed over the centuries, but the property has retained its countryside character with bountiful trees, natural habitat, trails, and a creek that flows through the land. It was once a weekend getaway, thoroughbred horse breeding, and the training base for the Olympic United States Equestrian Team.   Now, the new landowners have a different plan for Brookside. They have repeatedly applied for Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to subdivide the land into smaller parcels than what is zoned. The latest CUP revealed development plans to disrupt much of the natural environment and to destroy Brookside's long-standing structures to make room for as many houses as the city will permit.  Brookside is essential to the city's rural charm, and a reminder of its cultural history. The trails and creek have always been accessible to the public. The community has always enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of the place. We must protect the integrity of its natural environment and preserve its cultural history. We must help save Brookside; the land can not defend itself.  If we don't act now, Brookside's breath-taking land will be in ruins. The carriage house, barn, and stables will all be gone. In its place will be estate houses on a private road. The natural environment will peril as the developer clears the land and converts open spaces into rows of roofs. The streets and other impervious surfaces will add to stormwater run-off and flooding. Walnut’s last remaining gem will be lost FOREVER! Join us, the Brookside Brigade, to show Walnut's City Planning Commission that you care about saving Brookside! Sign the petition, tell the City Planning Commission what we want!  Preserve the Carriage House, Barn, and Stables for Public Use Public Access to Creek and Trails Protect the Natural Environment and the Wildlife that made a home on this land  Complete all Required Scientific Studies Ongoing Wildlife Protection Measures  Zoning that Reflects the Rural Character of Walnut -- Do Not Overdevelop.  Email the City Officials below before January 15th, 2020, to voice your concerns: Andrew Rodriguez (Mayor) – Bob Pacheco (Mayor Protem) – Nancy Tragarz (Council) – Eric Ching (Council) – Dr. Allen Wu (Council) – Rob Wishner (City Manager) - No need to donate, just share the link to everyone in the City of Walnut, CA TAKE ACTION NOW to SAVE BROOKSIDE!    

Brookside Brigade Walnut
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Petition to Puerto Rico State House, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United Nations, Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations Environment Program

Stop Fracking in Puerto Rico: To bring awareness to the true cause of Earthquakes in PR

Recently there has been a series of deadly earthquakes in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico and the surrounding Carribean islands are known to have major earthquakes naturally every century. However, the magnitude and the number of Earthquakes this time were abnormal. Mainstream media is trying to frame it as natural. However, these Earthquakes were really caused by the Oil and Gas Industry's recent Fracking project underneath and around the island. Locals on the islands reported that the past week or so they have been hearing strange explosion and drilling sounds at night. A fisherman reported that he seen the tools used for fracking around the islands and even claims he does not care if he is killed if he reports this. The aftermath of these man-made earthquakes? Thousands of homes ruined, no electricity or water on the island, children out of school and many left homeless of the street after losing their property. Reports have said the aftermath of these Earthquakes is worse than Hurricane Maria where thousands have lost their lives. Puerto Rico and other surrounding Carribean islands deserve justice for these man-made earthquakes. Between climate change and the fracking industry, there is no telling when these environmental injustices will end. Puerto Ricans fear that worst is yet to come. Sign this petition to demand immediate action to stop the environmental man-mad abuse in Puerto Rico and the Carribean islands and for reparations to be made for all lost property and other damages that have been made. How long will this take to end? As a Puerto Rican American the few times I have visited my family on the island I was in awe of how beautiful a place can be.  I felt so connected to the land and it hurts to see it slowly become destroyed for a problem that can be stopped. #stopfrackinginpuertorico

Chloe Holloway
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