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Petition to Ige admin Dept Labor Indust Relations (DLIR), David Ige, David y. Ige

DLIR negligently cut off legit federal PUA funds to Hawaii families already struggling

PUA is designed to help people that don't qualify for UI.  That's the "spirit of the law".  If you don't qualify for UI, and you can prove your identity, and PUA denies you, you have a case and you must stand up and not be denied FED funds by a state agency of vital Federal government intended for you to get during a PANDEMIC.  WE DEMAND THAT THE DLIR IMMEDIATELY RESTORE PAYMENTS TO ALL PENDING ACCOUNTS.  WE CANNOT WAIT FOR A DLIR PERSON TO REVIEW EVERY CASE.  DLIR HAS CAUSED TERRIBLE UNJUSTIFIED SUFFERING FOR HAWAII FAMILIES DURING THEIR MOST VULNERABLE TIME.  WE REBUKE THE IGE ADMINISTRATION FOR CAUSING FURTHER INJURY TO THE ALREADY INJURED.  WE ALSO BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UI SHOULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR PUA AND WE REJECT ANY DLIR JUSTIFICATIONS FOR DENYING HAWAII PEOPLE.  WE BELIEVE IN INCLUSION, NOT DISCRIMINATION AND EXCLUSION OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AUNTIES AND UNCLES, KEIKI AND KUPUNA. One thing about local people is they can spread the word fast if need be.  Why?  We are different in Hawaii. Mainland style, so long you get yours, you good, every man for himself.  Mainland style = don’t talk to strangers.  In Hawaii, we are taught adults will help you if you are in trouble.  They are aunties and uncles you haven’t met yet.  We care about each other. In Hawaii, people want to help others that could envision could very easily be themselves in a tough spot.  F*** this Ige administration and the DLIR.  We learn growing up here, if you want to be respected, respect others.  And don’t let your ohana be disrespected.  We nevah like scrap, but it’s been shown that DLIR  like get dumb, so as time fo trow (figuratively and I say that for the people survailing this account looking to claim violence).  We don’t start fights, but WE THE PEOPLE will finish them EVERY TIME. Out of 94,000 applications, 44,000 were denied.  So only 50,000 weren’t denied.  There are still 18,000 in the system who have answered multiple info requests but have heard nothing from DLIR.  Fraudsters generally don’t respond to fact finding. If your account still says “Pending” you have sent in pictures of your SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS, selfies with an I’d held up to your face, etc. And you are now on 8-9 weeks of having the federal support intended for you withheld since an abrupt stop to payments months ago.  Since then, Zero communication from DLIR except requests you have fulfilled. These folks, after receiving support until mid-June, were part of the 23,000 DLIR stopped payments (quote from DLIR 1 week ago) out of 50k non-denied applicants.  That’s 44%.  And that was in reaction to only 6000 verified fraud cases out of 94,000 (6.5%) that were reported by people responding to inquiries about if they had really applied to PUA using their SSN.  Rather than investigating but not stopping payments, DLIR decided to crush real families and put payments in pending purgatory.  Our Ohana in their weakest time cut off for no justification.  Fraud? Instead of continuing payments and investigating fraud, they have crippled the people they work for. DLIR decided 10’s of thousands of us Hawaii and US taxpayers were guilty of fraud until proven innocent and they stopped payments and 8 weeks later, 18,000 still needlessly suffer.  They (pending people) have all responded to every inquiry.  For most, that’s 3 times.  How do we know? Otherwise they would have already been already (illegally) booted and denied by DLIR. Using fraud (that occurred because of DLIR actions not PUA recipients) DLIR stopped $ going to legitimate PUA Ohana DURING A PANDEMIC WITH 38% unemployment in Hawaii.  To stop the tiny amount of fraud that could still be surviving in the system after 9 weeks of inquiries, the vast majority of those 18,000 suffer.   Let’s assume the fraud rate of 6.5% still applied to the 18k Hawaii people still pending.  Which assumes the same rate of fraud as when there were no inquiries.  That amounts to 1,000 out of 18k.  How do you justify denying 17k Family sustaining rightful support over fraud concern of 1,000 during a pandemic?  Again, This has caused way more suffering than fraud ever could.  At best it’s ignorance.  But regardless, it’s negligent.  SHAME ON YOU.  Please sign the petition and join our Facebook group to show support.  Tyranny will not suppress us.  We are not free until ALL of us are free. In the name of preventing a SMALL minority from committing fraud, they are causing way more suffering than that fraud ever could cause.

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Petition to Everyone, Congress, U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Gerald E. "Gerry" Connolly

Reinventing SNAP

As of July 29, 2020, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has announced they will increase their benefits by 5.3% starting October 1, 2020. Thank you for all your support. This is a great milestone, but there is still work to be done. We will continue to solve new problems that arise and continue to help those with food insecurity.  High living costs are a very big problem for low-income families. It is especially hard for people to afford to buy groceries and satisfy their food needs. On average a family spends about $550 on groceries alone per month. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) works to make sure people have money to afford their groceries. Despite this program, many people say they burn through the money in a week or two weeks. Many people say that it would be helpful if they received 10-20 more dollars per person. The goal of this petition is to be able to increase the amount of money SNAP is giving to the people in their program. Our goal is to have SNAP give an extra $15 per person per month so families can satisfy their grocery and food needs. We hope we will get 100 people to sign this petition so we can send it to the House of Representatives and get the change we are looking for. About Us: The five of us Middle School students (Alex, Anshul, Evan, Cameron, Evan M) from across the United States are attracted to helping people who have trouble affording their food since we have seen it in our lives. Through the Impact 2020 program we made this petition and learned about how and why people are affected by this problem. We all hope that this petition can make a difference and improve SNAP so people will be able to afford the food they need.

Impact 2020
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