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Petition to Petition to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

USDA: Stop Exploiting Animals and Farmers

I was a chicken farmer for twelve years. I can tell you the real truth about industrial agriculture – about what it does to animals, the environment, and a farmer’s sense of dignity and self-respect. Let’s start with the label. You buy a package of chicken and you see an iconic farm – but the truth is my farm looks nothing like that. My 30K birds are stored in a giant barn and never see the light of day.  Funnily enough, that same label says the chicken you bought is “natural.” Trust me, there is nothing “natural” about getting sick, weak, or poorly handled chicks from the company, and then being forced to compete with your neighbors to see who can make the fattest chickens using the least amount of company feed. The system is broken and we need USDA to stand for farmers who want to fix it! Corporate Ag is taking advantage of farming families and controlling the way we run our farm. To them, animals are nothing more than “units.” The same is true with us farmers - we are not seen as individuals either. This is not the way farming should be.  There are more farmers who would tell you the same if they weren’t scared of retaliation. Farmers have something to say about the way food is produced. We need USDA protections now - not just for farmers - but for consumers who deserve to know how their food is sourced and how farm animals are treated. Sure the label says that there are no antibiotics, but the company won’t tell you all the pharmaceuticals that went into keeping a diseased flock alive. Don’t get me started about the environmental issues that come along with housing this many animals.  This is not the way my wife and I want to treat our birds or run our farm. That’s why we need USDA protections - to help level the playing field and give us a chance to speak out when we see something’s wrong.   Corporate Ag treats farmers as little more than serfs who are locked into a lifetime of debt to the company. None of that is on your labels. When farmers like me speak up, they are bullied into remaining silent. It’s time to bring Corporate Ag to account. We need the USDA to craft rules that protect farmers who want to improve the system. Learn more:

Christy and Tony G., Stand with Farm Families
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Petition to Feeding America Organization, WhyHunger Organization, Food waste reduction alliance organization

Put an end to food waste

The main issues of food waste are due to the food industries constantly disposing and wasting resourceful food that could either be donated to food banks or stored away for the less fortunate.  About 40% of store bought food is thrown away and 20% of that fills up our landfills with methane emissions (and that is just talking about America). Food waste can happen at any stage starting from producing, processing, retailing or consuming the food. The main causes of this go from meat and fish not being properly placed in the correct cooling temperatures causing the food to spoil and rot. Many people also just blankly believe in this mindset that disposing day old food will be more cleaner and healthier, which is not always the case. The solutions to help stop and possibly put an end to food waste are by preserving leftovers instead of throwing them away, not over shopping, and definitely donating to food banks and food farms. There are so many ways to preserve and use all these foods that just go to waste day after day. Most of these solutions can be done right at home without any complications. Almost 20% of all food is thrown out before it ever reaches anyone’s stomach, and that is a huge problem that I believe with more attention and awareness, can be fixed. By signing this petition we can help put an end to food waste one step at a time.

Madisyn Guerrero
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Petition to Quincy McCoy, KPFA Listener Station Board, Pacifica National Board, Laura Prives

Re-instate KPFA WorkWeek Radio NOW!

The show KPFA WorkWeek Radio (Tuesday 3:30 – 4:00 94.1 FM) was cancelled without notice on January 13, 2020. The show has been on KPFA for over seven years and has helped bring the voices of trade unionists and workers not only from the Bay Area but also nationally and internationally. KPFA WorkWeek radio is the only Northern California weekly labor radio show, which provides vital and critical reports on the struggle and conditions of working people and unions in the Bay Area including teachers, public workers, healthcare workers, transit workers, and injured workers.  It has covered the attack on injured workers in California, the attacks on trade unionists who are whistleblowers and the need for union democracy.  It has also reported on the fight against privatization and deregulation, the struggle of ILWU longshore workers and their struggle to protect maritime workers from privatization of the port, the effect of gentrification of workers, racism on the job, May Day struggles, union organizing victories such as Anchor Steam Brewery and the many strikes and work actions taking place regularly in the Bay Area. These issues need to be covered by KPFA and the cancellation of this show prevents unionized and unorganized workers from hearing these issues on the air. It is important to have a regular labor show focusing on all the important struggles working people face.  We call on manager Quincy McCoy, who unilaterally cancelled this show, to re-instate Work Week Radio and Steve Zeltzer, CWA member volunteer producer, and work to expand it a full hour. KPFA and Pacifica need to extend their outreach to unions and all working people, and this show was playing a necessary part of this requirement for free speech community radio. This is also part and parcel of solving KPFA and Pacifica’s financial crisis. The hundreds of thousands of unionized workers in Northern California need to see KPFA as their station.

Elizabeth Milos
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