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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Joe Biden

End Student Loan Debt for all Americans in 2020

Student loan debt is a huge financial crisis systematically created by crafty, duplicitous, and god-awful people to take away all your money and rob you of your financial future, freedom, and security. As of right now, there has not been a single elected president with enough balls to do us all a favor and eliminate all our student loan debt. We are all well aware of what happens First, they tell us "everyone should go to college" Then, they sell us the dream of being provided stable paying jobs after college. But it's all a lie. The jobs we get barely cover the high cost of living alone. Yet they still expect us to come up with enough money to pay our student loans. Isn't that ridiculous?!! And if you are like most college graduates like me who still get bottom of the barrel jobs, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's a dilemma we all have been forced to deal with. What makes it even worse is that many universities across the country still have the audacity to offer worthless majors to incoming students year after year. We have to stand together to put an end to this now! It's evidently clear that going to college is pretty much a scam to put us all in debt. My blood is boiling, because I realize that we're basically slaves right now. They tell us that slavery ended in 1865, but it hasn't. Look at enormous debt climbing right now under which they want us to live. Forbes says that 44 million borrowers collectively owe a staggering $1.5 trillion in student loan debt and according to CNBC, outstanding education debt in the U.S. is projected to swell up to $2 trillion by 2022. Yes, that's you, the ex college student in debt, who will have to suffer under the burden of debt. But you won't have to unless, you share this with everyone you know so that we can all stand together and take action now to make an important change here together. We have to vote the right person into office this time who will actually end student debt once and for all. So let's band together to vote in any US presidential candidate who publicly and consistently announces that he or she will issue a bill on his or her first day in office to forgive and eliminate the student loans debt of all 44+ million effected across the US without limitations or expections. If you are still reading this right now and are one of the 44 million effected by student loan debt, join us now. Be apart of this change, unless you still want to carry your student debt burden for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat at this point. It only matters if we all stand together now to shape our financial future and point in the right direction. For it is up to us to do so. All 44+ million of us.  Let's band together and make it happen! Join the chat group by clicking here @ Forgive My Loans | End Student Debt for all Americans in 2020 and let's make preparations to vote in the candidate who will eliminate our student loan debt. Election day is November 3, 2020, but we must act now. End Student Loan Debt, it's slavery!

Dan Pilarski
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Petition to RVIA , RV Industry Association

Hold RV manufacturers accountable for costs associated with warranty repairs.

  The RV industries quality of product has gone downhill drastically over the last 10 years. Manufacturers of all sizes are pushing units down the assembly line as fast as possible. There is zero pride in craftsmanship and zero accountability.    Families all across the country are spending their hard earned money on these units. The costs can vary from $10,000 to $1,000,000. The goal is to travel and make positive memories. The reality for so many is that they are stuck or stranded due to the unit being placed in a repair facility. Sometimes for up to 6 months at a time.    We need to hold the RV Industry accountable for their part in this. Most of the manufacturers do not care about the cost incurred to the owner once it leaves their facility. While the unit is in the repair facility, we the owners are still responsible for making insurance payments, loan payments, and sometimes storage fees. All of this money is being spent by the owner of the RV, camper, motor home, trailer, etc. Why?!   Why is the owner being held responsible for a unit under warranty? If a unit is manufactured under the RVIA standards and has the RVIA seal on the unit; then the manufacturers shall be held responsible. They shall be held accountable for any and all to the owner while the unit is in for warranty work.    By holding the manufacturers accountable they will hopefully implement new policies for building these units. Instead of working piece time and building them as quickly as possible, they can offer and hourly rate and have pride in craftsmanship.       Too many families are having problems with their units. Headaches and financial strain are caused by the poor quality units. Let’s change this. Thank you all and God Bless! 

Joshua Williams
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