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Petition to The Honorable Raymond Martinez, Elaine L. Chao, Donald Trump

Repeal ELD Mandate through Regulatory Review Docket ID: DOT-OST-2017-0069-1442 #RepealELDs

On November 20, 2017, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition ("SBTC"), an industry trade group, petitioned  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ("FMCSA") to reconsider the Electronic Logging Device ("ELD") Rule as a good candidate for repeal in response to an October 2, 2017 Notification of Regulatory Review (and request for comments to be submitted by December 1, 2017) issued by the USDOT under Docket ID: DOT-OST-2017-0069-1442. SBTC requested an emergency stay on the December 18, 2017 ELD rule effective date. On December 18, 2017, the ELD rule went into effect and the request for a stay went unanswered. On January 5, 2018, FMCSA denied SBTC's request for reconsideration as "untimely" and kicked back the exemption application suggesting it must conform to a rule that applies to exemption applications submitted by individual motor carriers. On February 1, 2018, SBTC petitioned for reconsideration of that denial pointing out the request was a timely comment under the USDOT's regulatory review notice and supplemented its request for an exemption from the ELD Rule for all owner operators and companies with less than 50 employees. On April 1, 2018, motor carriers not compliant with the ELD rule will be put out of service. I support the SBTC's efforts to repeal the ELD rule in its entirety. In the event the rule is not repealed, I support the SBTC's exemption application. #RepealELDs

Small Business in Transportation Coalition
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Petition to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, Premier Doug Ford, Minister Todd Smith, MPP Bob Bailey

End Tarion’s new home warranty monopoly NOW: Give Ontario's new home buyers a choice!

Doug Ford wants the market to dictate and so do we! It's time to end Tarion's monopoly!  Justice Cunningham, in his Tarion Review, also recommended ending Tarion's monopoly: "...I am recommending the introduction of a competitive multi-provider model for warranty protection.  Introducing competition should encourage continuous improvement and innovation. This in turn can lead to better consumer outcomes such as enhancements in warranty protection beyond minimum amounts..." (Justice Douglas Cunningham, Tarion Review Final Report, Dec. 16, 2016). Tarion is a private corporation created as a monopoly by the Government of Ontario to provide warranty protection to new home buyers and to regulate builders. The legislation was established in 1976 – 42 years ago – and many agree that it has never worked properly. Numerous media reports show that there are many serious problems resulting from the legislation and how Tarion is administering the legislation.  It's time for Ontario to catch up to other provinces like Alberta, BC and Manitoba and offer a CHOICE of warranty providers! Sign this petition to ask Premier-Elect Ford to end Tarion’s monopoly and offer a number of warranty providers in Ontario -- like Justice Cunningham recommended -- and like other Canadian provinces are doing.  It's time for Ontario to catch up!

Canadians for Properly Built Homes
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Petition to Jared Huffman, Sherrod Brown, Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi, Chellie Pingree, Jared Polis, Barbara Lee, Dianne Feinstein, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Garamendi, Jerry McNerney, Jackie Speier, Maxine Waters, Anna Eshoo, John Larson, Suzan DelBene, Jim McGovern, Seth Moulton, Chris Van Hollen, Raul Grijalva, Barbara Boxer, Xavier Becerra

Field 21 million American World Service/Jobs Corps volunteers over the next 27 years.

People's Lobby's citizen-initiated proposed law will produce a robust, peaceful, productive national service program that helps our military volunteers create smarts, security, jobs, and a growing middle class.   The AWSC National Service proposed bill is at Imagine if 20 million Peace Corps Volunteers had served since 1961 rather than barely over 200,000... if the same increase applied to such do-good organizatiions like VISTA, AmeriCorps, do-good NGOs, etc... Imagine if People's Lobby Inc. (PLI) Joint US-USSR Peace Corps, which inspired Congresswomn Boxer to introduce it as HR 1807 in 1989, had by now produced 100,000 Russians and Americans who had served together as PCVs. Imagine if this ambitious, educational,enriching, and unifying national service program were funded with potentially no cost to tax payers thanks to its non-traditional funding mechanisms, Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge, and growing public awareness of huge inequities Would the world be a better, healthier place? Nixon opened China.  Press Trump's Congress to inspire, move and open the US, Russia, and other nations to peaceful robust AWSC National Service. Without money, PLI needs citizen pressure to attract strong original sponsors to introduce the AWSC Congressional Proposals.  PLI then needs your continued citizen support to add cosponsors and pass the legislation. This interactive letter to Congressional reps offers citizens the opportunity to press your representative to sponsor the AWSCNS Congressional Proposals that will create jobs, expand common sense, and strengthen public policies from the grassroots on up.  To sign the petition, click the "Take Action" or "Sign" button to the right under Uncle Sammy. Recruit supporters by clicking the brown E-mail widget (or Facebook or Twitter - @attiladl ) in the right column and mailing the note there to some of your friends. You can follow some AWSC news by liking our FB page at   Read op-eds  Become an OPED fan of PLI Executive Director Dwayne Hunn in order to be notified of opeds and forward to others.     And if you want to painlessly raise revenues that built America's once vibrant Middle Class click to:  

Dwayne Hunn
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Petition to U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Attention real estate investors: cancel the registered trademark " We Buy Houses "

You might find this hard to believe, but the phrase "We Buy Houses" is a registered trademark.  The current owner of the trademark ( X5 Ventures LLC / ) is attempting to force real estate investors into giving up their websites, social media, and marketing materials if the investor uses this term in their real estate marketing, even though their actual trademark (as it is registered) is only for specific printed marketing and educational materials.   These tactics are disrupting investor's businesses and causing great monetary loss to many small business owners.  Here is an email that they sent out and it is similar to many other emails they are sending to investors all over the country: .  You can read what they have to say about themselves at: .  If you google the phrase "we buy houses trademark" you will see all the trouble being caused. We want to have this trademark canceled altogether because the phrase "We Buy Houses" is a common term describing what real estate investors do for a living and should not be trademarked at all, let alone be used to put other investors out of business or force them to pay thousands of dollars to the trademark owner to buy a "license" to use the phrase.   You can see the trademark yourself at:   under the basic word mark search "We Buy Houses" with registration #3149336 and registration date 9/26/2006.   Join the petition and let's get this trademark canceled once and for all !  

Robert Arnold
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