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Petition to Elected Officials

Immediately Protect and Strengthen Higher Education for the Post COVID World

Dear Elected Official: Higher education--especially public institutions and all but the wealthiest private colleges --faces an unprecedented crisis that will have catastrophic consequences for the nation. The economic cataclysm caused by the COVID 19 pandemic is devastating state budgets, and universities are losing additional billions as they refund housing and fees.  Higher education leaders have announced drastic budget cuts, furloughs, lay-offs, and even permanent campus closures.  The stop-gap emergency relief funds universities received through the CARES legislation were woefully insufficient. Our public institutions are suffering the greatest damage.  They are already facing unprecedented losses of tens of billions of dollars, but received only $14 billion, or .7% of the April 20 CARES Act funding.  The COVID crisis is compounding the threats already facing public higher education for decades.  Over forty years of funding cuts by state legislatures and institutional reorganization had already raised tuition by 260 percent and reduced tenure track faculty positions by 50 percent.  A generation of students has been saddled with $1.6 trillion in unpayable debt, educators and researchers have faced insecure and poorly paid work, and support staff have been reduced.   If we don’t act immediately, our system of higher education will be in shambles. Universities and colleges will close or shrink, student debt will mount. We will lose the most vital economic and intellectual engines of our nation.  Our nation’s colleges and universities are uniquely positioned at this moment of crisis to help the U.S. manage the unprecedented challenge of COVID 19.  Higher education directly employs 3.6 million people, and accounts for 6.7 million jobs in the US.  Public institutions alone are currently educating 19.4 million students across the nation. The total gross output of higher education institutions due to research investments and wages accounts for $1 trillion annually.   Just as universities and colleges used infusions of GI Bill  funds and public investment to help the nation adjust to the unprecedented new conditions after World War II, higher education institutions have an important role to play in rebuilding the post-COVID 19 world.  They will provide young people with education and skills that prepare them for new careers while also driving the engine of US innovation and economic development. In many communities, colleges and universities are anchors of employment, offering stable jobs with benefits to thousands of workers. And they breathe life into our social and cultural institutions. If the government fails to act now, universities and colleges will continue to close or scale-back their operations. Many regions across the country will be devastated. We will lose an entire generation of workers and the knowledge-production we need to confront the challenges of the twenty-first century.   We need federal legislation that will guarantee that all students can afford higher education and that our institutions will provide stable employment and living wages for all of their workers.  We thereby call on the federal government to immediately:   1. Expand federal student grants for postsecondary education  2. Cancel existing student debt  3. Offer federal investment directed mostly at public institutions but also for non-elite not-for-profit private institutions targeted at:     a) lowering tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate students      b) extending PhD student funding to account for research time lost to COVID     c) converting contingent teaching positions into full-time long-term employment      d) retaining all staff and service workers  In the coming weeks and months, there will be continued calls for massive federal investment in all areas of public life.  Higher education institutions must be prioritized.  The closure of our institutions of higher education would be catastrophic to our collective future.

Eileen Boris, Marisa Chappell, Adom Getachew, Lisa Levenstein, Jennifer Mittelstadt, Premilla Nadasen, Annelise Orleck
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Petition to Federal Drug Administration

A World-Wide Effort to Ban Plastic Medical Mesh Devices

Mesh victims, their friends and family are united through hope and courage to end the use of medical mesh devices.  Medical mesh has serious adverse side effects including but not limited to: organ perforation, chronic pain, nerve damage, chronic inflammation, erosion, death, disability, autoimmune problems, chronic infections, sepsis and loss of consortium to name a few.   Mesh is being used to repair: hernias, stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, rectopexy, breast reconstruction surgery; mesh is being placed just about everywhere. Children are also being implanted with mesh. Some victims were implanted without their knowledge and most without informed consent.   Time after time the evidence proves that mesh is incompatible with human tissue.  Mesh triggers an autoimmune response that leads to chronic inflammation.  Many victims haven't realized that some of their health conditions are related to the mesh.  The mesh injured have been robbed of their quality of life and health.   Mesh is made with polypropylene plastic; the quality of the resin is not standardized, monitored or controlled.  Some mesh implants were made with resin that was intended for the production of disposable food containers.  When mesh disintegrates and fragments it could end up just about anywhere in the body.  Mesh has been removed from pelvic bones, spinal chords, organs, tissues; fragments of mesh have been pulled through the skin. Biofilm is another destructive side effect of mesh; a slimy bacterial film forms over the plastic that could lead to severe infections (sepsis).  When conventional antibiotics can no longer get rid of the resistant bacteria known as "superbugs" the mesh injured must have antibiotics administered intravenously.  Plastic doesn't belong in human bodies. Litigation for mesh injured women was consolidated in West Virginia; over 100,000 mesh injured women attempted to receive compensation in a system that was rigged and thoroughly flawed.  New Mid District Litigations are forming for hernia and rectopexy repairs using mesh.  Medical mesh devices are approved through a 510k process that is based on the approval of predicate devices.  This has been going on since the 90's; manufacturers claim that the new version is better but mesh injuries continue to maim victims.    It is a difficult challenge to find adequate medical, legal and emotional support after the damage has been done.  All of this pain and injustice could be avoided by future generations by banning the use of medical mesh device implants.  Native tissue repairs could fix most of these problems without the unwanted side effects. It's just not worth it! The only ones truly benefiting from these devices are the manufacturers as they rake in billions each year at our expense.      This is a world-wide problem.  Please join us in solidarity to ban mesh. Thanks to the efforts of advocates in the United States, Australia and New Zealand steps have already been taken to limit the use of mesh.  But limiting the applications of mesh devices isn't enough; mesh needs to be banned.  People over Profits! Please share to all your social media our goal is to make it loud and clear that we the people want mesh medical devices to be banned. This is the link to the petition: P.S. Please feel free to add your experience with mesh in the comments.  Friends and family are encouraged to participate in the comment section as well. replied to my inquiry about the possibility of including other countries to be able to sign the petition; this was their reply: However, we are also an open platform and your petition isn't restricted to that area only. You can rest assured that anyone in the world will be able to support your petition, so my best suggestion is to continue sharing your campaign as much as possible through social media and email. Also feel free to participate in the comment section of the post updates where we provide a forum for discussion on mesh related topics . We encourage you to submit images, articles, videos and post update ideas.  This is an evolving work in progress so please speak up and let your voice be heard.   We care about what you are feeling and what you have to say; express your soul. Please send your media submissions to my Facebook Messenger at: Thank you on behalf of all the mesh injured across the world  

Mesh Survivors United
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