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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, PC Leader Patrick Brown, Deputy Premier Deborah Matthews, MPP Vic Dhillon, Minister Tracy MacCharles

End Tarion’s new home warranty monopoly NOW: Give Ontario's new home buyers a choice!

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne said the time for monopolies is over (National Post, Apr. 17, 2015). We think she’s absolutely right! Monopolies are notoriously inefficient and ineffective - the prices are too high and the production is too low - and they can "capture" the political and regulatory processes (CBS Money Watch, Sept. 18, 2014). And now Justice Cunningham has recommended ending Tarion's monopoly as a result of his Tarion Review! "...I am recommending the introduction of a competitive multi-provider model for warranty protection.  Introducing competition should encourage continuous improvement and innovation. This in turn can lead to better consumer outcomes such as enhancements in warranty protection beyond minimum amounts..." (Justice Douglas Cunningham, Tarion Review Final Report, Dec. 16, 2016). But the Wynne Government has not yet accepted Justice Cunningham's recommendation to end Tarion's monopoly.   Tarion is a private corporation created as a monopoly by the Government of Ontario to provide warranty protection to new home buyers and to regulate builders. The legislation was established in 1976 – 41 years ago – and many agree that it has never worked properly. Numerous media reports show that there are many serious problems resulting from the legislation and how Tarion is administering the legislation - and now Justice Cunningham has agreed!  The following summarizes the situation in three other provinces – and then in Ontario: Prov       2015 Housing starts    # of Warr Providers       Avg #        Alberta             37,282                         7                         5,326 BC                    31,446                        5                          6,289 Manitoba          5,501                           5**                      1,100 Ontario             70,156                         1                         70,156  This means that Alberta, BC and Manitoba offer a CHOICE of warranty providers AND, on average, the warranty providers in those provinces have a much more reasonable number of homes to service than Tarion.     Sign this petition to ask Premier Wynne to end Tarion’s monopoly and offer a number of warranty providers in Ontario -- like Justice Cunningham recommended -- and like other Canadian provinces are doing.  It's time for Ontario to catch up! ------------------------------------- * Statistics Canada  **effective 2017

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Petition to Michigan Public Service Commission Case 18418

Fair Yooper Electric Rates

 I live in Germfask where our rates are some of the highest in the country. We are served by UPPCO. Since UPPCO announced their proposed rate increase case I’ve been trying to understand why. I organized this online petition drive that garnered over 3,300 signatures in comments opposing those increases across the U.P.  Now is time to expand this Petition to let the voices of ALL Yoopers be heard.There is a new law that requires every utility to file something called an Integrated Resource Plan or “IRP” as it is called. An IRP certainly sounds good. A comprehensive plan to figure out how much electricity is going to be needed in the future and consider some of the alternatives, like wind and solar and how much they would cost. I have 4 points to make regarding this IRP plan. 1.) We need a plan for the entire Upper Peninsula. It makes no sense for UPPCO to have one plan and Cloverland, for example, to have another plan. Right now, we all get our power from the power plant in Marquette. And when WEPCO (now called UMERC I guess) wanted to shut down that power plant everyone in the U.P. had to pay to keep it open, not just the WEPCO customers. What happens on one side of the U.P. affects the other side of the U.P. 2.) My 2nd point is that this plan should be studied and approved before the Public Service Commission approves WEPCO’s or UMERC’s request to build 2 new plants. Not one, but two. And who will pay for these? The people of the U.P.? The estimated cost of the two plants is $277,000,000. From what I’ve been able to read online, these plants are being built to serve the Cliffs mines. That’s fine. But I shouldn’t have to pay for them. Even UPPCO has opposed these plants because of the increase in costs to its customers. (and I never thought I’d be on the same side of an issue with UPPCO). Again, I’m no expert in these utility matters, but from what I read, it looks to me like the MINES will take 70% of the power of these two plants, but only pay for 50% of them, leaving folks like me and others having to pick up the difference. Maybe I’ve got this all wrong, if I do, please straighten me out, but this seems to me to amount to an unfair subsidy. Approving the two Baraga plants BEFORE the IRP is approved is putting the cart before the horse. 3.) My 3rd point is that this plan should also include a financial analysis of bringing in power to the U.P. from Ontario through the Sault. Again, from what I’ve read there is a study going on to look into that. Cheap power from Canada’s hydro or an unused natural gas plant up there could save us all the cost of building these expensive new plants when cheaper cleaner power may be right across the border. 4.) Finally, I think this plan should take a close look at these new meters that are being installed. They are supposed to be the new technology allowing customers to eventually better control their own usage. But from what I read on Facebook, hundreds of people have seen their bills go up without any increase in their electric usage. I wonder who is paying for the electricity that powers these smart meters. Is it the customer? Is that why their bills have gone up so much? I believe a COMPREHENSIVE IRP is vital to to all Yoopers to achieve lower, affordable electric rates. If you agree with my view please join our Petition and go to the Rally Congress link below. 

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