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Dismiss the Charges Against My Son Justin Carter - Being Prosecuted For A Facebook Comment

My son, Justin Carter, was arrested on February 14, 2013 (yes, Valentine’s Day) because of a sarcastic comment he posted on Facebook about a computer game which was then taken out of context by a complete stranger! Please sign my petition to help release my son, Justin. My son was in jail for months because we couldn't afford to pay the half million dollar bail money. It took a month before he was even questioned and he spent his 19th birthday behind bars. To this day, Justin has not had a trial. No weapons were found during a search of his apartment, and so we’re really confused and heartbroken that our family is being violated like this. While confined in jail, Justin was assaulted a number of times. He was locked in solitary confinement for months.  Justin’s a good kid. He wouldn’t hurt anyone, let alone a child. What I understand happened is that he was in an argument on the League of Legends website, which continued on a Facebook page, and someone on Facebook called him crazy and messed up in the head. So he responded in a sarcastic tone by saying something along the lines of 'Oh ya, I'm real messed up in the head alright, I'ma gonna shoot me up a school full of kids and eat their still beating hearts'. Now anyone that knows me or my kids knows that we write in perfect English, so the bad spelling is not a mistake, it was an attempt to convey, in writing, an uneducated accent as part of the joke. His response may have been in bad taste, but it was written in a non-threatening way that didn’t translate well online. None of his friends or family would even question his intention as anything other than a poor choice of words. Things got out of control, but my son is not a felon and terrorist as he’s currently being charged!The authorities’ over-reaction is ruining Justin’s life. And it’s setting a dangerous example trying to punish kids who often say strange things that I believe are protected under freedom of speech. The justice system’s abuse of Justin is wasting time and money that could otherwise be spent to help people who honestly need it! Thanks to an anonymous donor, Justin is now out on bail bond. I'm happy to have him out right now, but my son is still facing a felony terrorism charge and years in prison if found guilty. I have said all along that his Facebook joke was made in poor taste and understand why it raised some concern, but Justin has no prior record and he was clearly not actually threatening anyone. It has been almost 5 years since Justin's arrest and now all of his appeals for dismissal have been denied. The next step is for the prosecution to set a court date. In the meantime, Justin has been out living his life. He has a good job and a nice apartment and he has been on bond this whole time. He has not committed any crimes, so clearly he is not the crazy terrorist that the police and district attorney tried to label him as. Please sign and share to continue supporting Justin's campaign. We need to make sure he's not labeled as a felony terrorist simply for making a Facebook comment.  I hope you will sign this petition. I’d like Justin's case to be dismissed. And I would like a more reasonable law to be put in place so this doesn’t happen to anyone else again. Thank you.

Jennifer Carter
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Petition to Hall County, Hall County Jail, Hall County Government, Administrative Bureau

Release of Brandon Sanchez - Drop Charge

On October 30, 2017 around 11:45 pm Brandon Sanchez and his friend Jesus Martinez were in a car accident due to racing. Unfortunately, Jesus passed. This accident has made Brandon be charged with the following; Fail to maintain lane, permit restrictions, racing, reckless driving, strike of fixed object, and Homicide by Vehicle 1st Degree. Our only wish is to have the Homicide by Vehicle 1st degree dropped. Brandon is known as a great son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, friend, co-worker, student, neighbor, etc., anything you can name. He was a senior at West Hall High School, who also managed to make time to work, and make time for family and friends. He'd always take out his little brother to new adventures, he'd take him out to eat, to the park, etc., He also would get home at times at 2-3am because he was manager. Brandon was always in the move, he always found something to do no matter what, especially if it dealt with cars. He has a passion for cars like no other. He fixes them, he does anything that comes to his mind to them. Like everyone else who's into cars, after they fix them, it's obvious they want to ride in them. In no mind though, would Brandon have wanted this event to happen. It was an accident and accidents always happen. It would be greatly appreciated if this petition were signed by you. It is to help a great young man have charges dropped that he does not deserve to have. Please make sure to sign and God bless you all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- El 30 de Octubre del 2017 alrededor de las 11:45 PM. Brandon Sánchez y su amigo Jesús Martínez sufrieron un accidente automovilístico debido a una carrera de autos. Desafortunadamente, Jesús falleció. Este accidente ha hecho que Brandon sea acusado de lo siguiente; Fallar mantenerse en su carril, restricciones de su permiso, carreras de auto, manejo imprudente, golpe de objeto fijo y homicidio en vehículo de 1er grado. Nuestro único deseo es que le bajen la carga de homicide en vehículo de 1er grado. Brandon es conocido como un gran hijo, hermano, primo, sobrino, nieto, amigo, compañero de trabajo, estudiante, vecino, etc., cualquier cosa que pueda nombrar. Era estudiante de último año en la escuela West High High School, quien también hacia el tiempo possible para trabajar y hacer tiempo para su familia y amigos. Él siempre sacaba a su hermanito a nuevas aventuras, lo llevaba a comer, al parque, etc., y también aveces llegaba a casa a las 2 o 3 de la madrugada porque era gerente de su trabajo. Brandon siempre estaba en movimiento, siempre encontraba algo que hacer sin importar nada, especialmente si se trataba de automóviles. Él tiene una pasión por los autos como ningún otro. Los arregla, hacia todo lo que se le venia la mente con ellos. Al igual que todos los que usan los automóviles, después de que los arreglan, es obvio que quieren viajar en ellos. En ningún caso, Brandon hubiera querido que este evento sucediera. Fue un accidente y los accidentes siempre suceden. Sería muy apreciado si esta petición fuera firmada por usted. Es para ayudar a un gran joven a eliminar los cargos que no merece tener. Por favor tome el tiempo de firmar y que Dios los bendiga a todos. 

Veronica Suarez
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Petition to Gordon D Kromberg , Tessa Gorman of the U.S.Attorney's 2100 Jamieson Ave. Alexandria , Virginia 2231

FREE Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson #33822-037 Case # 1:98-cr-00283-LMB-1 from this LIFE SENTENCE I should NOT have received from the START. I have served just about 18 years of a LIFE SENTENCE for the EXACT crime that I received 2 years probation for 7 to 8 years prior to this conviction. In July 1992 I was arrested in the state of Maryland , Baltimore County for "ATTEMPTING" to sell a undercover police some drugs. EXHIBIT 1. At which time I was released after POLAROID PHOTOS WERE TAKEN "PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION." Then taken back into custody about a month or two later and on January 20th 1993 I received 2 years for it EXHIBIT 2 and "COMPLETED" it in "FULL" on January 20th 1995. From that "DATE" up until now I have "NEVER" been arrested for "ANY" type of "DRUG" activity. In 1993 I started purchasing "CARS" out of the state of Virginia. For some reason or another from 1993 up until 1997 the F.B.I. , D.E.A. and ALL other agencies were investigating me for all types of crimes that people were "ALLEGEDLY" telling them I was committing. Most of which were the sales of DRUGS. Some kind of way on July 30,1998 I was indicted in the state of Virginia on a 7 count MONEY LAUNDERING CONSPIRACY "ONLY." Count 1 of the indictment was the CONSPIRACY count , but the thing about it is count 1 of that said indictment comes from the 1992/1993 EXHIBIT 3. Then once I was arrested on September 19, 1999 in the state of Maryland , Baltimore City where I've lived my "ENTIRE" life on unrelated charges I was told it was a U.S.MARSHALL detainer on me for the state of Virginia. The strangest thing is once I was taken in front of the U.S.DISTRICT JUDGE in Baltimore , Maryland I was released to my lawyer because the Judge told the LEAD I.R.S. agent Shawn Kadarabek that the charges against me wasn't charges that could be filed against me. I was sent to the FEDERAL HALFWAY HOUSE in Baltimore , Maryland directed by the Judge and it was told to the LEAD I.R.S..Agent Shawn Kadarabek if the charges didn't change I would be released from the FEDERAL HALFWAY HOUSE in no more than 2 weeks. At which time I was with the agreement to go to Virginia in order to clear the situation up and I did exactly that the day of my release from the FEDERAL HALFWAY HOUSE. After SELF SURRENDERING MYSELF in Alexandria , Virginia the first indictment was UP HELD by the U.S.DISTRICT Judge. And on October 28 ,1999 a SUPERSEDING indictment came down adding a Count 2 of Conspiracy To Possess And Distribute More Than 50 Grams Of "Crack Cocaine." EXHIBIT 4. Count 7 of the first indictment was dropped and made the SUPERSEDING indictment a 7 count in total indictment. The thing is Count 2 of the Superseding indictment comes from the 1992/1993 conviction. The reason why it's VERY WELL "CLEAR" and "UNDERSTOOD" is this. If you LOOK at EXHIBIT 5 which is my FEDERAL DOCKET SHEET it states I'M serving a LIFE SENTENCE for the "7/92" charge. And a CONCURRENT 20 year SENTENCE for the "7/92" charge. Which is "IMPOSSIBLE" for this "ONE" reason. The 1992/1993 "CRIME" was "SAID and DONE" once I received the PROBATION on January 20, 1993 and FINISHED it on January 20, 1995 "WITHOUT" being violated. Now with the rest of the EXHIBITS it's "IMPOSSIBLE" as well for this. The 1992/1993 crimes to be  1. The "INITIAL" driving force behind the SAID conspiracy in the indictment. 2. It's an "OVERT ACT" in the said conspiracy. 3. It's used as "RELEVANT CONDUCT" in the said conspiracy. 4. It was used as a "851 ENHANCEMENT" in the said conspiracy. In the past going on 18 years of my incarceration due to the circumstances surrounding my case I have managed to earn my G.E.D. in 2001 and many other certificates , but for the most part I've spent "ENDLESS" days and nights in the LAW LIBRARY trying to overcome this LIFE SENTENCE I should not have "EVER" received. I have 3 kids. All girls. One was 11 years old when I was taken away. Another one was 5 and the last one was 1. At this time it is a strained relationship with ALL 3 of them because they don't understand the reason for me being incarcerated. All they know is they want their father in their lives in the FREE world. I have 3 grandkids and one on the way that I would love to spend time with. But it's hard trying to make sense of what happen to my kids when it's nothing to explain besides the fact that I shouldn't have been taken away in the first place. I'm not asking for "FORGIVENESS" for a crime I committed or a "SECOND CHANCE" for a "GRAVE MISTAKE" I made. I'm "PRAYING" and "HOPING" to be "RELEASED" from this "GRAVE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE" that was laid upon me for I had ALREADY served my debt to society for the said crime. ANY AND EVERYTHING SURROUNDING MY CASE "AFTER" THE "GRAND JURY PROCEEDINGS" TO "SECURE" BOTH INDICTMENTS SHOULD BE LOOKED AT AS "VOID" BEING AS THOUGH I SHOULD HAVE "NEVER" BEEN INDICTED SURROUNDING THE 1992/1993 CONVICTION. At this time I'm praying for everyone possible to join in and hopefully have a GREAT input on the PROSECUTION TEAM to have me RELEASED from this NONVIOLENT FIRST TIME DRUG OFFENSE LIFE SENTENCE that I should not have received in the first place.

Juleah Johnson
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Petition to Robert Taylor, Cape May County Prosecutor's Office, Dara Paley

Please Dismiss Erroneous Kidnapping and Child Endangerment Charges Against Cinnamon Kelly

It has been over two years since Cinnamon Kelly was charged with kidnapping and child endangerment of her two grandchildren, due to a NJ Child Protection and Permanency caseworker who lied to police. At the time, the children's parents had full physical and legal custody. Cinnamon had permission by the parents to have her grandchildren. She also had her nine year old daughter with her. Oddly, she was never charged with child endangerment of her nine year old, just her two grandchildren. Her name and photo were plastered on news networks and other media as a kidnapper. The children were found with her safe, fed, bathed, and sleeping. She was arrested and unjustly spent 10 days in a Delaware County jail. Upon hearing of her arrest; friends, family, community leaders, and local business owners publicly poured out their support for her to the media and online. She was extradited to Cape May County where she was released on her own recognizance on a $100,000.00 cash bail, no 10%. She has been home raising her daughter since. Had she not been R.O.R.'d, she would still be sitting in Cape May County jail these past 2 years, waiting for the C.M.C. Prosecutor's office to either indict her or dismiss the charges.  Since that time, the same Division that made the claim that she kidnapped and put her two grandchildren in imminent danger, have allowed the children to visit with their father in Cinnamon's home, spend overnights in Cinnamon's home, and even put together a reunification plan with the children's father that included them ultimately residing in Cinnamon Kelly's home. Does this sound like they believe that the children are in danger with her?   Cinnamon Kelly's grandchildren and her daughter are her world. Making sure they know that they are loved and safe is part of her heart and soul. She is a beautiful person and an amazing parent. Her daughter Mahogany, organizes a volunteer community clean-up called Mahogany's Land It The Can, has been given community service awards, featured in news articles, and received letters of commendation from community leaders all under the guidance of her mother Cinnamon Kelly. This is not a person who puts children in danger, but in stark contrast leads by example and encourages them to be positive productive citizens.   It is our belief that the Prosecutor's office has not indicted Cinnamon because the case is clearly flawed, yet they have not dismissed the charges because of what we can only believe is pressure from the Division and their prolonging of an inevitable civil suit. Walking around for 2 years with a felony kidnapping and 2 felony counts of child endangerment has had heartbreaking consequences. Cinnamon can not volunteer at her daughter's school, cannot serve her community as a civil servant, and she can not apply for any job that requires a background check, as her name comes up with alerts of the pending charges. Even a simple Google search brings up multiple defamatory news articles. The Cape May County Division of Child Protection and Permanency is not only fallible, but broken. They are a necessary organization for the protection of our County's children, but there is no accountability for caseworkers who twist facts and falsify reports. We hope to bring a civil suit to correct this for the integrity of the caseworkers who are doing their job the right way and for the parents and grandparents who are doing their job the right way too.  We ask for your support in bringing this injustice to a close, not only for Cinnamon, but for her daughter Mahogany and her two grandchildren. Please sign this petition to respectfully request the Cape May County Prosecutor's office to dismiss these charges. Thank You. Updates to the case can be found at TEAM CINNAMON Facebook page here:

Bryan Thomas
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