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Petition to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo Dicaprio

Help end or slow down global warming

Have you ever gone outside, during the winter, and seen that it’s warm and sunny? Well, what if I told you that a little more than 10 years ago, it wasn’t like this? (unless you live in some really hot parts of the world, like Hawaii or Central Africa) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and everything in between, this is called global warming. Would you believe me if I told you that the temperature of the earth has risen by 1 degree Fahrenheit? By raising the earth’s temperature by 1 degree (Fahrenheit), more deadly hurricanes, drought, wildfire, intense rainstorms, and flooding will affect his planet that we live on. Let me tell you, this is the only planet Earth that has, is, and will ever exist in the whole wide universe. According to the website Global Warming Facts, greenhouse gases have been rising sharply since the Industrial Revolution in the US near the end of the 1800’s, and since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, humans have increasingly been contributing unnatural sources of greenhouse gases into the system, mostly by  causing the system to become unbalanced. I believe that if we take steps, we can slow down or even stop global warming.     According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), greenhouse gas emissions could cause a 1.8 to 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit rise in temperature during the next century, if atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases are not reduced. Although this change may appear small, it could produce extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods; threaten coastal resources and wetlands by raising sea level; and increase the risk of certain diseases by producing new breeding sites for pests and pathogens. Agricultural regions and woodlands are also susceptible to changes in climate that could result in increased insect populations and plant disease. This degradation of natural ecosystems could lead to reduced biological diversity. This basically means that if we don’t do something soon, we’re all screwed, and the earth will turn into an oven, and cook us all at medium rare. Which brings me back to my point. If we don’t do something soon, we’re toast. Literally. Do you ever watch, read, or listen to the news? If you do, you would notice that all around the world, there are these massive cyclones, hurricanes, storms, and there’s severe flooding in some parts of the world. You hear it everywhere, EVERYWHERE! Just turn on the radio, and tune in for a weather report. Sooner or later, you’ll hear about storms, cyclones, flooding, and many other things! And all of this is caused by, you guessed it, global warming. Global warming is making hot days hotter, rainfall and flooding heavier, hurricanes stronger and droughts even more severe than they already were. This intensification of weather and climate extremes will be the most visible impact of global warming in our everyday lives. It is also causing dangerous changes to the landscape of our world, adding stress to wildlife species and their habitat. Here are some reasons why: Government scientists at the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) are saying that man-made climate change has increased the probability of longer and more intense heat waves.This year only, the U.S. has been breaking high temperature records at a ratio of 10-to-1 over cold temperature records (in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, the typical ratio was 1-to-1).The U.S. just experienced the warmest 12-month period since record-keeping began in 1895. (Don’t lie, you felt the heat too.)More than 26,000 new record temperature highs have been set in the year 2012 alone in the U.S.Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe. Heat waves and drought plague many countries, destroying agriculture, increasing the risk of wildfires and endangering lives. Rising sea level threatens coastal communities and infrastructure from all of the floods that are happening.And these are just a few of hundreds of facts that are out there. According to the WRI (World Resources Institute), stabilizing the global climate is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Temperatures have exceeded global annual averages for 38 consecutive years. The impacts are being felt all around the world. Last year (2015) featured some of the most significant climate milestones in human history. From record-high temperatures, to atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide not seen in a million years or more, to a landmark international agreement to limit global warming, no other year has seen such a stark contrast of climate indicators. Each milestone provides perspective on how far global warming has come, and each day millions of people suffer because global warming had taken their homes, their families, basically their entire lives. If you didn’t think global warming was real, I sincerely hope that you do now. Some people think that global warming isn’t real, and I feel sorry for these people. I understand that some people don’t WANT to change their lifestyle, and they don’t see why it matters to turn out the lights when you leave the house, or why they should turn off the heat during the day. Or maybe their religion says otherwise about the rise in temperature. Maybe they don’t trust scientists, who keep telling them they NEED to change their lifestyles, their ways of life.     In conclusion, yes, global warming IS real, it is getting very severe, and we should take measures to stop it. That means turn out your lights when you leave the house, take shorter showers, and definitely not baths, get water flow regulators for your sinks, get a programmed thermostat that will turn itself off during the day and save energy and lives! These are just a few steps that you can do on your own, but together, we as a planet can do so much more! I bet that if everyone in the world stopped eating, producing, and selling meat for a week, global warming could be slowed down much, much more quickly, or it could even be paused! Imagine that. No more global meetings over temperatures, way fewer cyclones, storms, and existential crises all over the world. Imagine that.  

ur mom
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Petition to Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Eric Schneiderman

Help Get Donald Trump Involuntarily Commited Lawfully

Many of us have stood back and watched, listened and been baffled as well as feared what we see in Donald Trump.  As a Nurse with psychiatric experience in taking care of patients with a variety of diagnoses, I can no longer just stand back.  I feel that Mr. Trump needs treatment desperately.  It isn't just what people see when he comes unhinged on something like social media and the latest threat of revoking American citizenships as well as his speech and thought process in these sentences sometimes appear to be spoken in 3rd person or are just plain illogical, paranoid, delusional or what some call insane, but it is what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears.  As a nurse I do not diagnose, but I will point out signs and symptoms of mental illness that concern me.  On almost every occasion I have seen Mr. Trump speak his words are flighty and jump from one ideal to another.  This shows mania or manic behavior.  He made a statement once I will never forget where he compared himself to God even though he said no one is better than God, but he himself was close.  I fear delusions of grandeur.  He speaks that he alone can "fix" everything that is wrong with America.  More delusions.  There is so much delusional behavior he has exhibited I think most of you reading this are well aware.  The paranoid and delusional behavior is very disturbing.  He has believed for quite some time the media is out to get him and now is showing paranoia related to a democratic recount and seems to be lashing out against America with this paranoia as well.  There seems to be a dominancy in his mind which he allows himself to put down others with ease as well as say things about women sexually disturbing as well as accusations from multiple women that he has sexually advanced or touched them without consent or provocation.  This also needs to be assessed by a professional psychiatrist.  I see many call him a narcissist.  I can definitely see the egoist in him.  I can also see the fast swings in mood especially during the last debate when at first he seemed to be trying to remain calm.  He seems to become hostile quickly and in times I or others have seen this, the hostility or at least the level of anger is not warranted.  He seems to have the innate ability to incite violence in his followers who do whatever he asks them to as evidenced by many of his campaign rallies.  Another disturbing sign that is seen is his lack of empathy.  This may be most disturbing of all.  Most humans are able to relate to other humans and feel emotionally what they feel i.e. sadness, fear, anger, etc.  Mr. Trump shows a total lack of empathetic response for other human beings whether they are American citizens or not.  He wants to punish women for abortions, tear apart immigrant families, destroy constitutional amendments and tear away American citizenships, bomb countries without thought of loss of innocent life.  I could go on and on. He seems to not care about other people at all and I will tell you that lack of empathy is frightening considering the position he is about to be in.  I would like to add that America is not the only country concerned with the mental status of Mr. Trump, but so is the rest of the world for obvious reasons.  I believe there could be personality disorders at play here, chemical imbalance, compulsive behaviors and perhaps even more.  I believe he is a harm to others as well as a possible harm to himself and this needs a thorough assessment by medical professionals.  In order for involuntary commitment to occur someone close to him would have to assist or a government official.  Here, we the people, petition the Governor of New York Honorable Andrew Cuomo, the Attorney General of New York A.G. Schneiderman and Mayor De Blasio of New York to assist in the involuntary commitment of Mr. Donald J. Trump.  In the process he would be assessed by 2 psychiatrists. This is called "Two Physicians Certify."   We ask these physicians be unbiased and professional. Bellevue Hospital in NY is one of 21 hospitals in New York working positively in Civil Rights and the LGBTQ community.  They have an excellent inpatient facility, psychiatrists, nurses and therapists.  We ask that Mr. Trump not receive special treatment because of his status as President Elect or because of his wealth or because of his popularity.  His patient rights should be respected and as a patient is how he should be treated. As a medical professional I do not understand why mental status is not assessed as physical health.  It is just as important if not more important when holding the most important office in America.  I hope this brings awareness to that fact.  I also hope the Republican and Democratic as well as other parties will stop turning a blind eye to this or just talk about "temperament."  This goes far beyond his temper.  Mr. Trump needs help and I sincerely hope we can get him that help.  He is not stable at this time and if things continue I fear a mental breakdown or his illness may affect our country or the world in an extremely negative way.  The time has come for everyone including the media and government officials to stop talking about it and do something about it. It's up to us to get this petition as many signatures as possible and sent to New York ASAP.  It is my belief that if the doctors do find illness and hold him up to 60 days this could reverse every decision he has made due to his mental illness especially manic behavior can cause brash rushed & unwise decision making.  This is not to mention anything else that a professional psychiatrist may find issue regarding his mental health. One does have to question the decisions he has made regarding many things including cabinet members, etc. There is plenty of etc. in decision making to question regarding many things from the beginning of the primaries until the present time and I'm certain the near future.  Thank you for your time and I do sincerely hope you will help.

Nurse Kalena
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Petition to Adriano Espaillat, New York State Senate, New York State House

NY State Statute To Require Trump to Release Tax Return!

People are trying to get a federal law passed that all publicly elected officials would have to release their tax returns. The problem is, it won't pass Congress and even if it did, Donald Trump has the power to veto it and it would just end there.  However, if there was a STATE statute in New York that said anyone federally or state elected that filed in NY would have to release their NY tax return, the New York State Department of Tax & Finance would have to release Donald Trump's taxes since he is a New York resident. Trump would not have veto power for this - only New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would, and he would have no reason to veto it!  The state returns look different from the federal one, but has most of the same information. Whatever Trump is trying to hide will be revealed for us to see.  Trump has hurt so many people through his racist, sexist, fascist, and hateful rhetoric and policies. He is nominating unqualified, dangerous people to important positions in government, and trampling on the Constitution and the values and rights people fought so hard to protect. It is time for Trump's taxes to be released so that people can see what he's been hiding! Sign the petition now to get the NY State Legislature to pass a law that requires the New York State Department of Tax & Finance to release any federally or state elected official's taxes! 

Van Here
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