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Disney Channel: Air More SVTFOE!

Season 4 of Disney's animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, is coming soon to Disney Channel. It is the last season and we are all excited.  However, as reruns of SVTFOE started airing on Disney Channel on January 6, 2019 with The Battle for Mewni special at 7 AM, and twice a week with Season 3 reruns only Sundays from 8-9 AM Eastern. it only airs once a week. Season 4 is premiering March 10, 2019 with 2 back to back episodes. But the real issue is that Disney Chanel would only broadcast a rerun once and never air it again. We’ve seen this with other shows like Tangled and Big Hero 6: The Series. Well acclaimed but ignored. Overall, this won't do any good in terms of ratings/viewership and the show's near future. For people who don't have Disney XD and a premium cable package, this is bad news. Same goes for all of Disney Channel's cartoon content airing at an early time slot. With your generous support, you can help politely convince the people at Disney/Disney Channel USA/Disney ABC Television to give Star vs. the Forces of Evil more broadcast time and air at a later time slot. For example, somewhere between 7 PM to 9 PM. Tangled: The Series premiering at night received great ratings.  Also, you can convince Disney Channel to promote and advertise the show more before/as Season 4 airs. That can contribute to an increase in ratings and interest. If we don't act now, Disney Channel would never rerun another episode and after Season 4 and the show ends it's 4 year run likely on May 19, 2019 at the earliest, it will be completely forgotten just like Wander Over Yonder or Gravity Falls (well, it airs less frequently).   Here's what you can do. - Sign the petition - Start a Twitter Hashtag - Send a letter through the mail to Gary Marsh and Disney Channel.   GARY MARSH – President and Chief Creative Officer for Disney Channels Worldwide 3800 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91505                                                    ROBERT A. IGER - The President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 ERIC COLEMAN - The Senior VP, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Television Animation 811 Sonora Ave. Glendale, CA 91201   MAILING ADDRESS FOR DISNEY CHANNEL Disney Channel  3800 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91505   You can also email Gary Marsh and Cecilia Johnson and the executives on the Disney ABC Press site for SVTFOE.    Important Reminders: Be polite and no threatening. Be civil and respectful.   - Contact the people at Disney ABC Press. Call audience feedback at 818-460-7477 Alex Liakos Steven   Our goal is to get as many signatures as we can to convince Disney Channel to air more reruns of not just the recent episodes but old ones from the previous seasons too. If you feel the same way about your other favorite cartoons airing on Disney Channel like DuckTales, or Big City Greens, let's get rid of the "Cram Session" on Saturday/Sunday mornings for good and have a "Animated Friday/Sunday Night" with better time slots. So Disney Channel, please air more reruns of SVTFOE!  

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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney

buzz lightyear of star command 2:family

(also make buzz left handed and first lefty in  the 4 family and on morph can do better than most in his family and pierce,nebula and heroyear family can look further in the past then his family and pierce,nebula and heroyear family tried keep his left handed a secret sometimes but could be made by zurg and was really raised on morph or not made by zurg and when 3 month old his family died no one want to raise him because of what happen to his family only him and his dad(zurg) is the only lightyears)buzz lightyear only mention nana so we get to see morph and what happen after the day he was born huzary(huz-zary)(zurgs older brother) sorta killed his parents because but his dad is zurg(also human other name zeno) zethia(girl twins with zeth) and zeth(boy tiwns with zethia )(also human) same age as huzary raised zeno after their parents died zeno became a ranger after he grew up and still was after buzz was born huzary kidnap the family after the death of their brother zeth so zethia pretends to be a tangian to marry king nova and become pregnant with mira have same hair style(even though zeth and zethia has same haircut and hair color which is blue)huzary have blond hair so they have gems so morph is a magical planet so i want to learn about buzz's past and present  so buzz was raised by commander nebula because commander nebula rescued him and his 2 brothers nick (blond hair with 6 toes on each foot)and zack(black hair who has 1 thumb and 5 fingers*6 fingers* also lefty) and his 3 sisters buzzia(buzzieya)(black hair),buzzey(buzz-ie or buzzy)(blond hair) and hannah(blue or brown hair like buzz) who are space rangers and also join junior rangers once with buzz who were born with buzz (optional for flash backs if they died from a mission)and i like to see buzz's hair color so this is my idea when buzz lightyear of star command comes back and warp(alasya's twin but hair longer and royal of galaxy)came back and rejoin star command and warp hair color change to orange because he is a gem and a powerful with all powers and even reece pierce is a powerful and younger than her siblings(alasya and warp) and was born in 2000 of june 1st she is the princess of the galaxy and is left handed and likes buzz for some reason even though he is too old for her until she met mark she is smart at times(cimons oc unknown) ,ty,rocket brother name joe also rejoin star command so after the movie there be a series of buzz lightyear rookie years,academy years or buzz childhood and teen years or maybe all of them in one show and maybe evil emperors before zurg or disney ideas for it (it could be star wars version maybe) but it is up to disney to save this show and do a sequel on buzz lightyear and maybe see buzz go to digital pictures in one of buzz went to in the first movie  see more information on here  so i think there also should be a spy,detective and bounty hunter of star command(separate shows) like buzz lightyear of star command or tell the story of morph

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Petition to Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company

Disney, please bring back Firefly!!!

We all know the story of Firefly, and how it was cruelly ripped prematurely from our lives by the wonderful execs over at Fox. The ratings weren't great (due to a poor marketing campaign) it aired on a Friday, and it aired COMPLETELY  out of order!  Things have changed now though. The merger between Fox and Disney puts Firefly in a unique position. With the rights now belonging to the big mouse, Joss Whedon (who directed one of Avengers!) could have a much larger budget for sets and marketing as well as a studio with a platform to rival Netflix coming up to help air it, the barriers to Captain Reynolds and crew flying again could be a thing of the past! Many petitions have been created to save our humble ensemble, and have failed. We Brown Coats must rise up and fight for the Independence and this time WE CAN NOT FAIL!!!!! We need to show "The Expanse" that we are right behind them and spread the word. we need keyboard warriors and anyone who fancies themselves as a "Mr Universe" to step up and do what needs doing. Let's all get on twitter and facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and LinkedIn and myspace and AOL and let's call and write and telegram anyone who will listen that they can burn the land and boil the seas but please #bringbackserenity my promise is this. If we can get 1 million signatures I will start a gofundme to send the whole cast of firefly in uniform to Disney for a week as long as they go as their characters. So let's show Disney why they should bring back Firefly by signing the petition!!!!! #bringbackserenity

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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney

alasya pierce in toy story 4 and her own series/movie

i want alasya pierce as a toy and as a spy to help woody and buzz to find bo peep and so she can have a show and movie with buzz lightyear in it alasya has the same space suit but its black she has team mates name alice(hair powerful,human skin,blond curly hair but in pony tail when a hair powerful is nearby,blue eyes) ally(sunlight,weather control with hair,human skin,brown hair(bright yellow when powers is use)blue eyes) penny(unknown,magical,make wishes come true,human skin,blue eyes) alasya is a powerful(all powers to imagine and sometimes 2 at a time) and has orange hair and blue skin and blue eyes she is a powerful and her powers deactivates if a hair powerful is nearby and was princess of the galaxy after marrying buzz and buzz became half powerful and half prince so buzz also have powers like alasya and they both have gems but for the rest example ally and alice have gems in their hair to activate their powers warp darkmatter(alasyas twin brother) morgan(blond hair,alasyas sister) dan(the evil powerful as in alasya's nemesis) she really met buzz at 2 since the junior ranger but there was a spy version she was in while buzz was at the normal one the begin to date when they like 13 and she lucky to have a star cruiser 42 like buzz because they both want to work together sometimes this cares so much for me and hope people will care

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