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Petition to Patrick Murphy, Robert Menendez, Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States

Justice for Military Sexual Trauma Victims: Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Of the 26,000 sexual assaults in 2012, only 3,374 were reported and only 302 were brought to trial. I am a retired U.S. Navy Veteran and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) survivor. And like many other victims in the military, I was harassed, and humiliated by my Chain of Command after reporting my abuse. But a bipartisan bill before the U.S. Senate right now can completely change how sexual assaults in the military are handled - the Military Justice Improvement Act.  As it stands now, any U.S. Military personnel, male or female, who are sexually assaulted or harassed are at the mercy of their own Commanding Officers who have full jurisdiction and discretion in prosecuting these cases. In many of the cases the perpetrator is not prosecuted while the victim is treated as the criminal, ostracized and harassed by their own command and often their military service stands in jeopardy. This is why so many assaults go unreported. Even though I was raped while in the Navy, my case it is a story of command harassment.  During a 5 year period I was harassed, by my command because the Maintenance Officer didn't want "women in his Navy".  Between being raped and continuously harassed I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2001.  I was raped and it was traumatizing, but the most devastating thing was the Command Harassment. The Military Justice Improvement Act (S. 967) changes this by taking the Commanding Officer out of the case and providing a specialized legal group in charge of investigating and prosecuting these cases. This is a common sense step that our closest allies, including the UK, Canada, Australia and Israel, have made to their militaries.  The Military Justice Improvement Act has bipartisan support but needs more votes to pass and it will be voted on this week. Your Senator needs to hear from you about this important bill now!  I spent 20 years trying to run away from the hell the Navy put me though. I was told that all of my problems were between my ears. They tried to Court Marshal me, they harassed me on a daily basis, and when I was transferred the harassment continued because my perpetrator picked up the phone and had me labeled a troublemaker before I even checked in. If the Military Justice Improvement Act had been passed then, that wouldn't have happened to me.  Help us get the word to Congress that the rape culture in the military is still prevalent.  Tell them we will no longer allow our men and women in the military to be raped, tell them that we WILL hold them accountable.  I am taking a stand against the unjust persecution of my brothers and sisters that are victims of MST and harassment. Please join me by asking your Senator to support the Military Justice Improvement Act. 

Teresa Youngs
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Petition to Roxy

Roxy: Stop your "all sex, no surf" ads!

I’ve been surfing for as long as I can remember and worked hard to become a professional surfer. In my time competing, I noticed that male surfers were able to earn a living off their prowess and performance and easily picked up sponsorships and large prizes at competitions. Female surfers, on the other hand, had to present themselves as modelesque beach babes in order to get meager sponsorships, and even to move forward in many competitions.  Roxy’s recent advertisement for a surf competition features a 5-time World Champion surfer suggestively undressing without showing us her face, and never actually shows her surfing! This tells young girls it’s more important to be sexy than to be strong or a good surfer. In the past, Roxy has portrayed itself as a fun, youthful brand and are at the core of women’s surfing culture. Roxy should make young girls feel empowered to surf -- not self-conscious about their bodies. I'm meeting with Roxy representatives on September 12th and I'll be delivering the signatures from this petition. I’m asking Roxy to step up and be who they say they are -- representatives of the core of women’s surfing -- and to represent healthy, empowering images of female surfers in their marketing. Roxy can set the standard within surfing that is inspiring to women and girls. Join me in asking Roxy to promote healthy images of female surfers in their advertising so that all girls can be inspired to ride waves.

Cori Schumacher
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Petition to Archdiocese of Philadelphia CYO Office, Kenneth A. Gavin, Archbishop Charles Chaput, Leslie Davila

Let girls play football

My daughter Caroline, who has played football since age 5, has been fortunate enough to be part of a special team the last two years, where she got to experience the camaraderie and ultimate team atmosphere of the sport, while representing our local Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) program. She was physically able to compete, and was a contributor and equal part of the team. My husband George and I, who have been active in the church and CYO for decades, were told in the middle of the season that Caroline could no longer play because “football is for boys.” The news came despite the fact that Caroline is considered an all-star junior varsity player by her teammates.  CYO is one of the lone remaining organizations that discriminates against girls in football even though the ability of a girl to be able to participate and compete safely has been proven. Even the NFL and Pop-Warner leagues have no male-only rule and thousands of women play full-tackle high-school football each year in America. According to the CYO rule, Caroline will no longer be allowed to play, as the CYO office looks to enforce this archaic language in their handbook. What's worse is that the rule, as it stands now, will prevent any girl in the future from being a part of a CYO football team. My daughter wants more than anything for this rule to be updated and modernized to reflect the times. Simply change the rule and allow girls to play.

Marycecelia Pla
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