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Petition to City of Mountain View Council, City of Mountain View Community Service Director, City of Mountain View Planning Director

Prevent the removal of a Grove of Heritage Redwood trees located at 575 Sierra Avenue

A magnificent grove of Heritage Sequoia (Redwood) trees at 575 Sierra Avenue in Mountain View is to be cut down. This lot was purchased by a developer with the purpose of developing it into a single family home. As part of the development plan the developer is asking for a permit to remove every tree from the lot. This is a total of nine (9) trees. Seven (7) of these trees form a grove of 80+ ft tall healthy Heritage Redwoods. These trees are the tallest and most visible in the area and are a true asset to the community and the city.  Their destruction for the sake of a single family home is unacceptable especially when some modifications to the home’s design could save many of these trees Most folks believe that the City’s heritage ordinance would protect against such action. Unfortunately, this is not the case by default. The reason is that development request go through the City’s Planning department and as long as the developer’s plans adhere to the FAR requirements, they get a green light. This is different from when an existing home owner wishes to remove a tree. In this case, the request goes through the City’s Parks and Recreation department who, as many homeowners wishing to remove a heritage tree can attest, strictly apply the heritage tree ordinance.

Ross Dargahi
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Petition to Steve Hagerty, Judy Fiske, Peter Braithwaite, Melissa Wynne, Don Wilson, Robin Rue Simmons, Tom Suffredin, Eleanor Revelle, Ann Rainey, Cicely Fleming

City of Evanston: Stop the Mega-Development on Sherman

The City of Evanston is considering another mega-development that threatens the welcoming character of our city. In accordance with Evanston’s Downtown Plan, the 1450-1508 block of Sherman Avenue is a key “transitional” block between Evanston’s downtown and the city’s historic residential neighborhoods. This inviting, human-scale block is home to a number of independent restaurants and storefronts, including Tommy Nevins and Prairie Moon. A for-profit developer called Albion has submitted a 287-unit, 16-story proposal that threatens the unique character and quality of Evanston’s downtown. The former Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals said “I cannot recall any building proposal that was as inappropriate for the site proposed as this development for Sherman Avenue.” In fact, the proposed development violates the city’s own zoning guidelines: the proposal includes too many units and too few parking spaces, is too close to the sidewalk, and is far too tall. Even still, the development fails to provide sufficient onsite affordable housing, instead catering to the already oversaturated high-end luxury rental market. The building - which is unlikely to provide sufficient tax-revenue - may further exacerbate Evanston’s affordability crisis, undermine Evanston’s fair housing opportunities, create severe wind tunnels, and cause serious congestion. Despite these concerns, neither the City nor the developer have conducted a single study on the building’s impact. Thoughtful development is critical to a city’s success. Let’s reimagine this block of Sherman Avenue in a vibrant, human-scale way incorporating sufficient on-site affordable housing, respecting the city’s Downtown Plan, and reflecting Evanston’s unique and welcoming character. Tell the City that this high-rise, mega-development is contrary to the interests and values of Evanston. Tell City Council to reject the Albion plan. After signing this petition, please click here to share the reasons for your opposition on the city's co-urbanize website.

Evanstonians for Responsible Planning
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