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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi

Opposition of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016

Respected Sir, We the undersigned have the honour to express the following few facts for your kind consideration regarding the proposed amendment of the Citizenship Act. Sir, as citizens of this country we register our deep anxiety and distress at the proposed amendment of the Citizenship Act under consideration of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament. Whatever humanitarian consideration prompted the proposed amendment granting citizenship to persons belonging to minority communities namely Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is going to be highly inimical to the indigenous people of Assam and to the federal structure of the state.  At the moment, based on Assam Accord, at the intervention of the Supreme Court of India and on the instruction of the Central government, the Government of Assam is engaged in intensive updating of the National Register for Citizens (NRC) to include people permanently residing in the state till 24th March 1971 and to treat them alone as genuine citizens of the country.  The present attempt of the Central Government to extend citizenship beyond the cutoff date of 24th March, 1971 is not acceptable to the people of Assam. The state of Assam is already overburdened with high influx of foreign nationals from Bangladesh, causing serious economic and social distress and identity crisis for the indigenous communities of Assam. Under these circumstances, the proposed amendment poses an existential threat to the existing indigenous communities.  In view of the above, we request you kindly to take initiative for withdrawing the proposed amendment, or at the very least to exempt the state of Assam from the purview of the proposed amendment to the Citizenship Act.  Thanking you, Yours faithfully Apurba SharmaPrabhat BorahJnan Puzari Bibhash ChoudhuryDr.Anjan kr OjahBitopan Borborah Dr.Jayanta kr.Sharma Mridul Sarma Smritirekha Devi Bedanta Puzari Pulin Kalita Dr.Arabinda RajkhuwaDebabhuson BorahDilip PhukonBondona Borthakur Indrajit BerbaruahMitul Dutta Siddhartha Sankar BezboruahRatul kr.Lahan Dadul DebokrishnaSiddhartha Sankar Kalita Kanki BordoloiPradip SaikiaDr.Prayag SaikiaUdoy Borua Rajib BoraAbedur Rahman Ashim Chutia Bandita BoruaPranab Thakuria Suman Dutta Rupam Sharma Pratyush Ranjan BhagawatiGajen MilliNabin Buragohain Bubul SharmaDr.Kalyan BhuyanAshirvad Sarma Kukil Saikia Assam, India

Anandi Indian
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Petition to Uber

Uber automated toll scam must stop in Electronic City, #Bangalore #India

Every day 1,000s of unsuspecting Electronic city-1 commuters take Uber to their work or for their daily commute within Bangalore city. While the 4 wheelers travelling to the city through the elevated expressway/Electronic city flyover pays a single trip toll fee of Rs 45.00, usage of the service lane to Hosur road, adjacent to the toll lane is FREE. Our travel between Electronic City 1 & 2 via the interconnected road is also FREE. And, there is no reason, why our Uber trips should be an exception to this. Except for Uber, which mysteriously collects any amount between Rs 47.25 to Rs 94.50 as "Tolls, Surcharges, and Fees" for all single trips between Electronic city 1 & 2. Uber explains this as : "Our system is designed in a way that it automatically adds the toll charges to the fare whenever you pass through a toll". Fact is - We don't pass through the Electronic city toll, Drivers don't pay the toll, and collecting a toll for Hosur Road usage is illegal at best. Resolutions are delayed by Uber. Toll refund claims are mostly rejected. Uber Bangalore acknowledges that Automatic toll on this route is a System Error, yet they continue to maintain this bug. This is an ongoing loot since 2017. I'm a victim. So are my family and friends. Tens and thousands of unsuspecting daily commuters are already affected by it. And, if you are an Uber user in Electronic City, it is likely that you too are affected by this scam. This toll scam by Uber in Bangalore must stop with immediate effect. Please sign my petition and ask Uber Bangalore to abolish this malpractice, issue an apology and approve refunds to all who are affected.

Apurba Sen
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Petition to Lycée kolkata, HRD Minister Of India, School Education & Higher Education Minister

Resolve all unfair activities against five veteran teachers of Lycée

Lycée is one of the most premier educational institutes in Kolkata which gave rise to some exceptional students who speak highly of the wonderful group of teachers. Lycée ,for its students was always a second home for it showed amazing relationship between a student and a teacher. Things however began to take a very ugly turn since last year when five teachers of our school Mrs. Piyali Nandi(Computer), Mrs. Shampa Roy( English), Miss Shyamali Mondal (Hindi), Miss Sutapa Basu (Craft) and Mr. Surojit Halder(Drawing) began to be ill treated by the school management. An individual identifying himself as Mr. Monoronjan Roy of PINCON group abused and threatened our teacher Mrs. Piyali Nandi over telephone. The salary of these teachers have been stopped since March, 2017. Their names have been erased with white ink from school attendance and the biometric of the teachers have failed since June 15,2017.Their sin is that as educated individuals they have questioned certain activities of the management which they thought lacked transparency, were unethical and refused to put in their signature wherever and whenever as demanded by the management. They have been regularly going to school to take classes but school management has not assigned them a single class and have tried to insult them in every possible manner. In spite of the five veteran teachers being present in the school , the management is not allowing them to take classes which in turn is affecting the emotions of the students who are used to seeing the old familiar faces of the teachers. That's why I, with the support of the organization of Students For Lycée Teachers(SFLT) have started the petition asking the school management to: Resolve all the unfair activities against the teachers. Teachers should get all their dues cleared from March,2017. They should be treated with respect by the school authorities. Such atrocities committed against any teacher is a shame to the society and to the entire teaching fraternity. The management has to take a step and NOW! Sign my petition and ask the management to end this atrocious behavior.

Ankeet Mitra
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