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Petition for fair sports selection  To 1.      The  Under Secretary  Ministry of Youths and Sports 2.      Sports Authority of India  3.      Indian Olympic Association  4.      Ethics commission , Indian Olympic Association.  5.      Under Secretary Corporate Affairs, Government   of India  Sir Petition for  fair sports selection and Right to play violated  by a karate company reg             This ministry   illegally and corruptly   given the affiliation  to Karate Federation of India, a two men owned  Private ltd company, and  its  Directors manipulated documents   as they are the president, Secretary, and also appointed some of their partners or binamies as   executive body.  The Learned  top officers  of this ministry also  involved as a  part of this  forgery, and Fraud. further more the memorandum and bylaw is totally not consonant with IOC ethics, but still corruptly the indian olympic association, and ministry of sports given recognition to  them.             The  Private ltd company, and its Directors   sold out their certificates  without any  restriction, and appointed its commission members  against the   Companies act 2013 without  regulations.             According to the Sports code 2011, and the order of   Hon’ble High court of  Delhi  2015,  it is clear  the guidelines which should follow up by the National Sports Federations. But , these Ministry officers   misuse its  power, and simply violating all the fundamental rules of sports code and they have not given even single hair value to the Judgment of Hon’ble High court of Delhi. Since, we take several legal steps  under corruption and criminal laws before various forum against the  criminals in ministry, and Indian Olympic Association.             Now we came to know that , the Asian Games is going to held in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The karate association of India, a private ltd company, which having manipulated executive body,  without power or duties assigned and responsibilities  defined are acting as toys and involved huge corruption and bribery for  selection of players for the games. The private ltd company is not giving any vouchers or bills to any of  belt purchasers, and affiliations. The officers of central ministry is also having  no guts to investigate the matters accordingly, even after  many complaints. Moreover , the Indian Olympic association, and Indian Ministry  of Sports  are standing  with karate association India  private ltd company as its outside binamies, or partners, with the  knowledge and  sense but for corrupt motive.                         The curse of Nation is such corrupt officers, and Bodies, even after  years of independence,  we couldn’t  win in any international event satisfactorily.  This corrupt act  violate all the constitutional rights,  of  Karate Players, and International Olympic Association Sports code, and code of ethics and Right to play, and extreme right which given by International Sports code. The usage of  the Prestigious name  mother “INDIA”   should  be restricted under the  Names and emblems (Prevention from improper act 1950) for a private ltd company  which is doing  wrongful business, and not involved any manufacturing business.  And   their bylaws and memorandum is  no way connected with   International Olympic Council norms. Since  they have neither  right to represent our country   for  international events representing the State and to use the  name INDIA nor select anyone without proper selection procedures. This private ltd company, with the support of IOA, and  Under secretary Mr.Patro, and S.P Hooda, created more than 200 association including non registered, non gst, which conduct tournaments, camps, certifications,affiliation with starting from 3000 to 100000 with out any proper bills and vouchers to give bribe for these IOA, and sports ministry officers  Since, we INDIAN KARATE FEDERATION  registered under Societies registration act 1860,  commenced with  prescribed  legal aspects which is required for  National Sports federation under Indian Sports code 2011 ,    and ethics of  International  Olympic   council .  Huge real karate sports players are standing outside the  private ltd company  those who are not ready to bribe to company having  the illegal and corrupt  Affiliation by  Ministry of  Sports without  the written consent  of  Corporate affairs. The ministry or corrupt officials cannot force them do to support corruption or illegal act, and if the company face black list or any criminal cases, the  Officers  who support affiliation is also legally answerable and  liable to compensate all certificate holders for  their loss of money, time, mental agony and anguish The real  players coming from poor background, and National spirited youths  who are  not ready to give bribe  have also equal right to select for international event like Asian  games held in. The selection process of  Indian team was  shameful neither legal selection process followed up. Since, we conduct National selection for Asian games  (Subject to court Matter)  under the observation  dominant karate masters and  winners will be given training under the Indian Karate Federation in most toughest hill area. I request all officers from the  copy served are hereby request to send the Observer once the Tournament announced.  Hence,  1.      Stop all selection procedures  taken by a private ltd company  Karate Association of India  because this company is anti covenant of  IOC norms, and  could not followed the sports code 2011 and involved in fraud, forgery with immediate  effect.  2.      And either  Select  Karate players  for   Asian games   from  Indian Karate Federation, which is registered under societies act 1860  and equal consonance of IOC code of ethics, or appoint  observer  for  and conduct  national trial from India  3.      We will not entertain any violation of rights to play   of any group or part of  other   body members. Since, we request to conduct a Selection trial   with our players who are really ready to win.  Copies enclosed  Yours Truly  Mohandas Velukutty

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Petition to Government of Bangladesh

The Resignation of Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan MP

This man is greatly responsible for failing to oversee an accident-prone transport system in Bangladesh that is riddled with corruption and mismanagement. The system itself completely disregards human safety for profit maximization. Most of the public transports in the country are outdated with minimal service and run on roads by the uneducated maniac like drivers. The minister is directly responsible for aiding and abetting the perpetrators of this ‘crime’ that regularly causes hundreds of innocent people to lose their lives everyday in Bangladesh. So, please sign for this good cause. Even if nothing happens out of it, it will remain as an evidence of public demand. Therefore, share with others to participate as well.  বাংলাদেশের পরিবহন ব্যবস্থার বেহাল দশার জন্য এই মন্ত্রী অনেকাংশেই দায়ী। তার সীমাহীন দুর্নীতি, চাঁদাবাজির সংস্কৃতি আর স্বজনপ্রীতির জন্য পরিবহন খাতে ভয়াবহ রকম অব্যবস্থাপনা। এর প্রমাণ মেলে কিছুদিন পর পর সড়ক ও নৌপথে 'দুর্ঘটনা' নামক খুনগুলোর মাধ্যমে। আমরা সকলেই জানি যে, রাস্তায় যে সকল পাব্লিক পরিবহন চলে, তাদের বেশিরভাগই মেয়াদোত্তীর্ণ আর ওসবের ড্রাইভারগুলো কেমন অশিক্ষিত, মাতাল আর বেপরোয়া ধরনের। মন্ত্রি নিয়মিত যাত্রাপথের এই সকল অপরাধকে প্রশ্রয় আর লালন-পালন করে গেছে, যার ফলে আমাদের এই প্রাণপ্রিয় বাংলাদেশে প্রতিনিয়তই শত শত মানুষ প্রাণ হারাচ্ছে। একটি মানবদেহের মাথা বদল সম্ভব নয় - সেই দেহের কোন অংশের পচন রোধের জন্য, কিন্তু একটি দেশের কোন একটি খাতের নষ্ট মাথা বদল হয়ে তার বদলে ভালো মাথা আসলে, তা হবে সেই খাতকে উন্নত করার প্রথম ধাপ। তাই আসুন, পরিবহন খাতে সেই সকল অকালে ঝরে যাওয়া প্রাণের জন্য, হাজারো মা-বাবার স্বন্তান হারানো আহাজারির জন্য, সর্বোপরি নিজেদের ভবিষ্যতের জন্য এই মন্ত্রির পদত্যাগের দাবীতে সাইন করি। এতে যদি কিছু না-ও হয়, তবুও সময়ের সাক্ষী হয়ে থাকবে আমাদের এই দাবী। তাই নিজে অংশ নিয়ে অন্যদেরকেও অংশ নিতে বলুন।

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Petition to Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, Shri H.D. Kumaraswamy, Shri Sivananda S Patil, Dr. G. Parameshwara, Shri Manjunath Prasad, Sri Rakesh Singh, Sri Lakshman

Help Bengalureans Sleep! Amend the Laws!

Dear Sir, I and the others who have signed this petition would like to bring to your attention the suffering that ordinary citizens like us are experiencing due to pubs and bars being allowed to operate in residential areas, and to demand that the laws be amended to stop and prevent this.  As you may know Bengaluru is reputed to be the pub-capital of India. It has had a 50% increase in the number of licenses issued over the last 4 years alone. (The Hindu- Bengaluru sees 50% increase in pubs in 4 years). Many of these establishments apparently function as a pub, but position themselves as a lounge or bar and kitchen.  Not surprisingly, the State Excise revenue from Liquor sales in Karnataka in 2017-18 was over 17,000 CRORE Rupees (Karnataka State Excise Document)- an increase of more than 1400 crores and 8% growth. Bengaluru city had the highest consumption of liquor in the state. However, while the government and the business establishments reap the financial rewards, ordinary citizens are suffering the consequences of this and other related decisions and inaction. These establishments have risen in residential areas and are not discouraged from doing so. The Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA) had amended the land rules to allow restaurants and pubs to function in residential areas (Bangalore Mirror- BDA High Court Restaurant Pubs Commercial Office Spaces). Instead all possible options to facilitate the liquor industry to thrive is being given (Times of India- Bengaluru can party till 1am everyday) even when implementation of Supreme Court rulings have threatened the industry (Times of India- Residential Areas to Turn Drinking Districts and The Hindu- Relief for Pubs to Reopen Within a Week). As pubs and/or restaurants commonly play music (live or recorded) to create the right atmosphere to attract patrons, it results in residents being unable to sleep since their business hours are till 11:30 pm on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. The Supreme Court in 2012 said the right to sleep is a fundamental right to life: "Sleep is essential for a human being to maintain the delicate balance of health necessary for its very existence and survival. Sleep is therefore, a fundamental and basic requirement without which the existence of life itself would be at peril”.(Times of India- Right to Sleep a Fundamental Right says Supreme Court). The Committee on Noise Pollution Control has recommended the Noise standards of 45 decibels in the night time (10pm-6am) in a residential area (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board- Noise Pollution Regulation and Control Rules 2000). However, this is not adhered to by all the establishments and the city’s municipal corporation- Bruhat Bengaluru Mahangagara Palike (BBMP), has neither strictly nor consistently enforced it. A visit to the Bengaluru City Police Call Centre indicated that complaints about noise are one of the top complaints received. Within a 200 metre radius of my house, there are 4 pubs/ rooftop bars and 3 restaurants serving alcohol. As a resident, I have the right to sleep at night and to live in peace. However, it is not possible to do so until the music from these establishments’ stop. And even then their patrons continue for at least another hour to drink on the roads or talk loudly to their friends until the residents have no other choice but to call the Bengaluru City Police to send them away. Other associated concerns are patrons vomiting and urinating afterwards, the lack of parking, noise from traffic congestion, increased garbage and sewage strain. Numerous Resident Welfare Associations (RWA’s) across Bengaluru city have repeatedly approached all the concerned authorities and even resorted to filing court cases against the establishments, but still, no action is implemented (New Indian Express- Please Do Stop the Music Tired Citizens to Pubs). The Police Commissioner of Bengaluru recently enforced the Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Entertainment (Bangalore City) Order 2005 against these establishments (Times of India- Only Following SC Guidelines say Bengaluru Police), as a result of which, the neighbourhood has finally become quieter in the last few weeks. After many years of suffering, we are at long last getting an adequate amount of sleep. However, this Licensing enforcement is now being met with strong opposition from the concerned business establishments. These problems are faced not only by the residents of Bengaluru, but also in other cities like Pune, where pubs are being allowed in residential areas (Hindustan Times- Pubs in Residential Areas the New Normal for Pune). DELHI, on the other hand, has recently amended their Master Plan to establish a no pub/club rule in residential areas (Economic Times-No Liquor Shops Pubs Clubs in Residential Areas DDA's Master Plan). Kindly intervene at the National Level to amend and implement laws (like how Delhi has) to prioritize the rights of citizens to sleep; and especially with the Karnataka State Authorities (Urban Development Authority, BBMP, BDA, Ministry of Health and Family, Pollution Control Body), to have pubs, lounges, clubs, bars and kitchens shifted away from the residential areas, so that citizens in Bengaluru and around the country may finally be able to exercise their right to sleep and live in peace. Thank you, Isabel Paul

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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Dipak Mishra, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan

The salary of public Representative like MP and MLA should not be hike indiscriminately

A parliamentary committee has suggested that the salary of MPs be raised from Rs. 50,000 to a lakh a month and a constituency allowance from Rs. 45,000 to 90,000. The committee’s proposal are accepted, and the total compensation package for an MP go up from Rs.1,40,000 to 2,80,000. The committee, headed by the BJP’s Yogi Adityanath has also recommended a 75 per cent rise in pensions, and an automatic revision in salaries periodically. MPs’ salaries were last hiked six years ago. The Congress’ Ghulam Nabi Azad, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, said, ” Inflation affects everyone, MPs are also hit.”  “MPs’ salary is lowest of all. Our salary is lesser than MLAs of Delhi government, half of what a Maharashtra MLA gets, and a third of that of Telangana MLAs,” Samajwadi Party leader Ramgopal Yadav said.  “Increase our salary and make it more than Cabinet Secretary’s,” Yadav added. Rajya Sabha members on 12 Aug once again raised the demand for increasing their salaries and questioned the government’s silence on the suggestions of a committee that has recommended salary hike for the members of parliament. After election to LokSabha, the members become entitled to salaries, allowances, travelling facilities, medical facilities, accommodation, telephones, etc . These amenities are provided to members with a view to enable them to function effectively as Members of Parliament.  These are governed by the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954 and the rules/amendment of it. The salary of MPs are covered in the act THE SALARY, ALLOWANCES AND PENSION OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT ACT, 1954 AND RULES MADE THEREUNDER. An MP , since Aug 2010, is paid a base salary of  Rs 50,000 per month and is entitled to a pension of 20,000 per month. If an MP serves as a member for a period exceeding five years, this pension increases by 1,500 for each additional year of service. In addition, MPs are compensated for official expenses through various allowances : Daily allowance of 2,000 for each day of attending Parliament. Parliament has three sessions every year. The Budget Session (February to May), Monsoon session (July to September), and Winter session (November and December).Constituency allowance for expenses incurred in the constituency of 45,000 per month andOffice expenses of Rs 45,000  for staff (limit of 30,000), stationery and postage(15,000)  per monthAn MP’s wage is tax-free and comes with additional  perquisites such as free petrol, free telephone calls and free housing. Most household  expenses , furniture, electricity, water, laundry , is also paid for . MPs can travel anywhere in the country by rail, first class, and get 34  free air tickets for themselves or a companion a year. Spouses of MPs can  travel free by air from their residence to New Delhi eight times a year when Parliament  is in session and unlimited number of times by rail. Each MP gets near-free electricity of 50,000 units every year. And free water.The MP’s bungalow is furnished — with air conditioners, refrigerators and television sets — free of cost. Maintenance of the house — including washing of sofa covers and curtains — is done free of cost by the government.MPs are entitled to three phone lines and 170,000 free local calls every year.When an MP travels abroad officially, he is entitled to free business class air tickets. He is also paid a daily travelling allowance, which varies depending upon the country being visited.Most medical expenses of MPs are taken care of by the Contributory Health Service Scheme of the Union government. So if you try to add all the perks etc conservative CTC (Cost to the Country) of an MP is close to Rs.35 Lakhs ($70k), excluding the cost of maintaining security guards, the cost of lifelong pension, insurance, sarkari vehicle etc  Cost to Country of a MPDemand of Rajya Sabha Members for Increase in SalaryRajya Sabha members in Aug 2016 once again raised the demand for increasing their salaries and questioned the government's silence on the suggestions of a committee that has recommended salary hike for the members of parliament. Some of the changes over the years have been as follows: In 1968 MP’s salary was Rs 400 + Rs  31 Daily AllowanceFrom 1969 to 1985 salary was Rs 500 + Rs 51 Daily Allowance Pension for MPs  was introduced in 1977In 1985 salary was Rs 1500Since 2010 it is Rs 1,40,000 On August 27, 2010, Indian Members of Parliament voted themselves a threefold hike in their basic salary, from Rs 16,000 to Rs 50,000 and doubled the constituency and office expense allowances to 40,000 each. MPs will thus receive an assured income of Rs 1.3 lakh (a salary of Rs 50,000 plus constituency allowance of Rs 40,000 and office or stationary allowance of Rs 40,000) a month. According to one  calculation, after the hikes of the MPs’ salaries, perks and allowances, they  will earn 68 times more than what an average person earns annually. Salary of MP increased from 2010 It is interesting to note that Indian MPs are paid lower than many Government bureaucrats, even though they outrank them in the order of precedence. During the debate in Parliament, several MPs recommended that their salaries be pegged at one rupee more than the salary of the Secretary to the Government of India. This would also result in automatic revision with each Pay Commission award. Two former chief ministers and  leaders of their respective parties, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav,  demanded a 500% hike in salaries for MPs and stalled proceedings in Parliament during  the debate on the salary increase in 2010. They wanted the basic salary to be  fixed at Rs 80,001, one rupee more than the salary of a secretary in the  Government of India. However, while most MPs run businesses from where they  derive income, for bureaucrats, their salaries are usually their sole source of  income. Moreover, while a bureaucrat gets pension after serving for 30-35  years, an MP is entitled to pension even if he has spent just one day in  Parliament. Nor do bureaucrats get a daily allowance for attending office every  day as MPs do for attending Parliament.    Comparison of salary of MPs of India with rest of world The way it differentiates from rest of World is that in India MPs decide their own salary.In France  and Japan,  salaries of MPs are determined in relation to the salaries of the highest paid  bureaucrats.In Germany,  Article 48 (3) of the Basic Law says that the members of Bundestag will get  remuneration adequate enough to ensure their independence.In Switzerland, parliamentarians do  not get any salary or allowance. They just get paid leave from their employers  on the days of session.In Mexico,  MPs are paid handsomely, but they cannot do any business or practise any  profession. They cannot even be office bearers of any political party.In the USA, members of  Congress cannot earn more than 15% from outside of their Congressional salary.  There is no such bar on the MPs or MLAs in India. An MP who has a defence equipment business is allowed to  be on a defence committee which formulates defence policy and a parliamentarian  who has aviation interests to be on a civil aviation committee, thereby making  policy changes which benefit them individually. In the UK,  the Review Body on Senior Salaries established by law, advises the prime  minister on the pay and pensions of MPs, ministers, judges, defence personnel,  senior civil officers and other such high posts. It is an independent body  consisting of non-MPs who have served in high positions in the judicial and  managerial offices with distinction.Salary of MLASalaries of MLA are decided by the states. There is wide variation in MLA salaries across state assemblies.  A Delhi MLA earns a salary of Rs.12000 per month with other allowances , While an MLA in Maharashtra earns Rs.75000 and MLAs of  Karnataka earn approx Rs 95 000 per month.  Other than salary, MLAs also get similar facilities like MPs – daily allowance, constituency allowance, office expenses allowance, provisions for accommodation, travel etc. As is the case with salaries, these too vary across state. Our article Salary of MLA in India discusses salary of MLA in different states in detail. Salary of Delhi MLASalary of Delhi MLA’s  from their webpage MLA Salaries & Allowances Of Ministers//Speaker/Dy. Speaker/Leader Of Opposition/Chief Whip 1. Salary                                          Rs. 12,000/- per mensem2. Constituency Allowance              Rs. 18,000/- per mensem3. Secretarial Allowance                  Rs. 10,000/- per month4. Conveyance Allowance               Rs. 6,000/- per month5. Telephone Facilities                     Rs. 8,000/- per month to meet                                                                         the cost of telephone call charges6. Daily Allowance                           Rs. 1,000/- per day (subject to a                                                                     maximum up to 40 days per year)                                                                    for attending Assembly                                                                                    session/committee meetings etc.7. Conveyance Advance                 Upto Rs. 4,00,000/- (repayable                                                                             within his office term) Salary of Chief Ministers in India Name of CM              State           Monthly Salary    Annual SalaryNitish Kumar               Bihar               1,00,000           12,00,000Amrinder Singh         Punjab              1,00,000           12,00,000Tarun Gogoi               Assam                 90,000          10,80,000    Mehbooba Mufti   Jammu & Kashmir    90,000          10,80,000Devendra Fadnavis  Maharashtra         75,000             9,00,000         Shivraj Singh     Madhya Pradesh  1,10,000          13,20,000Vasundhara Raje       Rajasthan            25,000             3,00,000Manohar Parrikar         Goa                   20,000             2,40,000Mamata Banerjee  West Bengal           8,000                96,000Virbhadra Singh   Himachal Pradesh      65000            7,80,000 Salary and Perks of Prime Minister of IndiaPresident of India and Rashtrapati Bhavan shows that Pranab Mukherjee will draw a salary of Rs.1.5 lakh a month

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