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Petition to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, managing director - cidco, commissioner - nmmc, urban development department, Gurunath Arse, Chief environment secretary, Conservator of forest, Konkan divisional commissiner, Jayram Gowda, Satish Gavai, Sunil Agarwal, CITIZENS OF INDIA

Save Navi Mumbai Wetlands .

 Dear Citizens,  80 hectares of Mangroves & Wetlands worth crores on prime location on Palm Beach Road saved by High Court orders from being handed over to a private builder for residential and commercial development in name of golf course by changing the land use from No Development Zone to Regional Park Zone and Residential Zone . The Bombay High Court on Thursday shelved the state government’s ambitious proposal to build a golf course and a residential colony near the upcoming Navi Mumbai airport calling it a destruction of water bodies/wetlands “which will infringe the fundamental rights of citizens.”A division bench of Justices Abhay Oka and Riyaz Chagla was hearing a bunch of PILs against an October 2016 notification of the state’s Urban Development Department. Interestingly, one of the reasons cited by the state in favour of its plan was that since the area was frequented by migratory birds and was located within 4 km of the proposed international airport, it could pose a danger to aircraft by exposing them to bird hits.“There is no material placed on record ito show that for preventing possible bird hits, making of the golf course is the only solution,” the bench observed.. It then added that the water bodies maintain ecological balance and therefore, “public trust doctrine” imposed an obligation on the state government and related agencies to protect them. The PILs also sought protection for two city lakes – the DPS lake in Sector 52, Nerul and the other one at Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai – both of whom were in danger due to garbage and construction debris dumping. The court directed that all the water bodies shown in the National Wetlands Inventory and Assessment prepared by Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad must be protected. On the issue of the golf course and a residential colony, the court also noted that although the proposal was being discussed by the planning authority – City and Industrial Development Corporation – since 2002, the authorities had failed to show that the impact on the ecosystem and environment was assessed or at least “such assessment was made available to the Planning Authority or the state government” while clearing the proposal.  Why waste public money in unnecessary litigation ? Action should be taken & legal cost should be recovered from officials responsible for such decisions .   Thanking you For complaints about wetlands destruction call 1926 or post online complaint on newly launched website Link to our Facebook page : Link to Twitter :   saveNaviMumbaiWetlandsTweets (@sunnyagro):  Link to a short film on this issue by international channel : �This wetland in Navi Mumbai, India, acts as a natural barrier against floods and is home to more than 80 bird species, which is exactly why the Agarwals are doing everything they can to protect it ✊  Youtube link to film : Another very informative film on Citizens initiative & Mangroves warriors . FB link : You tube link:

SaveNaviMumbai Wetlands
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, Mr. K VENKATESHAM

Enquiry Against Sairung Developers Pvt Ltd , Pune

ProblemSairung Developers Pvt Ltd owned by Kizhakkum Rasheed Malik (KR Malik) and his son Mohammed Bin Sharukh (Sharukh Malik) have been openly cheating people for years with impunity. Many people have tried to get justice but Sairung Developers have mostly been able to thwart their attempts and get away with daylight robbery because they know how to manage a corrupt system. They have sold plots after taking complete money and then not registered them inspite of hundreds of requests since 2002. In some cases they have resold these plots for a higher price to other people. They have not done any development in these projects inspite of promises. The demarcation which were put during the selling phase has also been removed. It seems that this is done purposely so plot owners cannot take physical possession of the plot. Recently 9 criminal cases were filed against Kizhakkum Rasheed Malik (KR Malik ). He has been granted conditional bail with conditions to deposit passport at Chatturshrungi police station as well as to visit police station on every Tuesday for investigation purpose. The order also says that "K R Malik will not threaten the complainants" . But the fact of the matter is that Kizhakkum Rasheed Malik (KR Malik ) and his son Mohammed Bin Sharukh (Sharukh Malik ) are continuing to openly cheat and threaten customers.SolutionWe request that Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Shri Devendra Fadnavis/ Senior Police Officers initiate a dedicated enquiry by a competent authority Like Economic Offences Wing (EOW) against Sairung Developers Pvt Ltd because the scale of this cheating is huge and in many hundred of crores.

Randhir Sinha
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Petition to Ministry of Civil Supplies

Justice against irrational pricing that caused may be the biggest loot

ProblemMultinational FMCG companies have introduced *new irrational pricing practices* under which there are huge and unreasonable difference between pricing of smaller packing and large packing.These multinational companies have captured the mentality of Indian people to buy bigger packs and getting attracted towards discounts and started fooling customers by keeping the low price for smaller pack and unreasonable high price for bigger pack. In India, there is no rule about how much profit one should earn on his products. Hence with the help of this loophole in act, multinational companies have started looting people of India. It is stated as loot because the difference is unreasonably and illogically high . If you compare these prices, the difference range is from 20% to 130%. Ex 50 gm Colgate Maxfresh has MRP 20 whereas 150 gm packet has MRP 92 which is highly irrational. And this is just a single example. We can see such pricing in almost every product of almost all multinational companies.SolutionFew years back, various retailers and sellers used to sell different products at different rates and there was no restriction on that. So MRP rules were implemented for fair pricing of products. By which one is not allowed to sell a product at price higher than the mentioned price.But now it is need of the time to introduce new law or rules under The Standards of Weights and Measures Act against these unfair pricing of the products. Or to introduce rational pricing policies of the productsPersonal storyWe are studying this for last 4 to 5 years and may be one reason is introduction of malls and hypermarkets. With huge buying capacity and bargaining power, may be these malls have forced companies to increase MRP of larger products (which are most common products available there and as they do not sell smaller packs). So even after giving discounts they have high margin of profit and they can charge you more as you can't compare it with smaller packs.

Avdhesh Zanwar
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Petition to uniontransportminister , NitinGadkari

OLA & UBER Must Stop Exploitation of Passengers, Have Regulated FARES & Pay the Drivers.

OLA & UBER Must Stop Exploitation of Passengers, Have Regulated FARES & Pay the Drivers. 1. As per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, u/s 74 (2) (viii) The motor cabs must be fitted with the meters for the fare charges and yet we all know the reality on the ground. Below is the exact quote of the law “(viii) that, in case of motorcabs, a taximeter shall be fitted and maintained in proper working order. Yet none of your cabs are fitted with any taximeters and this is leading you to charge the passengers as per your own whims and fancies which is only leading to exploitation of the citizens. Ola and Uber are charging the fares as per their own whims and fancies and also not giving the benefit of the high fares but gulping it down their own big, deep and compromised pockets.  We going from same place to same place at different times is charging different FARES depending up on the time of the day. This is illegal. 2.      Also, u/s 91 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the drivers are not allowed more than 8 hours in a day and 48 hours in a week under sub section 1. 3.      The employers are also required to record such hours so it can be proved that the drivers are not working beyond required hours. Hence, we are requesting you to confirm that none of the drivers hired by you who are on duty are working beyond 48 hours in a week. Hence keeping in mind this hardcore exploitation of the passengers that the cab service providers are resorting to, we are requesting you to please sign this petition who support this cause and who believe drivers should be treated with dignity, get their salaries in time, should not work for more than 8 hours a day and also the CONSUMER EXPLOITATION MUST STOP and this is happen only if the fare meters are fixed in the passenger cabs which in turn will have the governments regulate the prices and eliminate the appeasement of lobbies by the political parties. Please sign and support. You can also share your support to us by contributing what you can on 9052882235 either through Google Pay or Paytm.  Regards, Forum Against Corruption Hyderabad, Telangana.

Forum Against Corruption
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