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Petition to ALDI CEO Jason Hart, ALDI Crisis Response Team

ALDI USA: make COVID-19 raises permanent!

On March 25th ALDI US announced temporary wage increases for all hourly store and warehouse employees, in light of the increased pressures and health concerns brought about by COVID-19.  For the first time many employees are now earning (or close to earning) the standard labor movement demand of $15 an hour.  As welcome as these wage increases are, they are currently on track to expire at the end of April.  Even as many employees work longer hours each week, the increases are not being applied to overtime pay. As of April 19th the United States has seen over 40,000 deaths due to COVID-19, more than double the total of any other country, and over 750,000 confirmed cases, a number that has doubled in under two weeks.  While the true peak of the pandemic may not be obvious until sometime after it has passed, it is clear that the crisis is far from over, with some experts predicting that it could continue for months to come.  Reducing wages for frontline workers at this moment is arbitrary and cruel, and will add further strain to stores as more workers decide to stay home.  While grocery workers are fortunate enough to still have a source of income, they face increasing risks by continuing to show up for work when confirmed case numbers are spiking and unknown thousands in the sector are among the affected.  Additionally, this crisis and the temporary increases themselves have highlighted how undervalued those in the food and retail sectors are at the best of times.  Despite incurring certain costs due to the pandemic, the grocery industry has also seen relative stability compared to the wider economy, if not an outright boost.  One bank estimate puts grocery profits up 8% to 15% for the year due to the massive recent increase in sales.  These companies can afford to pay their workers the (still modest) figure that they have been demanding for years and allow that money to recirculate back into the rest of the economy.  Other major retailers such as Walmart, Albertsons, Whole Foods and Target have also given workers temporary pay increases that should be made permanent. It's time for ALDI to show true appreciation for their employees, and to help raise the accepted financial standard for all retail and low-wage workers across the economy by making their permanent starting wage at least $15 an hour.

Karl Albrecht
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Petition to Smithfield, Kenneth Sullivan, Glenn Nunziata, Dhamu Thamodaran, Dennis Organ, Keira Lombardo, Joe Weber, WH Group, Renee Chen

Smithfield CEO must step down!

As of April 27th, nearly 900 workers at Smithfield’s Sioux Falls, SD plant have tested positive for COVID-19, making the plant one of the country’s largest hotspots. Two workers have died so far. Despite workers’ pleas for greater protections, the company failed to act responsibly. Now its employees—and their communities—are paying the ultimate price.  Smithfield’s leadership must be held accountable for this suffering and other injustices they have caused, starting with CEO Kenneth Sullivan.  The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted Smithfield’s refusal to protect worker and consumer health. Smithfield slaughter plant workers describe feeling pressured to come into work even when feeling ill and exhibiting symptoms. One worker in South Dakota told a reporter, “Those people don’t care about us. If you die, they’ll just replace you tomorrow.”  Smithfield’s response to the outbreak?  A spokesperson blamed the “living circumstances in certain cultures” for the mass outbreaks. Instead of taking ownership, Smithfield’s leadership used problematic rhetoric and deflection tactics to get out of protecting their workers. As a North Carolinian, I am deeply familiar with the injustices Smithfield inflicts on the most vulnerable members of society. Here, Smithfield is well known for putting profits over public health. More than 500 North Carolina residents—the vast majority of whom are people of color—have sued the company for subjecting them to the intolerable experience of living next to a mega factory farm. For decades, they’ve endured the unbearable stench of pig waste that is kept in massive, open-air pits then sprayed into the air. Scientists have even documented pig feces on and inside residents’ homes. Smithfield has the power to address these concerns, but it has done nothing. Animals, too, suffer at the hands of this exploitative company. Pigs raised for Smithfield are crammed by the thousands inside filthy factory farms and treated like unfeeling commodities, despite the fact that they are incredibly intelligent and capable of feeling pain. Smithfield claims it is moving away from gestation crates—tiny cages that trap mother pigs, preventing them from even turning around—but investigations reveal they have not kept their promise.  Under Kenneth Sullivan’s leadership, Smithfield is causing extraordinary harm to workers, communities, and animals. This company puts profit above all else and rakes in billions of dollars yearly at the expense of those who have few means to defend themselves.  It’s time we say enough is enough. It’s time for Kenneth Sullivan to step down as CEO.Photo credit: NBC News 

Kelsey Joseph
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Petition to Tyson Foods, Noel White Tyson CEO, Gary C. George George's Chairman, Butterball , Jay Jandrain CEO Butterball, George's , Cargill , David MacLennan CEO Cargill, Ozark Mountain Poultry, Nathaniel Smith MD, MPH, Asa Hutchinson, Doug Sprouse, Darrell Trahan, Steve Womack, Tom Cotton, John Boozman, Simmons Foods

Temporarily Close down the Meat Processing plants in Northwest Arkansas to protect workers

To: Tyson, Cargill, George's, Butterball, OMP, Simmons Please take action and temporarily close, with pay, the meat processing centers in Northwest Arkansas. They are also needing help to make it easier for the HR departments to provide extra help providing answers, and processing paperwork that is needed.  Remember, you are leaders in the meat industry, you can make this happen and allocate production differently temporarily to help save lives and keep your workers safe. The recent executive order does not keep you from doing that. Please remember that absolutely no worker’s life is worth us not being able to buy cheaper meat at the grocery store. Take a stand for your workers and reflect on this quote from a previous Tyson Chairman “From the beginning, our company has been built on faith, family, and hard work. That tradition, our Core Values, and 'doing what's right' are deeply embedded in our culture.”-John Tyson, Chairman Thank you for your continued consideration and support of the Marshallese & Hispanic communities that are some of the most vulnerable in this area, and the resources that they give back to your company as humans who value work for their families, communities, and one another.  We know you are taking this seriously, and doing your best to work within CDC guidelines to keep people safe, and the food supply going. However it is time to take a stand, as leaders in the meat industry. We would appreciate a response to this request to the community. As you are most likely aware, of the roughly 250,000 poultry workers in the US, most are minorities, immigrants, or refugees. Many times they do not speak up out of fear of losing their job, many times, the only one for their household. So we must speak out for them.  The pandemic, and COVID19 has been particularly devastating to the Marshallese Community in the Northwest Arkansas. Making up more than 3% of the population of NWA, their positivity rate for the disease is over 30% compared to the most recent, at time of this letter, 6% for the state of Arkansas. Over half of the current deaths, due to the disease, in your area have been from the Marshallese community.  Please consider shutting down your plant in this area for two weeks, and paying your workers for those two weeks. Also we are asking that you make it easier for the HR department to be able to help these members, to be able to fill out and process paperwork needed for any benefits they are eligible for, and what to do if they are not. Finding and providing translators at this time is very important.  Mandate an independent test at shutdown, as a condition of shutdown, to be re-tested and shown when opened back up, and allow the community time to take action, quarantine theirselves for safety, and for you to sterilize and clean the plants. You will earn their respect and long-term appreciation of taking such an unprecedented step. It will take a large meat processing company to stand up for their people and doing the right thing, to protect your workers safety. Please make this decision to help save lives. Thank you! Take a moment to read stories of the Marshallese community during Covid19 and give back to help here:

Jennifer Morgan
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Petition to Law Office of Vanessa Frank

Essential Worker, Mother Facing Deportation

Victoria Galindo (previously called "Mariana Lopez" in the media), the head of the household for four children and valued essential worker, secured a Stay of Removal in the US in 2011, and every year since then on the basis of her good conduct and essential support of her family. Victoria works in housekeeping at one of the Ventura hotels housing unhoused veterans, elderly and other vulnerable people under California's Project Roomkey. And in the midst of the Corona-virus pandemic, when her children and community need her more than ever, Victoria's Application for a Stay has been denied. She received her "bag and baggage" notice directing her to appear at the Camarillo ICE office on June 11, carrying no more than 50 pounds of baggage, to be sent to Mexico. She states, "I cannot imagine the day I see another sun." Victoria owns her home and has made her life here, now ICE is pulling the rug out: "I arrived in a foreign land... and now have to return to another foreign land [Mexico]." Her son is a star volleyball player. He just graduated high school and without the help of his mother, he will be unable to pay for housing or attend college. Victoria is the financial support and emotional rock for her children, and if she is deported, this family of heroes - two childcare workers, 1 nursing student and 1 cook at the Mission in Ventura - will be split up and destabilized. How does it help to tear her from her children? What harm does it do to allow her to remain here until her application for lawful status is decided? Please sign below, asking that ICE's Acting Deputy Field Office Director Jennifer Herrera grant the Stay Victoria applied for on Monday June 1, 2020 allowing this family to stay united, helping each other to help our community.

Victoria Galindo
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