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Petition to Secretary of Transportation, Congress

Truckers are stepping up for America. Now, it's time for America to step up for truckers.

Over the past month, truckers have stepped up for America to ensure the supply chain stays intact during the 2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. They have done so at great personal effort, sacrifice and risk. American citizens, including teenagers and police officers, have, in turn, responded to truckers' plight and have tried to help truckers find food on the road to keep the deliveries coming. The government could be doing so much more --from providing testing locations that accommodate big rig trucks... to distributing masks... to dealing with Mega-brokers who are exploiting independent truckers during this difficult time and causing freight rates to drastically fall. We, the undersigned Americans, support America's 3.5 million truckers. We hereby petition the Secretary of Transportation to stand down on current public policy plans to replace truckers when this crisis is over by ushering in driverless trucks. That is not the way to #ThankATrucker after all truckers have done for America. We believe this planned obsolescence will not only eliminate driver jobs but will endanger the motoring public. We contend you cannot replace human judgment on the road, which is grounded in empathy, with artificial intelligence and autonomous machines. We also call for Congress to replace the current Federal motor carrier regulatory model.  For FY 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requested a $665.80 million budget from Congress, which included $284 million for Motor Carrier Safety Operations and Programs and $381.80 million for Motor Carrier Safety Grants. Over the past 20 years, this agency has been allocated over $5 billion for internal operations. Here is what American taxpayers have gotten in recent years for their money: *The 2018 Large Truck Occupant Highway Fatality Rate is at a 30-year high in the immediate aftermath of the onset of Electronic Logging Devices. Because truckers are regulated by the clock and paid by the mile Big Trucking induces truckers to speed to maximize productivity. Drivers should be paid a base salary plus performance incentives so they are not working under stress to avoid starvation. *When you do the math, 2.4 occupants of large trucks died every single day in 2018. *In 2017, 4,889 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes, a 9-percent increase from 2016 (this has now been skewed to lower the percentage to 4.9% by removing certain vehicles, which, when combined with trailers still constitute a commercial motor vehicle over 10,000 lbs).** *The number of large trucks and buses in fatal crashes has increased by 42 percent from its low of 3,432 in 2009.** *From 2016 to 2017, large truck and bus fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled by all motor vehicles increased by 6.8 percent, from 0.146 to 0.156.** *There was a 40-percent increase in the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks or buses between 2009 and 2017. ** *From 2016 to 2017, the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks or buses increased by 8 percent.**  *The number of injury crashes involving large trucks or buses increased 62% from 2009 to 2015.** *From 2016 to 2017, according to NHTSA's CRSS data, large truck and bus injury crashes increased 4 percent (from 112,000 in 2016 to 116,000 in 2017).**  *From 2016 to 2017 the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes increased 10 percent, from 4,251 to 4,657, and the large truck involvement rate (large trucks involved in fatal crashes per 100 million miles traveled by large trucks) increased 6 percent, from 1.48 to 1.56. The number of large trucks involved in injury crashes increased by 5 percent, from 102,000 to 107,000. The number of large trucks involved in property damage only crashes increased by 3 percent, from 351,000 to 363,000. The number of buses involved in fatal crashes decreased from 234 to 232, a decrease a mere 1 percent.** **SOURCE: We now call on Congress to #SaveTruckers and specifically provide an economic stimulus package to #SaveSmallBusinessTruckers who are now on the verge of going out-of-business. Without same, America's supply chain will suffer a terrible capacity crisis when manufacturing spontaneously returns to full force and there are no longer sufficient trucks to service our supply needs.  Please save America's truckers from extinction and #MakeTheRoadsSafeAgain. MEDIA CONTACT:

Small Business in Transportation Coalition
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Petition to Hon. Kim Halfmann, President-Elect, Greg Abbott, Mike Braddock, Susan M. Redford, Hon. Renee Couch, President, Ken Paxton

Change Sheriff Abraham Vega's death to "Line of Duty Death" designation.

The "Line of Duty Death" designation for Sheriff Abraham Vega has been DENIED by the Texas Association of Counties. Lynn County Sheriff Abraham Vega died on July 11, 2020, due to complications from COVID-19. Sheriff Vega tested positive for COVID-19 the day after a colleague from the department also tested positive. In the midst of the rage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheriff Vega dutifully continued to serve the citizens of Lynn County and Texas. Though he took every precaution possible, Sheriff Vega still had a job to do, an oath he swore to protect and serve, and he did that daily. WHO IS ABRAHAM VEGAAbraham served the citizens of Lynn County and the State of Texas his entire adult life. At age 19, Abraham began working in the Lynn County Sheriff's Department as a dispatcher. He went on to serve as the Jail Administrator, Chief of Tahoka ISD Police, Deputy Sheriff, and in 2017 at age 46, elected to his dream of Sheriff of Lynn County, Texas. Abraham also served as the President of the Texas Chief Deputies Association in 2016, and in 2017, was appointed to the Sheriffs' Association Cold Case Review Team. He was involved in every facet of the Lynn County community, always a servant. And in 2020, was re-elected as Sheriff of Lynn County. THE DENIALOn Thursday, July 23, 2020, Lynn County Judge Mike Braddock confirmed in an interview with KLBK that a "Line of Duty Death" designation had been denied by the Texas Association of Counties. Braddock is quoted as saying, "We cannot guarantee he acquired it [COVID-19] on the job." Braddock went on to say, "We were questioned, 'Was it in the line of duty?' We cannot guarantee that it was or that it wasn't." A question to all those involved in the denial of this designation for Sheriff Abraham Vega... 1. Since there was a confirmed outbreak at the Lynn County Sheriff's Offices where multiple staff tested positive for COVID-19, and 2. Sheriff Vega still went to work and continued to serve his county while on-duty as he swore an oath he would, and 3. Another member of the Sheriff's Department tested positive, and the next day Sheriff Vega tested positive, ...How can you come to the guaranteed conclusion that he did not contract COVID-19 while on-duty? The job of first responders does not stop during a pandemic. They do not have the luxury of staying home. They can never be certain how or where they may contract such a horrible virus. They must press on, no matter what... and they do! WHY IS THIS DESIGNATION IMPORTANT?The "Line of Duty Death" designation was enacted by the Texas Legislature to provide death benefits for eligible survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and others killed in the line of duty. These benefits include lump-sum payments by the state to the surviving spouse, children, or parents, state-paid funeral expenses, health benefits for the family, access to countless programs and scholarships, and so much more. THE SOLUTION: REVERSE THE DENIALYou may try to argue that no guarantee can be made that Sheriff Vega DID contract the virus while on-duty. You cannot also guarantee that he DID NOT contract the virus while on-duty. In Texas, the burden should NOT rest on the family of the deceased, a Texas Sheriff, but should rest on the commissions or associations to PROVE that Sheriff Vega DID NOT contract COVID-19 while on-duty. Short of this, and in light of valid and substantiated evidence that Sheriff Vega did contract COVID-19 while on-duty, the Texas Association of Counties and all involved should officially designate the death of Lynn County Sheriff Abraham Martin Vega to be a "Line of Duty Death." In short, the surviving families of first responders should not have the burden to prove that their loved one died due to contracting COVID-19 on-duty.  Abraham's wife and two children will now never again hear the kind and loving voice of their husband and father. Abraham was taken away from us too soon, but he was taken away while doing what he loved to do. Regardless of what some commission or association may say, Sheriff Abraham Vega died a hero while serving the people he loved of Lynn County and of Texas.  "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."Matthew 5:9, KJV

Justin McKibben
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Petition to NYU Central Housing, NYU Administration

NYU R(C)A Demands and Concerns Regarding COVID-19 & Our Building Community Safety

On the week of July 12th, 2020, R(C)A’s received emails from their intended Building Leadership Team (BLT) regarding changes to the role and were asked to meet with BLT that week to discuss. R(C)A’s were then sent an updated 2020-2021 role profile that did not describe in detail the safety measures and expected responsibilities that should have been laid out given the amount of time the university has had to make such plans and the severity of the current pandemic. After telling R(C)A’s they would receive their building assignments on July 20th, we did not come to find out our building placements until Friday, July 24th, and were expected to make a decision on our role by July 27th. In conversations with many R(C)A’s, it became clear that the role as it stands is unsatisfactory in its details, and accepting the role in its current state would be an endangerment to our health. Given NYU’s abrupt and careless response to the pandemic in the Spring 2020 semester (all students were evicted with 48 hours notice, R(C)A’s were initially excluded from reimbursements/compensation that was given to other students and student employees, and the lack of clear communication surrounding our belongings), we were hopeful that the university would improve their response for the fall. Instead, there is a similar lack of communication, disregard for our safety, and absence of clarity in the university’s decision making. R(C)A’s were given 3 days to respond to the Updated R(C)A status survey with a decision on returning to the role. Given that it has taken 3 months for the university to even reach out to R(C)A’s and then delay building assignments by an additional 5 days, we find it disrespectful to expect a decision when there is not even adequate information on the role itself for us to make an informed decision. The lack of communication during the past few months was a disservice to our R(C)A community as our voices were not included in the making of the new role review and our potential responsibilities. We stand in solidarity with our respective BLT(s), as they do not control or set the expectations of our role and demand central housing and NYU administration take accountability in protecting our lives. We want to note here that our criticisms should not be extended to the essential staff (including BLT) and workers’ NYU has hired to carry out the decisions and choices of the administration and central housing. We are thinking of everyone as a part of our community and expect these demands to extend in different capacities to our Public Safety, dining hall, and custodial staff in the residence halls, who would also be exposing themselves to COVID-19 through contact with residents and R(C)A’s and endangering themselves through NYU’s lack of adequate planning. During the 2019-2020 R(C)A training, administration, such as the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Marc Wais, pointed out the diversity represented in the R(C)A role using an image of melting rainbow crayons. For NYU, the “diversity” is a point of pride and not an indication of the differential experience students of color and/or low-income students at NYU face. The role is only as “diverse” as it is because these students are pressured into applying due to the exorbitant costs of the university, its housing, and its meal plan. If you take a look at current COVID-19 infection and death rates, you will see that people of color and/or low-income people are being exposed to and contracting COVID-19 at disproportionate rates. This is due to the fact that low-income and/or people of color are historically pushed into service jobs, or “essential worker” positions. We are seeing this pattern being repeated in NYU’s R(C)A population and we do not condone NYU’s continual exploitation of our labor as a demographic that is majority low income and/or students of color. As R(C)A’s, we are used to feeling exploited and undervalued by the university while at the same time, being told that the best interests of the R(C)A community are being kept in mind. In a recent article published on May 26th, 2020 in Washington Square News by student and Deputy News Director Mina Mohammadi, the ex Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Tom Ellett was quoted saying “What is the motivation for them being an RA? I think that may play into why a lot of these students are unhappy .. If I go in for the compensation, I will never really be happy in the RA position. I do not have the motivation for student success and helping them. Shame on them for complaining without solutions. It is going to be hard to be in any organization if you are going to complain and not try and do something about it. I’m sorry if there are some RA’s, whether it is 5%, 20% or 85% (which I don’t believe) of RAs who were unhappy but what role did they play in the creation of their own unhappiness?”. What role is central housing playing in the creation of our own unhappiness as well? The lack of accountability and the assumption that because we apply to the role for financial reasons we are somehow lacking in our motivation to build community is disrespectful to the work of hundreds of low-income and POC R(C)A’s while at the same time, criticizing our efforts to make change.  As R(C)A’s, we want to see ourselves as equals with administration as opposed to adversaries. However, we can not achieve this equality with the role as it currently stands and therefore, we feel obligated to speak up.  The university may say that we have a choice in accepting this role. This is a lie. Coercion does not equate to choice. Many of us do not have a choice, whether it be because of our financial situations or familial circumstances, the option to receive housing and meals feels impossible to turn down as it is our livelihood as students. NYU Housing and administration, we demand you hear our concerns and include us in your decision-making process. In his comments to Washington Square News, Tom Ellett called on R(C)A’s for solutions instead of complaints. Here, we have outlined in the following 14 pages our detailed concerns and solutions to the problems we see for the upcoming academic year and into the future of this role. For the reasons above, the R(C)A community demands: 1. The Reinstatement of Reimbursements for R(C)A's and Residents 2. Compensation (in the form of Hazard Pay and other forms of compensation) 3. NYU Protect the Health & Safety of Our Building Community 4. Wellness Provisions/Plans  5. NYU Address Issues with Policing of Black & brown Students (with this point, we wish to acknowledge the work of Black student leaders currently advocating for Black student housing and we have adapted their demands into our own with their permission). 6. We demand to see the full findings of the 2019-20 RA Working Group Committee as it pertains to the roles we are taking on in the upcoming year. 7. We demand a town hall with NYU administrators and central housing including Kate Baier, Christopher Stipeck, Nicholas Evans, Christina Duncan, Yetty Marquez, and Marc Wais. This town hall should be made available to all R(C)A’s hired in the upcoming academic year. 8. We demand NYU hires a replacement for the vacancy in the position of Senior Associate VP of Student Affairs if they have not already done so. In addition to conversations with Kate Baier, the R(C)A community deserves to have a representative within our central housing system, especially as we live through a pandemic. 9. Transparency for all R(C)A’s:-R(C)A’s hired in for the Fall/Spring deserve a proper timeline on what will happen with their position. Currently, R(C)A’s hired in the Spring only, will be notified at an unspecified time of their housing assignment during the Fall semester. A proper timeline is needed for these students to adequately plan. -R(C)A’s in London and Shanghai also require an adequate timeline and planning considerations to be communicated from the university before they begin their role.  10. R(C)A’s who declined the role based on the conditions set forth in late July should be allowed to reconsider their decision pending the response of the university to our demands. Furthermore, any R(C)A who accepted the role based on the conditions set forth in late July should be granted the same options as R(C)A’s who accepted following the creation of this document.  For a full description and detailing of these demands and concerns, kindly read THIS DOCUMENT We hope the demands and concerns listed above are seen and acknowledged by NYU Residential Life & Housing. We believe that as R(C)A’s, we are responsible for the health, safety, and happiness of our entire building community. We have come together as a united force to be seen and heard. It is important now to acknowledge that while these demands and concerns are comprehensive, they in no way capture the full extent of the anxiety and fear held by NYU R(C)A’s and students planning on returning to housing. Therefore, we call on administration and central housing to host an open town hall for all R(C)A’s to attend and speak directly with administration and central housing regarding our concerns and demands. The creation of this document has required an immense amount of free labor and we would not be bringing this forward if it were not for our genuine concern and care we have for the NYU community members impacted by the university’s careless decision making and lack of communication regarding housing and meals. We extend our solidarity and appreciation to our R(C)A community and we look forward to hearing the university’s response. ------ Credit:  Our efforts in improving the role can be credited to the courageous work of R(C)A’s that have come before us who have shown us how to fight for our rights as students, employees, and people. We thank them endlessly in showing us the power of community care and solidarity in times where administration has shut us out. Without past R(C)A’s speaking out before us, specifically in the 40 page thesis essay written by Rubin RA Ary Reich in May 2019, and the incredible efforts of returning R(C)A’s during the last academic year, we would not know the necessary steps in organizing for better treatment as workers by this university. We also want to thank the 2020-2021 R(C)A community that has come together and united in demanding better treatment and has dedicated hours into the completion of this document before even stepping into our roles. The free mental and emotional labor it took to complete the above statement and demands both by current and former R(C)A’s and the support of the general NYU community is recognized and valued, and we are forever grateful.

RA Voices NYU
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Petition to Tyson Foods, Noel White Tyson CEO, Gary C. George George's Chairman, Butterball , Jay Jandrain CEO Butterball, George's , Cargill , David MacLennan CEO Cargill, Ozark Mountain Poultry, Nathaniel Smith MD, MPH, Asa Hutchinson, Doug Sprouse, Darrell Trahan, Steve Womack, Tom Cotton, John Boozman, Simmons Foods

Temporarily Close down the Meat Processing plants in Northwest Arkansas to protect workers

To: Tyson, Cargill, George's, Butterball, OMP, Simmons Please take action and temporarily close, with pay, the meat processing centers in Northwest Arkansas. They are also needing help to make it easier for the HR departments to provide extra help providing answers, and processing paperwork that is needed.  Remember, you are leaders in the meat industry, you can make this happen and allocate production differently temporarily to help save lives and keep your workers safe. The recent executive order does not keep you from doing that. Please remember that absolutely no worker’s life is worth us not being able to buy cheaper meat at the grocery store. Take a stand for your workers and reflect on this quote from a previous Tyson Chairman “From the beginning, our company has been built on faith, family, and hard work. That tradition, our Core Values, and 'doing what's right' are deeply embedded in our culture.”-John Tyson, Chairman Thank you for your continued consideration and support of the Marshallese & Hispanic communities that are some of the most vulnerable in this area, and the resources that they give back to your company as humans who value work for their families, communities, and one another.  We know you are taking this seriously, and doing your best to work within CDC guidelines to keep people safe, and the food supply going. However it is time to take a stand, as leaders in the meat industry. We would appreciate a response to this request to the community. As you are most likely aware, of the roughly 250,000 poultry workers in the US, most are minorities, immigrants, or refugees. Many times they do not speak up out of fear of losing their job, many times, the only one for their household. So we must speak out for them.  The pandemic, and COVID19 has been particularly devastating to the Marshallese Community in the Northwest Arkansas. Making up more than 3% of the population of NWA, their positivity rate for the disease is over 30% compared to the most recent, at time of this letter, 6% for the state of Arkansas. Over half of the current deaths, due to the disease, in your area have been from the Marshallese community.  Please consider shutting down your plant in this area for two weeks, and paying your workers for those two weeks. Also we are asking that you make it easier for the HR department to be able to help these members, to be able to fill out and process paperwork needed for any benefits they are eligible for, and what to do if they are not. Finding and providing translators at this time is very important.  Mandate an independent test at shutdown, as a condition of shutdown, to be re-tested and shown when opened back up, and allow the community time to take action, quarantine theirselves for safety, and for you to sterilize and clean the plants. You will earn their respect and long-term appreciation of taking such an unprecedented step. It will take a large meat processing company to stand up for their people and doing the right thing, to protect your workers safety. Please make this decision to help save lives. Thank you! Take a moment to read stories of the Marshallese community during Covid19 and give back to help here:

Jennifer Morgan
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