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Petition to President of the United States, United States Department of Transportation, FMCSA, U.S. House of Representatives, Elaine Chao, Raymond Martinez, Jim Mullen, Mike Pence, U.S. Senate

Protect Truckers Through Covid 19

Truckers are working hard to haul the goods the American people need. It is a travesty that Covid 19 legislation is grossly inadequate in addressing the unique needs of the long haul driver. Long haulers are away from home far more often than they are at home. If a driver becomes ill with Covid 19, it is far more likely it will happen on the road. They are especially vulnerable, due to their dependence on truck stops, where they encounter the traveling public frequently.  Additionally, they are in and out of shippers and receivers and rest areas regularly.  This situation is declining, as rest areas and shippers/receivers are increasingly closing restrooms and instead installing Kybos.  At this time there is still no official guidance, nor assistance, for the long haul driver. If drivers get sick, your shelves go bare. Our nation's drivers should not have to risk financial catastrophe for themselves and their families, in addition to their increased risk of illness, for absolutely no compensation*, nor assistance, in the event they fall ill or test positive. A minimum of 3 issues need addressed immediately. 1. Establishment of a hotline for drivers where they can receive guidance on what to do and where to go if they become ill when on the road. Due to the nature of their vehicle, up to 70 foot long and 80,000 pounds, they will likely require facilitation in regard to getting them to a clinic or hospital and later, possibly, to a motel or appropriate facility. 2. Drivers who become ill while in the course of their duties, who were forced to quarantine in a motel or other facility away from home, should be reimbursed 100% of all expenses for food, supply delivery and lodging. If a family member must travel to the truck driver, those travel expenses should be fully reimbursed. 3. Drivers who become ill in the course of their duties should be entitled to sick pay, commensurate with their average daily earnings, until such time as they are medically cleared to return to work. Additionally, a driver who tests positive, whether ill or not, but who is required to be quarantined, should also be entitled to sick pay. This should apply to all drivers, no matter the number of employees their carrier employs, including owner operators. (edited for clarity 4/2/20) Considering the disgusting pet pork projects allowed to pass, this protection for the American truck driver should not even be in question. This petition does not ask for hazard pay, raises or bonuses - it asks only for protection. Truckers, friends and their families are millions strong and we're watching. Do the right thing. Thank you to all those who sign in support the American truck driver.  We deeply appreciate you. *ETA, 4/2/2020:  Please see the 2nd update for more information about why the legislation passed thus far does not adequately provide sufficient protections for ALL truckers.  IMPORTANT UPDATE! 4/7/2020: Announced today is a proposal for hazard pay for essentials, including truck drivers.  Although hazard pay is not what was asked for in this petition, this is a side-step in a direction that might address what we ARE asking for - sick pay & reimbursements for Covid related issues.  There's never been a more important time to reach out to your lawmakers and share, share, share.  One part of the statement that is a little worrisome says, "The Heroes Fund would provide funding directly to eligible employers so they could then distribute the premium payments."  Who is an eligible employer?  The end goal of this petition is that ALL truckers are covered for illness.  Keep your eye on this! Hazard Pay for Essentials

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Petition to Durham Public Schools Board of Education, Superintendent Pascal Mubenga

Let high school seniors decorate their caps for graduation

High school seniors had their last year of high school, last year of being in the Durham county public school system, cut short due to the coronavirus without warning. Many memories were yet to be created, such as decision day, prom, senior breakfasts/ trips/ events, and even graduation. These were either cancelled or postponed until further notice. We are all left wondering whether or not we’ll be able to complete our journey as we are yet to hear about what will happen with graduation. Since our senior year was suddenly taken away, I believe we should have the opportunity to decorate our graduation caps in order to make up for the memories and time the virus unexpectedly took from us. Decorating our caps will allow us to feel like we have some control over the memories we have left of our senior year. Additionally, this will give many people that may not have this experience in college as a result of having different plans after high school an opportunity to participate in this special moment often done in other counties and colleges. This may be their only chance to do something like decorate their cap and feel in control of their graduation. This pandemic is also impacting us greatly and I think it'd be nice to associate this event with good memories rather than just negative ones. The class of 2020 deserves a good experience regardless of the confusion and disappointment this pandemic has created. The Durham Public School Board of Education has stated that they want what is best for the students in the county, and I believe that having this opportunity will allow us to feel heard and valued by our district and our community. 

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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Allow U​.​S.-Based IMGs to Work in the U​.​S. for COVID-19 Support

27% of U.S. physicians are internationally trained with 65,000 unlicensed IMGs in the country. AMOpportunities connects international medical trainees with clinical rotations in the United States and has a solution to our healthcare shortages. You can learn more at We believe that an answer to the impending physician shortage in the United States and at present the global pandemic of COVID-19, necessitates U.S.-based international medical graduates. As such, we petition the United States healthcare system to allow IMGs to assist U.S. hospitals in any capacity. We're asking you to sign our petition to demonstrate your support and show the U.S. government and healthcare system the need for the expertise of IMGs. Our country is struggling to provide much-needed healthcare to the victims of COVID-19, which has infected more than 200,000 U.S. citizens. If we look at harder hit countries, it’s clear this number will only soar. Already, U.S. hospitals are calling on retired healthcare professionals and medical students to lend their support. Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey recently signed Executive Order No. 112 authorizing the Division of Consumer Affairs to grant temporary licenses to doctors licensed in foreign countries. The rest of the country must follow suit. The 65,000 unlicensed IMGs in the U.S. are the answer to strengthening the healthcare workforce and ensuring we slow the spread of COVID-19 and eventually eradicate the virus.  IMGs are limited to work by policy, geography, and cost. Many of them are unlicensed due to the lack of residency positions available. These 65,000 IMGs have medical degrees, and many have passed their board licensing exams, however these qualified near physicians cannot secure the necessary residency slots and thus can’t practice. In New York, IMGs that have completed three years of graduate medical education in a postgraduate training program accredited by the ACGME or the AOA can provide patient care services even if they’re unlicensed. This petition goes one step further. We ask all state officials and medical boards to pass policies that allow IMGs who are ECFMG certified to assist under the supervision of a licensed physician, regardless of whether they have completed any U.S. postgraduate training. The untapped knowledge and expertise of IMGs are precisely what frontline healthcare workers need to fight COVID-19. Join us as we petition the government and U.S. healthcare system to invite IMGs in the U.S. to lend their extensive medical experience. We all need to do our part to confront the uncertain time we find ourselves in.   Thank you for your support.   AMOpportunities Here are other ways you can help us gain support for IMGs in the United States to practice in the U.S. during COVID-19. 1.   Encourage your state to create an International Medical Assistance Program for a pathway to practicing in the U.S., similar to what Minnesota has done for IMGs. Washington is pushing similar action. You can see what other states have done to push a pathway for IMGs here. 2.   Encourage universities to create programs that strengthen IMGs’ likelihood in matching into U.S. residency positions, similar to this program at UCLA. 3.   Rural care has the greatest need of care from IMGs, and many live outside of major metropolitan areas, making it easier for them to practice in rural cities. Again, Minnesota has been working toward that same cause. You can also find more information here.

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