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Petition to Ole Miss Student Housing

Residence Halls at The University of Mississippi allowing Desk Hutches

It has been brought to our attention, the incoming freshmen at The University of Mississippi, that desk hutches are no longer allowed inside residence halls. Unfortunately, that puts us at a disadvantage. Having desk hutches not only allows for extra storage space, but as well as a space to complete school work. With these pieces of furniture it allows the student to finish their homework with a brighter light setting to better see their assignments, and a power strip to have a convienent place to keep laptops charged as well as having a accessible location to a printer. The University has done a poor job at spreading the word to all students that these pieces are prohibited. At this point in time, majority of the incoming freshman have already purchased hutches for their dorm room. It is still unclear as to why they decided to change the rules last minute. As a concerned student and incoming member of the freshmen class, I am trying to make a difference by starting a petition to portray how this new implemented rule is unfair due to Crosby Hall having built in hutches while the others do not. This is a more efficient way to have personal space and a way to prevent students from hanging pieces on the wall. This problem could easily be solved by just allowing student to have these custom pieces of furniture in the residence halls. 

Gabby Martinez
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Petition to Allianz Global Assistance, Terry Campbell, Christine Boyd, Petra Frey, Holger Schaefer, James Stack, Mark Sbaglia

Allianz Global Assistance Stop Acting in Bad Faith and Cover my Claim

I left Southern California for New Zealand in the hopes of finally fulfilling my dream of getting my PhD in Anthropology, but after an unexpected surgery and my health insurance company’s denial of my claim, the whole experience has become a nightmare. On March 30th,  I was hospitalized and required emergency surgery for an adhesion (scar tissue) that grew around a section of my small intestine, strangling it shut and depriving the tissue of oxygen. Without the surgery I could have died. Once I was healthy enough, I filed a claim with Allianz Global Assistance, the health insurance carrier for international students, and after seven months of dragging things out, they denied my claim, suggesting that the my adhesion was a preexisting condition. Now, my bills have gone into collections, and Allianz is denying the validity of my hospitalization against my doctor’s insistence. I am asking Allianz to stop acting in bad faith and cover my medical bills, so that I can move on with my education and my life. My doctor has confirmed that my condition was not preexisting, and even wrote to Allianz confirming that fact. The insurance company’s tactics have caused me immeasurable stress, and inhibited my recovery. Now, returning to New Zealand as an international student is much more difficult, as I effectively have no medical coverage, which is required by law. If Allianz doesn't pay my claims, it will seriously jeopardize my dreams of getting my PhD, as I can barely afford my tuition costs and have no funding or financial assistance. The cost of my medical bills is a drop in the bucket for this multibillion dollar company, but would financially destroy me. By denying my claim, Allianz Global Assistance is acting in bad faith. Their unfair business practices are not acceptable, and they should not be allowed to continue to get away with this! Please tell Allianz to stop jeopardizing my future and cover my bills, so I can get on with my academic career and my life. Thank you for your support.

Christine Sepulveda
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Petition to Geert ten Dam

University of Amsterdam: STOP PETITION TAMPERING AND SILENCING EMILY #JusticeforEmily

ATTN: GEERTRUDIS THERESIA MARIA TEN DAM IF YOU (INSTRUCT SOMEONE TO) TAKE DOWN OR TAMPER WITH THIS PETITION OR MAKE ANY SUCH ATTEMPT TO DO SO, THERE WILL BE A PETITION CALLING FOR YOUR RESIGNATION ON EVERY PETITION PLATFORM ON THE WEB.   Dear future signatories, As you may already know, Emily (pseudonym), a Master’s student at the University of Amsterdam, has been put through a horrendous series of events since 2014. If you are not familiar with the situation, you can read the original text of the online petition created to support her in September 2016. In sum, the original petition describes how a rape survivor’s private information has been used without her consent and held against her, and how she has been subjected to various forms of abuse and discrimination at the hands of the university staff, upon returning to the University of Amsterdam after recovering from rape. It further describes how her complaints only made the situation worse, leading to cover-ups, gaslighting, exclusion from field research and loss of the entirety of academic credits that she had earned. Since the petition to support Emily started on the 22nd of September 2016, the University of Amsterdam has taken the following action: Held a hearing on the 23rd of November 2016 regarding the case that had been submitted almost one year before on the 3rd of December 2015, only to tell Emily that the case had been submitted to the wrong board and she had to go elsewhere. Issued a completely false report on the aforementioned hearing that neither attendees nor Emily herself could even recognise as said hearing report. After Emily re-submitted the case to the “right” board on the 12th of December 2016, the university stalled the case beyond the prescribed period thereby violating its own regulations, until the dean accused in the case transferred to another university in March 2017. Whilst Emily’s case regarding exclusion from fieldwork was up in the air, the university dismissed Emily’s appeal and supported the invalidation of all of her academic credits because she had made no academic progress in her graduation thesis, i.e. the field research she had been excluded from. Ignoring the real accusations stated in the petition including privacy violation of, verbal and emotional abuse of and discrimination against a rape survivor, the university president Geert ten Dam twisted them into a false rape accusation and threatened to “initiate legal measures including bringing criminal proceedings for libel, defamation, damage and all other offences that may be considered relevant” against Emily, who had no clue where this false rape accusation was coming from.  Ten Dam sent a letter to, and again ignoring the real accusations made in the petition, denied the rape accusation that was not even made, by disclosing Emily’s confidential information including items directly related to her medical and sexual history. The exact same, word for word, text was posted on websites including on Facebook. The university hired Vondst Advocaten, a private law firm, made more threats against and forced them into tampering with the content of the petition including the title, disclaimer, highlights, the main texts, official requests and updates on more than one occasion. The university has resolved nothing, and Emily’s courage in overcoming rape and coming back to the university to finish her degree has been brutally crushed. Now that she has lost her academic credits, she will lose her student visa in August 2017, which will enable the university to throw her and all the accusations out of the country. We, UvA students, are outraged by the fact that our fellow student has been treated in such a horrible way. Instead of working towards a resolution in a democratic manner, all the UvA has been doing is making threats and silencing Emily and her supporters, just like it did during the Bungehuis and Maagdenhuis occupations in 2015. Furthermore, the UvA has even hired a private law firm with public funds coming from tuition paying UvA students and taxpayers to take said action. Our money is meant for quality education and the public good, and should never be abused for purposes like this. Therefore, we hereby explicitly and strongly refuse to financially contribute to emotionally abusing and silencing our fellow student or to cover-ups of the university management’s misconduct. We demand that the university management led by Geert ten Dam get its act together and immediately work to resolve Emily’s prolonged, ongoing situation without wasting any more time or public funds on threats and petition tampering. Please sign this petition if you want to support Emily. Please sign if you condemn the actions of the University of Amsterdam. Please sign if you are a UvA student or a taxpayer in the Netherlands, and are outraged by having your money spent on petition tampering and silencing Emily. Thank you. Follow Emily's case on Facebook and Twitter

Pissed Off UvA Students
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