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End Atlantic Union College's Scam!

Atlantic Union College Scam: Please sign this petition to end this scam:Hello I'm a current student of Auc. One of the few girls who attends this school. I'm afraid to come forward personally about what I have to say, because if I do the school will treat me really bad. Because the population of the school is so low, many of us can't be our own individuals and speak up. As a matter of fact most of us will lie to act like everything is fine out of fear how we would be viewed. If you don't believe me ask the Southern New England Conference and the Atlantic Union Conference how much people have gotten in contact with them or church leaders in private about the schools issue out of fear. Also numerous students have or are leaving. Some of which acted like everything was fine. With all this said I can't sit back and say nothing. I don't think the school should be open and it's putting many students at risk. I'm trying to leave and so are most of the the very few students they have, but I've spent alot of money and time at the school and I'm too bad of a position financially to leave. I would like to inform you about the severity of the situation Auc is in. The school seems to continually downplay the situation and lie or trick the current and future potential students into believing everything will be ok. I know friends up there who are trying to leave but workers from the school keeps deluding their parents into keeping their kids there. What alot of students and parents don't know is if the school fails their feasibility report being conducted by the North American Division of Seventh Day Adventists and the Adventist accrediting body not only will the school close but the school will not be supported at all by them and that means there may be no chance for the students to even transfer and finish at another Adventist School. There are horror stories about the last time the school closed. Some students had to start over their programs or do over numerous classes. Last time they closed there was claims of provisions and articulations. And while they may have had articulations with other schools that didn't stop the fact that may students still had to start over their programs and had to do over numerous courses. Additionally since the southern new england conference pulled its funding from the school the school may never get accreditation from NEASC. This is because one of the conditions was that they had to make sure all funders of the school kept giving their subsidies . To get the accreditation  the school has to be in a good financial situation. With the conference pulling almost 1,000,000 dollars from the  school, there is almost no chance of them being in such a situation. Auc had this on their website but apparently they deleted it after the southern new england conference of SDA took this funding. Also there is rumors that the Bermuda and Northern New England Conference will pull funding also because no one from their Conferences attend the school. This is really looking bad for the students and it looks like they are trying to scam them. Also they are not telling students how they from what I've heard need at least 50 students to stay open by the Massachusetts board of higher education. And it looks like they won't have that much. Even if that's not so the Department of Higher Education license that they gave to Auc to be open in 2018 expires. Also more than likely there will be no provisions for those unfortunate students stuck in this mess to be picked up by any school with any financial help. Additionally they are fighting each  conference from taking their funding from the schools. When all these Conferences want to do is give the money to the students so they can get scholarships to better Adventist Institutions. The reason they are fighting this is because if students have the option for scholarships to better schools, literally no one would pick their scam of an institution. If possible the Union should address these issues or just close the school. And if possible do it as soon as possible. It's hopefully not too late for students to leave and attend a better school for this upcoming fall semester. There are friends up there who I want to know the truth and parents of students who I want to know the truth. They have been continuously lying to students. One of the lies is the shuttle system lie. They literally lied to students and parents saying they had  everyday  shuttle transportation for students. This turned out be a lie. Many students were stuck in the rural area of South Lancaster with few chances to get transportation  out . Also they lied to students who came to visit that the population was larger than what they saw. Making up things like students being home or alot more is on the way. But above all the worst lie I've heard was them telling some students they had a guaranteed accreditation date in 2017 just to get them to attend the school. That turned out to be a major lie since they started their accreditation process in 2014 and NEASC said that the earliest date for accreditation is 2019. That means they knew they would not have accreditation in 2017. Not only that but they knew this from 3 years ago. The only thing they got in 2017 was the chance to turn in their application for accreditation. They also had this on their website, but only half way through 2017 after conning students to come. They later deleted it. Additionally there is another accreditation body that they were try to get accreditation from. This was the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)That also fell through the roof. The federal government withdrew the authority for ACICS to authorize accreditation. However ACICS filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction to be heard on February 1 , 2017. Apparently AUC is trying to help them. But this also puts future students at risk. Why seek accreditation from an Accrediting Body that lost it's right by the government to have authority and is fighting to get it back? To end this scam my advice would be to not only publicize this but to urge the Adventist Union for this area to help as many students in any way possible to leave by offering scholarships to better Adventist schools. Please do what ever it takes to end this scam. There are students who's future is on the line. Please do what ever it takes to end this madness. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer. Note:If this does not convince you testimonies from multiple students against the school will be uploaded. This scam needs to end. Evidences: For the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education: contact them For The Feasibility Report: Contact the NAD and the AAA and they will give details For the NEASC accreditation body: Contact them For the ACICS Accrediting Body: You can contact them. Plus this is seen in the AUC Ambassador January edition.  For the Southern New England Conference: The reason why they pulled out their funding is on Pastor David Dennis the President of the conference's Facebook. Also you can contact them Edit(MAIN FOCUS OF THIS MESSAGE!!!): The main focus of this message is for the Union use the funding for the school to offer scholorships for students to have options of which school they want to go to. These scholorships may potentially allow students to go to a better school than AUC for alot cheaper. It's almost evil to have students in their as test dummies for there experiment and offer no way out. Please it may be possible to even get the students chances of scholorships to leave before this fall semester starts Warning: There is major evidence other students and I have of specific workers of the school lying and various evidences that is considered illegal can be taken to a court of law. Out of the Grace in our hearts we won't do this. We don't want to ruin anyone's life. But if it comes down to it, I can't stop the rest from persuing these matters legally.  Newly Added additional information: Alot of the certificates that Auc is offering can be done  online for thousands of dollars less. Not all is best to be done online. But pass rates from people doing the certificates at Auc aren't so good. Literally they stretch out these certificates course by forcing students to do a bunch of unnecessary courses. The biggest problem with this is by the time the students go to do the exams the information they learned has left their brains due to how long these certificates can last and how much unnecessary information they are taught. Online educators from Udemy offer courses for some of these certificates for as low as 10$(when on sale) and people who do it with them are getting better results and passing more than with AUC. Also for all the college courses they have the Certificate students doing they get literally NO COLLEGE CREDITS. Basically all the certificate programs are at AUC is an overpriced tutoring session that prepares you just to take a certification exam. That's right all those classes, assignments, money, months and stress don't eqaul to nothing besides just preparing for an exam. You literally pay thousands for an exam prep. And all that wouldn't be a problem if they advertised it like that but they don't. They tell people basically to start in a certificate then move into their bachelors. Now all this would be fine if the students knew they would not be getting any credits for courses they do. But sadly they don't know. Many think when they start their degrees at whatever school they may do it at, that the courses they did in their certificates will transfer over. Now this isn't as bad as the situation with the degree students and is not as much as a scam but still it is pretty deceitful and unethical. Literally degree and certificate students are being left in the dark

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