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Petition to Doug Ducey

Higher Education in Yuma

Yuma gets $0 education dollars from the states billion dollar initiative. Join our petition today! The Billion Dollar Bond Initiative for higher education passed in May allocated over $1billion to ASU, UA, and NAU. It all sounds amazing however, reading a December 2017 article published by AZ Big Media shows the allocation of funds -- leaving ZERO dollars set aside for Yuma; the 3rd most populated county in the state. Yuma is not included in this higher education bond initiative, yet residents will pay for the interest and principal on these bonds. Yuma County deserves to be represented and has a great case to have money allocated for higher education as there is a tremendous amount of opportunity within our community to expand and grow industries not currently fostered elsewhere in the state. Expanded higher education in Yuma is a game changer and must happen if we are to see continued growth as a region and community. About Us SVN | Kaizen is Yuma’s premier commercial real estate firm. Our company was founded with the idea that commercial real estate professionals have an enormous responsibility to promote the business, entrepreneurship, and investment activities in their respective communities. In fact, this notion is part of the SVN | Kaizen mission. It is our goal and honor to promote the business, entrepreneurship and investment activities within Yuma County, Doing so with a passion is imperative to the future success of the region.

SVN | Kaizen Commercial Real Estate
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Petition to Max Nikias, Michael Quick

Condemn International Studies Professor David Kang for Anti-Semitism

On October 26, 2017, at the University of Southern California (USC), International Studies Professor David Kang gave a presentation to his class about terrorism where a slide called “Who are terrorists?” equated "Israeli Zionists" to the likes of the “North Korea”, "Tamil Tigers", "IRA" & other established terrorist groups in history. No radical Islamic countries or terror organizations such as Iran, ISIS, El-Qaeda, Hezbollah or Hamas, made the list. You can view a copy of the presentation here.  By creating an equation between "Israeli Zionists" and terrorist groups, Professor Kang has abused his authority – teaching a mandatory class – and has created a hostile environment for Pro-Israel and Jewish students at USC. A number of students who were present in that are now reluctant to recommend attending this class to their peers and friends or attend similar classes again. You can read more about the presentation was given by Professor Kang here & here.  The university refused to condemn Professor Kang or to take any action on the matter. We would like USC to speak out against the bigotry Professor Kang expressed and take concrete steps to ensure that anti-Israel sentiments and other forms of bigotry do not have a home on campus. It is especially unfortunate that the home of the USC Shoah Foundation – a foundation dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust – has no concern with such indoctrination. We encourage the community to sign the following petition as well as reach out to USC president, Max Nikias (, and to the USC Provost Michael W. Quick ( with your concerns.
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Petition to Eric M.

University of Texas at San Antonio to Provide more Vegan Options

The University of Texas at San Antonio currently provides a limited selection of vegan food options on campus. Students who live on campus with no car or kitchen are subject to one or two options each day. The diet is as diverse and creative as eating non-vegan and we would like to see a change. Many people are allergic to animal based ingredients or lactose intolerant, so this diet is sometimes not even a "choice". More vegan options could be implemented at the Roadrunner Cafe, the Rowdy Curbside Food Truck, and the various food courts.  Additionally, the separation of vegan and non-vegan food in the Roadrunner Cafe has not been adequate. Students have found cooked chicken in meals labeled "Vegan Mixed Veggies" and "Vegan Stir Fry". Students should not have to pick through their food to make sure it doesn't contain flesh. Below are just a few examples of simple and creative meals/ingredients that could be provided on campus. Countless more options can easily be found on google and in vegan cook books (it doesn't just have to be tofu)! Breakfast Pancakes Vegan Eggs Field Roast Sausages Cinnamon Rolls Dinner Orange Soy Curls Pesto Pasta Beyond Burger Gardein Imitation Meats Mac & Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Queso Taco Lasagna Dessert Vanilla Cake Pecan Pie   Lastly, adding vegan options would be a great investment for UTSA. Local restaurants like Earth Burger, Green Vegetarian Cuisine, and La Botanica are excellent examples of this. In fact, Earth Burger has announced THREE new locations in the past few months (San Antonio, San Marcos, & Mall of America).  This petition was created by the members of the UTSA Animal Rights Club. 

Katie S
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