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Petition to California State House, California State Senate, California Governor, Ben Allen, Steven Bradford, Al Muratsuchi

PREVENT Mass Casualties in the South Bay - Please Forward

ALERT: This affects residents in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Carson, Lawndale, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Wilmington, L.A., Lomita, Rolling Hills, San Pedro, Palos Verdes Estates, West Rancho Dominguez, and Long Beach, California. Torrance Refining Company (formerly ExxonMobil ) in Torrance and Valero in Wilmington are the only two refineries in CA that use toxic and volatile forms of hydrofluoric acid (HF) which can have deadly cloud-forming behavior. All other CA refineries use a much safer alternative — sulfuric acid. PBF and Valero must stop using HF and switch to a safer alternative. This can be mandated by an AQMD rule or state law.  A refinery shutdown is not required.   According to an EPA "worst case" scenario previously prepared by ExxonMobil prior to the refinery sale, the release of 50,000 lbs of their "Modified" HF (MHF) could result in a ground-hugging HF cloud drifting with the breeze 3.2 miles into surrounding areas at concentrations high enough to cause serious and irreversible injuries with short term exposure (and possibly fatalities). If released in an explosion, fire, earthquake, or terrorist attack, MHF could cause mass casualties in surrounding communities.    Alarmed?  It gets worse.  * The Torrance refinery doesn't have 50,000 lbs. They have 250,000 lbs of MHF. Furthermore, ExxonMobil's estimated 3.2 mi. toxic distance is too low because they gave too much “credit” to MHF’s supposed ability to reduce HF cloud size. The actual risk zone is 15 miles. Thanks to an analysis by the local citizens group Torrance Refinery Action Alliance (TRAA), the EPA is now investigating ExxonMobil's scenario, and the SCAQMD is considering the adoption of a rule to ban it.  * During the February 18, 2015 explosion at the Torrance refinery, a flying 80,000 lb. piece of equipment hit just 3 ft. from a tank containing 50,000 lb. of MHF. Federal safety officials said the surrounding communities "dodged a bullet."  * On Sept 6, 2015, a leak of MHF from the Torrance refinery occurred. No sirens sounded, and the Torrance Fire department was notified only later by email.   * A key volunteer, Dr. S. Hayati with the grassroots Torrance Refinery Action Alliance (TRAA), recently uncovered the fact that in 1998, Mobil officials, Torrance Fire Department Chief R. Scott Adams, and possibly other city officials secretly approved  the reduction of a key safety chemical that was supposed to make deadly HF safer in case of an accidental release. Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Hayati, the Chemical Safety Board has stated its intent to investigate MHF. The South Bay should not accept the status of “sacrifice zone” for the benefit of PBF in Torrance and Valero in Wilmington. How much are more than a half-million Californians worth?   As a critical and time-sensitive public safety issue, we call on California lawmakers to immediately introduce legislation to BAN and REPLACE the use of MHF and HF at California refineries! California Governor Jerry BrownPhone: (916) 445-2841Fax: (916) 558-3160email: California State Senator Ben Allen Capitol Office (916) 651-4026District Office (310) 318-6994email California State Senator Steven Bradford Capitol Office (916) 651-4035District Office (310) 514-8573email California State Assembly Al MuratsuchiCapitol office (916) 319-2066District Office (310) 375-0691email: Join your concerned fellow citizens:

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Petition to Dana Rohrabacher, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Alan Lowenthal, Lou Correa, Mark Takano, Ken Calvert, Barbara Delgleize

Pledge to Support DACA Dreamers

  In light of current events, it is unclear whether DACA will be renewed in 6 months, AND applications are no longer being accepted as of September 5, 2017.  We dare to dream of a better tomorrow. We dream of a future in which our friends, families, and neighbors will be able to keep contributing to our society and work together to overcome hardship as a community. We pledge to never alienate DREAMERS. We pledge to hold great pride in the DREAMERS of our community. These human beings truly represent the values that make our nation great, they exude the ideals of hope, determination, and a better tomorrow. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a kind of administrative relief from deportation. The purpose of DACA is to protect eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation. DACA gives young undocumented immigrants: 1) protection from deportation, and 2) a work permit. The program expires after two years, subject to renewal. What Are The Requirements For DACA? You were under 31 years old as of June 15, 2012;You first came to the United States before your 16th birthday;You have lived continuously in the United States from June 15, 2007 until the present;You were physically present in the United States on June 15, 2012 and at the time you apply;You came to the United States without documents before June 15, 2012, or your lawful status expired as of June 15, 2012;You are currently studying, or you graduated from high school or earned a certificate of completion of high school or GED, or have been honorably discharged from the Coast Guard or military (technical and trade school completion also qualifies); andYou have NOT been convicted of a felony, certain significant misdemeanors (including a single DUI), or three or more misdemeanors of any kind. Consult with an attorney about ANY contact you have had with law enforcement or immigration authorities. For more information on requirements and updates, visit

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Petition to Jerry Brown

Pass a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights in California

California is close to passing a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights that will guarantee comprehensive, common sense civil rights for survivors like me.  In March of 2015, I was sexually assaulted by a man I was dating. When I tried to stop his unprotected advances, he forced himself on me.   It’s hard to put into words exactly what one goes through after such a trauma.  I think the best way to describe my experience is something akin to being on a roller coaster during an earthquake in the midst of a storm.  I spent a year and a half lost in a sea of conflicting emotions, feeling like I had few options at my disposal. Legal action didn’t seem like an option- my case would have presented itself as "she-said-he-said"- and that silence filled me with shame and guilt as my assailant was free to attack another. I felt I had abandoned other potential casualties instead of doing whatever I could to halt future victimization. Not only had I felt silenced by my attacker, but after, I felt silenced by how few basic protections exist for someone like me. I'm now part of an organization called Rise, who worked to pass the first ever Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights at the federal level last year. We were successful but now states like California must enact these protections. Our legislation, AB1312 has already unanimously passed the state Assembly and Senate! Here's what it would accomplish if Governor Brown signs it into law:  1. The right to not have your rape kit destroyed before either 20 years or the statute of limitations has passed (whichever is longer).2. The right to be notified of your civil rights related to a sexual assault.3. The right to not be charged for your own rape kit examination.4. The right to access your own medical record related to a rape kit examination.5. The right to a copy of your own police report. Over forty states have backlogs for untested kits. Some states do not cover the full medical expenses of a kit, leaving survivors to pay their own way towards justice. Most states destroy rape kits before the statute of limitations for the crime has passed. The lack of these rights has inspired me to act. My story is not unique.  I am still working hard every day to quiet the storm, calm the earthquake and hop off the roller coaster. I am still relearning how to live my best life.  There are approximately 2.5 million survivors of rape and 8.6 million survivors of sexual violence other than rape living in California alone.  That means there are roughly 11 million stories just like mine.  11 million Californians who are left to navigate a confusing and murky criminal justice system on their own- while at their most vulnerable. We are working to change that.  We are working to better protect our civil rights and ensure that the criminal justice system can best support and protect our community, which sadly continues to grow. Let your voice be heard!  Join me in telling Governor Brown to sign the California Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights- AB1312 If you live in California, please sign this petition, This is a crisis for 25 million survivors across America, and it's time for our legislators to do something about it.

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