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Petition to Neil Van Uum, Jim Strickland, Cory Prewitt, Ann King, Danny Buring, John Reed

Save Booksellers at Laurelwood from Closing

Contact Info: Imagine yourself briskly walking through a set of double doors and into a wonderland of books, but not just books: knowledge, dreams, inspiration, centuries of information packed into small, compact packages. The first scent that hits your nostrils is the smell of fresh, new books (not too different from the smell of a new car). As you meander about this wonderland, you may also notice the scent of enticing food radiating from the bistro located deep within the reading paradise, cleverly named after a groundbreaking author. Your eyes will then wander across the countless shelves neatly organized throughout the stores; however, these shelves aren't filled with mundane items. These shelves are packed to brim with a diverse mix of historical fiction, contemporary, young adult, classics, etc. You name it and this lands carefully crafted words has it. The last thing you notice will be the sounds that emit from all sectors of this rather large paradise. Sometimes it might be as quiet as the Central Library or other times it might be as loud of the Memphis Zoo; regardless, you never know what to expect when you walk into this wonderful emporium! What is this wonderful place you ask? This is none other than the Booksellers at Laurelwood. Before it was known as Booksellers at Laurelwood, this last stronghold of books located conveniently in central Memphis was known as Davis-Kidd. I can remember being younger and wandering into Booksellers to gaze in amazement of the variety of colorful books, big books, small books, tall books, and long books. Often, I have crossed into Booksellers like Harry Potter first crossed into Ollivanders looking for a wand. Rather than looking for a wand, the wand found him. In the same manner, instead of looking for a book, a book has often found me. This magical-type of experience can not be replicated in bookstore chain or online. While yes, places like Amazon are convenient, nothing can match the experience of walking into the reading wonderland that is Booksellers. While yes, there are other smaller bookstores in the Memphis area, none are as conveniently located to a central population like Booksellers. While yes, Booksellers has not been making as much money in recent years, this is no fault of the store, but rather a move to other book purchasing alternative, such as online stores. Bookstores like Booksellers are becoming more rare every year and we can not allow this to continue. Booksellers has been a staple in the Memphis area for more than three decades now (they opened as Davis-Kidd in 1985). The staff at Booksellers is unmatched in their experience of book selling experience. Their current staff (as of last year) had over 306 years of experience. Their continued dedication to helping thousands of people purchase books and the warmth they show to anyone who enters Booksellers is invaluable to the Memphis community. Unfortunately, Neil Van Uum, the current owner of Booksellers, has decided that it's time to close the doors for good in February. While I understand Mr. Van Uum's reasoning behind wanting to close the store  and appreciate his efforts in keeping the store open thus far, I firmly believe that there is more that can be done to keep the store open. That is why I am appealing to Mr. Van Uum, Jim Strickland (the mayor of Memphis), and the Memphis community to help keep Booksellers open.  There are several thing you can do to show your support for the store: 1. Sign this petition to show that Booksellers is still a valued part of the vibrant Memphis community 2. Share this petition on social media to help spread the word using #MemphisGetsLit 3. Create ideas to help improve the business of local bookstores in Memphis, TN Thank you, Emmett Miskell, avid Bookseller's shopper

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Petition to NEW YORK TIMES, Readers, Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, Strand , Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, PBS, NPR, Simon & Schuster, Louise Burke, Simon & Schuster, Irene Lipsky

Boycott Simon & Schuster for Supporting Neo-Fascist Authors

As avid readers, students, professors, writers, and colleagues in the publishing world, we resolve not to purchase books published by Simon & Schuster (SS) because of their decision to offer a white nationalist “alt-right” figure, Milo Yiannopoulos, a $250,000 book deal. We will not be assigning them in classes for the foreseeable future, unless SS changes course. Along with the likes of "The Chicago Review of Books," we are taking a stand. We ask that you also boycott SS. One might ask, “But aren’t you infringing on Yiannopoulos’s own free speech by taking this action"? In the United States, legally, and according to most democratic theorists, free speech is having the right to speak publicly without repercussions from authorities. Real censorship comes only from governments, or when violence is threatened. Just because a person has the right to speak publicly, it doesn’t mean an individual or institution have to support a person by providing a forum or financial support, i.e., it’s like saying someone can enter your home (a private space), at whatever hour, and start spewing hate speech, and then ask you to pay for it *because* they have freedom of speech.  We have freedom of speech, but not a guarantee of private forum. Of course neo-fascists have free speech, but that doesn’t mean an individual or institution has to support it. If you look abroad for comparison, in many European countries, hate speech is illegal, because hate speech is seen as a violation of the free speech of those it oppresses . In short, yes we have free speech, but it doesn’t mean that other individuals have to financially support institutions, publishers, or individuals who financially support hate with our own money (which in a capitalist society means supporting them with our own labour). Let them speak, they have their own forums, like Breitbart where this particular author is an editor, and a slew of other neo-fascist publishers. But there is no need for us to support the normalization of hateful rhetoric in the popular press.

Scholars, Readers, and Writers Against Neo-Fascism
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