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Petition to Harrisonburg City Council

Approve a No-Kill Shelter in the Shenandoah Valley

     For too long, the city of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley have been without an official no-kill shelter. The current shelter, the Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA, euthanizes 6.8 cats per 1,000 taxpayers supporting the shelter, a rate over double the next-closest shelter in Virginia. An independent study found their adoption and website protocols out of date, preventing the adoption and ensuring the euthanization of a large number of  healthy, adoptable animals.      One of these animals was a friendly, loving, beautiful community cat named Phez, whose picture you can see in this petition. Phez was a resident of Pheasant Run Townhomes, cared for by the management office and with a home in the maintenance shed. Phez was loved by the residents of Pheasant Run, often following them on walks or making himself at home in apartments. He was never once aggressive to anyone, even other animals, and seemed to only want love and attention. On April 28th, Phez followed a resident into their apartment, as he so often did. This resident, wanting Phez out of their apartment, called Harrisonburg Animal Control, who picked him up that evening. Animal Control posted a picture of an officer with Phez on their Facebook page, describing him as a "friendly fellow." The next day, a resident of Pheasant Run commented on the Facebook post, naming him as belonging to the complex's management office, but no attempt was ever made to reach the management office by Animal Control. A few days later, in early May, Phez was taken to the RHSPCA. By the time the management at Pheasant Run located Phez on May 10th, the RHSPCA had already euthanized him. After struggling to receive any paperwork or explanation from the RHPSCA, one of the apartment managers was told that he had been put down the previous day. Phez had allegedly bit an employee but did not break the skin, so he was going to be placed for adoption - but later, when being transported, bit another employee, deemed "aggressive," and euthanized. The partial paperwork, eventually received by Pheasant Run's management, had a significant amount of information crossed out and re-written, and a large number of dates contradicted each other - four dates were listed on the same paperwork regarding his intake from Animal Control. The RHSPCA has declined to release the rest of the paperwork, forcing a request to be filed with the state of Virginia for access to the rest of Phez's records. This seems to indicate some element of wrongdoing or cover-up in Phez's death, and for many, this has been the final straw in the already-tumultuous relationship with the RHSPCA.      Several local organizations have no-kill adoption centers - for example, Cat's Cradle for cats and Anicira Veterinary Clinic for dogs. Why, then, is the RHSPCA not no-kill? Anicira has presented a Public-Private Partnership proposal to Harrisonburg's City Council, requesting the contract to become the locality's animal shelter. They have the resources, facilities, and drive to be the best they can be for the Valley's animals, and provide our best hope for replacing the outdated, high-kill shelter that is our current RHSPCA. This proposal will be addressed soon by City Council; an exact date will be posted in an update to this petition once it is confirmed. For animals like Phez, who deserve so much more than the RHSPCA offers, please consider signing, to send the message to the Harrisonburg City Council that we can and must do better, by partnering with Anicira and making Harrisonburg as friendly of a city to animals as it is to its people.       For those located in Harrisonburg and able to attend the City Council meeting, please find a Facebook event here: where you can mark yourself down as attending with other Friends of Phez and supporters of Valley animals!

Emily Swope
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Petition to Missouri State House, Eric Greitens

Remove Representative Mike Moon from the office of Missouri's 157th district.

The purpose of this petition is to seek the removal of Representative Mike Moon (by recall election) from Missouri's 157th District Office for conduct that can only be described as frightening and sociopathic. Conduct that has no place in Missouri's Capitol. A Capitol that is ultimately responsible for the people that it represents. Representative Moon recently proposed House Bill 14, in which he has since named the “Missouri Right to Life Act". The bill was proposed to help garner rights of unborn children. Shortly after the bill's proposal Representative Moon took to social media to promote it's introduction. It was within this video that Representative Moon shockingly participated in the brutal and heartless decapitation of a live chicken, followed by it's full and graphic dismemberment. The following is a transcript of the video's narration by Representative Moon:  “We’ve been called back for this special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, protecting the unborn specifically”  Moon then proceeded to focus his attention on a shackled chicken which he then decapitated barehandedly (as it struggled during the process). Moon then proceeded to blissfully and gleefully butcher the animal, before ultimately removing it's heart as an analogy for the following narration; “I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here, so today I’m filing a bill that will lead to the stopping of abortion in the state of Missouri, and I hope you’ll support it.”  During this graphic video Representative Moon justified his behavior through his belief that "God had established Dominion for him to do so". A belief that he cannot otherwise prove or establish as factual. A belief that he is also using to establish Missouri House Bill 14. Although Representative Moon is entitled to his religious beliefs, that same luxury should be afforded to both those within Representative Moons' district and Missourian's state wide.  Representative Moon's lack of regard for the beliefs and rights of those he wishes to "serve" are also strong indicators as to why he is seemingly unfit to hold public office.  In closing we would like to use the very name of the bill Representative Moon is proposing to define the "Right to Life" as something that extends to all life. Despite Representative Moon's archaic beliefs, life is something that is of equal value regardless of species. So it is upon the request by the people of Missouri that Representative Moon be removed from office for not only being a poor representation of the State of Missouri, but a poor representation of himself and the values his claims to live by. Sincerely, Those of us concerned. Attached below is the graphic and unsettling video in question:

Adam Brewer
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