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Petition to Businesses Worldwide

#AllinForClimateAction: Replant 1 Billion+ Trees in the Amazon

We are #AllinforClimateAction - if you are too, help us protect, restore and sustain the Amazon Rainforest!  Sign the petition and highlight in the comments the brands you would like to see with a #ProjectGreen product that gives back to #Amazon conservation. After the fires end, the next step is to protect, restore and sustain. We have created #ProjectGreenIsLife to ask businesses worldwide to take action. Through this petition, tell your favorite brands to create products and services that support #ProjectGreenIsLife, and join efforts with organizations like @TeadoraBeauty, @RainforestUS, the Wapichan People and many others in working with local communities and indigenous groups to rapidly expand drone monitoring programs and solar-powered native seedling nurseries.  Climate Change is a real problem, and there is no path to mitigate climate change that does not include conservation of the Amazon. We all depend on it for medicines, product ingredients, water, oxygen, and inspiration. And it is burning. This is not a problem just for Brazil, nor a reason to demonize Brazil - but it is a global crisis in the making that we all must take part in.   There are many causes to these fires, but it is all worsened by extensive and ongoing deforestation. Regardless of cause, when the fires are stopped, the damage will take years, and even generations, to restore. Please share this link and message on social media and tag your favorite companies with #ProjectGreenIsLife to get them to reach out and ACT!  Ask your favorite brands for a special launch of a service or product supporting #ProjectGreenIsLife.  #ProjectGreen Together, we can protect 1M+ acres of Amazon rainforest and replant 1B+ trees. And with your support, help build sustainable practices so that the forest is worth more standing than cut.

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Petition to Amazon

Time to Give a little back Amazon. Save the Amazon.

With a great name, comes responsibility. Its time for the company named after the most important rain forest in the world to give a little back. THE LUNGS OF THE EARTH Often referred to as the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon rain forest plays a critical role as a carbon sink, mediator of the global water cycle and a cradle of biodiversity but ongoing deforestation and climate change threaten to destroy its massive system. The land area that has burned this year alone is the size of Germany. According to the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, the fires have led to a clear spike in carbon monoxide emissions as well as planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions, posing a threat to human health and aggravating global warming. Preserving the Amazon is necessary to prevent global scale catastrophe.    Richest biodiversity on the planet 1/3 of the world’s tropical forest carbon 1/5 of the planets freshwater Home to 30 million people Produces 1/5 of the world’s oxygen ON THE VERGE OF DESTRUCTION If environmental protection continues to fail, there may soon be nothing to stop the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Law enforcement on the borders of the rainforest is weak and the land is being seized and cleared illegally. This has implications beyond South America. The Amazon rainforest's lush forests make up the largest reserve of carbon dioxide on the surface of the earth. The CO2 released when forests are burned or bulldozed and left to decay will accelerate global warming and cause irreversible harm to a cradle of biodiversity Ongoing deforestation and climate change threaten to destroy its massive system. Cattle farming and soybean farms cause much of the damage when the land-clearing is done illegally. Roads and other infrastructure projects are an indirect driver of Amazon forest loss. Insufficient environmental planning in the infrastructure design process causes unforeseen damage.  Large areas are cleared for illegal logging, gold mining and land seizure for speculation. Environmental authorities struggle with inadequate budgets, and limited personnel and equipment. WE’RE FACING A TIPPING-POINT The situation is dire, but proper developments and investment can offer reasons for hope. Support conservation efforts by NGOs and local communities. Partner with indigenous people. Provide funding for local authorities to combat illegal activity. Plant trees in degraded areas. Support efforts to extinguish fires that are ravishing large areas of the forest. Work with farmers to encourage more sustainable agriculture practices. TIME TO GIVE A LITTLE BACK, BEZOS In 2018 alone, Amazon's net revenue was 232.88 billion US dollars with a profit of over $10 billion. If Amazon was to donate less than 1% of their revenue ($100 million), the funds could be used to help extinguish the blazes that are destroying large parts of the rainforest. In fact, with the 100 million Prime subscribers it has, Amazon could donate just $1 from each. A mere drop in the bucket could be used to replant areas and fund conservation efforts. Possible uses for the funds would be to: Purchase and man firefighting aircrafts. (Imagine your logo painted on the side of them) Support NGOs currently battling the flames. Sponsor land buyback programs.  Fund reforestation efforts.  Support local communities and authorities who take an active part in the conservation in the rainforest. Any other ideas are welcome. We're reaching a tipping point and its time for someone to step up and do something about it. We're calling on Amazon to save the Amazon.  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT  We are asking Amazon to take on part of the responsibility to save the place whose name they have taken. At the time of posting this, I have canceled the renewal of my Prime account and will be donating the cost to an environmentalist group. I will no longer be ordering from their site. It's a small gesture, but collectively we can pressure action. Together we can make a difference. If this petition gains support and there is no action from Amazon, recognize that the green they value is not the green of the rainforest canopy.  If the largest company in the world is not willing to save the largest forest in the world then I want nothing to do with it.

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Send the US Military to the Amazon

Right now the Amazon rainforest is being intentionally destroyed at world altering rates. Fires are being used by humans in order to speed up the deforestation process while the Brazilian government is refusing to accept foreign aid and refusing to strengthen environmental protection laws. If we don't do something NOW (not a month from now, not a year from now, RIGHT NOW), everyone and everything on earth will be at risk.. This CANNOT be understated. The entire Earth and everything on it will be at risk. Not Only an Environmental Decision I understand that people have different opinions and view the world in different ways, but regardless of what your views are, there is no doubt that this is a STRATEGIC decision. In fact, it's arguably one of the MOST strategic decisions that any country has ever had the chance to make. If the USA is able to pull together and create a task force dedicated to protecting and sustaining the Amazon rainforest, the USA could be potentially saving the entire Earth by guaranteeing the carbon sink survives. The USA will also be showing solidarity and strength, pushing the country into a position that has never been achieved by any single country in the history of the human race. The political sway and overall image of dominance and morality that would be created by saving and guaranteeing the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest will undoubtedly put the USA on the course to uniting the entire world sometime in the future. This isn't some dream, this is reality RIGHT NOW. If we can arrive in the Amazon and stop the fires while creating a system to restore the jungle, EVERYBODY will have to pay attention. This is a chance to CURB CLIMATE CHANG AND IMPROVE RELATIONS with every single country on the earth. The Campaign Trail Your support will cause a difference in the campaign. For every milestone that is reached, I personally will be stepping up and researching how to increase exposure and finding possible steps we can take in order to push the petition to the next level. Not only that, but I will be donating 25$ or more at every milestone and fighting until the Amazon's last breath. If you have any ideas that could push us forward, please leave a comment when you sign. Every comment will be read and regular updates will be sent out as we reach milestones. The Amazon Basin is an Amazing Place There has been over an 85% increase in fires this season in the Amazon Basin, with no noticeable change in weather conditions. Nearly 77,000 fires have been recorded so far. More than 20% of the worlds entire oxygen supply is created by the Amazon rainforest. That number is dropping every second while the Amazon is burning. If we cannot stop the deforestation NOW, it's possible that the rainforest will not return to its original state, and rather become something of a savanna. The Amazon rainforest used to be OVER HALF of the remaining rainforest on the Earth and is considered to be the "lungs" of the planet. The species of birds found in the rainforest account for more than 33% of all of the bird species on Earth. If the rainforest is destroyed, most of the species will be gone forever. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000,000 species of plants in the world. The Amazon rainforest has about half of all of those species. If it is destroyed, it will be a crippling loss in biodiversity.

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