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Petition to Greg Abbott

Demand that the Texas Governor abolish Senate Bill No. 8

On Wednesday, March 13th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed senate bill no.8 (also known as the the Heartbeat Bill) prohibiting Texas abortions as early as six weeks pregnant- before most women even know they are pregnant- and making it possible for any private citizen to sue people involved in an abortion such as the abortion provider, someone who drives a woman to a clinic, and people who pay for the procedure. The bill bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat has been detected. It includes situations where a woman is pregnant due to rape or incest- enforcing that in order for a woman to make a decision on her own body, someone must violate it first.  This makes it difficult for women to make decisions over their own body. Abortion is a personal choice and the government shouldn't have any say in it. A woman's body is hers to decide over and the fact that a male republican government official was the one to make that decision is unjustified.  Victims of rape will now not be able to make a decision on their body that has already been violated and sexualized- after they have already had every ounce of sanity and well being stripped away from them.  And by the way, nobody said a baby dying isn't hard for the mother. Abortion is a very difficult decision for most women but it involves their own body that they should have the right to decide over.  If this bill stays in effect, it could potentially get to the supreme court. Women in Texas will not be able to make a decision about their own body. I care deeply about this petition and issue because as a thirteen year old girl I don't want to get raped someday and not be able to decide what happens to my body or have a baby as a teenager and not be able to grow up in a proper way. So please... Sign my petition to demand that Texas Governor Greg Abbott repeal Senate Bill No.8   Special thanks to my friend Sydney for helping me spread the word about my petition :)

Violet Knowles
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